tagGroup SexLaura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 01

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 01


I have been dating Laura for a year now, and things have been going great. At 25, she's a full 15 years younger than me, but we get along fine.

We usually have sex at my apartment, since even though she's a buyer for a major NYC firm, she still lives at home with her mom and younger sister Michele. This weekend though, with her mom out of town, I was going to spend the night at her house for the first time, which meant, aside from the fact that I was going to spend the weekend banging my gorgeous girlfriend, also meant I would get a chance to watch Michele bounce around the house in next to nothing all weekend in that oblivious teenage way of hers. I love Laura, but I'm only human ...and a guy besides.

When I showed up on Friday night, Michele answered the door in short shorts and a sports bra. All tanned arms and legs and her ponytail flying around. My cock flexed instinctively as she bounced up on her toes and kissed me hello before yelling for Laura and disappearing into the kitchen. Laura called from her room to come upstairs so I watched Michele's little bubble butt depart with a sigh and then headed up.

Laura greeted me at the door to her room wearing just bra and panties and enveloped me into a hug and kiss that had my cock straining against my jeans in moments. Laura is a classic Italian beauty, dark eyes and hair, perfect tits and a breathtaking ass that I wasted no time in getting my hands all over.

"What's in the bag?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Toys." I grinned. I had planned some firsts for our night tonight and proceeded to put the plan in motion by pushing her back down on the bed, sliding her panties off, and burying my face in her pussy till she was begging for my cock. I then reached into my bag of tricks and pulled out some handcuffs, which got me the arched eyebrow again, but before she could ask the question, I quickly flipped her over and cuffed her hands behind her back.

She squealed, but dared not yell because her sister was still downstairs so she settled for harsh whispered threats if I didn't let her go. She looked so damn hot lying face down with her hands cuffed that in response I straddled her with my hard fat dick resting between her perfect ass cheeks.

I pulled her head back towards me by her hair and told her into her ear that if she misbehaved, she was going to get a spanking. She struggled a bit, which only got my cock even harder, and then I grabbed my belt from the foot of the bed and gave her a quick slap with it. That shocked and quieted her down a little. I then shocked her again by looping it around her neck and using it as a collar. I shifted position a little bit to give myself access to her wet pussy from behind.

Laura gasped as I slid it in, figuring the surprises were over for now, but I was just getting warmed up. I slipped another toy out of my bag, a small dildo that I slowly touched to my girlfriend's virgin asshole. She jumped in surprise when it touched and started protesting, but a yank on the belt and a full thrust of my cock in her pussy halted her squirming and got her moaning a little. After a few minutes of working the dildo into her ass, I felt like I was ready to try the real thing.

As I was pulling out to get my cock in position I saw movement out of the corner of my eye over in the closet that Laura and Michele shared between their rooms. I stared into the dark gloom of the closet and finally figured out that Michele was there watching us! Holy crap! I was unsure how to proceed, but saw no way other than forwards, so I pulled out of Laura's pussy and re positioned myself at the entrance to her virgin ass, all the time staring right at Michele who actually took a step forward allowing me to see her, and also to see that she was topless and had her hand inside her panties furiously rubbing herself to orgasm. My eyes met hers and she smiled at me. Crazy. Laura was wiggling underneath me, her face buried in the pillow, wanting me to get on with it. I stroked my cock between her ass cheeks while still staring straight at Michele.

"You like that big dick?" I asked...

"Yes!" said Laura. Michele nodded

"You want it inside you?" I asked again.

"Ooh yes, yes YES!" said Laura and Michele nodded again, her mouth open and her skin getting flushed as she worked herself to orgasm. I started slowly sliding my dick into Laura's wonderfully tight ass, looked directly into Michele's eyes

"I am going to fuck you so hard." I said.

Laura moaned while Michele just smiled....I was fucking Laura hard now, pounding that tight ass.

I couldn't focus on Michele anymore, just on pounding my sweet girlfriend's virgin hole. After just a few minutes I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled out and shot a huge load all over Laura's back. I took one last look at Michele and she blew me a kiss and disappeared. Later, as Laura and I lay together cuddling she told me

"Tomorrow I have to go shopping and to lunch with Cindy, remember" I had forgotten that. That meant me and Michele home alone(!) Before that thought could fully form, Laura looked at me seriously, and asked

"John, could you ever settle down with one girl?" WOA! I was not ready for that one. I loved her though, and wanted to be honest, so I said

"I'm not sure, I love you, you're the best girlfriend I ever had, but I mean, I'm a guy and...." I trailed off. Laura nodded.

"I understand." she said but she was clearly upset.

"Look" I said, " I love you, it's just sometimes I just have an urge to bang someone else...it means nothing to me, it's just...." I saw her face now, and it had that scheming I Love Lucy look that meant trouble of some sort, but all she said was

"I love you too, and I want you to be happy, and I want to be the one that makes you happy." and then, incredibly, added

"What do you think of Cindy? Do you think she's hot?" Again, I was stopped in my tracks as Laura's friend Cindy is beyond hot, she looks like Buffy the vampire slayer or something, blond, leggy, perfect. She's haunted my dreams since the day I met her.

"Ummm...she's ok" I stammered. Laura laughed at me

"Yeah, rrrright," she said. " that was all I needed to know " and then she kissed me and rolled over to sleep, leaving me one very confused and still horny fellow. I took a long time going to fall asleep, thinking about what awaited me tomorrow morning.

I woke up in Laura's bed with a raging hard on. I was alone in the bed, which sucked, Laura was finishing blow drying her hair. She was already dressed, which was a bummer, even though she looked adorable as hell. When she moved over to kiss me, I smirked a little as I noticed how awkwardly she was walking. She caught the look, and said

"Yes, thanks, Mr. Horse Dick, I'll be afraid to sit down all day ...she kissed me deeply, I tried to pull her into the bed with me, but she pulled away after giving old Jack Johnson a quick tug.

"I'll be home later....and maybe not ALONE" she said with a wink and was gone.

WTF?? I thought. I didn't even want to go there because it was too crazy, I wasn't normally this lucky. I heard Laura's car leave...and was on to my next riddle...what the hell was I going to, if anything, about Michele? I mean, was she fucking with me, or did I really have a shot at that? Should I? I mean, I have this amazing girlfriend why risk it?

The thought started to dawn on me, I was now alone in the house with the girl who jerked off watched me fuck her sister last night. I thought about that amazing little teenage body and started stroking myself. A knock on the door made me jump up with a start

"John?" Michele asked from behind the door.

"I'm making coffee, want some?"

Ok, John, that's an easy one, you can handle that one

"Y-Y-Yes" I said, my voice quavering like a 13 year old. Damn it. Michele said nothing, just went downstairs to presumably, make said coffee. Should I have asked her to come in? Right John, naked as a jaybird with hard on, tell her to come in...Jesus, I have to calm down....ok, go down and have some coffee. You can handle that champ, right? My boxers and pajamas were not going to do much to disguise this hard on, so I grabbed the bathrobe that Laura had bought me for the weekend (pang of guilt) and headed downstairs.

I had myself almost normal when I entered the kitchen and saw that Michele was wearing a t shirt and not much else. She had showered already and had her hair in a ponytail and smelled like soap and youth and bubblegum, making my dick start to rise again. She looked at me and I stared at her.

"Good morning" she said handing me a cup of coffee. I continued to stare, trying to think of something non idiotic to say figuring, "Hey, that was a great performance last night" was out of the question. At least until she said it first. The moment dragged out a bit till I finally attempted a lame comment about the coffee. Meaning to say, wow, that smells good...except of course, being distracted, I said

"Wow, YOU smell good" which aside from being true, was probably dumb. She gave me that arched eyebrow that clearly runs in the family and said

"Thanks?" and smiled. She went to get the sugar down from the shelf as I tried to concentrate on the coffee. Unfortunately the sugar being on the top shelf forced her to stretch up and reach for it, which pulled her T shirt up over her hips and exposed her perfect teenaged panty clad behind. Jesus, my cock was rock hard again, and it appeared to be looking to stay that way.

Michele made another two weak attempts to get down the sugar (which I suspected she could in fact reach if she was really trying to) then turned and asked me if could get the sugar down in a little girl voice that made me feel like the dirty old man that I clearly am.

"S-S-Sure." squeaked the thirteen year old boy who had apparently taken over my vocal chords. I moved over to her, hoping the robe was hiding my hard on. Michele made no movement to actually get out of the way so I had to reach over her to get the sugar. Three steps from decision time, as if I reached over her from behind, there was no way she wasn't going to notice Dicky Johnson standing at attention....

Step one! Dude, this is your girlfriend's sister!

Step Two! She HAS to be doing this on purpose, right? Right?

Step Three! The moment of truth. A vision of last night, of Michele masturbating while watching me made my decision for me. I stepped close in behind her, and reached over her to grab the sugar. I tried to keep my dick from grinding on her, but she pushed her ass back onto me and suddenly I found my rock hard cock pressing against her panties from behind. She leaned further back into me, resting her head on my shoulder and exposing her neck as she started to slowly grind her ass on my dick.

"Holy shit "I whispered, and she laughed. I went to kiss her neck, but she spun around quick as a cat and kissed me passionately on the mouth, he hands opened my robe and she pulled me into an embrace. My hands found her ass and pulled her tight to me. I tried to get her panties off as we made out, but again she moved like lightning and dropped out of my grasp and down to her knees.

Before I could react or say anything, she had my cock in her mouth, feverishly working the shaft up and down with her soft lips. I bit down hard on my lip to keep from blowing my load and put both hands on her head and started to get a rhythm going, fucking her face a little deeper with each stroke. "Oh God Michele that's so good" I breathed She pulled off my dick with a pop and smiled up at me.

"Thanks!" She said, like I had bought her a lollipop or something. She stood up slowly, and keeping a firm grip on my dick, led me into the living room and threw me down on the couch on my back. She stripped off her shirt and panties in a flash, revealing a tiny little pussy which she proceeded to plant right on my dick. She straddled me and slowly eased herself down on it gasping at the size, which she was clearly not used to, but finally getting herself all the way down on it.

I grabbed that wonderful ass with both hands and started to bounce her up and down on my shaft, her ponytail flipping around and her little firm titties bouncing. I felt that familiar sensation and asked her if it was ok to come inside her to my dismay, she jumped off of me and said

"Yes and No." I was puzzled till she leaned over and whispered into my ear

"I want you to fuck me like you did my sister." and when that only got her a blank look, she pulled me up from the couch and said

"I want you to fuck me up the ass, stupid!" she turned around, took her hair out the ponytail she normally wears, shook out her raven colored hair, bent over forward and shook her teenage ass at me, asking:

"Come on, don't you want to fuck my little ass?"

"Yes I really do." I said " Grab some baby oil though, or I'll end up killing you." She bounced up and ran upstairs and was back in a flash" Lube me up " I ordered her and she complied eagerly, stroking my dick with the baby oil till it was glistening, her face scrunched up adorably in concentration. Then she lied face down on the couch and closed her eyes, shook her ass a little and said

"Ok, now do me!" all my hesitations were out the window. Her little bubble butt seemed to appear from nowhere at the top of her skinny tanned legs. Laura or no Laura, there was nothing on earth that was going to keep me from pounding this perfect ass.

I squatted over Michele my hard cock touched her asshole and I just rested it there for a second as I asked her.

"Are you sure about this?" Her only answer was to push her ass back onto my dick impaling herself slowly. I rocked forward, pushing in another inch or so, so tight, incredible! I got another couple inches in slowly and then Michele pulled away, thinking to tease me, I guess. Wrong move. The feeling of my cock falling out of her ass prompted me to jam it back in harder, deeper than ever.

Two quick thrusts and I had beaten past her defenses and was halfway in. I was so turned on that instead of taking it slow the rest of the way, I grabbed her silky black hair in my fist, yanked back and pounded my cock balls deep in her ass in one strong thrust. She made a noise that was half moan, half yelp but I barely noticed as I was too busy pounding away, fucking her ass so hard I was literally bouncing us both up off the couch.

I let go of her hair and grabbed a hold of her tits and thumbed her nipples as I quickened the pace. Michele was spouting a constant stream of obscenities as I hammered away. I felt the urge in my balls and pulled out at the last second and blew huge load all over her ass and back and then collapsed in a heap on top of her. We lay there for a few minutes panting as the realization of what I had done started sinking in. Michele cuddled up next to me, kissing me over and over and telling me what a stud I was, which under the circumstances, I sort of had to agree. The realization that I had all day to continue enjoying this amazing young creature dawned on me as well. I let out a long contented sigh. That's when we heard the knock at the door. We both jumped up, and Michele looked out the window before saying,

"Oh, crap, I forgot, cheerleading practice today." Wait, What? Cheerleaders? That got my attention. I joined her at the window and peeked out. At the front door, were two teenagers in cheerleading uniforms, both adorable little things as well, I might add.

"I'll get rid of them" said Michele

"Really?" I asked, and the disappointment in my voice made her laugh.

"Wow, you are a horny bastard, aren't you?" I smiled sheepishly in reply. Michele grabbed my half hard cock and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

"Should we invite them in?" she whispered in my ear. Not wanting the 13 year old in my vocal chords to respond, I merely nodded.

She put her panties and shirt back on, kissed me hard, quickly, said "Be right back" and went to get the door.

While Michele went to get the door, I decided it might be best if I put some clothes on so as not to frighten our two guests to death right off the bat. I popped upstairs, tossed on some boxers, lounge pants and a t shirt and headed back down, where Michele was explaining to the two young ladies that she was blowing off cheerleading practice today. The girls were both looking at me suspiciously, so she introduced me as Laura's boyfriend, which seemed to satisfy the younger girl, an adorable little cutie named Elise. She was so shy and quiet as she said her name I had to ask twice. Her light brown hair was straight and shoulder length, and she used to it to hide her face behind most of the time.

The other girl, Meghan, a really cute blonde with long hair and extremely bouncy breasts, was taller and much more self assured. She took in the room quickly, eyed the bottle of baby oil, and gave Michele a look like she knew there was more going on here. She was very flirty and seductive with me when she introduced herself, which got her a look from Michele, and got me the arched eyebrow again.

"Hey!" Michele said."Why don't you guys forget practice and hang out? My mom's gone till Monday, we can makes some drinks and chill here all afternoon." Meghan was into the idea, Elise looked hesitant, but went along with everyone, which I guessed was her way more often than not...excellent. Michele said she would go make the drinks, and asked me to help. We went into the kitchen area, leaving the girls in the living room for a moment. When we had turned the corner into the kitchen, Michele pulled me in for a deep kiss, then reached into my pants, grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times.

"Disappointed we're not alone, lover?" she asked me

"Well yeah, sort of." I said

"Don't worry, I'll make it up to you." she said confidently" Let's make these drinks really strong! " we mixed up a batch of kamikaze's that were like 5 parts vodka and one part green stuff, added enough sugar and ice so that it would go down smooth and headed back to join the girls. Meghan was playing with the stereo, while Elise sat cross legged on the rug, and being an oblivious teenager, her legs were open, giving me a great view of her inner thighs and panties. She looked adorable, like a little doll.

Michele poured drinks, and insisted we all chug the first one, which we all did. It tasted great, and watching the girls down theirs, I was pretty confident it would affect them a little more than me, and my mind was already wandering down devilish paths. The next one went down pretty easily too, it was a hot day and the drinks were actually very delicious. Halfway through the third round Meghan got up and started dancing to a song on the radio, which was a treat considering I was still on the floor getting a great view, and Meghan's dance style could best be described as stripper-esque. I got a dozen great panty shots and would have had to decline any invitation to stand up at the moment, a condition made worse when Michele sat down close to me and rested her hand on my thigh. She clearly wanted to be all over me, but wasn't sure how the girls would react after she had introduced me as her sister's boyfriend.

We weren't fooling Meghan, though, she caught everything Michele did. She sat down suddenly, opposite Michele, right next to me and put HER hand on my other thigh, leaned in close to me and started asking me all about Laura, looking at Michele's face for reaction the whole time. Michele wouldn't give her any satisfaction though, telling Meghan that Laura and I were probably going to get married and crap like that, there was some sort of girl fight going on at some level that I hoped to profit off of soon.

Meanwhile, Elise, who had to be buzzed, the girl weighs like 80 pounds, was looking a little nervous about where things seemed to be going. I caught her eye and gave her my warmest smile, which she instantly returned, lighting up her face and making her truly beautiful. The girl was going to be a goddess when she grew up hell, right now she was making my cock squirm. That's when Michele had the idea. She blurted out of nowhere

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