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Late Night Visitor


My wife, JoAnn, and I went to bed early to have leisure time for sex. After we had experimented with different position for awhile, I said, "Why don't you sit on me and we'll finish for the night. I think that would be a good position for both of using."

She softly said, "Alright, I like it that way, too."

JoAnn was facing me and moved up to sit on me. I quickly suggested, "Turn around the other way to face the foot of the bed. I want to see your bottom as you ride me. I always like to watch your bottom pucker and spasm when you have an orgasm I know you like for me to massage your bottom and lightly stroke your back hole while you have it."

"Oh goodie, that will really turn me on," she quickly responded, "I like for you to watch because I know it turns you on."

"I'm going to leave the light on so we can see."

JoAnn moved up to sit down on my cock. She was very wet from all the foreplay which allowed my very hard erection to easily and fully penetrate her.

My wife started gyrating and it wasn't very long before we both began to breath hard. I was pushing up to her and began to feel her pussy pulsate on my cock. Also, I could see her anus pucker and then relax with every pulsate.

My orgasm came on very strong as I could feel my cock begin to jerk. I knew with each jerk, I was spewing cum in her pussy. I was massaging her bottom and stroking her anus while she was thoroughly enjoying her orgasm. I think this may have added to her many moans and groans. She then collapsed and fell forward on my legs which gave me an even better view of her bottom with my cock in her pussy. I continued to massage her bottom and anus. She continued to softly moan as she came down from her high.

After a little while she said, "I think you've shrunk up because I can't feel you in me anymore. Maybe I should get some tissues and plug myself so I can get up without messing up the sheets." I watched as she reached for a hand full of tissues to hold at her crotch. Then she rolled over to lie beside me.

About that time, the phone rang. I looked at her, "The phone is over on your side of the bed. Can you answer it or should I get out of bed to get it?"

"No, I'll get it. I have one hand free."

JoAnn picked up the phone and said, "Hello," as if she was questioning the caller.

Then I heard her say in a very nice friendly voice, "Oh, hello to you."

I could only assume it was someone she knew. The person on the other end of the line was doing most of the talking because my wife wasn't saying very much. However, she was responding now and then with a friendly, "Yes," and other short remarks.

Finally, I whispered loud enough to interrupt her, "Who is it?"

My wife put her hand over the mouth piece to say, "It's Bill".

Now I knew why she was talking so friendly with him because Bill and Betty are our very best friends. I knew Betty had not been discharged from the hospital as yet. We often get together with Betty and Bill to have a cozy sex party. Sex with Betty is really a treat for me and JoAnn thinks Bill is a very good lover, too. But, I was wondering what he wanted at this time of the night.

JoAnn stopped talking on the phone, looked at me and said, "Bill is lonesome and wants to come over now for a short time."

"It's kinda late," I commented, "but why does he want to come over here?"

Just as soon as I said that, I knew what he wanted. He had recently commented to me that he was getting rather horny since Betty was still in the hospital.

JoAnn sadly looked at me, "You know what he wants. He is so horny that he has a problem getting to sleep. I feel sorry for him. I'm willing for him to come over if it's alright with you. You know that he and Betty are out best friends and all four of us often get in the same bed. Having Bill for sex is nothing new for me. What do you think?" "Alright, tell him to come on over."

After JoAnn hung up the phone, I said, "You need to sit on the commode and let that stuff drain out before he gets here. Also, why don't you put on that very sexy nighty I bought for you the other day. Your hair is a tangle since we were rolling around in bed and your lipstick is smeared. Maybe you should tidy yourself up before Bill arrives."

As JoAnn was getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom to clean up, she said, "I'm not doing that this late at night. He has seen me looking like this after being in bed with me in the past. He can take me like I am, although I will slip on my pretty new nighty."

I commented, "You don't mind if I stay in the bedroom with you two? We watch each other when the four of us are in bed together."

My wife responded, "Sure, stay with us. I like for you to be near me."

I looked at her and decided to give her some advice. "You could put on an extra amount of lipstick."

"What for?"

"Well, I was thinking. When you go down on his cock, the lipstick will color it right up to his balls. Later when he gets home, he will be surprised to see lipstick on it. I think he would like that."

JoAnn came back with a question, "How do you know he'll want a blow job instead of just fucking me."

"I saw his reaction the last time we were in bed with him and Betty. When you went down on him, he acted as if he was really enjoying it. And then when he shot his load in your mouth, he really went wild. Didn't you notice that?"

"Yes, I guess you are right about that. He did act very wild as I sucked the cum out of him. He really gave me a big load. Alright, I'll do the heavy lipstick."

JoAnn was sitting on the commode letting my cum drain out of her when I left for the living room to await Bill's arrival. It wasn't but a few minutes later when I heard a car in our drive way.

I said in a loud voice so that JoAnn could hear me in the bedroom, "Bill just drove up in our driveway."

When I opened the door to let Bill in, I noticed he was wearing pajamas.

I said, "Hello Bill, come on in."

He responded, "Sorry I called so late and it is so nice of you to invite me over."

"That's alright. We weren't asleep as yet. In fact, we just finished a very satisfying sexual interlude when you called. I know JoAnn cleaned up some, but you'll be getting a little bit of sloppy seconds."

"I don't mind that at all. I'm so lucky to have such good friends. I've been so horny that I've had a problem sleeping. Masturbating just doesn't solve the problem. I need a real live partner."

I chuckled at his comments, then said, "Alright, JoAnn is in the bedroom, let's go see her."

I led the way into the bedroom with Bill behind me. JoAnn was sitting at the vanity brushing her hair. She was wearing the very pretty new pink nighty.

JoAnn turned to face us, "Good evening Bill, nice to see you again. We hope Betty is feeling better and will soon be out of the hospital."

"She will be home in a few more days. I'm so thankful you let me come over here tonight. I really appreciate it."

JoAnn smiled at Bill, "Go ahead, take off your pajamas and sit on the bed. I'll be right with you."

My wife continued to brush her hair for another minute, then laid the hair brush down, I watched as she stood up and turned around to face Bill who was now naked sitting on the edge of the bed. She lifted her nighty up over her head and tossed it aside. She was a picture of beauty with her ample breasts and perky nipples. I admired her shapely naked figure from the top of her head to her toes. Her long hair hung down past her shoulders. I noticed she had applied plenty of lipstick

My wife walked over to Bill and looked down at his cock which was about half hard. I was surprised he was not fully erect since he was looking at a beautiful naked girl he was going to fuck.

JoAnn said, "Get up on the bed and I'll get it good and hard for you."

I watched as Bill laid on his back while my wife positioned herself to take his cock in her mouth. She cupped his balls with one hand and grasped his cock with the other one. She went all the way down and as she slowly pulled back up, his cock had become rigid. I could see some of her lipstick on his cock.

Bill softly said, "Roll around up on top of me. I want to kiss your pussy."

JoAnn did as requested. Now his eyes were looking directly at her pussy and ass. JoAnn and I had been in this position earlier in the evening.

She was slowly going up and down on his cock while he was licking her slit. More of her lipstick was painting him.

After a minute or so he said, "I want to finish the other way. Let me lie on my back and you sit on me."

"If that's what you want, it's alright with me."

I watched as she rolled off of him. My wife moved into a position to sit on his cock. She raised her butt, took one hand to hold and aim his cock, then slowly sat down to let his cock slide fully into her. She was very juicy with the remnants of my cum still in her.

As it was sliding in, Bill was moaning and said, "That really feels good."

JoAnn leaned forward letting her breasts press on his chest. Their lips blended in a long sexy kiss. This was the first time they had kissed tonight. She sat back up and started small gyrations. I could see Bill was really enjoying it. He was looking directly into her eyes as her gyrations were speeding up. She leaned forward one more time for their lips to blend in an open mouth kiss. She raised back up and speeded up her movements. I think she planned to ride him now until he cum. I could see Bill trying to push up to her. His hands were on her butt to assist in the up and down movements. I watched as her breasts were bouncing with each up and down movement.

Now Bill was beginning to breath hard and soon his body became rigid and jerked as his cum was filling my wife's pussy. He became very vocal while JoAnn was wildly gyrating on his spewing cock. I watched as it took him a while to simmer down and become very relaxed. Bill seemed to be in a dream world with his eyes closed. My wife rolled off of him to lie on her back.

JoAnn looked at me and said, "That should make him feel better now. I know you watched, so what do you think?"

"Yes, he looks very satisfied. Now he can go home and sleep. I agree with him. This is much more satisfying than masturbating. And that didn't take but about fifteen minutes of your time to give a dear friend a thrill."

After hesitating a few seconds, I continued, "You satisfied him, but you didn't have an orgasm."

"That's all right. I had two good ones with you earlier in the evening. I'll wait until another night."

Bill finally opened his eyes and got out of bed. I handed his pajamas to him.

He hugged and kissed JoAnn and said, "JoAnn, that was wonderful. You are a very sexy and caring person to be this good to a friend in need."

Bill and I walked out of the bedroom leaving JoAnn behind. I walked him to the door.

As we were shaking hands to say goodby, he said, "JoAnn is a wonderful person. And I thank you for letting me come over here tonight. When Betty gets out of the hospital, she will make it up to you."

Bill left.

I walked back into the bedroom to take JoAnn in my arms and hold her tight. I said, "I love you very much."

She responded, "And I love you very much, too. Now, lets go to bed, cuddle me in your arms and lets go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day."

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