tagIncest/TabooLate One Spring Night

Late One Spring Night


During spring break my older sister, whom I'll call Nikki, was home from college. She was back in the room we shared before she left for the next 10 days. She was almost two years older than me, almost 20, and I had just turned 18. I was going to graduate in a couple of months then join her in college next fall.

Well, on the second night home Nikki came in late from a night out with her friends. I had the lights off already but was watching TV before bed. I lay on top off my bed in my nightshirt when Nikki came thru the door, reached for the lights and said, "Hi Rach."

I said, "Hi Nikki, have fun tonight?"

She laughed and said, "I was til I had to come home. God I'm so horny."

She hung her purse on the closet door, kicked off her shoes and came over to sitdown beside me.

She said, "So why are you up so late Lil sis?"

"No reason, just watching TV," I said.

She whispered, "Sounds good, back in a sec. I need to get out of this dress."

Nikki got up and went over to her bed, unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head. She walked over to hang it up, grabbed a nightie from her dresser and came back to my bed. She handed me her nightie while she reached behind her to undo her bra, she slipped it off and tossed it on her bed.

She rubbed her tits where the bra had been and said, "God I hate those things."

"Me too," I said.

I sat up to hand her nightie and She said, "You know what, its hot in here. I'm not going to put it on yet, ok babe?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and said nothing. Obviously we had seen each other naked by sharing our room, but I had never looked at or seen her titties this close before. Even though she was older than me my tits were just as big as hers, if not bigger.

It was now that I smelled beer on Nikki's breath.

"Are you drunk?," I asked.

She giggled and said, "Maybe a little bit. You're not going to tell Dad are you?"

"No, I'm not going to tell, get real Nikki,"

She cuddled up with me and we watched the tube for awhile on my bed. We talked for a bit and she started asking if I had any boyfriends and if I was still a virgin. I told her I had a couple but that I had not gone all the way yet.

Then she asked me if I had ever kissed a girl. I told her no and asked if she had. She surprised me as she told of the night of some party that she was drinking and dancing when some pretty blonde girl started dancing all sexy with her, touching her and grinding against her. Nikki said how she got all horny and the girl started kissing her and took her by the hand to a bedroom where the spent the night together having sex with each other. She said that girls can make you feel just as good as guys when there are no guys around. Told me how girls are so much softer with no mess to clean up afterwards, lol.

Nikki looked at me and said, "Here, let me show you what I mean."

I shook my head yes and said, "Ok."

With that she reached an arm around me and pulled me close, she leaned in toward me and started kissing my neck, softly at first, then some licking and nibbling as she moved to my ear. She softly blew warm air as she traced around my ear with her tongue, this drove me crazy (as it does til this day). She moved her way to toward my other ear, licking and kissing my neck on her way. As she nibbled at my other ear I began to feel that warm, tingly sensation between my legs.

She moved her mouth toward mine and licked the outline of my lips. I was getting worked up by her teasing tongue when I put an arm around her and pulled her lips to mine. I slipped my tongue between her lips and she gently sucked on it, tugging it further inside. She ran her tongue all around mine in her wet mouth. As she sucked harder she reached up with her free hand, cupped my right breast and lightly squeezed. I started to pull back.

Nikki said, "Its OK Rach, let me show you how good it can feel."

She pulled my mouth back to hers as she went to work on my tit, squeezing and drawing circles ever closer to my nipple thru my nightshirt. It did feel good and my nips were hard as they could be. She was swirling her tongue in my mouth as she finally touched my nipple, she felt its hardness and gently pinched it between her fingers causing me to moan a bit.

Nikki said, "I told you it would feel good didn't I?"

I whispered a soft, "Yes," and asked her not to stop yet.

She said, "Let me show you, lie down now."

I lay on my back as she climbed over me to straddle my belly. She reached down with both hands and placed them on my tits and began to massage them slowly and gently, avoiding my nipples, teasing me. I began to moan again when she started pinching and tugging on my nipples. Nikki moaned too and I could feel her heat where her panties pressed against my skin. Nikki reached down, hooked her thumbs under my shirt and pulled my shirt up over my tits to my neck and shoulders. I couldn't believe what we were doing but I was both too curious and too horny to stop, and if I couldn't trust Nikki who could I.

She leaned forward onto her hands and placed her knees between my legs, spreading them slightly. She was face to face with me above me on all fours. She leaned down pressing her bare chest against mine and I could feel her hard nipples against mine. She tilted her head and brought her lips to mine, we flicked and rolled our tongues together first in Nikki's mouth, then in mine.

She left my lips and ran her tongue down my chin and neck to the top of my chest. I gasped as I felt her soft hair brush across my bare titties as she slowly kissed her way lower. She slid down the bed a bit until her face was right over my tits.

She looked up at me and said, "Play with them so I can watch."

I reached up and cupped both my tits with her hair teasing my nipples. I began to squeeze them and she said, "Not the nipples, leave them to me."

With that she lowered her head and began to lick my left nipple with her tongue, she quickly placed her mouth over it and sucked it into her warm wet mouth sending shockwaves between my legs. I could tell that I was soaking into my panties, I had never been this turned on ever, these were all new sensations to me. She started sucking really hard and nipping at my nipple in her mouth and I thought I would melt.

Nikki shifted her legs and lifted one over mine so they were now intertwined. She moved her attention to my right nipple now while at the same time she rubbed her panties against my hip. She grabbed my right tit with her hand and started moaning with my rock hard nipple in her mouth. This just caused me to get wetter as my lips got full and I could feel my clit poking out against the wet cotton of my panties. I began to press my mound against my sister as she did against me. I could feel her panties were soaked also as we ground and moaned together.

She lift off of me, back on her hands and knees, breaking contact for our pussies. She brought her mouth back over to my left nipple and moved a hand from my tittie downward, lightly tracing her fingers against my belly.

I moaned, "No Nikki, we shouldn't."

She said, " Rachel, just let me do this for you, you won't believe how it feels, Trust me."

Nikki lowered her head and went back to using her mouth all over my tits. She slid her hand past my waist and cupped my mound thru my wet panties. She moaned and whispered that I was as wet as she was. She pressed her fingers gently against my pussy and traced circles around my hole and lips, not touching my clit. I felt my hips arch up to meet her hand as she bit my nipples.

My head began to rock back and forth while I held Nikki's close to my chest, moaning louder now. I wanted her to touch me so bad now. She could sense my building excitement and stopped for a second, asking, "Feel good?" I moaned and shook my head "Yes".

When she reached back down she slid her fingers under my panties and onto my wet lips teasing them, I had never felt like this before. She suddenly withdrew her hand from down there, lifted her head from my tits and brought her wet fingers to her mouth and licked them, I was melting as she said, "Mmmm, tastes so good."

She then placed her hand under my panties and went back to work on my tits. Now she began to pull on my lips and tease my hole. My pussy felt electric as Nikki began to tease my clit.

She said, "Wow, yours is much bigger than mine Rach, that's wild."

I felt like I was on fire and lifted my hips off the bed. She began to rub my clit faster and harder, my thighs began to twitch and my hips bucked up and down out of control. I got louder and started to scream as wave after wave of convulsions shook my body. Nikki reached up and covered my mouth as my young body experienced its first orgasm at the hands, or should I say fingers, of my big sister.

As I finally calmed down a bit, Nikki looked me in the eyes and said, "I want to lick your pussy sis."

I could only moan...

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