tagGroup SexLatin Sean Ch. 1

Latin Sean Ch. 1


Being that it was agreed on, we tried to keep it light and easy, no drama and no attachments or hang-ups. Of course afterwards there was the same old crap! "You enjoyed it too much!" That's Jay's favorite statement to say after these so called "threesomes," which usually ends up with me fucking one of his friends while he jerks off watching. This time was different because I DID like it! A LOT! His friend's name is Sean, an investment banker from New York City, who recently moved out west. He is an extremely handsome Latin Man in great shape. I immediately wondered why he wasn't already hooked up with anyone and Jay told me because he just moved here and he's been immersed in his work to make a good impression for his new employers who paid for his trip out west.

I must describe to you why I fell for this man. It was a Saturday night that Jay, Sean and I were drinking and smoking heavily. Jay told Sean and me he wanted to have a threesome earlier. I was wearing a little skirt and "belly" shirt and that was all. No underwear at all. I just had my "Brazilian" bikini wax too, so I was completely hairless to boot. It was me who broke the ice as I took off my clothes in the middle of the living room and instructed everyone to do the same. Jay took off his pants only, but Sean got butt ass naked and I have to say that his body was tight and sexy! He was so well groomed that I would have sworn he was gay. His cock was so big and juicy that it took me no time before I was on my knees sucking on it. Jay stood next to me, watching and stroking his dick. I took turns sucking them both, but for some reason, Jay wasn't getting hard. Maybe it was the combination of the alcohol and weed, but he was real relaxed. Too relaxed to get it up.

I guess he just wanted a show because he eventually sat on the other couch and began slowly stroking his dick and got hard from that. My attention was now on this delicious Latin man in my mouth. I sucked and licked his cock like there was no tomorrow. I remember making a show out of it, letting my saliva drip and bubble all over him and my face, spilling down to my tits and eventually on the carpet.

There was a small river of saliva running down the edge of the leather couch too. Even though I was high as hell, I was well aware what I was doing and wanting to be sober enough to be able to write it all down later in my "electronic diary" a.k.a. my PowerBook.

As licked his dick as his pre-cum dribbled out of his dick. I glanced over to Jay and he was enjoying himself I could only assume because he had a throbbing hard-on. I didn't wait for anyone to eat me out. I got up and mounted Sean's cock. It slowly slid into my honey box. I loved feeling his skin against my skin and I moaned out loud because it felt so good.

I kissed him firmly as he grabbed my ass, pulling me all the way down onto his dick. It has to be at least 8 or 9 inches. Just then, Jay got up and went upstairs. I didn't know if I was supposed to stop and wait for him or what? So, we just keep fucking slowly as I French-kissed him like he was my man.

He didn't say much and he was enjoying himself. I felt my first orgasm building. I was waiting for Jay to come down before I came so he too can share the experience as well. I heard the bathroom door slam. Sean began to nibble on my nipples as he slowly fucked me. He grabbed my ass hard and that set me off. My head was spinning as I fucked this handsome man. I know my boyfriend is handsome too, but this guy had it all! I only knew him for a few weeks and we rarely spoke, but I did consider him a friend, because he was a friend to Jay. He was so muscular and soft-spoken.

We fucked for a good five minutes and I couldn't hold back any longer. I began flinging my head around like I was possessed as I came. Moments later, I felt his dick stiffen to rock hardness. Then I felt a warm sensation. He began squirting his hot cum inside of my pussy. I bit my bottom lip as the wetness increased from his cum and the friction felt even better. He moaned out loud. I began laughing and so did he. I kissed him one more time and slowly lifted myself up off of his dick. We were both sort of embarrassed.

I was still hot and so was he because his dick wasn't soft at all. I looked down as a small pool of his sperm dripped out of my pussy. "Oops! A creampie! I giggled, trying to break the tension. I kissed his sexy chest, down to his ripped stomach and to his well trimmed pubic hair. I licked the cum and pussy juice off of his dick, which sprung back to attention. I took both of my lips and sucked up the small pool of cum with one swift move. I realized that I was being extra naughty and I didn't really know this man. I wondered what he was thinking.

I looked up and smiled at him. Just then I realized that Jay had not come back down stairs yet.

I excused myself and ran upstairs, only to find Jay in the bathroom, hovering over the sink and running the cold water. I assumed that he had too much to drink and was feeling it in the worse way. I went over and helped him to his feet. He said he was ok and wanted to know what was going downstairs. I told him "What do you think?" He smiled for a second and grabbed his dick. I laughed and brought him back downstairs.

He whispered in my ear, "I still wanna see you fuck him." I sat him back onto the couch and walked back over to the speechless Sean. I motioned back to Jay and smiled. Sean took the hint and smiled back. I got on my knees and began sucking his dick again, licking up all the cream that recently dripped out of my pussy. My ass was facing Jay and I made sure he could see the cum dripping out of my pussy. I dipped my fingers inside and pulled out a string of Sean's cum and painted it on his dick.

Slowly, I got back up onto the couch and lowered myself onto his dick once again. I was facing Jay this time, so he could see Sean's cock sliding in and out of me. This time was more for show than last time. But still, he fucked my wet pussy with precision. I mean, this guy could fuck! I rubbed my clit as he pumped in and out, faster and faster. I was in heaven. I can feel my next orgasm coming soon.

Just then, Sean really gets into it and jerks his pelvis in a manner that his dick slips out of me with a loud POP.

I grab onto it and stroke it. It is covered with our creamy cum juices. Jay seems to be in another world, stroking his cock by himself in the corner of the other couch, almost not paying attention. I slide it back inside of me and hump him hard and steady. Within minutes, I am coming even harder than last time. I look over and Jay begins shooting his cum all over his hand, lap and couch. Sean moans out loud and comes again, squirting an even larger load into my juicy pussy. His stiff, brown cock was jerking so hard inside of me. I could feel these waves of warmth flood my sugarwalls. "Wow!" Was all I could say.

I was breathing so hard and so was Sean. Feeling a little awkward, I slid off of his dick and sat on the couch next to Jay. "Are you OK?" I ask. He shakes his head no and lies back onto the couch. I grab a few tissues off of the table and begin wipe him down. Sean takes his clothes and goes into the bathroom. It's quiet now in the house and I don't know what's up. I grab a glass of water and put on my shirt, which is a belly shirt anyway, so not much else is covered. Sean comes down and tells us that after those two huge orgasms he is sobered up and can drive home.

Sean shakes his hand and I kiss him on the cheek and even walk him outside the front door even though I am naked from the chest down. The cool autumn air felt good on my bare skin. I watch him drive away and go back inside to an upset Jay.

Immediately he starts blabbering about how much I "liked it!" and how he didn't know that Sean had two orgasms and that I should have used a rubber. I mean, he laid it on so thick and I was so pissed because it was his idea in the first place. I couldn't even argue with him. I walked upstairs and went to bed.

The next morning he was still pissed and continued giving me shit like there was break in time. That's when I told him to leave my home.

This "argument" went on for days until a friend of mine told me to just "have a good time" and not worry about Jay. All the while I was thinking of Sean and how good he made me feel.

It wasn't just the sex, it was his spirit, his attitude that got me. So, Jay was right to be a little upset, but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing how I really felt because he started it in the first place.

I called Sean on a Thursday around noon and told him I wanted to come by for lunch. He said yes. I had other things on my mind and I wanted to make sure he knew, but in person. I drove out to his office and pulled over for the valet. I was wearing a white, thin dress and nothing else. The dress was short, but not "hooker" short. Just short enough to show off my legs. Of course when the valet guy came over to open my car door, I positioned myself so he could get a perfect unobstructed view of my bare pussy. He smiled and gave me the ticket. I flirted a bit, asking where to get it validated and he told me (in broken English) "at the front desk."

All eyes were on me when I walked into the office. I loved it!

After waiting a few minutes, the secretary got Sean on the phone and told him that "a friend" was waiting for him. He came out and asked me where I wanted to go for lunch. I motioned back into the office and he took the hint. We went back into his decent-sized office and shut the door. His secretary looked me up and down on the way in, but I didn't care. She was probably jealous. I didn't say a word after that. I at him at his desk and got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his beautiful, tanned cock and slipped it into my mouth. It immediately stiffened up and I got to work. I slowly licked and sucked his cock with my hands rubbing his thighs. I made sure that I didn't mess up his pants while sucking him off. I slowly began to increase pressure on his dick. He started moaning and right then I knew that this was going to be a "quickie." I held onto the base of his cock and began to stroke it slowly. His dick stiffened to rock solid and I began to feel him twitch. I positioned myself right over his cock in preparation for my "lunch." A few seconds later he began one squirt after the next of his thick and salty cum. I swallowed every drop, not wanting to spill it onto his suit pants.

30 seconds later, it was over. I licked my lips and zipped him up. "So, where do you want your lunch?" I asked, He smiled and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the office. We drove over to a Sushi restaurant and ate lunch. We didn't talk about sex at all. We didn't need to, our eyes did all of the talking. We made a plan to meet later that night. I knew it was wrong and so did he, but passion took over us and we couldn't help ourselves, I couldn't wait for that night.

(To be continued)

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