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Laundry Elves


Annie contemplated the pile of laundry generated by her 4 kids and her husband and decided that life sucked. All she did was laundry. All they did was change their clothes. It seemed every time she finished a load, someone appeared with a new pile. On top of it all, she had to work full time. She hated it when one of the kids screamed that they needed something to wear that was being laundered; it was always her fault. Annie hated laundry. And her husband, Fred, was a lousy lay...Mr. Three Minutes...she could time an egg by him. He was so bad, sometimes she begged off sex and told him she had to do the laundry. And Annie hated laundry.

One Friday night Annie was exhausted, her day at work was lousy, dinner had been late and Fred had complained about it when she'd served it ("Tastes like shit", he had whispered.). So, she decided to get the kids to bed then take a nice relaxing bath with Mr. Big, her dildo, then go to sleep; she would ignore the laundry. But just to be fair to herself, she took all the laundry to the basement so she wouldn't have to look at it while she ignored it. The kids actually went to sleep, Mr. Big was wonderful and so attentive to her needs and she drifted to sleep smelling sweet and happy, knowing Fred would not bother her when he came to bed (he rarely initiated anything).

After her refreshing sleep, Annie, awoke to a sunny Saturday, had a cup of coffee (she loved the weekend mornings when Fred slept, the kids slept and she had some peace) and descended into the basement, in unusually good spirits, to do the laundry. She reached the washing area and found six piles of washed clothes where she had left a large pile of dirty clothes the night before. Annie was confounded. This was unprecedented. Being pragmatic, she concluded that she had walked in her sleep and done the laundry unconsciously. She discarded the notion that Fred had done the laundry as preposterous. The Cubs would win the World Series first.

The event bothered Annie, she was unused to mysteries, the kids and Fred were fairly predictable. She thought about it all week and decided that she would repeat the sequence of events the next week to see what happened. Just to be sure she even ignored the laundry on Thursday, thus leaving a bigger pile. She was so excited, she had trouble falling asleep, but she was asleep before Fred came to bed, as she had hoped.

Saturday morning the clean clothes were neatly folded as the week before.

Annie made plans for the next week. Once again, she did everything as before (and sneaked some of Wednesday's laundry into the pile), but she drank coffee all day and decided she was going to discover the nature of the mystery. She was somewhat concerned that finding out what was going on might lead to the cessation of this Friday miracle, but she had to know. So, Annie lay in bed, listening, while Fred lurched around downstairs and finally came to bed. Annie feigned sleep as Fred lumbered into bed, then when his breathing became regular, she climbed out of bed and noiselessly sneaked her way to the basement.

As the laundry area came into view, Annie saw the most amazing sight....four small, absolutely naked men were doing the laundry. She stifled a gasp as she looked at the men..each was barely three feet tall, all looked young and had surprising well developed physiques and each, as incredible as it may sound, had an absolutely enormous cock. Their cocks were large by the standards of regular men, but looked huge attached to their small bodies. She also noted that the men were unashamedly erect; she swore their cocks were almost pulsating. She stared, shifted her weight on the stairs, which creaked, they looked up and saw her. She was frozen....

One of the men looked her in the eye and spoke, "You have seen us...I am afraid our work must cease, we are proscribed from doing the laundry of persons who have seen us except under special circumstances. I cannot tell you the nature of those circumstances, so we will not be back. We will however finish tonight's work..shouldn't be long."

Annie was absolutely devastated, she had sensed that her curiosity would lead to this, but she also knew...and this was a spur of the moment decision...that she had to have those cocks. They may not be back, she may be a laundry slave again, but here was a chance for adventure ..something to think about while she lay under Three-minute Fred. She moved down the stairs...approached the nearest elf and took his cock deep into her mouth.. she felt so deliciously naughty, she was dripping down her legs.

As soon as she took the one cock into her mouth, she felt her pajama bottoms lowered another enter her from behind . She looked up to see the others being stroked within view. The elves fucked her and she sucked them...she couldn't count how many times they entered her and how many times they came...they masturbated on her, their cum ran down her legs, covered her breasts and dripped down her face...she swallowed gallons, well maybe pints. They were literally cum machines...they were always hard, always willing and always ejaculated. Annie was consumed by this unbelievable lust and fucked them until she exhausted herself; she collapsed on a chair.

Annie started to cry, thinking of Fred, thinking of laundry, thinking of how incredible it was to have these four inexhaustible erections at her service,,, and thinking about the rest of her life. The elf that had spoken before wiped her tears and asked. "Why are you crying?".

Annie couldn't hold it any longer, her tears streamed down her face, washing away the elves cum, "I hate laundry, I am so unhappy with my husband, my job sucks, the kids are driving me crazy and this is the most fun I have ever had and now it's over and I just don't know if I can take any more." She put her head in her hands sobbing.

The elves gathered around her and comforted her, the leader finally speaking, "But that is not entirely true. We will be back Annie. You have discovered the special circumstances...we are destined to do your laundry every week as long as we are able to continue to pleasure you. If you ever fail to appear, we will do the laundry that night but never return. But you must excuse us right now...it is nearly sunrise and we still have some laundry to finish."

So Annie, absolutely stunned by all this, adjusted her life. She saved as many clothes as possible for Friday, she always made sure Fred had too much to drink on Friday so he slept well, she encouraged sleep overs for the children and installed a lock on the basement door. And the family never questioned her strange habit of doing the laundry late Friday night....just as long as it got done, said Fred.

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