tagInterracial LoveLaura's New Black World

Laura's New Black World


Authors note, this story was previously submitted as Laura's new world, somehow Literotica mixed it with another story So this is the real one resubmitted, please ignore the other one.

This is a story of a beautiful blonde married teacher, it is interracial with some lesbianism.

This time she was innocently playing with fire, and unknown to her, a fire she was unaware of, nor would she be able to quench its flames when they licked all around her, and sucked her in.

Laura Radcliffe had been a great success in the business world, and if she had stayed at it, she would definitely have been the probable head of a Fortune 100 company one day.

She had known it, but she had become disillusioned in her field. It was the never ending saga of improving yields, profits, and increasing share dividend. Every day was turning out to be the same, 12, 14 even 16 and 18 hour days was taking its toll.

At just turned 36 she wanted more from her life, she had all the money she would ever need ever again, the value of her share's, stock's and bonds were astronomical. Her home was a mansion, it wasn't a house, it had 10 bed rooms, 7 bathrooms, reception rooms, in and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court, a fully equipped gym.

A 6 car garage that housed a Rolls Royce, 3 mercs and a couple of smaller cars for jetting around in if she wanted to.

Her husband was in a similar field to her, but he loved his work, in fact she often thought he was more wed to it than to her.

Laura was finally deciding to change her life completely, take up a new challenge, she decided on teaching. She was a graduate in Math, English and science, and had taken a doctorate. But such was her brain power, she was like a sponge she soaked it all up, nothing got past her brain.

So she resigned her position amid a great fan fare, her peers and the like thought she had lost her senses, but once Laura made up her mind to do something, it invariably got done. She went back to college and gained her teachers certificates and levels.

Her husband was kind of secretly pleased, it would lessen the feeling of constant competition between him and his wife, though if truth be known, and if he would even admit it, she consistently out performed him. Laura for her part never understood his constant attempts to out do her. She always put it down to one of those silly male things, she was of course right.

They were, on the face of it the perfect couple, envied by all, were always at the top of invites and party lists. He was tall quite good looking and had always kept his infidelity activities guarded, although Laura knew of them it never bothered her, she wasn't that kind of person, but she did work at presenting the required image of them. Which was beginning to bore her to hell.

And she knew for certain he never knew of her extra marital excursions, she had always done it away from home, and out of town, and always very discreetly. It would break his male ego to know his wife found other men attractive and women too. Even though their love was just low embers now, not the blazing fire it used to be.

All her life there was something nagging inside of her, something she hadn't done, something not achieved, she might never find out what it was, she thought, but she knew one day she would find it, find herself possibly?

She was tall, about 5ft 9", blonde and in certain situations could only be described as ravishingly beautiful. They had never had children, neither of them was parental in nature, so he had had the snip, and Laura had had to be careful, very careful!

Her blonde hair was thick, lustrous, and a mane of classic beauty. Her face was mesmerising, wide bright blue azure eyes, beautiful nose, and lips that pulled men in like a magnate.

A swan like graceful neck set on slim, but seemingly broad shoulders. Her breasts were high and still firm, pointing upwards and were large, but not overly so, voluptuous is the word.

Laura was no longer the slender girl she was once, her weight had gone up in slow stages, she was now about 10lbs more than what she used to call her fighting weight. She sometimes lamented the onset of age, but she became more appealing to men as she matured with it.

She still had a slimish waist, narrow hips atop legs that went on for ever. All backed off by a tight taut and toned muscular rump. She was a sexual woman, and used a very expensive quality vibrating dildo when the need arose, she unfailingly never just went looking for sex, she decided who and when, and that was the end of that, it was purely sexual gratification to her.

She loved her sex, it was the one constant in her life, there was nothing she wasn't prepared to do with the right man, or woman if it came to that, each could bring something so different to the table when making love or wild sex. She preferred either in equal measure sometimes.

If she had a failing it was flirting, she could undress a man at 10 paces with her eyes, and he would get the message, though he rarely always got her! It was the same with women she took a fancy to, but they had a bit more success because they were always more discreet and trustworthy.

Her body had a natural graceful way to it, a warm sway, elegance, femininity, and her smile dazzled many.

The one downside of being a teacher was that her trips round the world and the country was going to be severely diminished.

Her one conundrum was what level to teach at, and where, she knew she could more or less pick her own school or college.

Should she teach young children, mid term or the older ones, she decided that the older ones would present more of a challenge as they would already be set in their ways.

So she accepted an offer from a college where 18 to 21 year olds were the students. And to a lot of surprise it wasn't the top one, it was middle to lower, in terms of prestige, not educational results. She wanted the adversity it would bring, her brain matched against theirs.

So came September and school started, she was introduced to the pupils by the principal, who had already let it be known that he found her attractive.

She would teach several classes in the week, but she did have her own for register etc. And it was here, that, her what can only be described as her sensual downfall, happened.

Her class was broadly speaking half and half in ratio to male and female. All aged 20 to 21. It was a varied collection of different ethnic origins, not which that bothered her one jot!

As term progressed she got to know them all, and was on first name terms with a selected few, but only in private. Two of them were Jake Mather, and Sara Blake, and they were a close item, they sat in class together, worked in unison. And they had been going out with each other for a year now.

Both she thought were black African teenagers although she wasn't really sure, nor did it matter. And they were an extremely good looking pair. Laura thought Sara was the utmost beautiful girl she had seen in a long long time, she was almost equal in height to her, and she thought her body was to die for. She wondered sometimes what it would be like to make love to her, or indeed to a black girl like her, and feel what her black skin would be like to the touch.

He, Jake, was as good looking as Sara in his young manly way, collegiate sportsman, good in his grades, as was Sara. He had a confidence in him that belied his youthful age. And she knew he could have just about any girl he set his sights on, Sara too for that matter, she thought.

She had never had a young lover, it had just never arisen, she hadn't spent a lot of time in young company, they had been older marrieds, she wondered if young was as hot as they seemed to be here in her school.

Laura couldn't help herself making tiny flirting missives to some of her students, they weren't all from the same classes, but all tagged the quiet titillations. And none of them knew what to do, say or how to react, had they really understood her meanings?

Sometimes she was being flirtatious without realising it, and sometimes later she would realise what she had done, and made sure she gave that particular student a very wide berth.

One of the cheekier girls had propositioned her, much to her grateful amusement, but she kindly and firmly turned it down. 'Too close to home,' she told her. One male student actually made a full on pass at her, and brushed her tits. She had watched him crawl with embarrassment out of her classroom, after she had quietly belittled him.

Laura had on occasions flirted with Jake, and had given her eye to Sara, and none of this got lost on either of them.

Both Sara and Jake had seen and observed her ways for the last 3 to 4 months, and had talked about it, their thoughts turned to her in a sexual way, she would make a great lover, a third one. If they could get to her, to charm their beautiful sexy married teacher.

Then Sara was alone with her in the class room one day, totally by chance. She gathered her thoughts of what she and Jake had wondered, and talked about, if opportunity arose, of what could, or would be said.

Sara blatantly said to her. 'Laura you are aware of how much I desire you, and your beautiful blonde sexy white body.' How did she react? She didn't apart from her jaw dropping open.

It wasn't so much what Sara said to her. It was the way she said it that capsized Laura's brain. It was all knowing, certain, positive and confident. She had looked unblinking right in her eyes; she was simply stating a fact. That was the way she did it.

For one of the few times in her life she was lost for words. She stood opened mouthed in front of her beautiful black pupil. And before she did have time to react, Sara continued.

'I know you want me Laura; I see it in your face. I have known it for a while, you can't hide it can you? And I would love to see you on your knees paying homage to, and licking my lovely black shaven pussy, have you ever sucked black pussy Laura?'

And with that Sara walked out, and never looked back. Laura was left hanging out to dry. Her insides were jelly, combustible jelly, she was on fire. Sara had hit her right between her beautiful eyes. For the first time in her life she was beaten for words, nonplussed to say the least. She stumbled to her chair and sat down before she fell over.

Her nipples were rock hard, totally erect, her pussy was blazing, and her loins were trembling. She couldn't ever remember anyone getting her so hot, with such few words. She sat there and ran the scene over in her mind.

'Laura,' she told herself eventually, 'you might have stirred something here, something you didn't really intend to stir; you could be on a hiding to nothing?' The thoughts of a black body, whether it was Jake's, Sara's or anyone else's had begun to take hold of her mind set. It was new, and it was exciting her. She was beginning to actively think about it.

She managed to bring herself under control and went home to an empty house and her trusty dildo once more. Her husband was away again.

What she didn't know was Jake and Sara had discussed what had taken place, they had planned it, refined it and set it to work. They had settled on Laura's ways in class to be the real Laura, one that could be spun around, made dizzy, and debased if handled correctly.

They were spot on, they weren't sure of course, but events would confirm or deny their thoughts.

The only thing up for discussion was who would take the initial step to getting Laura for themselves. Laura was coming under attack, and she had no inkling of it.

After a lot of presentations between the two, they both agreed Sara should do it. It was simply because Sara would get away with any trouble from her assault on Laura's senses. It had worked to perfection, neither really knew how successful Sara had already been, but they knew they had hit home!

Now they knew they were safe from any bother, they decided to go ahead with part two. Even if it came to nought, at least they could say they tried. Although they really believed they had a top chance of it working,

Laura had been giving off signals, known or unknown, and had been flirting too. It was just a matter of timing, waiting for the right moment to 'strike.' They continually refined, then refined their plan again, especially after a terrific love session.

They knew Laura liked to use the gym after school twice a week. It was the small gym where pupils of quality were able to use away from the mainstream users. This was where the next stage of their mutual seduction plan was hopefully to take place. She always went late, to make sure it was empty, she loved to circuit train, it kept her toned body super fit, super gorgeous and super sexy.

After 45 minutes of hard slog she stopped and headed for the changing room. There she would cool down and then shower. She lay on thick towels in the ante room outside the communal shower area, although inside that, was a solo shower for staff.

After 20 minutes of body cooling, Laura stood on tired and still burning legs and headed for a shower. As she opened the door to the shower room, the solo shower door opened, and out stepped Jake Mather.

He was naked, and water dripped off him. He had a towel draped over his head, his face wasn't on view but she knew for certain it was him. And he was drying his hair. He obviously could not see his teacher. He didn't need to, he knew she was there. He stepped out and shook water from his body. Laura was stunned into immobility, silence, and speechlessness.

All she could see was his brown body, powerful, muscular, tall and straight. The muscles ribbed all over him, he had a six pack you could play a tune on. And below that hung his prick, but it wasn't just hanging, it was standing out at about 45 degrees to him, not quite erect. It was proud and strong, long and thick, the bulbous purple head, and the upward curve gave it a very mean look!

Laura was frozen to the spot, she could neither move, nor speak. She had to stay right where she was as he turned and stepped back into the shower, he closed the door as he dried his hair, and the ridges of muscle under his skin down his spine almost choked her. He did this apparently without seeing her. Laura's pussy and nipples went into overdrive

His turnabout brought her out of her reverie; she hustled out and hurried to her car. She was hardly able to walk, she had never been so shocked, and she realised, she had never been so turned on. The gentle movement of his black prick was in her mind, and the superbly clear defined tone of his body struck her dumb.

She had never had a black lover, well now she had seen Jake's highly toned body and his BBC she wondered why? As soon as she got home she dived for her dildo, and she got fucked blind by Jake in her bed, he ravished her totally, and her orgasms beat her into near death.

She was, for the first time in her life, not in control of events surrounding her life. She had always decided when, where and how to select a lucky lover. But it seemed she was the one being selected and targeted without even being asked. But was she imagining it, was it a trick of her mind? Sara had said what she had said, yes. But seeing Jake like that could have been a sheer coincidental occurrence?

The following day Jake made a move. He was near her in the classroom, and said quietly and offhandedly.' Did you enjoy looking at me in the shower yesterday Laura? Sara said that you would!' As Laura's jaw hit the floor, he walked off.

'Oh my God,' she shouted in her head. 'They are looking at me, checking me out, are they setting me up, are they after me, what's going on?' Jakes words had set her on fire again, last nights orgasms tore through her mind again; her body quivered and shook inside.

She forced her mind and brain to settle down, and analyse the situation. This was what she was good at, she could always 'see' what the opposition was doing, what they were up to, and out manoeuvre them.

But this was different, she knew that, she couldn't deny the thoughts she had had about Sara, she was almost young enough to be her daughter, she had never countenanced a lover so young. But she had thought of her in a very sexual way. She had imagined her black silky soft skin on hers, what the texture of it would be like. And yes, the idea of kneeling before her was so powerful it hit her right where it mattered.

Then another thought popped into her mind. Sara was obviously a strong person, a powerful woman in her own right; did she have the wherewithal to be with a woman like me? That would be answered more emphatically than she could have ever imagined.

Laura for all her self perceived perception of herself, had always thought she was a dominant personality, a strong woman. She was to find out that perception was greatly over estimated. Laura had a submissive side she was totally unaware of, but Sara and Jake were in the process of exposing it.

Jake was a conundrum, an enigma, he was so good looking, and he was a really nice boy. He really intrigued her somehow.

But she couldn't decide who was the driving force between the two.

Then her mind did a somersault. 'Intrigues me?' she thought. 'He, and Sara are affecting my judgement, that's what they are doing, I am not only intrigued. I have been mesmerised by a mere boy, and a girl too!'

But the previous night she had used her precious dildo, and the thought of their black skinned bodies all over her luscious white blonde body sent her into a mind boggling orgasms. And that was the thought that tipped her into the chasm she was about to fall into, the very next day.

She didn't have them for class that day, but they were on her mind all day long, she was trying to work out how to alleviate the position she seemed to be in. She was not able to understand that it was already too late.

'Should I just ignore anything they may say to me,' she thought, 'but if I did, how can I do that, if in a quiet moment they take the opportunity to speak?'

'Should I take them to one side and read them the riot act? If I did that then all my teaching will be for nothing, and they deserve better than that.'

'Maybe I can just carry on as if nothing has happened, and take it from there?' This was the option she decided on.

Her day ended successfully, she decided that she would go to the gym and work out; she needed to get the tightness out of her system, the knots in her muscles. Her session was splendid, she felt great when she finished. The spring in her step was back, and she felt good, she even felt sexy too.

With sweat on her brow, she approached the changing room area; she had already checked that it was locked before she went into the gym. She knew she wouldn't be bumping into Jake again, not this night anyhow!

As she passed the equipment store she heard a noise, there was light grunting, it was like someone had expelled breath at speed. She stepped toward it and peered through the 12" circular window in the door. It was dim in there, but not dark, as she peered she suddenly saw something that shook her to the core, stopped her in her tracks.

Her own breath expelled, her feet rooted to the spot, her hand covered her open mouth, and her eyes fastened on what was in front of her.

There on the pile of rubber mats used for floor work was Jake and Sara, they were almost sideways on the door, Sara had her feet tight over his back, her arms tight around his body. He was on top of her, and he was thundering his mighty prick right into Sara's glistening pussy.

Laura could not tear herself away from the awesome sight in front of her; her eyes were glued to Jake's prick as it thudded in and out. Sara squealed as he hit home, her pussy seemed to glow with the heat, the friction being caused by Jake's tremendous pace as he fucked his beautiful girlfriend.

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