tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLaura's Birthday Surprise

Laura's Birthday Surprise


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, except for the character of Rob Bourdon of ‘Linkin Park’ and this never happened to him either.

Warning: Intended for mature, open-minded readers due to some sexual content.

In the early morning of January 27, 2002, a very pretty, blonde haired, young woman awoke suddenly in her bunk bed. Glancing down at her alarm clock on the bedside table, she discerned it was only 2:30 a.m. and realized it was far too early in the morning to get up, even if today was her long awaited eighteenth birthday.

Laying there wide awake, idly wondering what could have caused her to waken so suddenly, unless it was just excitement left over from the birthday party she had with friends on the previous evening or her eager anticipation of the presents from her family, she suddenly observed a unsubstantial figure of a man beginning to step through her wall!

‘Oh my God!’ Laura thought to herself. ‘Not them again!’

The ‘them’ the young woman was referring to were Irvine, Selphie and Zell – three characters in a role playing video game, who had turned out to be real people after all and had tumbled through Laura’s wall several months earlier on their way home through something known as time compression, which had sent them a thousand years into their past!

As the young man continued to step through the wall into the room, Laura was able to recognize that it wasn’t Irvine or Zell, although she couldn’t believe her own eyes nonetheless.

‘Oh my God!’ she thought again. ‘I must be dreaming!’

There standing in her room was Rob Bourdon, the drummer for ‘Linkin Park,’ who just happened to be her all time ‘hottie.’

“He’s even better looking in person,” Laura gasped softly.

Indeed the young man, who was looking around the teenager’s bedroom in obvious confusion, was extremely attractive and, as his gaze finally alighted on Laura, in her top bunk bed, as her younger sister was gone overnight to a sleepover at a friend’s house, he demanded, “Hey! You, girl! What are you doing in my motel room?”

Assuming she was dreaming, Laura pinched herself hard on the back of her left arm.

“Ow!” she cried out.

The young man started to back up, his arms held straight out from his body.

“I never touched you,” he protested. “But how did you get in here?” he persisted.

“Look around you,” Laura directed. “Does this look like your motel room?” she asked sarcastically.

Taking a good hard look around the room, the young man had to admit to himself that the room didn’t bear the slightest resemblance to the motel room he had been entering just a moment before.

“W-Where am I?” he stammered.

“You’re in my bedroom,” Laura explained.

“No, I mean – I was in Colorado Springs a minute ago. Where am I?” the young man asked plaintively.

“Oh, New Jersey,” Laura answered.

“New Jersey!” he exclaimed aloud.

“Shhh,” she cautioned. “You’ll wake my parents and my kid brother.”

Jumping quickly off the top bunk to forestall any more loud outbursts from him, Laura flushed crimson, as her t-shirt slipped up past her waist exposing her bare naked body from the waist down for a split second, when she jumped to the floor.

‘Oh, great,’ Laura thought ruefully, as this was the one night she hadn’t worn her usual sleep attire.

Observing that Rob’s eyes had widened considerably for that split second, Laura realized he hadn’t missed a thing.

“That’s a very intriguing belly button ring, you have there,” Rob commented, with a sly grin.

Stepping towards her and lifting up her t-shirt with his right hand totally exposing her pubic area, he inquired, “Mind if I take a closer look?”

Slapping hard at his hands, Laura demanded, “Get back right now!”

Stepping back as directed, the young man demanded, “Who are you?”

“My name is Laura,” the teenage girl answered.

The handsome young man began to say, “And my name is -.”

“Oh, I certainly know who Rob Bourdon of ‘Linkin Park’ is,” the young woman interrupted. He looked pleased to have been recognized so readily.

“And now for the big question,” Rob stated, running his eyes up and down her blonde haired, blue-eyed, five foot, two inch curvaceous figure. “How old are you?”

“I – I’m eighteen,” Laura stammered, suddenly nervous because his gaze was causing her to feel extremely underdressed.

“Are you sure about that?” the young man asked, appearing highly suspicious. “I’m sorry, but I’ve been fooled before…you know…on the road and stuff.”

“Of course I’m sure of it,” the young beauty insisted. “Today’s my birthday, as a matter of fact.”

“Then let me see your driver’s license,” the young handsome drummer demanded.

“I don’t have a driver’s license yet,” Laura pouted. “My parents won’t let me get one until I’m eighteen.”

“Yeah, right,” Rob commented. “Then if you’re eighteen, why don’t you have one?”

Laura flushed with anger and riposted, “I just told you! Today is my eighteenth birthday.”

“Here,” she retorted, crossing the room to her dresser and opening up her wallet. The young blonde passed him something from her wallet.

“That’s my state issued I.D. card,” Laura explained.

Looking at it closely in the dim light, Rob squinted to read the dates and to study the picture and then glanced up at her.

“This isn’t you,” the young man insisted.

“It most certainly is me,” Laura insisted frustrated.

“No,” Rob insisted, with a grin on his handsome face. “This is a picture of a young chimpanzee.”

“Oh, give me that,” Laura said, while laughing and snatching the card from his hand.

“What’s all this about my age anyway?” Laura inquired.

The handsome young drummer named Rob responded in a serious tone. “Because I am going to make love to you tonight and I want to make certain it’s legal.”

The young beauty blushed uncontrollably and didn’t know how to respond to such an audacious statement from her number one heart throb.

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” he laughed. “You’re blushing.” And he leaned down suddenly and began to passionately kiss the startled beauty.

As she slightly struggled in his embrace, not really wanting to break away, Rob reached his hands beneath her t-shirt and began to lightly stroke places on her body that had never been touched…at least, not in that way.

Moaning slightly and feeling totally overwhelmed, Laura felt his tongue enter her mouth through her slightly parted lips, and his hands, gently roving her body, touching her in intimate places. She surrendered to the passion of the moment and began to feverously return his kisses.

When Rob reached down and gripped the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head and off her body, leaving her completely bereft of apparel, the blonde beauty stood completely stunned. She was beautiful with ripe full breasts, and had soft down hair that lay beneath her narrow waist.

It was only when the young handsome drummer finally spoke that Laura was prompted to cover her private areas with her hands.

“You are so lovely,” Rob murmured.

“Don’t cover yourself,” the young man protested, while gently pulling her hands down. “There’s no shame here. Your body is a thing of beauty.”

“That’s easy for you to say,” she gently retorted. “You’re still dressed.”

“Then come undress me,” the young man challenged, with a twinkle in his eye.

Laura stepped forward with trembling hands and began to unbuckle his belt. The young blonde beauty unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down, while Rob looked on, naturally very interested in the proceedings. When she pulled his pants down, his blue bikini briefs came into her view.

“I can’t do this,” Laura whispered, badly shaken while stepping back from the half undressed young drummer.

“What? Undress me or make love?” the handsome young man asked, disappointment obvious in his voice.

“Both,” she tersely explained.

“Well, I won’t force you,” Rob stated, sincerity dripping from every his word.

And yet his actions belied his statement, as he proceeded to continue the process that Laura had begun and soon appeared before her in his natural state being the first man she had ever seen who was stark naked.

Laura gasped, because her eyes were naturally drawn to his throbbing erection.

Too big, huh?” the young drummer joked. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

He reached out and pulled her slight body to him and embraced her. Laura felt she was melting in his strong arms.

After a few minutes, he murmured, “I won’t force you. It has to be your choice.”

Deciding that it didn’t matter anyway, because this certainly was only a dream, she took him by the hand and led him to the bottom bunk bed and climbed in and then pulled him in on top of her.

Sensations she had never felt before flowed through her body as Rob gently suckled her nipples, while continuing to run his hands over the lower half of her body. Strange, heretofore unknown feelings flooded her consciousness, as the young man used his hand to dally with the folds of her labia, opening places that had never before been unwrapped by a man.

Suddenly Laura felt Rob sliding his tongue into her opened vagina, where his hand had been exploring and she began to writhe in excitement and moan softly. Suddenly, almost too quickly, the young blonde felt her body fully responding with her orgasm washing from her and every nerve in her body screaming in pleasure.

“Oh God!’ the young beauty cried out.

Rob quickly covered her mouth with his firm right hand to forestall anyone waking to her cries of ecstasy.

“Shh,” the attractive man cautioned, her cum still visible on his face.

“Oh, God,” Laura repeated, this time in a whisper. “That was so good.”

“I’m glad.” The young drummer smiled sweetly at her.

Rob leaned down and began to offer soft kisses to the young woman’s upper body with the touch of a velvet glove. It seemed to Laura that five men were kissing her, rather than just one from the delight she was experiencing. She gasped when the young man suddenly pushed his hard prick into her already dripping labia.

Rob continued to thrust tenderly with his cock against the young woman’s hymen, allowing her the time to adjust to the new sensations she was experiencing…both pleasurable and not. The handsome young man rested easily on his knees and elbows while rocking back and forth and whispered, “I’ll be gentle, sweet thing,” and began to kiss away some slight tears of pain that had sprung from the blonde beauty’s eyes.

Continuing to thrust, Rob suddenly burst through her virginity causing Laura to cry out in pain. “Shhh,” he cautioned, “It will only last a minute.”

And, sure enough, the young, blonde woman discovered in a short while that her lover had spoken the truth as the pain subsided and was replaced by exquisite sensations incomparable to anything she had previously experienced. Her entire room appeared to her as a kaleidoscope of colors as everything seemed to mix together in her consciousness.

The young beauty began to answer physically by moving her hips in time, when the handsome drummer, realizing his lover’s discomfort was now a thing of the past, began to thrust more vigorously with his emboldened penis.

“Ah, Ah,” Laura moaned, as again her feminine essence cascaded from her. This time the physical feelings were so intense the beautiful blonde reached out and gripped her young lover by his upper arms and squeezed them so hard they left marks as she forcibly managed to half sit up pressing her upper body against his.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” she screamed.

The handsome young drummer’s thrusting prick began to spurt into Laura as he felt sensations he had seldom experienced. “You’re fantastic,” he murmured to the blonde young woman, his words further enflaming Laura’s sense of total fantasy.

The handsome drummer lay embraced with Laura in her small bunkbed.

“You’re wonderful,” he murmured. “Are you going to be here tomorrow night?” he asked.

“I’m here every night,” Laura answered, with a laugh.

“Then I’ll be back after the gig,” he promised. And he held her tightly until she fell asleep.


Awakening in the morning, Laura opened her eyes and was perplexed when she noticed she was sleeping in the lower bunk, when she had gone to sleep in the top. Sitting up and swinging her feet on to the floor, she was even more confused when she noticed she wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.

Standing up slowly because she was suddenly experiencing some discomfort in her groin area, she noticed her t-shirt laying over against the wall and then glancing back at the bed saw evidence of her nocturnal adventures. Suddenly the realization of her dream flooded her consciousness.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped. “It wasn’t a dream!”

Laura began smiling as she remembered his last words to her. She certainly hoped he didn’t show up tonight until her younger sister had fallen asleep.

The End

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