tagBDSMLaura's Bunny Ch. 02

Laura's Bunny Ch. 02


John went home but Laura said she would talk to him in chat. It was just a little past 8pm and the kids were in the living room with the TV blaring and his wife was in the dining room on the phone. He had told her he had to do a business seminar in Cleveland and it seemed no one had missed him. John took himself upstairs and got undressed and laid in bed hugging a pillow on his side. His butthole was a little sore but deep down it felt good. It reminded him it had been real, it wasn't' a dream. He now had a Mistress that gave him attention and he adored her back. He thought of everything they had done and how it had made him feel. He loved eating her out and making her cum. It thrilled him. 'Mistress Laura' he ran it through his mind 'God she was beautiful' He thought, 'a sexual animal, that took what she wanted and she wanted him'. He smiled wide at that and being exhausted and sexually fulfilled, he fell asleep.

Sunday morning the wife and kids went to church. John said he wasn't well and stayed at home. He logged into chat the moment they left. Some people where in the lobby but not many, definitely no Laura. He hung around and talked to a few but no cyber. He just didn't want that. He left Laura a message telling her how wonderful yesterday was and he logged off.

After lunch, his wife took a nap and he took to the internet while the kids watched spongebob. She was there already and his heart started racing.

"Mistress" he quickly typed.

"Johnny, hi sweetie." She wrote back.

"I slept so well last night. You wore me out, Mistress." He put honestly.

"You really liked it?" She teased. "I wasn't sure."

"You were amazing. I don't know what to say." He told her.

"Say you'll meet me," she put in quickly.

"I'm not sure I could get away with another 8 hours Mistress." He apologized.

"I just need 2 or 3 Johnny not a whole goddamn day again." She typed.

"Today?" His butt still hurt but he was hopeful.

"I'm working today, hun, Monday?"

"Right after work, a little after 5?" he offered.

"OK, here's the address," she typed.

John didn't want to write it down so he read it over and over until it was locked in his brain. "I can't wait Mistress Laura." He wrote.

"Oh but you'll have to hun. LOL" and she signed off.

John made it to Monday in a half daze; his mind was already with her. He imagined what they would do and tried to think of new things she might show him. He left a message at home about working late and speed across town to get to his "date".

The street was off of the main drag and was filled with 40's contractor houses, all looking the same. All a little run down but not too bad a neighborhood. He found the house number and parked in front and quickly went to the front door. Before he could knock she opened the door.

"Get in here, Johnny." She said.

Once inside she shut the door and grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar and forcefully escorted him in front of her upstairs, into what must be her bedroom.

"I thought you didn't want me at your house." He said, remembering their first rendezvous

"That was then. Things are different now aren't they, my good boy?" and she patted his cheek. "Now strip, baby." She lay back on the bed propped on her elbows.

John was pulling his shirt and tie off tossing them to a chair and unbuckling his pants.

"Oh," Laura put in, "if you leave your socks on, I'll throw you out naked. I hate that."

John hadn't planned to but he would remember for the future. Finally he stood naked before her eyes. His hands clasped in front of him. She was inspecting him, eyeing him all over from her perch on the bed.

"Stroke your dick. Make it hard, Johnny." She commanded him.

John felt a bit awkward but did as he was told. "May I see your body, Mistress?" he asked for stimulation.

"No, jerk your cock and stop being silly." She said a little annoyed.

John closed his eyes and thought of her tits that were in his face on Saturday, her ass that covered his nose as he lapped her hot pussy. Slowly his cock rose.

"What are you imagining, Johnny?" She asked.

"You, Mistress," he answered honestly.

She smiled from the bed, "Good boy. Drop to your knees but keep jerking it."

John went down quickly. He so wanted to obey. Laura kicked off her shoes and scooted into a sitting position. She shoved her sock covered foot right under his balls and pushed them up to his body. Rolling them and playing with them as he stroked his dick.

"What do I look like in your mind, Johnny?" She asked in her sultry voice.

"Perfect, Mistress." He offered.

She kicked up lightly into his balls. "Oh you can be more descriptive than that, baby."

John winced but got the message "Your round soft breasts Mistress, I see them in front of me. They look so pale against your light blue bra and that rosy nipple, almost pink, as you allow me to suck it."

"Only good boys get to suck it, Johnny." She reminded him "Continue."

"I think of your long legs. Mistress Laura's legs are creamy white like her tits. They feel supple and strong" John was beating his meat as he talked of her.

Laura was smiling and gently massaging his balls with her toes and foot. "Try to control yourself, Johnny. If you cum I will be very upset. Can you smell me in your imagination, baby?"

"Yes, Mistress. My Mistress wears Obsession. I adore Obsession, Mistress. On you it is the smell of sex and passion, Mistress." John was calling on all the skills he used in chat and he was really liking this. "My Mistress intoxicates me"

"Oh, you are being very sweet, Johnny." She patted his head "Drop your pecker and take my pants off baby."

John couldn't wait to comply. His hands unbuttoned her Levis quickly and he began to pull them off with her still sitting in them. Luckily she laughed at his enthusiasm.

Laura spread her legs wide and leaned back. Grabbing his head, she ordered "Satisfy your Mistress."

John tried to use his hands to move aside her blue panties.

"NO! Hands behind your back. You lick around them." She yelled.

John lapped along the seam at first as it ran along her flesh then he worked to slide his tongue under the material. He was just getting a taste of her nectar but couldn't dive into it. Her panties held all her scent though and as he tried to lick her pussy his nose was bathed in her smell 'God, it's wonderful' he thought. John tried grabbing the clothe in his teeth to move it but it would just quickly go back. Finally he planted his mouth over her pussy anyway and began sucking it and running his tongue up and down her slit through her panties. Mistress Laura moaned deeply and then purred and he knew it was right. He sucked on the fabric and the taste filled his mouth. Mistress finally lifted her beautiful ass.

"Take them off, good boy"

John smiled and slid them down her thighs. Now he could dive into her sex and bath her sweet pussy to his and hopefully her delight. John greedily plunged his tongue inside her. His nose rubbed her clit and he wished he had a 7 inch tongue to truly explore all that was her. Laura lay back fully and enjoyed his attention.

"Hold my legs up." She ordered. And she began caressing her nipples and squeezing her tits.

John held her by her lower thighs just below her knees and kept her wide so he had all the access he could get. He sucked gently on her clit and she moaned loud and arched her back

"mmmmmm, my boy" she purred. John began slurping loudly, eating this pussy like ice cream, licking and sucking on everything that was there. Rubbing his lips over her swollen sex.

"May I use fingers, Mistress?" he pleaded, he so wanted her to cum and cum hard.

"Do it." She put simply.

John took two and slid them with his palm up into her drenched hole. He lapped softly at her clit as his fingers slowly began to fuck her. He found her g spot but he lightly hit it with his passing fingers, he wasn't grinding it out yet. He just slowly fucked her with his digits. His other hand spread the hood of her clit, trying to expose as much as he could and he tried blowing on it. John licked at it as he had been doing and increased the pace of his finger fucking. Mistress Laura began to moan more under his work and he knew it was the right time. His fingers curled and he stayed on her "G" spot. The tips of those two fingers rubbed that nubby area inside of her. Lightly but quickly he moved them back and forth. Laura really arched now. Then she pushed herself upright with her pussy almost hanging over the bed and her feet on either side of him. John's fingers worked up into her. She looked down on her little slave.

"I'm gonna drench that face, Johnny." She sneered down at him.

John pumped her pussy and rubbed that spot vigorously with is face right under his hand. If that is what she wanted, he wanted it too. He could feel her walls pull in, squeezing his fingers. He accidently pulled them out and she moaned loudly as they flicked up as they pulled away. Quickly he got them back in and it started. Her cries were loud and he felt the puffiness of her sex. He pulled his fingers out and his face was indeed drenched. Her juice flowed out almost like pee but from her pussy hole and it tasted of clams he thought. Mistress Laura quivered above him through her whole body. John put his mouth back to her slot and kissed and caressed her again till she shoved him away and sat down.

"MMmmm. Good boy." She praised him and John smiled up at her. His cock was raging between his legs but he waited on her pleasure. Laura composed herself and moved to her dressing table and pulled out her Strap on harness and selected a bigger dong then last time and sat back down in front of him.

"Take my socks off, Johnny" she wiggled her feet at him and quickly he yanked them off.

Laura wrapped his dick between the 2 arches of her feet "Open your mouth." She stuffed the dong in his lips as soon as he did.

"Do you remember being fucked, Johnny?" she asked. John nodded. "Did you like it?" Again he nodded quickly with excited eyes. She caressed his cheek and chin. "I love it when you are so enthusiastic, you know that?" She smiled at him. "I'll teach you everything you need to know my sweet boy but until then your excitement for me saves your ass more than you know."

John wasn't exactly sure what she meant but he loved to please her and she always excited him.

Laura stood over him and dropped the straps in his lap. "Put it on me, slave."

John knew that word should be demeaning but it wasn't, somehow it meant the world to him from her lips. He helped her step into the harness and once around her waist and thighs he tightened it up for her. Laura took the dong from his mouth and attached it to the base and now his Mistress had a cock.

"Bend over the bed, Johnny." She ordered.

As he stood and got into position she took lube from her nightstand and greased up her cock. Then she smeared the remnants into his ass. She lined it up but before entering.

"I'm going to take you hard, Johnny, not like last time."

John was a little concerned but he was so excited by her. He reached back and spread his butt cheeks, showing his enthusiasm. Laura grinned wickedly and SHOVED it into him. John didn't cry out but gave a yelp like a puppy. She showed no mercy, she grabbed his hips and began to FUCK him, POUNDING into his newly deflowered ass. John howled now but with his face in the mattress. Mistress savagely fucked, he could feel her groin smash into his ass. It hurt but something was feeling good. She was hitting his prostate on every stroke and if he clenched down, if he squeezed down on her rubber cock 'It felt sooo good' he discovered. Soon her little slave was moaning under her.

She gave a warning, "If you leak cum on my bed I WILL beat your ass. Put your hand under your dick head."

It was just in time too because liquid seeped out. What seemed like pre-cum. Laura pumped his tight muscled ass for some time bringing herself to orgasm once and poor Johnny was milked but never came.

Mistress Laura pulled out of him. "Take this off of me she ordered."

John turned and worked the straps loose till Laura could step out of it.

"Bathroom is down the hall, wash it." He hurried to obey and when he came back Laura was pulling her pants back on.

"Where should I put it, Mistress?" he asked a little disappointed they seemed done.

"Toss it in the drawer, Johnny." He did and returned, putting himself at her feet. She tousled his hair like he was a little boy or a puppy. "Get your clothes baby and go on home." She instructed.

John was a little confused. She wasn't being mean to him, in fact she seemed satisfied. Why were they done? He needed to cum so bad.

He took a risk hoping his enthusiasm saved his ass like she said and asked the question.

"May I cum, Mistress?" he asked hopefully.

"Not here, my good boy." She said evenly. She wasn't upset. "Remember how you stroked your cock and thought of me, my sweet Johnny?"

"Of course Mistress." It was just a little more than an hour ago, he thought.

"You will go home and you will think of me and you will jerk off, or you won't, however it pleases you, my good boy."

John was still confused but she wasn't angry and that was good. "Of course Mistress," he went along. "May I have just a kiss before I go Mistress?"

She smiled at his request, "Stand up, good boy"

John stood and she took him in her arms and pressed that full bosom into his chest and kissed him deeply, even slipping her tongue into his mouth. It was a long kiss that left him wanting more, but he did ask for it.

"Dream of me, sweet boy." And she left him to get dressed and went downstairs.

John drove home went inside and kissed his wife. It wasn't too late, his rendezvous with Mistress Laura didn't last that long. He went upstairs to the master bathroom and locked the door. He took off all his clothes, even his socks and sat on the toilet.

'I did everything she wanted.' he said quietly. 'I ate her out, I made her cum. I gave her pleasure.' As John thought of it, he got a little upset but he looked down to also notice his cock was stiffening. Thinking of the sexual acts with Mistress Laura, even though he didn't get release, still excited him. 'She said I could jerk off.' He mumbled. So spitting into his hand he began to rub the head of his dick. He grew harder and the head got red. John closed his eyes and he saw her. Those sexy big tits, her true blonde hair and her long legs were all beckoning to him. In his mind she stood over him, his tongue lapping her as he beat his meat. In his mind she encouraged him, said what a good boy he was. And said 'please cum for me, Johnny' and he did. John caught his ejaculate in a wad of toilet paper. His nipples were hard and his breathing rough and the toilet tissue was filled with a big load that he dropped between his legs into the toilet 'God, what she does to me.' He thought to himself. 'But why wouldn't she let me cum there. I would have jacked off for her, just so she could watch.'

John felt a little cheated but chalked it up to 'Women, go figure' and he put on sweats and went down to eat. He got online that night but not chat. He looked up FemDom stories and hated all the ones he read. None of them were Mistress Laura, she wasn't like that. They were all mean. Mistress Laura cared for him. He was her good boy and she called him Johnny and she kissed him. Next time he would beg to jack off for her, to show how he adored her, she would let him then.

The next day John went grocery shopping with his wife. He didn't like it but if he wanted fresh fruit and raw vegetables it was something he had to do. They wandered up to the service desk because his wife couldn't find white kidney beans. The manager at the desk turned when Jill said, "excuse me, Miss."

And beautiful blonde haired Laura stood there. John was in shock for a moment. 'She had said she saw me at the store all the time' he remembered. John came back to the present.

"They are also called cannellini beans Ma'am," Laura was explaining. "You will find them in isle nine."

"Oh" his wife simply said, she wasn't much for pleasantries with people she thought were beneath her.

"Thank you very much, Laura," John sincerely said.

"You're welcome," and Laura smiled at him. John and his wife walked away.

"How did you know her name?" Jill asked shrewishly.

"Mm, Name tag." John waved fingers across his right pocket


"Oh" Jill said simply.

That night John did get online. He so wanted to talk to her. His Viking Goddess was a manager at his grocery store. How did he NOT notice her?

She never appeared but John sent her a message anyway and she immediately answered.

"What Johnny?" the screen read.

"You're Invisible? Are you hiding from me Mistress?" John typed.

"Obviously not, I answered you." She typed.

"Why did you not tell me you worked at the store?"

"Was it something you needed to know?" she typed.

Her writing seemed defensive and that is not what he wanted.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. I don't mean it like that."

"Then how do you mean it?" she seemed to type quickly.

John had to answer quickly "I'm just surprised that a woman as beautiful as you, I never noticed you. How did I not see you behind that counter? You were just so mysterious when we first met and I find out I probably passed by you once a week. I'm such an idiot Mistress. That's' what I mean Mistress Laura."

There was a long pause and John hung his head, he had fucked this up. He knew it.

"I needed that mystery at the beginning, my sweet boy." She wrote honestly. "Would you have fell for a stock manager from Kroger's."

"But you're beautiful, Mistress. You are a Goddess and wonderful." He typed quickly

"You are sweet, Johnny. That's why I picked you." She told him.

"You picked me, Mistress?" He felt a little special.

"You were different from all the other cyber dicks out there, you stood out and I said 'I want THAT one', so I picked you."

"Thank you, Mistress. And we happen to live in the same town, Wow"

"Wow, Indeed my sweet boy," She typed. "I'll see you in a few days, hun"

"Yes, Mistress." John answered and Laura logged out.

'It was a half truth but still a truth.' Laura told herself. She found out they lived in the same town and THEN she picked him, but he was sweet, so very sweet. Much better than the guys that paid her. She wasn't a prostitute; she didn't have sex with any of them. She went to their house or a hotel room and beat their ass or peed on them or even once, helped their wife beat them but no one ever entered her, she was a Mistress Dammit. She got the money and left. She was Mistress Zythra and for the right cash you got treated like a worm and loved it.

She let Johnny come over on Wednesday night when his wife and kids went to church. He was ready to bolt upstairs like last time but she sat on the couch and put him on the floor, next to her. She played with his hair as they watched the rest of an NCIS rerun and sweetly, Johnny massaged her feet and she didn't even tell him to. When the show was over she pushed her pants down and kicked them away. She spread wide and crooked a finger at her boy. He smiled and looked at her pink panty covered pussy.

"Well go on" She laughed. "It's what you came over for."

Her Johnny dove between her legs and wrapped his hands around her ass as he put his face to her warm pussy. He made "mmm" sounds as he licked her inner thighs and pushed her panty crotch away with his nose and then started lapping at her honey slit. Laura took hold of his hair, not to guide him, just to remind him who commanded here. She scooted lower into the couch until she was lying down and she wrapped her legs around his head and rested them on his back.

"Get it, Johnny. Get the banana." She egged him on.

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