Late Valentine

byAlex the Cat©

"There's one more thing," Tanner softly began as she pulled out a small red envelope from her jacket pocket and handed it to the young woman.

"What's this?" Casey asked while opening the heart-shaped card. Will you be my Valentine? I definitely would like to be yours. Happy Valentine's Day. Ever hopeful, Tanner. Sea green eyes couldn't believe what she read. Did I lose that much track of time? Is it already that horrible day?

"It's after midnight now," Tanner whispered. "Happy Valentines Day, Casey."

She looked up to the woman speaking, and eyebrows furrowed in anger. "I hate this holiday," she briskly announced.

"Oh?" Tanner was confused.

"Please take me home," she plainly requested.

"I don't understand..."

"Don't," Casey firmly stated. "I don't want to talk. I just want to go home. In fact, don't bother, I'll call Mouse to come."

"I'll take you," Tanner interjected, not understanding what the hell just happened.


Tanner was dumbfounded, wondering what she may have said or done to cause such a reaction in Casey tonight. With head hanging low, she walked up to her bedroom and began undressing. Looking out the balcony doors with the hope of seeing Casey, she let out a sigh when all she saw were the closed curtains staring back at her.

Tanner didn't sleep much. She kept milling in her mind the events of their evening, trying to figure out just what had occurred to change Casey's demeanor. The next day she was still left without answers as she went about her work and studies.

By Wednesday, Tanner walked over with a single white rose and knocked on the door. She knew she heard footsteps approach, and someone must have looked through the peephole, but the door was left unanswered. Disappointed, she left the flower on the door mat.

Saturday afternoon finally came around again and Tanner caught sight of Mouse starting up the grill. She had hoped maybe Mouse could give her some insight into what's happened. "Hey Mouse, grilling again?"

"Hey neighbor. Sure am. Got a couple of black angus steaks on sale today and a few ears of corn. Wanna join me?"

"That'd be great. Thanks." Tanner commented.

"Sure thing. Help yourself to a beer in the fridge."

As they watched and waited for the coals to be ready, Tanner decided to ask what's been pressing on her mind. "Where's Casey?"

"Oh she's gone for a couple of days. Went up to Hannibal to stay at the little cottage grandma left us. Said she needed time alone to do some thinking. In fact, she took off the morning after her date with you."

"So you heard about that huh?"

"Yeah, I heard her side of it. You want to tell me your side?" Mouse went about getting the corn on the grill as she listened to Tanner's story. Mouse took a swig of beer, and then said, "Alright, let me tell you something I believe you don't know. A couple of years ago, Casey met this woman down at the SoCos nightclub. They hit it off great right from the start. Within a few weeks, Casey was in love. This was her first."

Tanner's eyebrow went up. "Her first, first?"

"It was her first real relationship." Mouse responded as she took another swig. "Once they started having sex is when I noticed a change in Kayla ---- that was her name. It seemed like she lost interest, ya know? Like she just didn't care one way or another. Kayla worked as the doorperson at the bar, and had to do so on Valentine's Day. Well Casey got it in her romantic head to surprise her with a Valentine's Day dinner she cooked and a little visit. When Casey arrived, she saw and heard Kay overtly flirting with another woman and then the bitch starts kissing up on her. Well my sister confronted them, and with tears already spilling down her cheeks starts confessing her love and all that. What Kay told her just broke her heart. Kay loudly announced to everyone within earshot that Casey was nothing but a good fuck, and interested parties should come talk to her. Can you believe that whore? She advertised my sister like a hog on the market, stating that folks should come prepared to give Casey a few lessons. Unfortunately, it didn't end there because for days Casey kept getting phone calls from women who Kay gave her number to. It was a mess, and I had to take things into my own hands because I wasn't going to just sit idly by to let my sis get trampled on. All in all, Casey has been crushed ever since."

Tanner could hardly believe what she just heard. It angered her to no end that someone would treat another person in that manner. She looked right at her neighbor, and said, "I love her Mouse. I really do. I've been thinking about it all week wondering why her absence and silence has hurt me. In the past couple of months of getting to know her and then this past weekend, I've grown to love her more. She's witty and feisty and funny, incredibly sexy and she's a joy to be around. I've missed all of that this week."

Mouse clapped a hand upon Tanner's shoulder, and said, "That is what she needs to hear bud -----that's what she needs to hear."

Casey came home the next day to find three dozen roses --- red, white and pink ---- sitting on the breakfast bar. Reading the card addressed to her, she couldn't stop the tear that spilled over her cheek.

Mouse came down the steps, watching her sister re-read the note. When Casey put the card down and wiped at her nose to smell the roses, she noticed Mouse. They stood there just staring at one another.

"Did you tell her?" Casey harshly asked. Mouse looked away, the nonverbal action giving away the answer. "How could you tell her? It's not your place." She demanded loudly.

"I know that, and I'm sorry for overstepping but she was worried Sis. Really genuinely concerned. She needed to know. Casey, she's for real." Mouse brushed a hand through her shoulder length hair as she blew out an exasperated sigh. "Come on Green Bean, give her a chance." She circled her arms around the younger sibling and held her close.

Casey cried, allowing the comfort of Mouse's presence. Regardless of how much they argued and didn't see eye to eye, she always knew they had each other's love and loyalty.


A gentle rapping brought Tanner out of the half asleep state she had fallen in while on the couch. Ocean blue eyes looked around, recalling that she was supposed to be studying from the looks of the notes and books scattered about. She heard the rapping once more, and turned her head to see a welcomed sight standing outside the sliding glass doors. Getting up, she opened it. "Hey," Tanner softly greeted. Small hands tenderly touched her face, pulling her down quickly for a soul-searing kiss. Instinctively, Tanner's hands grasped Casey's backside, bringing her forward against her body. Tongues swirled around, exploring one another's mouths. Fingers threaded through midnight black hair gripping the locks firmly with a passion that left both of them wanting more.

Casey forced herself to finally break from the kiss. She didn't want to get carried away just yet. A soft moan escaped her mouth when Tanner's teeth raked across the sensitive on the side of her neck. With great effort, she pushed herself away, trying to get her bearings straight again. Though she had little experience with only a couple of partners, no one had ever ignited her body the way Tanner's touch and gaze did. Planting a hand squarely on the tall woman's chest to keep her at a distance, she looked into the eyes she adored and said, "I'm sorry for how I reacted....on our date."

"It's in the past," Tanner quickly added. "I'm just happy you don't hate me."

"I don't know that I could ever hate you."

Tanner brought the hand on her chest up to her mouth, and tenderly kissed the palm. "We don't ever have to celebrate or even acknowledge that holiday. Just let me celebrate all of the others with you."

"That's very sweet of you," Casey responded as she wiped at her eye to prevent the tear that threatened to spill. "I have a surprise for you."

"You do?" Tanner asked with raised eyebrows.

Casey nodded. "You'll have to come to my place to see it."

"Gladly." With her hand gripped firmly, Tanner allowed herself to be lead across the way to the blonde's townhouse. Up the stairs they went, and right into Casey's bedroom. Blue eyes softly fell on the array of lighted red and white votive candles which were on almost every surface of the room. Rose petals were strewn on and around the bed. A white sheet was spread on one section of the floor with a few petals. Tanner could see a dark cobalt blue bottle of what she believed to be massage oil at the edge of the sheet.

"I used the roses you gave me," Casey commented softly.

Tanner looked down into brilliant sea green eyes that reflected her own desire. "It's very beautiful." She watched as the shorter woman retrieved something from the back pocket of her jeans. Taking the small white envelope that was handed to her, she pulled out the card. I have done a lot of thinking, crying, and letting go. I would very much like to be your Valentine if you would like to still be mine. Happy late Valentine's Day. With much hope, Casey. Tanner smiled as she tucked the card in her own back pocket. The backs of long fingers caressed Casey's cheek. She dipped her head, capturing the blonde's lips, and pouring all of her emotion into the kiss.

The act became so explosive that the last piece of Casey's wall shattered inside of her. The kiss intensified. Mouths pressed, tongues began to demand each other's attention. Casey was not able to withhold the soft moan of pleasure and anticipation. She couldn't recall a kiss ever feeling like this, causing her to experience something deep within her that wanted to escape. She nibbled and tugged on Tanner's bottom lip, gently sucking it, and then gingerly biting it. She heard a low faint growl come forth from the tall woman and it excited her.

Hands worked diligently at removing one another's clothing. Shoes were kicked off. Tanner hooked her fingers inside the top of Casey's jeans, pulling her in closer. Popping open the button, she slowly slid the zipper down.

Casey pushed back. Gazing into the darkened azure blue eyes, she voiced a request. "Would you remove your sound control device?"

Tanner's eyebrows furrowed curiously. "Will you tell me why?" she inquired as she tucked them into a pocket.

"I've been informed that I'm rather quiet ---- too quiet. I just thought..." The words began to fail her as a sense of nervousness quickly crept in.

Tanner stepped up, gently lifting the shorter woman's chin, and said, "Quiet or not, I also pay attention to how your body talks to me." She tenderly kissed the supple lips, and then said, "I look forward to every sigh, breath, mew, and whatever else you wish to offer."

Casey reached up to run her thumb over the taller woman's bottom lip. Awed by its softness and the words which just a moment ago spilled forth, she pulled Tanner in for an electrifying kiss. The current of it shot all the way down to the very center of her being.

Tanner slid large hands inside Casey's panties, grasping the firm round cheeks. A mouth moved down to nibble and kiss the succulent neck that called to her. Hooking her thumbs over the band of the jeans and underwear, she pushed them down curvy hips until they fell the rest of the way. When Casey stepped out of them, Tanner softly brushed a middle finger up the split of the blonde's ass, causing the shorter woman to tremble and let out a whimper. Suddenly she hoisted her up, and Casey instinctively wrapped her legs around Tanner's waist. Holding her, with hands planted firmly beneath her upper thighs, Tanner walked them towards the bed, while mouths continued their exploration of each other's exposed skin. Tanner climbed up on the bed, and lay her charge down. She worked her way down to full breasts with pink erect buds begging to be fondled. A palm caressed one and then the other before approached, desiring to consume them. Tanner's tongue swirled around the pebbled flesh, and then sucked it between her teeth. She could feel Casey press the back of her head harder in, and it made her smile. Repeating the desirable task with the second breast, she then moved further down, peppering kisses and nips along the way on Casey's belly, abdomen, and thighs. Reaching her destination, she settled herself between the outstretched legs, taking in the intoxicating aroma of Casey's arousal. She kissed up the side of one lip and down the side of the other.

Casey mewed and whined as she chewed on her bottom lip in need. Threading her fingers through Tanner's ebony hair, she tried to pull her in where her desire was emanating. "Take me," she wantonly mumbled.

The offer was not missed by sensitive ears. Tanner smiled, planted hands firmly on Casey's backside and brought her forward. The sweet ambrosia coating Tanner's tongue almost made her come. She knew that from this point forward that she would never get enough of this right here. Licking away the desire, she gently pushed her tongue as far as it could go inside of Casey's center. Thighs began to tremble. She moved up to the sensitive little nub, kissing and licking it. She found out quick that using the whole flat of her tongue like licking an ice cream cone made Casey's hips move with need. Tanner continued with these broad strokes, and she could hear her lover ever so softly whimper, 'mm yes, yes'. She kept up with the rhythm of Casey's hips, and it wasn't long before the blonde's body tensed and a grunt was issued from out of her mouth, announcing her release. She feasted on Casey's essence which spilled forth, committing the divine taste to memory, fueling her on to experience more of her lover. Looking up into bright green eyes, she smiled. Reluctantly she lifted herself from Casey's body, and proceeded to remove the woman's socks. She then began the work on her jeans.

Casey sat up, reaching out to the erect nipples that taunted her. Cupping one breast, she kissed its twin while Tanner struggled to remove the last of her clothing. Not being able to resist any longer, she flicked the nipple with the tip of her tongue. The bud tightened even further, and she proudly took it in her mouth, sucking on it while she tugged and twisted the other one. She felt Tanner's body quiver in excitement, and the hand which took purchase at the back of her head encouraged her to continue exploring. Sliding a free hand down the firm plane of Tanner's stomach and abdomen, fingers tenderly brushed through the short soft black curls she had the privilege of feeling once before.

"Oh god," Tanner breathed out. Gripping a handful of strawberry-blonde locks, she pulled the head away from her breasts, and looked down to find an adorable pout gracing Casey's features. She stroked the lips with her thumb, only to have the digit sucked into a wanton mouth. The sensations made her growl with a desire to claim the young woman. Tanner leaned forward, pushing Casey back onto the mattress. She captured the lips forcefully as she pressed and ground her center against Casey. Tongues dueled for control, fueling their passion for one another further.

Casey wrapped her legs around the firm waist, desiring to pull Tanner in closer and harder. A mewing sound softly spilled from her lips when she felt Tanner lick along the edge of her ear.

"The sounds from your lips and the rhythm of your body are all beautiful music to my ears," Tanner tenderly whispered.

"Please," Casey mumbled ever so softly as one hand gripped the raven locks firmly while the other held fast on Tanner's upper back.

"Tell me..." Tanner began as she nibbled and licked her way down to Casey's breasts. "What can I do for my passionate Valentine?" she offered just before her lips encompassed a hardened nipple.

"Mmm," Casey groaned. "I...need inside you....want you inside me," she mumbled almost inaudibly but Tanner heard it just fine.

Tanner slid a hand between their bodies. Fingers brushed through the reddish gold curls, encountering the hot slippery folds. "My god you're so wet." She slid between the engorged lips, exploring the length of the slit. Shifting her body enough to straddle Casey's thigh gave the young woman enough room to mirror Tanner's actions.

Another groan spilled from Casey's lips when she came in contact with the amazing amount of wetness.

"Do you feel what you do to me?" Tanner murmured. "I'm so ready for you."

Casey mewed again, her back arching when fingers slid deeply inside of her. She followed Tanner's lead, the pads of their thumbs slowly circling each other's bundle of nerves as their fingers tenderly pumped in and out. They kissed, pouring all of their emotions and desires into one another. Casey broke away first, her breathing becoming erratic as their hips moved faster against each other's hands. She whimpered excitedly when Tanner bent forward resuming the suckling of her nipples.

It wasn't long before Tanner began to feel Casey's walls tighten around her digits. Inserting a third finger, she thrust harder issuing an erotic purr from her lover's throat. Their hands kept time with one another without missing a beat. Tanner knew they were almost there. Her thumb pressed firmly now with each stroke, and she suddenly felt Casey's body vibrate beneath her own. Laying her head next to her lover's, she softly called, "God Casey, I'm so close....come with me baby."

Vibrant emerald green eyes looked at her, and mumbled, " love." And with that confession, they exploded against each other. Their bodies momentarily went rigid but it didn't deter either of them to continue thrusting deeper, each one bringing their lover crashing into a second climactic release.

Tanner collapsed on top of Casey's body, listening to her rapidly pounding heart and gasps for air.

After a moment to regain cognition, Casey whispered between bated breaths, "Could....we take your romantic plans last week...and mine tonight...put them together...and do this every Valentine's Day?"

"Definitely," Tanner answered with a chuckle. "You know I'm not done with you yet."

"That's right, we haven't used the massage oil yet," Casey commented.

"Mmm, that is only the beginning, my love. That is only the beginning. I want this to be the most memorable Valentine's ever." Tanner announced as she slid down Casey's body again and began licking all of the wetness from around the nether lips. The overwhelming need to taste her again was too much to resist.

"My god," Casey mumbled. "Happy Valentine's Day to me."

The End

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