tagRomanceLaura's Last Christmas Present

Laura's Last Christmas Present


Scott climbed the steep stairway to Midway General Hospital with an uneasy gait that betrayed his inner turmoil. He had promised his lovely wife Laura a Christmas present today, but had come up empty handed. Six months earlier, Laura had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Despite massive chemotherapy and a radical mastectomy, the cancer had spread to her bones and liver. With the exception of losing a little weight, she looked remarkably good, and was generally in high spirits. But the doctors had warned this would probably be her last Christmas. The guilt Scott felt was immense...he had done everything he could do to help her, and now couldn't come up with a simple Christmas present!

Scott pushed the massive front doors of Midway General open and tentatively made his way to Laura's private room. The hospital smelled like a mixture of strawberries and potpourri, a cloying sweetness that masked the odor of decaying old wood and musty halls. In due time, Scott reached the foyer of Laura's room. He looked in with trepidation, as he never knew exactly what to expect.

To his surprise, Laura was sitting upright in the slightly elevated bed. She smiled as he slowly entered the room.

"So, Did you bring my present?" Laura stared at Scott pleadingly.

"Um...er...I couldn't think of anything really good" Scott felt like a first class moron. Tears began to fall from his eyes.

Laura appeared surprised, but only for a few seconds. "Well, I got you a present"

"You did??" Scott was incredulous. "How?"

"Like this" Laura abruptly threw off her bedsheets. She was entirely naked under the coverings except for a tiny bright blue thong, Scott's favorite color.

"Oh my GOD!!!" Scott practically fainted. Laura looked absolutely gorgeous, and he felt a stirring in his loins.

Laura just gave him her best wicked smile. "I know what you can get me for Christmas."

"Wh-a-a-t-t?" Scott was still so surprised he could barely get the words out.

"You could take me, right here, right now!"

"T-t-t-ake you?" Scott couldn't believe what he was hearing. "But what if somebody comes in?"

"Leave your shorts on!" Laura laughed and pointed to the massive protrusion in Scott's slacks.

Scott turned beet red and began to perspire heavily. He hadn't made love to Laura in over a month and his rock hard penis felt like a concrete block in his pants.

"Are you sure you're strong enough?" As much as he wanted to take Laura, he didn't want to hurt her in any way.

"I've rested all week long for today. I'll be fine."

Scott nodded and hesitantly shrugged his shirt over his head revealing a broad sparsely haired chest. He then kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, and dropped his trousers.

Laura gasped. Scott's erect 8 inch member stuck out of his trim white Calvin Klein boxers like a battering ram. The sight of his throbbing organ poking out of his sexy underwear was too much for her to take.

"Come over here, I want you closer."

Scott went over to the side of Laura's bed. She stared intently at his fat prick and huge meatballs spilling out of the fabric of his boxers. Then she leaned over and spontaneously downed his cock in one expert gulp.

"G-g-g-g-g-g-g-o-o-o-d-d-d-d-!!!" Scott wailed as Laura bobbed up and down on his massive tool. She blew him expertly, with no clumsiness or hesitation. After 2 minutes of intense bliss for Scott, during which no nook and cranny of his cock and balls was unexplored, Laura suddenly let his penis slip out of her mouth.

"W-what happened?" Scott was only a heartbeat away from exploding in Laura's oral cavern.

She simply grinned at him "I need you inside me...now!!"

Scott didn't need any further urging. He got on top of Laura in the narrow bed and gently pushed the head of his dick against her moist gash. She let out a loud moan as inch by wonderful inch Scott's organ penetrated her. Finally, his oversized prick had impailed her to the maximum. He had penetrated her so deeply she could feel the fabric of his boxer shorts against her thighs.

"Take me"...Laura whispered. Scott made love to her with incredible tenderness, pulling out and pushing forward in slow steady strokes. Although he was close to the brink, the next five minutes were true ecstasy for both of them as Scott managed to hold off the inevitable. Finally, his penis began to discharge in Laura's twat.

"Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhh" Scott moaned in intense pleasure as ropes of cum blasted out of his cock. Laura screamed as her own intense orgasm practically caused her to black out. Scott hugged his beautiful wife, basking in the warm afterglow of their bountiful orgasms. He kissed her on the lips, then enjoyed their dueling tongues.

"I love you, Laura" Scott managed finally to get it out for the first time that day.

"I love you, Scott" Laura had an angelic look on her face.

The couple continued to kiss each other for what seemed like hours, but was really only many minutes. Scott relaxed on Laura's lithe frame, closed his eyes, and soon fell asleep, happy that they has been able to share Christmas presents after all.

* * * * *

Scott awoke with a start. A peculiar buzzing sound was coming from one of the many instruments in the room. He stood bolt upright when he realized it came from the monitor of Laura's heartbeat. The line was flat, a long hyphen unrelieved and relentless. In horror, Scott looked over at Laura. She was absolutely still with a beatific look on her face. Then he noticed a small slip of paper next to a writing pad on the table next to the bed. Laura often wrote him messages when she was too weak to talk. With hands shaking, Scott picked up the shard of paper and read Laura's final words:

Dear Scott,

Thanks for the best Christmas present ever.
I will worship you for all time.


Scott stifled a sob and rushed out of the room. Doctors and nurses were running toward Laura's door, but he took no notice of them. Once outside the hospital, his head cleared and he read the message again and again as he let forth a torrent of tears. Scott looked toward the light in Laura's room in a final good-bye as he scrunched the slip of paper to his chest. He was going to get through Christmas after all, with Laura's love that would never leave him. Scott stared at Laura's window for a long time watching the shadowy figures within. Then he once more mounted the heavy steps to the hospital, framed by the flakes of newly falling snow.

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