Laura and Two African Businessmen


Even though she had just cum the combination of a mouthful of cum and a large hard cock fucking her she knew she was close to cumming again. She was happy for him to cum inside her as she was on the pill and seconds after she had another orgasm she felt his hot seed pump deep inside her. With that she finally swallowed Kwame's cum. Manny slipped out and sat down beside her on the sofa. They sat and recovered for a while and then they both started playing with her nipples. Laura loved the sight of two big black hands on her white delicate tits. She could feel Manny's cum trickling down out of her pussy and onto her thighs.

Her nipples were now being pinched and squeezed and amazingly she was getting aroused again. She had already cum more times than ever before in one session. She got up and now knelt between Manny's legs and started sucking him. He was only semi hard and Laura wanted him rock hard again. Kwame got behind her and slipped his cock inside Laura from behind. He was quite hard and slipped all the way in as she was still very wet from taking Manny's cum.

She squeezed Manny's balls and pulled his foreskin right back with her lips and licked all-round the head and the underneath. He was so big that even with some of it her mouth she was still able to clasp her hand round it and wank him. Once again she loved seeing her little white hand wrapped round a big black cock. Kwame was now frantically fucking her from behind and pounding her arse as he thrust deep inside her pushing her further and further towards Manny. Kwame reached round Laura's front and played with her clit as he fucked her which bought her to another orgasm in no time at all.

Then she felt Manny throbbing in her mouth and she clamped her lips tighter round his cock to make sure she didn't waste a single drop of his cum. Seconds later she felt her cunt being filled with Kwame's cum. For the first time in her life she had both her cunt and her mouth filled with cum at the same time.

Now they all collapsed on the sofa and spent about 10 minutes recovering. They all had another glass of wine and with Laura sitting in between them it wasn't long before they were both groping her. Then Kwame pulled her onto his lap and she put her arms round his neck and started snogging with lots of open mouths and tongues. Meanwhile Manny had her legs on his lap and with her legs wide apart was soon playing with her pussy. She was very wet with his cum still oozing out of her and he started rubbing it all over her clit. She was in heaven again and she parted her legs as wide as they would go. She loved the fact that he could see right inside her. She stopped kissing Manny and took his hands and put them on her tits. He pinched and squeezed and pulled her nipples

She said, 'Do what you want to me, use me as your cunt slut, make me cum however you want.' Laura couldn't believe what she was saying, she thought she had behaved appallingly when she first sucked her brother off and even worse when she let her daddy fuck her but now she was being a cunt slut to two black men. She couldn't get any dirtier and kinkier if she wanted to.

Soon her orgasm was nearing and said to Kwame, 'Finger fuck me, finger fuck my cunt, make me cum and cum and cum.'

Suddenly she was there and amazingly her body shook and trembled, she cried out with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure throbbed through her body and just as the orgasm subsided Kwame started fingering her again and bought on yet another orgasm. All the while Manny was abusing her nipples. Finally she could take no more and lay on top of them both and recovered. She loved seeing the whiteness of her skin and the blondeness of her hair against their black skin.

After a while they decided it was bed time and they agreed to sleep together with Laura lying between them. Exhaustion meant they all quickly fell asleep but after a few hours Laura woke. She could feel a cock against her and although it wasn't hard she wanted it again.

It was dark and she didn't know whose it was but she moved down and knelt over it and took the cock in her mouth. Although it was very soft she knew that her sucking would soon harden it and sure enough it was soon rock hard. Manny was now awake and Laura straddled him and lowered herself down onto it. She loved the feel as she impaled herself on the huge black pole. She raised herself up but didn't let it come out before plunging down hard on it again. She loved the feel as it engulfed her entire cunt. Kwame was now awake and had started sucking Laura's nipples. She was very very wet now as she felt Kowame behind her now and was feeling her arse. She had tried anal a few times and had enjoyed it and now he was easing a finger inside her other hole. At first it hurt but soon the pleasure from her cunt overtook the discomfort and then began to be pleasurable. Kwame speeded up the fingering of her arse and she loved the feel of black cock in her cunt and a black finger in her arse.

Then she felt Kwame's cock against her arse. She knew she wouldn't be able to take that inside her but Kwame had greased his cock and amazingly he did get inside her. It didn't go in all that far but the pleasure she got with two cocks inside her was like nothing else she had ever experienced. She orgasmed again and again before Manny emptied his black balls inside her. Immediately she slid out of him Kwame penetrated her again and continued fucking her. She lowered her mouth over Manny's cock but even her experienced sucking couldn't get him hard again. Laura managed to cum one last time when Kwame deposited his final load inside her.

They all fell asleep again and didn't wake until mid-morning, totally exhausted and quite sore. They showered and had a late breakfast. Kwame and Manny insisted that Laura visited them in Africa on a regular basis to act as their financial advisers. At least that's the story that Laura was going to tell her boyfriend and Kwame and Manny are going to tell their wives.

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