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"Felt kind of weird and intensely wonderful!" Amanda said as she lie on her bed talking on the speaker phone with her girlfriend, Diane.

"Oh girl!" replied Diane. "Gee, I wish I would have been there to watch! The way you tell it is so hot!"

"Well if you had, that certainly would have spiced things up, Di!" Amanda said. "Come to think of it, I wish I'd let you know that Craig was coming over that night!"

Giggling, Diane said, "Next time girl, next time!"

Amanda started to end the phone call but Diane insisted that she tell her more. After all, she'd gone so far as to bring her friend to warmth and wetness between her legs. Diane had shared many such rendezvous stories with Amanda so it was the least Mandy could do to let her in on her recent fun.

"So you want details, huh?" Mandy asked Diane who was already touching herself and breathing deeply into the phone.

"Got that right, Hun! Details, I want details from beginning to end." Di insisted only to hear Amanda say, "Okay! Hope you have time, Di!"

Tons of details ensued as Amanda shared about her recent date with Craig. Early the night before, he'd picked her up in his sporty MG Midget, driven her up the coast to an out of the way seafood restaurant, and wined and dined her till it ended up in a long walk along the beach. That was romantic enough but he also added in some unexpected kisses under Maine's moonlit sky that warmed his redhead to significant levels.

At the restaurant, Craig enjoyed a platter of broiled shrimp, scallops, and Maine Halibut, all carefully drenched in a seasoned butter sauce. Amanda loved the same but chose Seafood Newburg instead. Its thick creamy sauce mixed with a perfectly dry, white wine set the mood well as far as she was concerned.

Conversation bantered about various topics but before long, settled into personal matters, their dating relationship, and of course their future. For some seven months they'd mixed and mingled going to concerts, plays, and musicals. Often, she and Craig met other couples like Ron and Susan, and Betsy and Bill. Oddly enough, however, neither had spent any time in bed, not that either was against it, but more because their relationship didn't depend upon it.

When Craig drove his pretty redhead home that night, she asked him to come inside for a complementary cup of Frou-Frou coffee. To her, it was the perfect way to end a perfectly wonderful evening. Of course, the caffeine might also stimulate her man out of the wine tipsy state. What might happen after that, she hadn't' planned.

After such a stimulating evening of conversation, food, wine, and the romantic walk on the beach, Amanda's heart was full of ponderings toward Craig. If he chose to stay, she wouldn't mind whatsoever. If he drove home, she knew there would be other places, other times, and other romantic scenes. Either way, she could sleep wrapped in the knowledge that she had indeed fallen in love with him.

As Amanda strolled to the kitchen to brew some French Roast blend, Craig made himself comfortable on the well- cushioned sofa. A magazine lie partially opened on the coffee table that caught his immediate attention. Flipping through the pages, he viewed several sailboats; to own one, had always been his dream. She watched him from the kitchen entryway wondering what the night might hold yet knowing then that she was more than willing to give herself to him.

When the aroma of blended coffee grounds pursued the room to the full, Amanda walked slowly to join her babe on the couch. He noticed that as she sat, her right thigh pressed close to his left. Immediate stirrings pulsed throughout his body but he held himself in check. True, they had kissed, nibbled on one another's necks, hugged, and the like, but never once in their relationship did he or she go further.

From time to time, he cocked his head toward hers, kissed her softly on the cheek, and then pursued her delicious lips. Like any man who enjoys a redhead's charms, he longed for her milky white skin, its taste, its passionate contrast to fire, red-orange hues. Secretly, he wondered what the mixture of pink lips might look like covered well with an umbrella of pubic mystery. She also, couldn't wait to see his eyes when that part of her was revealed.

When he finally drove his tongue between her somewhat begging lips, he forgot about keeping his rod in check. He tasted so wonderful, so manly, and so erotic that her own passionate warmth flooded from the kiss downward to overwhelm her body. Craig let the magazine fall to the floor as his right-hand slid over to wrap around her waist.

But Amanda wouldn't allow such a move. Instead, her hand met his, playfully squeezed his strong fingers, and then pulled it down to the heat that had already built in her secret furnace. Immediately, their passions rose to another level. To keep it hot and make it hotter, she parted her legs to offer him free access to the charms she knew he craved.

Her maneuver led quickly to a fondling session to end all. Nothing was off limits as far as the two were concerned. Even the rich aroma of the now brewed coffee stimulated the lovers to intense, lustful passions. Before long, Craig pulled his sexy redhead on top of him. More than anything, she couldn't wait to mash her D-cup breasts into his firm, strong chest.

Craig pumped his tongue in and out of her hungry mouth like there was no tomorrow. His arms wrapped sensuously around his babe, but his hands ended up sliding down to cover her gorgeous butt, a move that sent her into steaming, hot passion. It was then that Amanda made her move to turn the tide. Biting his upper lip, he suddenly cried out in pain. This made him release her sensuous ass from his hold.

When he did, she jumped and ran to the back of the four- bedroom house. Shocked and completely confused, Craig found himself wondering why she would break such a hot moment. His rod was fully erect, throbbing, and probably just short of exploding if he'd been buried deep inside her red, hot pussy. When he sat up, his eyes caught the vision of one very confusing redhead as she darted down the hall to get away from him.

But he wasn't about to lose the lust filled passions that mastered him. Pulling his designer shirt over his head, he tossed it aside. He kicked his loafers off, unbuckled his slacks, and let them drop to the floor where he easily stepped from their realm. The result was one, extremely swollen eight inch cock, ready to burst out of his briefs if given the chance.

Calling her name, as he always did to let her know he wanted her, he strutted down the hallway with a vengeance. Since it was dimly lit, he carefully walked along till he reached the first door to his right.

"Mandy?" he called to his lover. "Are you hiding in here?"

Though he thought she wasn't', he toggled the light switch to reveal the contents of the room. It held a desk, a computer, a lounge, and a television. Flipping the lights off, he ventured towards the next door only to learn that it was her sewing room.

"What a mess!" he exclaimed as he shut the light off.

To his left, a small hallway extended past a bathroom and a closet. He walked slowly listening to see if she might reveal her location. But it wasn't until he reached the opening of what must have been the master bedroom that he heard the sound of running water and saw light shine from the open door.

"Well, well, well!" he said softly.

His thoughts went wild as he considered what he might find in the bathroom. Slowly, he headed toward the open door. Looking inside, he gasped as his eyes feasted upon the most beautiful specimen of womanhood he'd ever seen. Amanda stood with a wry smile on her face, her body fully exposed, and holding a bar of soap in her right-hand.

Hot lust surged throughout his body as he gazed into her eyes, full breasts, a belly button to die for, and one neatly trimmed but thick patch of burning hot pubic hair. In response, she smiled with each movement of his eyes. Her own body was already pulsating in anticipation of what was to come. She knew her thrilling fantasy was about to be fulfilled but also knew that he would soon experience pleasures, he'd not known before.

Spinning on the balls of her feet, she reached to pull back the shower curtain. Her back was burning from his lustful gaze and deep breathing. She could even tell when his eyes darted downward to penetrate the forbidden domain of her milky white ass. Lingering there for only a moment, she stepped into the shower's spray and waited.

Craig ripped his briefs from his body. His cock shot out like it had never been out in his life. He took three steps forward and then she reached from the partially opened curtain, grabbed his manhood and tugged him inside the shower.

"Oh Mandy!" he exclaimed in an exhale of lust. "You're so hot baby; so built! Baby I want you now!"

Since the shower was larger than the typical bathroom setup, she moved quickly to the center to await his advance. Not surprisingly, she got it and was fully ready to mash her delicious, soft body into his. When her naked melons pressed helplessly against his hairy chest, both moaned in sensuous response. He reached around her to make sure she wouldn't get away and when he did, she let out a whimper of delight, especially over the thrill of his shaft as it mashed hard into her cuntal fur.

But this time they didn't kiss. Both uttered words and phrases of lust to stimulate the other. Between moans and groans of hot passion, she somehow managed to let him know exactly what her desires were for the shower scene.

"Lather my body, honey! Run that bar of soap all over my face, my neck, my breasts, my belly, my pussy, my legs, and go up the middle to lather my ass! Do anything you want, baby doll, anything you want and I mean anything?" Mandy said with such lust filled tones that Craig almost blew his load right then and there.

As excited as he was, one might have supposed that in seconds she would be foamed with scented soap. But amazingly, he dropped to his knees and lathered slowly around each ankle then up each leg. In, out, and around the bar went until both of her legs were fully covered. Then he stood, lathered her face and neck. The scent of rose petals filled the air as shower mist sprayed in the background.

His foamy hands glided along her shoulder blades then in circular motions down her back. In a frenzy of hot lust, Craig pulled her back against his rod. She moaned in delight as he then slid his hands underneath her arms to cup and squeeze her sexy, hot melons. There, he lingered for a while fully impressed by her charms. Then he spun her around to take what he wanted to do since he first saw her nudity.

Taking one tit at a time, he lathered it till the bar ended at her hard, pink nipple. He watched her face as the soap stimulated the rosebud that awaited his prodding fingers. When both incredible mounds of softness were lathered, he slid the bar down to her belly and pubic region. Lustful squeals of delight bellowed from Amanda. She knew the best was about to come and could hardly wait for it.

But her man did the unexpected. He spun her around again and began to lather her hot ass. Lobes felt the bar as it glided round and round. When finished, he slid the bar's end just inside the top of her crack to tease her with that thought. Little by little she felt the soap go down between her cheeks till it rested sensuously on her anal pucker.

"Oh Craig, oh baby doll, I like that, I like that!" she cried out loudly in wanton desire. "Do it again baby doll, do it again!"

Several times he slid the soap from the top of her crack to bury its corner at the entrance to her anal cavern. With each pursuit, she became more wanton than before. Her soft moans changed from pleading to demanding as the pursuits went further and further. After some five times of soapy ass play, he slid his hand and arm deep between her parted thighs.

Amanda shrieked her desires as one very lucky bar of soap slid from her ass to her cuntal region. Her pussy lips reacted in utter thrill, her body writhed in a build up of passion, and her own fingertips started nipple pinches that would surely send her into orgasmic screams. But as he led her to just shy of a pleasurable explosion, he pulled back and spun her around to face him again.

"Don't' stop baby doll! Please don't' stop! Please don't!" she begged and whimpered.

Craig finished rubbing her mound till her cunt was lathered to the full. Then he handed her the soap, what was left of it, and demanded that she do the same. In thwarted lust, she laid her own thrills aside to foam the man she so loved. Up and down his legs, over his sexy, round butt and up his back she slid the soap till his backside stood white with foam.

Craig made sure not to touch his aching rod for he knew he'd blow his cream too soon if he stroked it. Then he felt the most incredibly sexy feeling he'd ever known. Mandy mashed her big soft, soapy boobs into his back while she slid the bar of soap down into his butt crack. Foaming it fully, she also pushed further to lather his sack and balls playfully. The result was electrifying for him and stimulating for her as well.

When she finally finished lathering her man, dick and all, she hugged him and said, "I'm completely yours, honey!"

How Craig had managed to not explode all over her midst all the stimulating treatment was anyone's guess. But now she had fully offered herself, was completely ready, yet didn't' know exactly what her guy would do next. Mutual grabbing and fondling followed bringing the two hot lovers to the boiling point. Then Craig reached back and aimed the showerhead so that the misty spray went over their heads.

"Doggie style, baby!" he commanded and Mandy did her best to get on her hands and knees as quickly as she could.

Positioning himself behind her, he aimed his soapy shaft directly at the entrance to her pussy. She let out an anticipatory moan that soon built to a high- pitched scream as he rammed his cock easily into her wanton cunt. Immediately, her pussy muscles clamped down like a vice on his hard dick. Both moaned in inexplicable pleasure.

Penetration led to wild pumping actions. The definite sounds of lubrication filled the shower stall causing both to groan all the more. With his ready to blow cock gliding in and out of her pussy, Amanda began to push back to get his rod as deep as possible. Some eleven strokes later, he grunted.

Spurt after spurt blasted deep inside her hungry, lathered mound. With each spurt, she whimpered till the last painted the walls. As Craig held her hips tightly and pulled them back to receive his entire cock, she screamed her way into the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced. Her pussy throbbed and spasmed on his rod some twenty five times till she panted her way into spent relief. Her squeals filled the air, reverberating around the bathroom.

As he pulled his shaft from her still spasming cunt, he somehow managed to get to his feet only to feel the sudden blast of the shower spray. Joining him, she kissed him and pressed her delicious body into his. The electrifying result stimulated him to erection again. Never before had he felt so hot, especially after just shooting his cum deep inside his babe's pussy. But evidently, both still had the energy to do more, so they worked on each other to bring the other to a wanton build up again.

Craig fondled his babe, pinched her soapy nipple buds, and slid his hands all over to get her ready for yet another thrill. Obediently, she surrendered herself to whatever he did, whatever he said, and whatever his hard dick wanted.

Then Craig did what Amanda secretly desired but never expected. He turned her around, told her to bend down so her hands and feet touched the floor, and prepare her butt for entry. Immediately, she started moaning her approval as his hands fondled downward between her cheeks. When fingers grazed her anal opening, she let out a deep groan of delight.

Since she was fully lubed on the outside, he made sure to coat his index finger thoroughly before giving her the thrill of her life. Ramming his finger into her ass sent her into spasming pleasures as waves of weird but wanton lust flooded her body. With his finger fully inserted into her anal cavern, he waited till her butt ceased spasming. Then he pulled it free, lathered it again, and penetrated her asshole again and again in a pumping action.

"Oh do it, honey, please finger fuck my ass!" she begged and pleaded.

After he discerned that she was well lubed, he pulled his finger out to replace it with his now swollen rod.

"O-O-O-O-Oh baby! You're not! Going! To! Fuck! My ass, are you?" she asked knowing full and well that her anus was about to get a reaming.

With the head of his cock ready for direct penetration, he pushed it in until the crown pushed past the shy but ready for anything anal ring. In response, she yelped as she anticipated pain. Since there was none, she relaxed further to prepare herself for eight inches of long, hard cock. Wanting to feel her tight ass gripping and spasming on his rod, he wasted no time in filling her to the full.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!" she moaned as every long inch of shaft disappeared in her hot, sexy ass.

Though she'd never done anal before, she couldn't' help reveling in the mixture of new wanton lust. Her butt clamped down hard on its' invader as she attempted to get used to its length and girth. Her ass cheeks tingled as the pubic hair on Craig's cock tickled them senselessly. Then he pulled his dick slowly from her depths till the head caught against the ring.

"I need your ass, baby!" he growled as his cock once again disappeared inside. Her moaning and groaning increased with each stroke of his length. Waves of steaming hot pleasure overwhelmed them and quickly brought both to the point of no return. She begged him to fuck her lathered ass while he growled his phrases of lust to fill her dark tunnel with his creamy, white load.

Wild groans bellowed from the two until Amanda felt that all familiar throb of her man's cock, the kind that signaled imminent release. Even after emptying a torrent of cum in her pussy, he amazingly started again. Midst his grunting, groaning, and lust filled words, he blasted five more loads of steaming cum deep inside his babe's hot ass. It wasn't until he pulled his spent rod from her ass that she reached climactic heaven. With his cock now free, he reached down to stick two fingers inside her gaping asshole while the thumb on his right-hand slid inside her still lathered pussy. The fingers on that hand parted to allow her clit to thrive till she shuttered in orgasm.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! I'm cumming honeeeeeeeeey!" Mandy yelled as a final wave of pleasure took over.

In the final moments, they hugged and gently kissed. Craig aimed the spray of water downward to rinse his spent babe followed by her rinsing him. After they toweled off, both walked side by side out of the bathroom, closer than they'd ever been before. Both walked toward the kitchen where brewed coffee awaited. And there, they sat at the bar sipping French Roast coffee, staring lovingly at one another, and saying absolutely nothing. Indeed, nothing needed to be said.

"And Di! That's basically what happened in detail!" Amanda said as she ran her fingers through Craig's hair.

Suddenly Amanda's friend Diane moaned into the telephone, "O-O-O-O-O-OIEIAEAEIAIEIAEIAEIAEIAIEAIEA!" as her spasming cunt and writhing body surrendered in orgasmic delight.

"C'mon Di! C'mon honey! It's so good!" Amanda said in an effort to encourage her friend's pleasure. "You're watching us fuck, you're right there in the shower as Craig pumps his cock in and out of my holes!"

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