tagFetishLaura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 07

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 07


Laura's trip to Mexico was boring and uneventful. However one of the joys of being rich enough to hire your own private jet was the opportunity to misbehave inside it. The first time Laura needed to heed the call of nature, she simply let down her tan shorts and skimpy panties and proceeded to simply pee in her chair. Hot golden piss squirted from the base of her hairy vagina and washed over the black leather. The strength of her pee stream was great enough to send a running stream of spent urine trickling over the rim of the chair seat whilst the rest of her golden shower created a small puddle between her shapely thighs. As soon as she had finished her piss she stood up and moved to a new location.

Her second pee on the long flight was more adventurous. The pilot's door was sealed shut so she enjoyed the sensation of stripping off completely before moving to the central walkway. Squatting down she placed her hands behind her on the soft carpet. This allowed her to thrust her crotch and waiting pussy forwards into the air conditioned air. Seconds later and Laura's piss shower erupted from the base of her pussy and was shooting into the air.

Laura had been absolutely bursting on this particular occasion having filled her bladder with substantial amounts of chilled mineral water. The result was blissful to watch. From Laura's pussy slit and open pee hole was now shooting a torrent of piss which formed a high arching flow of golden urine. Her piss shower after reaching its apex in the air continued in its forwards momentum, splattering down on the carpet a good four to five feet away from its source from Laura's pussy lips.

The sensation was incredible and Laura felt just like a naughty little girl having her first pee over the floor in the school toilets. The patter of her piss raining down over the floor filled the cabin, a symphony of delight to Miss Roft. Staring between her spread legs and over the brown curly triangle of matted fur between her thighs, Laura watched entranced as her golden pee stream squirted out of her body. The way her urine flowed through the cabin air with the force of her piss squirt and then the way it landed on the carpet were utterly intoxicating. Inside her body, she could feel her hormones racing.

The growing piss stain on the carpet was growing rapidly now, splashes of piss bouncing up from the main impact point of Laura's toilet stream. She continued squirting her piss out of her uncovered muff. She couldn't care less about the mess she was making with her incredibly naughty deed. A simple dropped bottle of wine afterwards would excuse both the puddle and the tell tale smell of her spent pee.

All good things come to an end and surely enough, Laura's golden urine shower started to dwindle as she exhausted her bladder's supply of piss. With a deep sigh Laura closed her legs as the last of pee squirted from her hairy pussy as she took one last piss over the carpet. Gaining her feet she retreated to the nearest chair, sat down and spread her legs wide. Taking the conveniently shaped champagne bottle off the table she moved the open end down to her waiting vagina. Within seconds she was pleasuring her moist hole, the glass bottle surface a delicious sensation against her pussy wall.

As Laura masturbated she closed her eyes. Her physical senses were entirely tuned to the waves of pleasure racing through her body as the end of the champagne bottle slipped up and down inside her. Her mind however, was elsewhere, a delicious memory of Annabel's sweet young body, the taste of her sweat upon her naked skin. As Laura rode her passion towards orgasm, the images in her head continued to fuel her desire. The shape and feel of Annabel's clit as she teased it with her probing tongue. The soft dimensions of a hardened nipple! The erotic pleasure of Annabel's sweet, full lips!

The private jet touched down at 7:25pm local time. The hot sweaty air and the stench from the city assaulted her nostrils as she descended the short ladder to the airport tarmac. Customs and passport control were quickly dispensed of and soon Laura was on her way to her chosen hotel. This time around she chosen a more discreet venue than the five star luxuries she was used to. This fact was predominately due to the location of the club she intended to visit on that night. It's salubrious, meaning that it was situated well into the less frequented area of the city, that was, at least by the tourists.

Laura very much doubted that anybody tonight would class her as a tourist, more of a seasoned veteran back on the scene. If nothing else, her latest attire was a subtle hint towards her planned venue for the evening. Tight, close fitting black leather covered her entire body, steel studs lining the sides. High, black heels with cruel endings donned her feet whilst a black leather cap covered her head. A set of expensive shades finished off her costume and she was ready for action.

The hotel receptionist ignored her as she strutted past on her way out to the darkened street. The base of her heels rung hollowly on the lobby floor, leaving echoes of her passage resounded around the high room. The warm sweaty air of Mexico City coiled around her as she exited the building. The street was busy, lit by the neon of the overhead lights and that of the multitude of bar signs and adverts, all of which touting for attention. The people on the street resembled a menagerie of the worst of human breeding. Pimps, prostitutes, gays, bikers, cross-dressers, transvestites and more were all there. Some walked tall seeking attention whilst more seedy characters lounged in the shadows like wild animals on the scent for their pray.

Nobody paid Laura any attention as she walked the length of the street. In her outfit she was simply one of them; part of the underground night scene in all its depredations. Turning the corner she was greeted by the entranceway to a large alleyway and several feet further on was the front door leading to the "El Perro Sucio" ("The Dirty Dog").

The hulking form of the leather bound doorman let her pass without so much as a second glance. Inside the nightclub, the heat was stifling, the press of flesh against flesh intense. Strobe lights pulsed through the darkness dispelling the blackness for a split second before the shadows returned.

Pushing her way through the throbbing crowd, Laura found her way to a point to one side of the centre stage. The taste of human desire was running through the multitude, and Laura could practically taste the burning need in those around her.

The act on stage was certainly encouraging entertainment; three naked women being subjected to a myriad of sexual acts by a forth woman who was dressed in bondage attire and holding a rather long and mean looking whip. The crack of this particular item drew appreciate hoots and catcalls from the crowd as the leading woman directed the orgy of sexual thrills upon the stage.

Laura was quite enjoying the show, the moistness between her legs affirmation of her appreciation. Suddenly somebody in the shadows from across the stage called out over the pumping bass of the music score. "LAURA!" came the voice, as she was recognised. For a second, mild confusion as others in the crowd sought out the object of the shout. "LAURA! It is her. LAURA!" came a second voice, closer this time. The crowd had finally recognised her and those stood around her drew back. "LAURA, LAURA!" the shout had become a chant as more and more people took it up. Wolf whistles of appreciation followed her as she ascended the stage, the four previous occupants sliding off to the sides with jealous expressions.

Laura stood with her back to the human zoo. She could feel the eyes wandering over her body, hot imaginations peeling away the leather to reveal her exquisite nakedness underneath. The feel of her outfit sliding around her wide bum cheeks and her damp pussy reminded her of just how tightly fitting her apparel was. Every aspect of her delicious curves would now be on full display for her appreciate audience and hers they most certainly were now.

The call of her name from the crowd was still rising. The press of bodies around the stage had almost tripled since she ascended into full view. Slowly she turned spreading her arms out to the side in appreciate. Still the volume of the calls increased. Suddenly a parting in the crowd appeared, moving as two very large figures pushed their way through. As they neared the stage Laura gave a large welcoming smile.

Both men were dressed in full Gimp suits. The leather spiked outfits they wore finalised by the zipped masks that hid their faces. As they took the stage alongside Laura, the crowd went truly wild. Each man then turned to face side on to Laura's leather clad body. As one, they both moved their hands to the zippers running vertical along their crotches. The zippers came down and each man produced his cock, both equally thick and long. Neither was circumcised, a fleshy barrier running around the slit at the end of his dick.

A silence descended on the crowd. Laura swore several of them were turning red as they held their breath in anticipation of the coming event. Finally the moment arrived. The timing of the two huge Gimps was perfect. At exactly the same moment they both started to piss, jets of golden pee erupting from the end of their semi limp dicks and showering into the air in which the middle of, stood Laura Roft.

Both streams of steaming hot urine landed on her at the same moment, splashing down over her leather bondage gear. She could feel the delicious warmth of their urine as it washed over her, splashes of which landed on the bare skin of her face and hands. As the golden deluge continued from the cocks of the two pissing Gimps, Laura's feet were surrounded by a growing puddle of human urine, its warm touch a delicacy against her flesh.

As her two consorts continued to hose her down with their strongly squirting golden showers, Laura slowly turned, subjecting her entire body to their splashing piss. The long brown strands of her hair were now covered in pee and was handing damply against her leather clad back. The hush of the crowd had vanished now replaced with cheers and applause. Wanting to give them more, Laura started to strip.

Hot, wet and spraying piss washed over her skin as she peeled open her top. She was still slowly revolving, the view of her slowly revealing body visible to all. Within seconds and her large tits had escaped the confines of her suit. The crowd went wild once again as she kept on turning bringing the fullness of her bosom into sight. Still she was undressing. Her tightly muscled stomach was now on display, the unzipping costume creating a 'V' shape aiming downwards towards her as yet hidden crotch.

Another turn brought her facing backwards to the edge of the stage. Now it was the turn of her buttocks to come into view. Two, perfectly formed bum cheeks were revealed; the deep groove between them a line of perfect blackness in the revolving spotlights overhead. Stopping her turn Laura slowly bent backwards as if she was going to squat. The joint streams of piss from the two Gimps continued to shower her body with their incredible warm wetness. The crowd started to call her name again as she peeled away the last of her leather exterior. Standing slowly, still enjoying every millisecond of the golden showers she was receiving, Laura turned once again. This time she treated the occupants of the nightclub to the sight of her uncovered pussy.

By now several members of the watching crowd were masturbating openly, their actions familiar to those around them. At this, the two pissing Gimps who had put on an incredibly lengthy piss turned their urine streams onto the crowd, peeing directly over those who they deemed to be misbehaving. Laura stood between them still dripping with piss. Her face was flush with the rush she had gotten. She was patient enough to allow the first of the two Gimps to finish the last of his urine into the crowd, before placing one leg behind his right knee. With a whirling smash she brought one hand around connecting with his burly torso before sending him crashing earthwards.

His fall rocked the stage, the wooden boards underneath protesting at the collision. Laura didn't give him time to recover. Instead she leapt on top of him, knees coming to either side of his leather Gimp mask. She had started her own piss before he even had time to realise what had been done. Steaming hot pee squirted from Laura's cunt and sprayed all over the man's mask. Underneath came an unmistakable groan of pleasure as the Gimp accepted his fate with eyes shut tight to protect them from Laura's toilet.

A massive roar of applause echoed from the club floor at her actions. Already a queue was forming of expectant hopefuls, each wishing desperately to be in the place of the Gimp on the floor. The second huge man on the stage had since departed, more eager to relieve his own pent up needs that to enjoy the continuing show.

Laura's piss abated slowly, the golden squirting spray of piss leaving her pussy drooping as she neared the end. Evilly she held back with one last squirt until the Gimp thinking that she had finished, open his eyes. The answering squirt of piss from her lower lips was a complete satisfaction to Laura as she stood up from the now squirming Gimp. With a deep sigh of contentment she surveyed the crowd drinking in the sweet sights of temptation lining the floor around the stage, all their eyes fixed upon her nude and piss stained body.

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