tagIncest/TabooLatent Tendencies Ch. 08

Latent Tendencies Ch. 08


Chapter 8- Anal Adventures

I let them get out of the spa first, just to see their bodies, then follow them in with an aching hard-on. I hadn't brought out any towels, not on purpose, just worked out that way. Watch the two trot across the carpet, and I can't keep from smiling, as my dick twitches. They dry each other off, then both dry me off when I get in there.

"We're going to start you off with a massage, back first, then front." Josie kisses Jen, then takes her hand and leads her to the bed. "Up next, a nice orally stimulated orgasm, then a good slow fuck from Paulie." Jen initiates a kiss with Josie, and Josie reaches around and massages Jen's bottom. "Finally, we're going to have to work on your cherry rosebud, before Paul fucks you in the ass, while I eat your pussy." She pats the bed. "Come on Baby doll, you can really enjoy this if you trust and love your partners."

"God, I'm soaked already," Jen proclaims, kneeling on the bed. "I trust and love you both."

Josie helps her lay down on her stomach, then takes her shoulders and head, while I start at her feet. Jen automatically spreads her legs to give me a good view, as I rub her calves and up her thighs in long, slow strokes. Josie is doing the middle of her back, and Jen is loving it, moaning and practically limp laying there.

I keep my thumbs in her crack squeezing her soft flesh between her inner thigh up to the top of her ass. Running my thumbs up and down the crack, with her getting wetter and wetter. Her little bottom is rising up and down, wanting the pleasure of that pressure on her muscles. Josie is at her side playing with Jen's breast, as our little girl raises that side up off the bed.

With my hands at the lowest part of her pussy, I lean in and stick my tongue in her ass, and she pushes back into my face. Josie lets it go on for a bit, then informs us, "Time for the other side, Baby doll. Roll over."

"Uh-uh, I like this."

"Roll over," Josie taps Jen's shoulder, "baby girl."

"Oh, this feels so fine. I can't–" I pull away and Jen begs, "Paulie, please don't stop."

"He'll start again, when you roll over, little sister." I freeze when I hear that, and Jen tenses up as well. She rolls over and Josie immediately starts on her breasts, takes me a little longer before I start at her knees.

We give her a gentle massage in silence, and I'm soon up to her thighs. Josie leans over and whispers, "You need to spread your lovely legs wider girlie, so Paulie can get back on that sweet pussy of yours." She spreads her legs, as Josie kisses her.

It's the first time I have her clit in my mouth tonight, well since getting back from dinner, and it's much different than Josie's. I can stick it in my mouth and roll it around, sending her up the wall. She's almost there and I let go, making her come back. Lick the outer sides of her labia, which are swollen and red, then run my tongue inside, gathering up the sweetness she is producing. It's clear, much thinner than Josie's, and nowhere near as strong.

She moans louder and I run my tongue in her slit again, this time starting farther down and going deeper in, ending up with running my tongue across her clit. She pushes her pussy into my face trying to make better contact with her clit. Josie gets up and straddles Jen's face, then bends over and grabs Jen's legs and picks them up.

She sits upright and brings Jen's legs all the way back to her shoulders, then spreads them wide telling me, "Now lick her from bottom to top." Jen's ass and pussy are totally exposed, as Josie lowers herself onto Jen's eager tongue.

I slide my tongue into her ass, getting a well muffled moan from Jen. Pump it in and out, then lick all the way up to her clit. Work it over, before I slowly make my way back down to her asshole. She's trying to buck up against me, but can't in this position, so she's frantically wiggling her butt.

Spend a good deal of time sliding my tongue in and out of her anus. Replace it with a finger and go back to eating pussy. Do not stay long and I'm up sucking on her clit, sliding two fingers in her sopping wet pussy. Josie raises up and it doesn't take long for Jen to begin her orgasm. Fluid starts flowing down my fingers collecting in my palm.

With her orgasm over I withdraw my fingers and sit up. Josie winks at me. "Don't give our baby too much of a breather, stuff that gorgeous dick of yours in her tight little pussy."

Align myself with her pussy as Josie cups Jen's mons, and opens her pussy with two fingers. Get half in and her muscles tense slowing my progress and Jen lets out a gasp. Back up and push forward again, much slower and not as far. Because of her muscle spasms it takes three more times to get fully in her. Josie's hand is tapping away at her pussy and sliding those two fingers up either side of my dick. Judging by her hard breathing it isn't going to take Jen long before climaxing again. I'm right, a handful of strokes later she's squealing with joy, and her pussy muscles are back in spasms.

"Not yet Paul," Josie advises, "save it for her cute virgin bottom."

Pull out, and I do not have any trouble getting Jen to roll over now. I'm tonguing her again and Josie instructs, "Paulie, you're going to have to get two fingers in her, before you can even attempt your dick. Make sure they're good and slicked up. Jen dear, relax as much as you can, it's the key to pleasure. There's going to be a tightness, but it'll pass. If he's going too fast tell him to stop, and we'll wait for you to get ready, or start over."

Switch tongue for finger, and it went in all the way without a problem. I kind of push against the wall here and there, then pull my finger out. Run two fingers up and down her slit while tonguing her again. "Time to get up on all fours, baby sister." Josie kisses Jen. "You're going to get your first butt-fucking, and I know it's going to be the greatest."

This time it didn't bother either of us, and Jen is quickly on all fours. Josie pushes a leg farther out to give me better access, then crawls under and starts on her nipples, but slides two fingers in her soaked pussy as well.

I start with rubbing two fingers around her anus, then gently pushing in. They do not go, so I do it again, this time slightly harder, and they push past the muscle without too much trouble. Jen lets out a low groan, but doesn't complain. Wait a bit, then I push them in up to the first knuckle, and still there's no problem. Wiggle them around, and she seems to like that. Push them in as far as they can go, slowly, ready to stop as soon as she tenses. I wait til Josie crawls between my legs and starts licking Jen's pussy before I commence pumping my two fingers in and out of her butt, pushing to this side and that. Jen's really starting to moan, but I'm not sure from which one of us. Things are going good and I'm thinking she's ready for my dick, and pull out my fingers.

"You can't have it too lubed up for her. Messier the better," Josie says, getting Jen to start whining and shaking her butt. "You have plenty here, or you can give her a good lick and–"

"Your tongue please, it feels so good, my loving Paulie." Jen wheezes, "Please, spoil me like you always do, your tongue again, please."

We both go back to pleasing Jen, with our tongues, and she lets us know it, by mumbling into Josie's pussy, "Oh god, Paulie. Oh god, Josie. It all feels so good. I love it. I love both of you so much." She's humping Josie's face. "Paul fuck my ass. I'm ready now. Fuck me, please take my virgin bottom."

"Run your dick in and out of her pussy. Three or four good strokes, then you're ready," Josie adds, "if you're hard."

"Oh I'm hard! Been that way the entire night servicing you two lovely ladies." Still did what Josie told me, and my dick slides in her pussy on the first thrust.

"Well we certainly appreciate it, and just want you to keep up the good work."

"Uh-huh, good," Jen concurs with Josie, or I think that's what she meant.

After five thrusts into her hot tight pussy I'm ready for the nickname slick dick. With cock in hand I run it up and down the crack several times, putting a little pressure every time I pass her rosebud. Take aim and hit the target, feeling it give some, but not enter. Back up and do it again, producing the same result.

"No ramming Paulie! It just makes her tense up." Josie comes to my aid, "Line it up, gently press into it and move the head in a circular pattern, it helps her relax. You can feel it give a little, just keep adding pressure and circling, making sure she is wet enough."

Follow the directions and in no time the head slips past the tight ring, and Jen lets out a short gasp. I stop, rub her back, then revert to barely pushing it in, waiting and doing it again. Isn't too long and I have near six inches in. Start pumping the six inches in and out of her, after three pumps push forward and get nearly my entire length in her.

Sounds like Josie is going to town, and Jen's loving it. Jen's ass is starting to buck back and forth. It's time to bottom this prick out. I push forward all the way to my balls, they're now resting on Jen's pussy, or actually Josie's chin.

"Start slow," Josie says, "You might slide more lube on your joint."

Reach between us and I get a handful of girl goo, pull my dick out rubbing the cum on my shaft. Am ready so I slowly go forward, all the way with no trouble. Jen's moaning loud, but from liking it. I pull out, and immediately go back in faster.

Jen groans, "Faster, fuck me faster."

Neither have given me bad advice as of yet, so I do as told. I think she's so tight it's harder on my dick than on her. It's so damn hot. I put a little more lube on it, then start a decent stroke. Am getting my stroke down, and I think Jen's squealing, "Cum, I'm going to cum. Oh god damn, I love you two." But, it's partially muffled by pussy.

Finally her prediction comes true and she cums, making her legs shake and hands claw at the blankets. Friction is too much, and grunting I go off deep in her ass. In mid orgasm her ass is clutching my dick and squeezing the piss out of it. Now I have plenty of lube, but can't move. She lets up and I start pumping into her again, which sends her off cumming again. Her clutching muscles milk my dick dry. It finally pops out, and Jen gives a loud earthy growl. Josie slides up and starts eating her ass, which starts contracting and quickly closes up. Well closes better, it's still open an inch, but that's a far cry from two and a half.

I use one of the wet towels to take some of the heat out of my dick, or at least try to. It doesn't take long for Jen to become overly-sensitive and she rolls on her back, doing nothing more than panting.

Josie scrambles up and gives me a sloppy kiss. "You're the absolute greatest. She never even hurt a little. I know her ass was tighter than her pussy, that's no little feat you just pulled off, not with that pecker." She hugs me and kisses me, giving me plenty of tongue. "I'm so happy our Baby doll had a pleasurable sexual experience, and she never has too worry about being hurt. One bad anal experience, and most never try a second."

"Had a lot of help," I try deflecting the praise. "I never could've done it without you. Hope you're planning on teaching after college, you'd make a fantastic one."

"Right! I'm Miss Marlowe, welcome to butt-fucking 101."

Even Jen gets a laugh out of that. "Your classes would be full and then some," she wheezes.

"Oh well, too late to switch majors now. I'm hoping to become a veterinarian. As for you little girl, you passed with flying colors." Josie lay down by her side and gives her a long kiss, before asking, "How do you feel?"

"Um-m, satisfied. Ah-h, full–"

"Sore, and feeling like you need to shit."

"Yes, a little sore, and maybe a little bit. But, God it was worth it."

Josie gives her a longer kiss, massaging Jen's titties. "Mission completed, with flying colors. Recommend staying clear of the region for at least a day or two, it's probably going to be too sore. Do something anal tomorrow it sometimes takes away from all the good things from before. You could unconsciously tense up, and the whole key is relaxation and preparation. Can't have too much of either and–"

"And plenty of juice," I chime in.

"Yes that too."

Josie is sucking Jen's nipple and rubbing her belly. "Sometimes you get a second wind, and get real horny, but you're better off not doing your bottom again. You could be ate, if you like. Are you still horny, Baby doll?"

"I want you in my arms, sitting between my legs, back to me." Josie scurries over to get in the position Jen requests. "I love the heat of your body, the smell and taste of my woman." Jen nibbles the back of Josie's neck. "What I want most of all, is to watch my special lover being ate by my special lover, and being told what's happening to her beautiful body." Jen kisses Josie. "Will you let our lover boy eat you, my lover girl?"

"Very hot, you little sex pot. I'll do anything for my Baby doll." Josie twists her head to kiss Jen, then puts her legs on the other side of Jen's spread legs, and pats the bed between them. "Come here, our lover boy."

I get between their legs and kiss their knees, then thighs. "Um-m, Baby doll, he's kissing me all over, it feels so good, but he's doing you too, so you know it. Our man takes his time, and it's so sensual. Oh, he's teasing me, getting very close, all around my pussy, but not quite there."

"Yeah, he likes doing that." Jen runs a finger across Josie's belly. "I like the anticipation, how about you, Sweetie?"

"Yes, but now he's licking the outer edge of my pussy. Just barely, almost tickling me, sending the best sensations rippling through my body. Um-m, he's licking the insides, very gently, very slow, it feels wonderful. He's not going deep at all, but covering so much area, it feels so good, do you like this Baby doll?"

"Oh yes, always." Jen kisses Josie. "Our man is a pussy hound and I get it always. Since you're my woman you'll get it always too, if you want Sweetie."

"Um-m," Josie gasps, "I want."

This whole exchange has me so hard I'm about to cum.

"Baby doll, his tongue is deep in me, and wiggling." Josie giggles. "That does tickle, and feels so good. Um-m, he's fucking me with his tongue. It feels so big, it's a wonder Paulie can even talk." Jen giggles, and I hear the girls kissing. "Oh god, Baby doll, he's licking up near my clitty, but teasing me, going back in my pussy. It's a little bit of a let down, but still feels so good. My pussy is so hot, I feel so sexy."

"You are sexy Sweetie, very sexy. You're the sexiest thing I've ever seen. One look from you makes my heart skip a beat and I wet my panties." Jen runs her hand across Josie's belly. "You're starting to breathe heavy, muscles flexing, color filling your face, boobies jiggling, sweat starting to bead up on your forehead, you're beautiful, the essence of sexuality."

"Oh god, he's on my button. Yeah, that feels good, he's nibbling it with his lips. Um-m, he's got a finger in me, slowly going in and out. Uh-huh, he has my clit in his mouth, I'm getting close, Baby doll. It feels so damn good, um-m, I like you playing with my nipples. The waves of pleasure are washing over each other, from my titties, pussy and clit. I feel so hot, I'm being turned on by two creative lovers."

"No Sweetie, you're turning on two lovers." Jen kisses Josie. "My pussy is on fire, and I think our lover is now sporting ten inches."

"Um-m, he's doing a number on me." Josie is panting. "I'm going to cum for you Baby doll. Our Paulie, is sending me up the wall. He's wiggling a finger on my rosebud, fingering me and licking my clit." She slides her feet up the bed, raising her bottom up enough for me to get my finger closer to being in her butt. "Oh god, Baby doll, I'm going to cum. I feel like a big ball of energy about to explode. O-oh-h yeah, O-oh s-so-o fine, my Ba-aby do-oll." Josie's back arches and I suck on her clit. "Oh fuck me."

"Go Sweetie, you're beautiful. My woman is absolutely fucking gorgeous."

Josie's pushes back into Jen and they start kissing. Josie pulls me up and both the girls are kissing me. Jen is crying. "Thank you Paulie, I loved it so much, it was so special."

"My pleasure, ladies."

"No mine," Josie pants, "Baby doll, is right, it was so very special, and her turn now." Josie kisses Jen. "Can you take Paulie in your sweet pussy?"

Jen wipes her eyes. "Uh-huh, you want to just watch?"

"Yes, mostly, but you have to tell me all about it, and I want to be under you, us in the missionary position." Josie lies down, and gently pulls Jen to her. "Spread your legs Baby doll, you're about to get some hard cock in you."

I kiss Josie, then Jen before crawling between her legs. I suck on the side of Jen's titty, and she starts off. "Oh Sweetie, he has a mouthful of my titty and rubbing my back, you have me so hot I think I can cum from just this. But, our man has his hard dick in hand and is going to stick it in my sopping wet pussy. He's easily sliding it in from all the slickness of his butt fucking me, and shooting off deep in my bottom. Um-m, he's such a perv and so hard, he's filling me up with dick." Jen kisses Josie very wet, and they are both breathing heavy.

Josie runs her hand between Jen and my bellies. "Our little girl likes dick in–"

"Oh god, I love it Sweetie. Paulie only put half of it in me, and is now slowly pulling out, but I want it all. I always want it all."

"Patience Baby doll, our man isn't about to give you half a fuck." Josie is rubbing Jen's stomach, but snaking her hand closer to Jen's clit. "Our baby sister can't take so much dick too fast. He's giving you more now, huh Baby doll?"

"Fuck yeah, Sweetie. It's hot, slick and big, stretching me tight." Jen pulls me to her mouth and kisses me. "He's pulling out, going to give it all to me this time. I need it all Sweetie, I want to cum, and feel as pretty as you looked cumming for me."

"You're already pretty. You're my beautiful Baby doll, someone I don't ever want to lose. I want your hot little body in my arms forever. I knew when I first laid eyes on you, and all this confirms it." Josie's hand is now on Jen's clit. "Oh my, our little girl's nipples aren't the only thing rock hard, are they Baby doll?"

"No, my clit is... uh-huh, good... I'm...Oh, god... good...going..." Jen is starting to tremble, then calms down. "Oh, so very good. Sweetie, has two fingers on my clit and Paulie is in my pussy. You two make me feel full of life, so special."

"You are special, my Baby doll. You like your little cum, want a bigger one?"

"Love my cum, so quick. Love my woman, so sexy, so hot being pleasured by our man." Jen kisses Josie. "Um-m, Paulie is going so slow in my pussy, and you're rubbing my clit so fast, it feels all so good. Sweetie, may I have another orgasm?"

"Of course you may." Josie kisses Jen. "Strap yourself in, you're going to the moon."

I feel Josie push on Jen's clit and rub it hard, getting Jen to yell, "Oh shit!" She rises up off Josie, as her muscles grip my dick tightly and the spasms milk the cum out. "Fuck me harder, Paulie!" Wasn't much more I could do but thrust into her. "Oh yeah, fuck me Paulie!"

Worried about going soft, but was little chance of that, and I hammer Jen til she calms down. I pull out and lay beside them, as Josie kisses her. Jen is covered in sweat panting heavily, still trembling. She pulls me to them, and they both kiss me. Jen pants, "Thank you, that has to be the greatest orgasm in the world. It was so soft and hard, so sexy." Jen starts crying. "I never dreamt so... so... I don't know what."

"So glowing?" Josie giggles. "Definitely gives you a shimmering glow."

"Speaking of which. How about helping me into the shower?" Jen requests. "We have to be out of here early, and I'd like to go to bed clean."

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