tagIncest/TabooLaura's Rules for the Dare

Laura's Rules for the Dare


Truth or dare. That game has the potential for serious mischief. A classic for sleepovers, even college sleepovers. Or at least group of childhood friends who all went to the same local college sleepovers. It started relatively innocently. For twenty minutes it was the classic game anyone would recognize. But slowly we had upped the stakes. We were playing for the grand prize, someone being our personal slave. Laura suggested the rules, which we all agreed to. If you lied on a truth, you would be the slave to the one who you offered truth to. If you chose dare and didn't do it, everybody would have to do it. The person who initially refused could then do it to avoid the consequences. Anybody who didn't do it would be the slave to everybody who did. Nobody could quit until someone was a slave. There were seven of us. Laura, Caitlin, Alyssa, Tessa, Georgia, Violet, and me, Samantha. We had been at it for ten minutes already, and it was Caitlin's turn.

"Alyssa, truth or dare." Caitlin asked.

"Truth." Alyssa replied.

"Are you a virgin?" Caitlin asked.

"Yes." Alyssa answered. "Truth or dare Caitlin?"

"Truth." Caitlin returned.

"Are you a virgin?" Alyssa asked.

"Yes." Caitlin replied. "Tessa, truth or dare?" She asked.

"Dare." Tessa replied.

"I dare you to take off all your clothes." Caitlin said.

"No." Tessa answered.

"No?" Caitlin asked, smiling.

"I'm not doing it." Tessa said.

Caitlin started removing her own shirt. Laura got the hint first and started taking her clothes off too. The rest of us quickly followed. Georgia looked at the still clothed Tessa.

"How about it Tessa, are you ready to be a slave?" Georgia asked Tessa.

Tessa sighed, then stripped down.

"Tessa refused at first, so it's still Caitlin's turn." Laura said.

"That's right." Caitlin said. She looked at me. "Samantha, truth or dare?" She asked.

I was feeling a little brave. "Dare." I said.

"I dare you to check to see if Alyssa is a virgin." She said.

"Hey!" Alyssa said.

"You said you were a virgin. If you want to admit that you were lying then she wouldn't have to check." Laura said.

"We'll hold you down if necessary." Caitlin added.

"Fine." Alyssa said.

I walked over to Alyssa. She was sitting on the bed. She spread her legs apart and I got a good look at her vagina. I had only ever seen mine up close before. Hers was puffy, completely enveloped by the outer lips. She had a little hair on it, but it was soft and thin. A little lighter in color than the brown hair on her head. I knelt down and examined it. She brought one hand down and parted her own lips. I was at first careful not to touch her, but I couldn't see well enough and had to part it a little more myself. I looked until I saw her intact hymen.

"She's a virgin." I said, wondering if there was a reason Caitlin would think she would lie. "My turn."

I moved back to the chair I had been sitting on, then smiled at Caitlin.

"Alyssa, truth or dare?" I asked.

"Dare." Alyssa replied boldly.

"I dare you to check to see if Caitlin is a virgin." I said.

"I'll get you for this one." Caitlin vowed.

Alyssa smiled and got up, walking over to Caitlin. She knelt down and checked her quickly.

"She's a virgin." Alyssa said.

Alyssa looked at Tessa. "Tessa, truth or dare?"

"Truth." Tessa answered.

"Of course! She's afraid!" Georgia said.

"Fine, dare!" Tessa huffed.

"That wasn't nice, Georgia." I said.

Alyssa smiled. "I dare you to check the virginity of everyone here."

"That's not really fair, you only had to do one." Violet said.

"Well if she turns it down I'll do it." Alyssa said. "If she doesn't believe me she's free to turn it down, but once they're checked she can't really check them again."

"Nobody is stopping her, it's not like it would just disappear." Laura commented. "Actually since Alyssa said everyone, that means Tessa would have to check her too."

Tessa sighed and got up. She went around checking every girl, and verify they were virgins, even the ones whom were already checked before.

"You like touching me there, don't you?" Georgia taunted her as she probed.

Tessa blushed and finished her task. Everybody was verified as a virgin. She sat down.

"You all are such prudes!" I said.

"You're a virgin too, miss prude." Caitlin said.

"I once gave a guy a blowjob." I said.

"That means you lied!" Violet said.

"Technically she is an actual virgin, at least in the way we were checking for." Laura said.

"And I was only checked. Nobody actually asked me." I said.

"Who cares? It's my turn." Tessa said.

"Wait a minute, what about you?" Alyssa asked.

"I'm a virgin." Tessa said.

"I didn't see you check." Alyssa stated.

Tessa walked in front of Alyssa, bent over slightly backwards and spread her lips. Tessa's vagina look more like mine than Alyssa's. Perpetually slightly open, with her clitoris peeking out a bit. Her pubic hair went all around like mine, but it was much thinner. It was much more curly than the straight hair on her head, but was the same dark color.

"See? Virgin. Now that you're satisfied, can I finally have my turn?" Tessa asked.

"Sorry." Alyssa said.

Tessa looked at me.

"Yea, sorry." I said.

"Good. Georgia, truth or dare?" Tessa asked.

"Dare." Georgia responded.

"I dare you to lick Alyssa's pussy." Tessa said, smirking.

"I'm not gay." Georgia said.

"I didn't say you were. I dared you to lick a pussy. Are you refusing?" Tessa asked.

"No." Georgia said.

She got up and walk over to Alyssa. Alyssa looked away, but spread her legs apart. Georgia pulled her wavy red hair out of her face and then put her head between Alyssa's spread legs. Her head bobbed up and down 3 times, and I saw Alyssa grab the blanket on the bed that she was sitting on. Georgia then stood back up.

"My turn. I dare you to masturbate in front of us all." Georgia said to Tessa.

"Fine." Tessa said, and then started rubbing her clit with her middle finger. We watched as she masturbated. Her vagina opened even more as she rubbed herself, revealing her inner folds, with slight beads of moisture on them. Things had certainly accelerated rapidly. I wondered if I would be able to make myself do these dares. I looked around the room. This probably was close to the line for all the girls. If I could hold out, I could probably have a slave. I turned back to Tessa. She had seemed a little tense when she first started, but quickly got over it as she rubbed herself. Soon she shivered as she orgasmed.

"It looks like you really enjoyed that." Violet said to Tessa.

Tessa blushed.

"Violet, since you seem to like looking at that kind of thing, I dare you masturbate Georgia." Tessa said.

"That's not right, Georgia wasn't dared." Violet said.

"Are you refusing, Violet?" Georgia asked.

Violet walked over to Georgia and sat down next to her. Violet snaked her hand across Georgia's stomach and between her legs, bringing her fingertips to to just below the vaginal slit, covering Georgia's pussy with her hand. She then curled her middle and ring finger while dragging her hand upwards. She then straightened her fingers and pushed down with her palm. Violet repeated the motion again and again, each time a little faster than before, rubbing Georgia pussy. Very quickly Georgia started moving her hips to Violet's actions. We watched as Violet brought Georgia to climax.

After finishing Georgia off, Violet returned to her seat. She looked around the room.

"Okay, my turn." Violet said.

"Georgia, I dare you to use your tongue on me until I feel good." Violet said.

Georgia smirked but didn't say anything as she stood up and walked over to Violet, who spread her legs wide in invitation. Georgia tossed her hair to the side, then knelt down in front of Violet. She put her face into Violet's pussy. Her head began bobbing, and Violet closed her eyes and leaned back.

"Look at that lesbo go!" Caitlin said, watching the show.

Georgia tensed up, but didn't stop. She grabbed Violet's thighs and held them tight as her head moved faster. Violet started moaning, and Georgia picked up the pace. It was mear moments before Violet started shuddering in climax.

"My turn" Georgia said, lifting her wet face out of Violet's snatch.

"Caitlin, I dare you to suck on Laura's tits while masturbating both her and yourself." Georgia said.

Caitlin stood up and moved over to Laura, instantly putting her lips around her nipple. She sucked for a little bit, then crawled on top of Laura. With her hand she encouraged Laura to lay on her side. Caitlin sucked on Laura's nipple while she slid one hand between Laura's legs and one between her own. I saw her elbows moving as she worked both of their pussies. As Caitlin worked, Laura started breathing more rapidly. It looked dirty, but arousing. We all watched without speaking.

"Oh god... Oh!" Laura suddenly moaned as her legs straightened. Caitlin continued sucking on Laura's nipple for a minute while rubbing herself, then let the nipple fall out of her mouth as she sucked a sharp breath in, achieving climax herself.

"Was that good?" Caitlin asked

"That's good." Georgia answered.

"Very good." Laura added, a little out of breath.

Caitlin smiled. "Good, my turn." Caitlin said. "Samantha."

"Yes." I responded.

"I dare you to..." she said, then pausing.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Nothing's off limits as long as I'm willing to do it, right?" Caitlin asked Laura.

"That's correct." Laura responded.

"And what we would have to do doesn't change, right? Like if I said your toothbrush, it would be Samantha's toothbrush for me too, right?" Caitlin continued.

"That's right." Laura answered.

I felt fear in my stomach. This wasn't going to be good, I was sure.

"Samantha, I dare you to lose your virginity your dad." Caitlin said.

"Absolutely not!" I answered

"That isn't funny Caitlin." Violet said.

"I'm not kidding. I'll do it, and if anyone doesn't want to, they can be my slave. Those are the rules are they not?" Caitlin said.

"Those are indeed the rules." Laura answered.

"He's not going to want to do that." Georgia said.

"With all of us here, I'm sure we can hold him down and do it to him." Caitlin answered. "That's what we were going to do earlier to Alyssa."

"Yep, that's right." Laura said.

"I don't think Caitlin will follow through." I said.

"You'll make a good slave." Caitlin said.

"I doubt she'll do it." Violet said.

"If any of us do it, those that won't are the slaves to those of us who do." Laura said. "We just have to break our hymen on his penis, right?" She asked Caitlin.

"That's right. You just have to lose your virginity." Caitlin answered. "So how about it Samantha?" She asked.

"No." I answered.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to do it." Caitlin said. "Le's all go and get to it."

"This isn't funny. We should stop playing." I said.

"I could agree to that, if you agree to be my slave." Caitlin said.

"You aren't going to do it." I said confidently.

"Watch me." She said.

She started walking to the living room. We all followed her. My dad had fallen asleep on the couch.

"Caitlin, are you sure you want to do this? You can still back out." Laura whispered.

"If you don't want to go through with the dare, I have some clothes you can wash." Caitlin whispered back.

"Okay then. Violet, you will hold his left arm. Georgia, you will hold his right arm. Alyssa, you will hold his left leg. Tessa, you'll hold his right leg. I will get his pants off. Samantha, you will help where you can. When Caitlin is done, she will switch with me, then when I am done, I'll switch with anyone else who wants to. Ready?" Laura asked.

"Ready." Caitlin answered.

We went out and quickly followed Laura's plan. I watched helpless as they moved to pin my dad. He started stirring as Laura took his pants off.

"What are you doing?" My dad groggily asked as Caitlin climbed on top of him.

"She is losing her virginity to you." Laura answered my dad.

"You can't do this, its not right!" he protested, struggling against the four girls holding him down.

"Relax, it will be over soon." Laura said.

I watched as Caitlin grabbed my dad's cock, which had grown rapidly from being surrounded by young naked girls. He stopped moving and closed his eyes tightly. Caitlin guided his cock to her virgin opening. She sat down on his shaft, releasing a sharp breath as her hymen was torn asunder.

"This isn't so bad." Caitlin said, gently rocking up and down on his cock a few times before pulling herself off. "Your turn Laura." She said as she switched.

As Laura positioned her vagina above my dad's rock hard cock, I felt a knot grow in my stomach. There was no way out of this. I either had to do it, or be a slave. I watched as my dad's cock, still bloody from Caitlin's virginity, plunged into Laura's pussy. Laura made a grimace of pain as her hymen was completely pierced. As soon as she had it completely in she started to get up.

"I'm next." Tessa said as Laura pulled all the way off.

My dad's eyes were still closed, but he seemed to be enjoying it.

Tessa climbed on my dad. She seemed a little hesitant as she positioned herself. She looked back at me, then at my dad. She then grabbed his cock and guided it into her as she lowered herself on him, giving up her virginity. Tessa rose up, getting off, and Georgia raised her hand, signaling she was next. As soon as Tessa was clear, Georgia climbed up my dad. Georgia spent a moment to position herself, then pushed quickly down, plunging my dad's cock deep inside her quicker than any girl yet. Her mouth opened in pain and she stopped there for a second. My dad gently rocked his hips, pulling a little out and going back into her. She pulled completely off of him, holding her pussy as she climbed down. Alyssa and Violet both moved to be next. Alyssa saw Violet moving, and beckoned for Violet to go next. Violet crawled on top of my dad. She grabbed his penis and positioned my dad's member at the opening of her vagina. She lowered herself a little, then raised up, then lowered herself a little more than last time. She did this a few times, and started biting her lip. I could tell she was stretching her hymen. Then she came down all the way hard, and came up just as quickly, leaving pieces of her torn hymen behind as she got off my dad. Alyssa climbed immediately afterward. She examined my dad's cock for a second, then moved her pussy over it. She positioned my dad's penis and began to slowly lower herself down, I saw her shudder a little as she used gravity to break her hymen. Once the barrier was pierced, my dad flexed a little under her, sliding himself the rest of the way in. She slowly slid her way off of him, her retreating pussy receiving a few parting pumps from my dad's cock.

Alyssa was off and I was the only remaining virgin in the room. They were all looking at me, it was my time to make a decision. Slavery or incest. It was only 6 months of slavery, but then Caitlin would have beaten me. I walked up to my dad and climbed on top of him. I hovered my pussy over his cock. His eyes were still closed. He probably knew this was coming all along and didn't want to know when it happened. I grabbed his bloody cock with my hand. It looked bigger now that I was holding it. I worried that it might not fit as I guided it to the opening of my virgin hole. I pressed a little down on it, holding it in place with my pussy lips while I got my hand out of the way. I started to slowly slide down, but my dad thrust up as his penis felt a new young fresh virgin opening to enter. I felt a burst of fire as he hit my hymen. It felt like hot wax had been dripped on my skin as my hymen was pierced. I felt his cock slip through my tattered hymen and stretch out the walls of my vagina. It inflicted a tight soreness, but also gave a pleasant tickling sensation.

"It's still my turn." Caitlin said, getting real close to me.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear. "I dare you to make him climax inside you."

I looked at her. She probably would too. I was going to one up her. I looked at Laura, as my dad gently rocked inside me. I gestured Laura over, and whispered to her. "I'm going on the record of refusing, but I go first."

"It's allowed." Laura whispered. She then whispered to everyone else.

I began to rock in motion with my dad.

"Okay girls, you need to stop, I'm about to come." he said, his eyes still closed and oblivious to the fact that it was his own daughter's pussy he was currently inside.

"That's the idea." Caitlin said to him.

With that I felt a ripple go down the length of his cock, then a warm bubbling feeling increased the pressure inside of me as my dad filled my virgin pussy with his semen. I slid off my dads cock, then it felt like I was peeing. I reached a hand down to try to hold it in. My hand was almost instantly coated in blood and cum. As I climbed off, Caitlin climbed back on.

"You have to give me time to recover." my dad said. I saw that his penis wasn't as hard as it was when I put it inside me, and was rapidly getting softer.

"How do we make you recover faster?" Laura asked.

"You could massage my dick. That might work." My dad replied.

Caitlin began stroking his cock, which was well lubricated from our virginal offerings. He was hard again very quickly. Caitlin guided his rapidly hardening member into her cunt, and began rocking on top of him. Caitlin started breathing heavy and rocked faster and faster. Then she started twitching on top of him.

"Oh god, I'm climaxing!" Caitlin said as she tensed up and rocked more slowly.

My dad made up for her slowing action by increasing his own thrusting.

"Here it comes..." he said before he tensed up underneath her.

I watched as my dad pumped his load into her cunt, remembering what it felt like just a few minutes before. Caitlin collapsed, breathing deeply on top of my dad for a minute, before pulling herself off.

Caitlin looked at Laura. "Your turn." she said.

Laura look hesitant.

"It's okay, you don't have to." Georgia said.

"It's just that..." Laura began. "Nevermind. I'm ready." She said as she began to climb back on top of my dad.

It took a little bit longer to warm him up, but Laura soon had him hard again, and she buried his cock deep inside her. I watched as my dad forcefully thrust himself in to Laura's tight virgin cunt again and again. She held on to his chest as he bucked beneath her. She collapsed to her elbows as he repeatedly plunged his cock in and out of her depths. She began to breathe heavily, then started panting in tune with his strokes.

"Oh god, god it's so good..." Laura moaned as she was fucked for the first time.

I saw her fingers and toes curl as she let out a long moan. He kept pounding her as if nothing happened.

"It's too much. It tickles too much!" she begged.

"It's okay. It's almost over." Violet told her.

As if Violet presaged it, my dad thrust one more time hard and then he emptied his balls deep into Laura's open receptacle.

Laura sighed. "Help me up violet, my legs have stopped working."

Violet and Alyssa help her off of my dad. Laura sat down on the floor. Alyssa climbed up onto my dad.

"It's my turn now." Alyssa announced.

"Three times is a lot." My dad said. "I don't think I have anymore in me."

"I'll go get you some water." Georgia said. "It might help."

Georgia fetched a glass of water, and put it up to my dad lips. He drank it all down.

His cock started getting semi hard as Alyssa worked on it. It became harder as she attempted to shove the semi erect member into her womanhood. She got it in, then she began to rock on it. At first it deformed a little, but as she worked it, his cock became more and more rigid. Soon it wasn't flexing at all as it plunged inside of her again and again.

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