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Latex Mom


It had nearly been 18 long years since Sarah's one night stand had left her pregnant for another woman, and still she found herself all alone and single.

Suffering from depression and loneliness, Sarah was unconfident and had developed some personality disorders, that mader her more often than not, stay at home.

She was a pretty woman who tried her best to keeps things happy and positive on the rare occasion people came over to the house.

Her son Nikki was growing up fast and had been enrolled on to his college football team.

Regular work-outs and plenty of exercise had given him a very defined figure that his mom found hard to resist.

One day she planned to throw him a surprise party for his 18th Birthday. She decided that the best way to induct her son in to adulthood would be to have the party in a kinky theme, as she guessed that he must have been sexually active with his lady friends by now and most teenagers would want to be exploring adult experiences.

Invitations went out to his friends and they were told to come in kinky fancy dress for the occasion.

On the evening the party took place, Nikki's mother was nowhere to be seen. This was a bit odd, but he continued to enjoy himself by drinking copious amounts of alcohol with his friends.

It was no secret that Sarah was the item of lust for many of his friends as she had become a mother at an early age and so retained many of her gorgeous youthful looks.

She had long blonde hair that flicked neatly at the bottom and her eyes were dark brown. Her lips constantly covered in scarlet-red lip stick. Long delicate legs that were attached to a curvy set of hips. A goddess for any teenage boy.

As the party drew to a close and people started leaving, Sarah came back to the house in a less than sober state. She looked very flushed and was carrying lots of clothes on each arm.

She caught Nikki on the stairs and slurred something to him which indicated that in her absense, she had still been drinking.

She put her finger to her lips and disappeared upstairs.

Nikki became dizzy as the nights excesses went to his head and he headed towards his bedroom once the last few people had left.

As he entered his room he flicked on the light and there lying on his bed, was his mom.

She was dressed in a full body black latex catsuit with peep holes around her cleavage and southern areas. Thigh high PVC boots clung to her shapely legs as she beckoned her son towards her.

"I want you baby." She said to him.

This was certainly not the way Nikki had envisioned spending the last part of his 18th Birthday but hell, he wasn't about to end it on his own.

"Mom, we're both drunk. I want you too but are you sure this is what we both want?" He asked, trying to keep a confident tone in his voice.

"There is nothing I want more than for you to be pushing in and out of me my darling."

Nikki stood in front of his mom and felt a sudden pulsating feeling coming from his boxers. Sarah noticed this too and took it as the signal that he was ok with it.

She moved her hands towards his crotch and unzipped his jeans. Nikki winced as his semi-stiff member became more obvious in his exposed boxer shorts.

Sarah then began to stroke the hidden penis gently, teasing it with her soft touch.

This was agony for Nikki and so he quickly kicked of the remaining clothes and climbed on to his bed to join his mom.

"Baby before we do this, I have something I want you to try." She said to her bemused looking son.

She rolled over and picked up one of the shopping bags she'd been carrying earlier.

"It's a present for you my darling. I hope it's your size and that you like it."

Nikki opened the bag and to his astonishment, he pulled out the male equivalent of what his mom was wearing.

This was a bit strange but he thanked his mom for the gift and got up to put it on.

The feeling of the tight latex sticking to his body was an unfamiliar yet arousing sensation. The peep holes on his suit though, were only focussed on his lower region. Exposing his entire penis and balls aswell as his buttocks.

"How do I look?" He asked his mom.

"Oh my baby. Fuck me!"

Nikki walked towards his mom and she placed a soft hand around the base of his penis and her lips at the top, and then started to suck as hard as she could.

Up and down her head bobbed as she went to work on her son. Her free hand exploring his shiny body. It travelled to his exposed arse cheeks and she ran her finger up and down his crack, making him spasm with delight.

Sarah then leaned forward and pulled her latex clad son on to the bed.

Their lips locked like two lovers in a film. Passionately kissing each other and rubbing the other's body up and down.

Nikki was now totally stiff and wet from Sarah's saliva and she knew it. She brushed her hand over the tip of his cock and giggled when he shivered with excitement.

"Do you like that baby?" She asked him with a pout on her lips.

Sarah had always been an attractive mother figure but Nikki had never thought he'd be seeing his mom in this light, and especially not getting intimate with her aswell.

The physical contact started getting more intense and the tongues battled each other in their mouthes. Saliva being exchanged frequently between them and Sarah's lip stick being smudged.

Sarah then reached down and started to grab Nikki's throbbing penis. Moving her hand slowly up and down his shaft at first and then increasing speed until she had a quick rhythm.

Nikki was groping his mom's breasts and licking as much of her body as possible as it passed his face. Their latex clothing coming in to contact and causing a tight friction that only added to their pleasure.

Sarah then looked at Nikki without saying anything. He knew what she was meaning and he grinned back at her.

She guided his penis towards her vagina. It was soaking but still very tight. Nikki thought for a second that his mom had probably only been fucked once before, and that resulted in having him. He liked this thought.

He pushed inside and felt her tense immediately.

Sarah moaned loudly as she rocked back and forth over Nikki's body. Her hands placed on his chest for support.

She was riding him and was in full control. Their bodies moving in a harmonious unison.

Nikki lifted his arms up to pull Sarah's head closer to his so he could continue kissing her as he was losing his virginity to his own mother.

Suddenly Sarah clasped her hands around the back of his neck and pulled him foward and upright in to a sitting position. She was now straddling him with her hands rubbing his face with affection.

As she had never had the chance to be married, she had no official wedding rings but still wore some gold bands to potentially deter any more heartless guys from hitting on her.

"Nikki. Do me from behind." Sarah said. Panting hard as she took a thrusting from below.

"Are you sure mom? I've never done this before but I want to be your perfect man."

"You are my angel. I couldn't be with anyone other than you. I love you so much."

"And I love you too mom." Nikki replied.

He pulled out and re-adjusted himself so he could get ready to do his mom from behind.

Her arse was incredible. The latex stretched tight over her cheeks but leaving her anus totally exposed to what Nikki was going to put up it.

He moved in and pushed.

"God, this is tight." He said aloud. Holding on to his mom's waist as he pushed in and out of her arsehole.

He then thought about the fact that they wern't using any protection. It was a moment of sobriety and he spoke aloud to his mom.

"I can't go through with this. What happens if I get you pregnant?"

This was certainly not what Sarah had been expecting during sexual intercouse. A mixed sense of sadness, disappointment and anger filled her mind.

"What? You stopped because of that? I thought you were a man Nikki. Not a child."

Tears welled in her eyes.

Nikki started to feel ashamed. Here he was on his Birthday, dressed in a sex suit, having passionate intercourse with his own mother.

He thought to himself that this wasn't right and he tried to back out of what he had just said.

Suddenly, in a fit of rage. Sarah grabbed the nearby bedside lamp and swung it at Nikki. It hit him on the side of the head and his vision went black.

When he awoke, he found himself tied to his bed. Still dressed in the suit, he started to panic. Something had been put in his mouth so he couldn't even scream for help.

"Think you can just turn me away do you?" Came the voice of his mom from the doorway.

"I raised you to be a decent boy and thought that we could have a future together. Well I'm going to make that happen any way I can."

Sarah then placed her mouth and hands back on to Nikki's penis and played with him until he was involuntarily hard again.

Nikki started to cry. This was out of his control. It had been a drunken mistake on his part in the first place where he'd said things in the heat of the moment that he hadn't meant, and now it was too late.

Sarah then placed herself on top of Nikki. Inserting his erect penis back in to her vagina.

Staring the rocking motion again until she'd built up her rhythm.

Nikki moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He didn't know what to think or feel. Having sex with his mom in the sober light of day was wrong, yet it felt so great.

Sarah placed her hands to his face and removed the gag from his mouth. With her left hand, she placed it in Nikki's mouth and started stroking his tongue until her fingers were completely wet. She then replaced the gag and reached down. Maintaining her sexual authority with her son still inside her.

"Now I'm going to return the favour." She said.

Sarah then inserted her fingers ring deep in to Nikki's arsehole so that he screamed and twisted as much as he could, but it was no use. No-one could hear him and he was tied to the bed so he couldn't move.

His mom was fingerring his anus in and out and he was helpless.

"Now, give me you're cum Nikki. Mommy wants your love."

She pushed her fingers as deep as they could go as she hit his anal G-spot. He sent burst after burst of hot sperm shooting in to his mother's clit until he was completely spent. Unable to do anything to prevent it.

As he was ejaculating, Sarah was climaxing too. Cumming all over her son's penis and letting their fluids meet and mix with each other.

Sarah was covered in sweat and her latex suit was covered with her's and her son's perspiration.

She had just foced her son in to cumming against his will and had left him there unable to move or say anything.

"Oh baby. Thanks for the best fuck I've ever had. I hope you enjoyed it. I just had to finish you somehow." Sarah said sarcastically.

She then got off him, leaned over and kissed his forehead, and then left him alone and stranded in his room.

Night after night, Sarah repeated her actions. Refusing to free Nikki from his captivity, fulfilling her ultimate sexual fantasies and desires. She fed him by chewing up the food in her own mouth for him and then placing it in his with her tongue. Making sure to create as much physical contact as possible between them.

A few days later Sarah came in to the room to fuck her captive son.

"You know, I'm pregnant now sweetheart. You finally did it. We can be together as a family at long last."

Not having much energy left to create a response, Nikki simply closed his eyes and wept at the thought. A child with his own mother.

He would have to make it work for the sake of the kid. He made an effort to speak and Sarah removed the gag to allow him his first words in several days.

"Mom, I'm sorry for what I did. We can't go back and so I'll do whatever it takes to make it work ok?"

Sarah looked shocked at this sudden change but accepted it all the same. She untied him and let him sit up. She was still worried that Nikki would run away and leave her.

But true to his word, Nikki turned to face his mom, still in his cum soaked latex suit and locked lips in a passionate kiss as if to bury and hard feelings.

Time went on for Nikki and Sarah and she continued to grow with their child. They moved house to somewhere far from where anyone knew them and lived as a couple.

Feelings of discomfort had left them both over time and they became closer than ever. Making love long in to the night of every passing day. The mother and son practised all kinds of sexual activities involving bondage clothing and cavity exploration.

Filling each other with cum and swapping it too and from each other's mouths became common in their nights of kinkiness. They both hoped that this would be the start of a happier life to come for the pair of them.

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