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Laura Bush, Michelle Obama & Cheney


This is a Halloween contest story. Too many readers don't vote. Please vote. I need the support of your vote.

Laura Bush and Michelle Obama attend a swingers' Halloween ball with Dick Cheney.


I've seen them here before, an attractive, mature brunette with an attractive, mature blonde. They always come together and leave together. I always thought the tall, well built man with the crew cut with them was their escort or maybe even their bodyguard. More polished than a cop, he looked like a fed and I figured that he was a cop or a fed, until I realized that he was so much more than that.

He was Secret Service. Secret Service? What in the Hell is a Secret Service agent doing here at a swingers' Halloween house party? He's definitely breaking rules being here.

After studying the man, I studied the woman. Somehow, she looked familiar. Did I know her? Have I had sex with her? I couldn't put my finger on it, but I've seen her some place before, only where? Wondering where I knew her from was driving me crazy with curiosity, but I didn't dare approach her and embarrass myself.

"Do I know you? What's your name?" How could I offend her, especially if we once had a sexual connection by asking her if we knew one another and by asking her name?

More attracted to younger and shapelier blondes than older brunettes, I never paid much attention to her, when I saw her here before. Definitely, in the way she was on the prowl and with our differences in age, she'd be a cougar to me.

She had a cute figure with a decent rack, still, she just wasn't my type. Maybe if she had a daughter, I'd be more interested. It would be even better if she had twins. I like doing twins. I pegged her for late fifties, but wouldn't be surprised if she was in her early to mid sixties.

The tall blonde she was with was hot for an old broad. I figured she was in her late fifties or early sixties, too. It's difficult to tell the age of women, especially rich women who take care of themselves and these two women, by the cut of their clothes and the jewelry they wore, looked loaded. Still, there was just something about the blonde that excited me. For sure, I wouldn't mind doing her. With her poised comportment and confidence, she had all those telltale signs that she was once a real American beauty. Oh, yeah, I could see her once walking a runway in a beauty queen contest.

From the accent of the blonde, I could tell she was from Texas. What she was doing here in a swingers' house party in Massachusetts was beyond me? Still, always more interested in the younger and wilder women, especially the Asian women, if you know what I mean, I never paid much attention to her and her brunette friend, that is until last night. The mystery of who they were and why they were here, obviously to have sex, piqued my curiosity and maintain my interested.

Even though I was there attending a swingers' Halloween party, I was distracted by the ballgame. They were showing the highlights of the Texas Rangers beating the Detroit Tigers. Just as I was about to turn away from the television and chase after a young, hot blonde that sashayed by me, there, front row center, was ex-President George Bush with his wife Laura and their friends, Nolan Ryan, President, owner, and CEO of the Texas Rangers, with his beautiful wife, Ruth Ryan.

"Bingo! Duh! No way! That's who they are. Oh, my God. I'll be darn."

I looked over at the women and, as if instantly transported her from the television to the swingers' Halloween party, they wore the same bright, red lipstick.

"All that I could think of was red lipstick on the dipstick. Oh, yeah, I'd love to have their red lipstick marks left all over my cock."

For sure, I'd take a picture of my cock to tell all my friends that those red lipstick marks on my cock were from Laura Bush and Ruth Ryan. Even though they'd never believe me, no matter, I'd always know the truth.

As if seeing them for the first time, but now with sexual interest, I couldn't help myself from staring at the two women sitting on the couch sipping a cocktail, while talking to one another. They were busy watching all the young, male, hard, eye candy walk by them in their revealing Halloween costumes. I couldn't believe my eyes watching Laura Bush look from the men's eyes to the cock bulges in their pants. Then, as they passed by her, she'd pat their asses. Am I dreaming?

"Gees, are you kidding me? What the Hell is Laura Bush and Ruth Ryan sitting here at a swingers' Halloween party? Oh, my God. I never figured those two for swingers."

Now, for the first time, I was interested in having sex with the brunette, Laura Bush, the ex-President's wife, albeit, for sure, I more would have preferred having sex with her twins, Jenna and Barbara, while she watched and/or participated. Wow. Imagine the story I could have written then.

Suddenly, I imagined Laura on her knees and blowing me, before I stood her up, bent her over, and fucked her up the ass in the way her husband fucked all of us up the ass by stealing billions of dollars, when he opened up the Treasury doors and bailed out the banks and insurance companies. I looked around for their husbands, George W and Nolan Ryan, but they were nowhere in sight. Damn, I wish they were here. It would be such a thrill for me to have George W watch his wife suck my cock, before I boned her up the ass.

Then, I recalled the last time Laura Bush was here, she was blowing some young guy, while another man, an older, white haired gentleman was fucking her up the ass. Ruth was in the other room having sex with two young men. Now, here they are again, looking to have some sexy fun at the swingers' Halloween party, while not even in costume or in disguise. For older women, albeit well preserved, they both have an insatiable sexual appetite.

"Kinky, but wildly hot."

I needed a cigarette and went out back to relax with a smoke, before going back inside to make my move on Laura Bush and Ruth Ryan. Now that I know who they both are, somehow they became much more attractive and much more exciting to me.

"Oh, yeah, baby, I can't wait to stick my big, hard, hairy prick in Laura Bush's willing mouth. I can't wait to shoot a load of cum in Ruth Ryan's pretty mouth."

It would be hot to fuck ex-President Bush's wife, just as it would be hot to have sex with Nolan Ryan's wife.

"Wow, just think of all the hot stories I could tell me friends. Only, they'd never believe me. I wonder if they'd allow me to photograph them naked. Probably not, which is probably why they're accompanied by a Secret Service agent."

I was outside smoking a cigarette, when a limousine pulled up to the back door. It was dark, but even in the dark, I could feel the evil in the air. As if he had flames coming out of his eyes in the way of the Devil, I could see that it was the Devil incarnate, ex-Vice President Cheney stepping from the limousine.

"Oh, my God, if this guy isn't Satan on Earth, then no one is. What in the Hell is ex-Vice-President Cheney doing here at a swingers' party, especially with his bad heart? Only, what surprised me more than seeing him was who emerged out of the limo after him, that is, in addition to three other Secret Service agents coming out the front driver and passenger door and out the rear passenger side. Fuck me."

The First Lady, Michelle Obama crawled out of the limousine and she was wearing a blonde wig. Truth be told, she looked ridiculous as a blonde, but if she was coming to the swingers' party, I was willing to show this blonde broad a good time.

"I can't believe what I'm seeing."

It wasn't much of a disguise, I'd recognize her anywhere. Only, she was wearing one of those short, low cut, tight, form fitting, blow me dresses. When she alighted from the limo with her knees spread and her long legs searching for pavement, she gave me a wonderful up skirt view between her legs. Hoping to see her bright white panties, she shocked me when she wasn't wearing any.

"Fuck me."

I just had a clear view of the President's personal pussy. When I looked up from her pussy to look at her face, she was already looking at me. Making no move to save her modesty by closing her knees and/or pulling down her dress, she gave me a sexy smile and a good, long look at her vagina.

"Wow! I just saw Michelle Obama's pussy. Oh, my God. The President's wife just gave me the eye."

I couldn't help but wonder if Mr. President knew that his wife was attending a swingers' Halloween Ball. I couldn't help but wonder if the President knew his wife was wearing a blow me dress and was flashing her pussy around town. I couldn't help but wonder if they had hot pillow talk, after she told him all the dirty and nasty things she did at a swingers' party.

Who knows? Maybe they have an open marriage. Maybe Mr. President is out fucking around, too. Maybe they both are swingers.

For the first time, Mrs. Obama was showing a lot of thigh, a lot of thigh, as well as her pussy lips in between her shapely long legs, as well as a lot of cleavage. Always so modestly concealed, I never knew she had tits. With the entire sides of her breasts exposed, right up to her areolas, her B cup breasts were practically spilling out of her dress.

"Oh, yeah, I'd do this bodacious black bitch. Be still my heart. This Nubian Princess is mine, all mine."

Maybe because she was a tall, attractive, strong black woman, but I've always had a thing for Michelle Obama. Just as I always had a thing for the Williams women. Just as I figured Venus and Serena Williams were, I imagined Michelle Obama was a wildcat in bed, too. Oh, yeah, I'd love to see that black bitch on her knees blowing me, before I bent her over and pounded her black ass with my white cock.

I followed her, Cheney, and the Secret Service agents inside and they went straight over to Laura Bush and Ruth Ryan. The women all kissed one another on the lips, while Laura Bush felt Dick Cheney's dick through his pants, before giving him a long, wet French kiss. Then, I remembered.

"That's him. That's the guy."

I remember now. He was the guy fucking Laura Bush up the ass at the last party. For an old fart, he was a sexual beast. I wonder what drug he takes.

"Oh, my God."

Now, I wondered if he ever fucked Laura Bush in the White House. With all of those available bedrooms and total privacy, but for the Secret Service and surveillance monitors everywhere, I could only imagine the swinging scenarios that must have went on behind the closed bedroom doors of the White House. Just as I wondered if George W knows his wife is a swinger, I wondered if President Obama knew his wife was a slut.

"Who knows? Maybe, so long as they confess all the dirty details, they have open marriages."

Just as I thought that, Michelle made eye contact with me and walked over to me.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Michelle."

"Hello," I said. "I know who you are, Mrs. Obama."

"Oh, please," she said giving me a broad, white smile, "call me Michelle."

"Okay. I'm Freddie, Michelle. I'm so very pleased to meet you in person. I've always admired you from afar."

"Pleased to meet you, Freddie. I hope I haven't disappointed your expectations."

"No," I said thinking about her flashing her pussy when alighting from the limousine and doing my best not to stare at her so exposed breasts. "If anything you are more beautiful in person."

"Would you like to go someplace to...talk?"

"Talk?" Is that what she calls fucking and sucking? Talk? Oh, yeah, baby, I'd love to have a conversation with this sexy woman. "I'd like nothing better to go someplace to...talk," I said with an inviting smile.

She escorted me to a private room, where we made ourselves comfortable on the bed. Without even so much as small talk, as soon as we sat on the bed, she pushed me back, straddled my leg with her leg and started kissing me, really kissing me, French kissing me. I was making out with the First Lady. I was French kissing Michelle Obama. I couldn't believe it.

With a hand feeling her firm, round ass, my other hand feeling her breast. As soon as I touched her breast, first one and then the other, they spilled out of her dress. I looked down and there they were, presidential tits right before my horny eyes. My horny hands were all over her tits and my fingers pulled and twisted her nipples. I couldn't wait to suck her tits.

Then, when I felt her hand feel my erection through my pants, I reached another level of sexual excitement. The First Lady of the United States of America was feeling my cock. Her soft but firm touch felt so incredible. Only, when I looked down, it wasn't Michelle Obama feeling my cock. It was Laura Bush feeling my cock through my pants.

"Oh my God!"

I watched Laura Bush unzip my pants, reach her little hand inside, and pull out my cock. I watched her stroke me while looking up at me. I was hoping she'd take me in her mouth and start sucking me. Instead, Michelle and Laura started kissing, really kissing, French kissing. They were going at one another, as if they were sailors on leave.

"Wow! How hot is this?"

Stroking my cock with one hand, Laura was feeling Michelle's tits and fondling her nipples with her other hand, while kissing and kissing her. If it was hard enough for me to believe that Michelle Obama's tits were out of her dress, it was more difficult to wrap my brain around Laura Bush and Michelle Obama French kissing one another.

Small but shapely, her breasts were perfect and her nipples were erect black knobs. They looked like those black licorice dots that I always buy at the movies. I'd love to suck her tits and I couldn't wait to feel them and taste them in my mouth.

Just as I thought that, Michelle leaned down and impaled my mouth with her tits, as Laura impaled her mouth with my cock. I wrapped my tongue around Michelle's erect nipples, as Laura wrapped her tongue around my engorged prick. George W's wife was blowing me. Laura Bush was sucking my cock, really sucking my hairy dick. I couldn't believe it.

I watched her head bob up and down, as she made all those cocksucking slurping sounds all we guys love to hear, when we're getting a blowjob.

"Suck it, Laura, suck my cock. Blow me," I said removing Michelle's nipple from my mouth long enough to speak and long enough to put my hand to the back of the ex-First Lady's head and hump her mouth and fuck her face.

"Suck my cock, Laura. Blow me, baby. Blow me. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it."

Without even so much as an introduction Laura Bush was giving me a blowjob. Let me say this, ex-President Bush is one lucky guy because his wife is certainly a skilled cocksucker. Oh, yeah, she could suck a cock alright. And in the way that Dick Cheney fucked her up the ass at the last swingers' party, she's into anal sex, too, as well as lesbian sex, in the way that she was making out with Michelle Obama.


Only, before I had time to even enjoy the show of watching Laura blow me, Ruth Ryan came in the room, stood over my head, pulled up her short dress to her waist to expose her naked, trimmed pussy, spread her legs, and literally sat on my face. My mouth was full of her blonde pussy. I was eating Nolan Ryan's wife. I couldn't believe I had Ruth Ryan's pussy in my mouth.

I remembered seeing him and his beautiful wife in Advil commercials so many years ago. I remembered thinking back then that I'd love to fuck his wife and here I was licking her pussy. I couldn't believe I had Ruth Ryan's pussy in my mouth, while I watched Laura Bush and Michelle Obama make out, while Laura still stroked my cock.

"Lick my pussy," said Ruth Ryan. "Make me cum. I'm so very horny. I'm so very hot for you. I need to cum in your mouth."

Wow, what a woman, she loves talking dirty. Then, Dick Cheney strode in the room and watched me with Laura, Michelle, and Ruth. While still licking Ruth's pussy, I watched him unzip his pants, pull out his erect cock, walk up behind Michelle, lift her dress to her waist, and impale her big, black ass with his stiff, elderly cock. Oh, my God, the ex-Vice-President was a real pro in the way he was fucking Mrs. Obama up the ass. By the expression on Michelle's face, she was loving every inch of Dick Cheney's thick dick.

Then, while Michelle was being fucked up the ass by Dick's dick, Laura returned to sucking my cock again. Just as Cheney unloaded a load of cum up Michelle's ass, I unloaded a load of cum in Laura's mouth, and Ruth had an orgasm in my mouth. Never have I experienced a five way, three women with two men and all of us cumming at the same exact time.

After it was over, as the humble Democrat she is, Michelle Obama was very gracious. She kissed me goodbye and thanked me for showing her a good time. She even gave me her private number and hoped that we could get together again. The Republicans, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, and Ruth Ryan, just left in the limousine without even saying goodbye. It figures that the Republicans would fuck me without so much as a thank you.


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