Laura's Sexual Awakening Ch. 04


"No! I'm almost there honey please don't stop,"she yelled at him? She couldn't believe he was going to take her almost to the top and leave her hanging on the edge. "Michael please, I need to cum!"

"In time baby, I promise. Just relax honey, I have so much more in store for you babe."

She heard him leave the room again. Oh god she wanted to cum, she lay there trying to will herself to cum without any other stimulation but she was already coming down from the edge. She felt sticky from his cum oozing slowly out of her pussy, not to mention the wet spot created by the ice he had used. Long minutes went by without hearing him come back in the room. Now she was getting very frustrated, tied up and not being able to move was one thing but not being allowed to cum was another thing all together.

Finally! She heard him come back into their room. She felt the bed give under his weight and felt his finger as it slowly moved inside her. She arched her back as she felt his mouth at her breast, shoving her tit more fully into his mouth. She heard his low chuckle but he didn't stop suckling at her breast.

"Ok, baby it's your turn now," he said. He moved between her legs and slipped his hands under her ass to lift her pussy to his mouth, he loved eating his cum from her, loved the taste of their juices mixed together and he knew that it also turned her on even more when he would do that. He lapped at her pussy walls coating his tongue with their nectar and slipped up her body to share it with her in his kiss.

She loved it when it did this, she kissed him hungrily tasting the mixture of their cum mixed together. His kisses alone could make her wet and ache to cum. Her tongue danced with his in a ritual as old as time itself. His finger had found it's way back to her pussy and was rubbing her clit. Slowly at first then he increased the speed and pressure of his finger. She came with a jolt! "Oh god yes Michael! Please don't stop honey, oh god yesssssss!"

As soon as she had came he went right back to eating her pussy again. He lapped her pussy lips, cleaning all the cum from her. His tongue diving in deeply getting as much as possible from inside her walls. Had she been untied, he would have had to hold her down as she was squirming from the pleasure of his tongue at her clit. He sucked her clit deep inside his mouth and began sucking, letting his tongue take leisurely swipes at her clit. In minutes he had brought her to another climax.

He reached to the side of her where he had laid the little bullet vibrator along with one of the other hand held vibrators they had bought on their trip to Velvet Touch. His tongue slipped down beyond her slit stopping at her hole, he licked making it wet, then let his tongue press inside. The minute he would get anywhere near her ass she would quiver. He slipped his finger inside her pussy coating it with her cum then slowly inserted it in her ass. He slowly fucked her ass with his finger and she groaned in her pleasure.

He inserted the bullet into her ass and turned it on slow. He slipped the cord under her leg so the remote was handy for him to increase the vibrations when he wanted. He had a new vibrator that she knew nothing about as well. He had ordered that the same time he had her outfit. This one ran on electric current with an adapter to plug into a wall socket. The cord was thick and long enough to stretch across a room if needed.

He slipped the other vibrator they had bought all the way inside her pussy, turning it on high. He rubbed her clit in slow circles with his thumb while the two vibrators did their jobs on her ass and in her pussy. She was really groaning now and her breathing was quick and shallow.

"I'm going to cum Mike, ahhhhhh...her body tensed, she felt the throbbing of her clit and the tugging in her pussy telling her she was going to climax again. Mike was rubbing her clit with steady movements and she knew she could not hold back. Her clit was pretty sensitive now from all his previous and current attentions and she came quickly.

His cock was hard and throbbing again as he watched her body react to his lovemaking. He let her cum before he pulled the vibrator from her pussy before mounting her again, ramming his cock hard and deep into her. He loved to fuck her hard and she enjoyed it as well. He slammed his cock into her with hard, fast, deep strokes, his balls slamming her ass with each stroke. He could feel the vibrations from the bullet and reached over to turn it up another notch. The vibrations felt fantastic on his cock as he fucked her.

"You love fucking me hard don't you baby? I love the feel of your hard cock pumping my pussy with force," she told him breathlessly.

The minx, she knew what her talking dirty to him does to him and he pumped her harder.

"Ummmm...god baby your cock feels so good inside me, filling my pussy with it. Fuck me harder hon, bury that cock deep inside me. Ahhhh...oh yes baby just like that. She felt him reach for her hips, grabbing her tightly pulling her hard against his ramming cock. His balls slamming against her ass as he rammed his cock hard with each thrust. She knew she would have bruises tomorrow where his hands were clutching her tightly and her pussy would be sore as hell from this pounding he was giving her.

"You love my cock pounding your cunt don't you? You enjoying being the nasty little slut taking a hard fucking don't you babe?"

"You... know... I... do!" She was breathless, her words spoken with each thrust of his cock. She so much wanted to see his face, she loved looking at him when he fucked her, but she really loved to see the emotions on his face when he fucked her like this. "Honey please let me see you, I want to see you Mike?"

"No... your going to just have to envision behind the blindfold what I'm doing my pet," he told her, breathlessly. "You're my slut right now and your getting the hard fucking you deserve. Your cunt is mine to do with as I please tonight."

When they fucked like this he could stay hard for a long time before needing to release. Having her tied up did have some limitations to the hard fucking they both enjoyed. He couldn't flip her over and take her from behind wrapping her hair around his hand pulling her head back as he slammed his cock into her. She enjoyed that, told him that it made her feel like she had no control over their fucking. When she had first told him to grab her hair when he was fucking her hard like this the first time, he came instantly. Her wanting that excited him beyond explanation and he just lost his control.

"But you like it when I'm the slut for you. You like it when I'm nasty and you can have your way with me don't you? Just like the night you let that old man eat my pussy in the parking lot, you loved me being the slut for you, to let him eat me so you could watch, didn't you babe?"

"That's right baby, you were such a nasty little slut letting that old man eat your pussy for me." Won't be long now and he was going to cum, just remembering that night made his cock ache for release. He was close, his balls ached to unload his seed into her. "You enjoyed it too you little slut. You enjoyed a stranger touching you, eating you, I should have let him fuck you as well, you slut." He couldn't hold out any longer and let his eruption fill her pussy once again.

Laura hadn't come, but he knew she was close, normally he would stay inside her fucking her till she had but tonight was different. He pulled out and reached for the other new toy. It was already plugged in and ready to go. He pulled her pussy lips apart with his fingers and placed the small cup with the ball on her clit and turned it on slow.

"Oh my god! Ahhh...ohhhhh...god what is that Michael she blurted out! Christ it was driving her clit nuts, it was sending little shocks to her clit, something was rolling over her clit making it swell and protrude even more. Each little shock was sending her closer to the top and within seconds of it touching her she came.

Mike got off the bed quickly and reached for the pillow propped up in the corner. He told her to lift her hips and he pushed the huge pillow under her ass raising her pussy up high. He lay down beside her, propped up on his elbow. He placed the toy at her nipple and let it roll around and send little shocks to her breast. He kissed her passionately moving the toy to her other breast making Laura squirm and moan in her pleasure.

He moved the toy back down to her pussy, spreading her pussy lips apart again so he could place it correctly over her clit. Laura was really moaning now, he knew that her clit was now even more sensitive when she spoke to him.

"Oh god Mike, ... I... don't... think...I ...can ...take...much...more...of ...this," she told him.

He had slipped a covering over the pillow, underneath it was a rubber mat protector. He knew what was going to happen and had made sure everything was set for what was more than likely going to happen according the package directions on the box of the toy. He slipped the switch to the next highest speed and Laura tried to buck it away from her pussy.

"Stop Mike! ...pee!"

" just feel it and let it take over. The instructions said this might happen so don't worry, just let it go and I guarantee the pleasure after will be wonderful and nothing you have experienced before."

"I...can't...Michael...I...can'" She had to piss so bad, her clit was burning now, the shocks were pleasant but the urge to pee was getting unbearable. If he didn't stop right now she was going to and that would embarrass her to death if she did.

" won't turn me off babe if that is what your thinking." He could see the tension on her face and knew that had to be part of the problem. "Listen babe, I've never told you this or asked it of you...yet...but I will enjoy this more than you can possibly know honey. Tell me when you think you can no longer hold it baby, please just tell me and I will stop."

"Now Mike, I can't hold it much longer please stop now!"

He quickly removed the rotating vibrator and got between her legs, ramming his cock in hard and fast. He slammed his hard cock in as deep as he could with each thrust, she was begging him to stop, to let her use the bathroom. "Piss on my cock Laura, and he thrust harder into her ramming his cock deep, he pressed his hand down on her stomach near where her bladder would be and she pissed all over his cock.

His cock surged inside her feeling the warmth of her piss on him. He was like a madman now, that was such a fucking turn on for him when he had been playing hard and fast. He kept ramming his cock in her pussy, feeling his cream surging forward, his veins swelling, his cock throbbing as his balls tightened before filling her once again with his cum. He groaned out loud with his release, clutching her hips tightly as he did. He was exhausted but had to make her cum once more. He pulled out, still kneeling between her legs he slipped the balled toy back on her clit and turned it up one more notch.

"Laura screamed, the shocks were steady, the ball rubbing her clit faster and harder as he held it against her clit. She was sore, her pussy ached from his fierce fucking, but these were all good aches as far as she was concerned. It was spinning so fast and hard against her clit that when her orgasm began she felt like she had been shot from a cannon. That was the last thing she remembered before she passed out.

When she came to less than a minute later she was untied, the blindfold was gone, and Mike was holding her tenderly in his arms, kissing her forehead. She looked at him, her eyes still dreamy from the intense orgasm she had experienced. "Michael that was wonderful," she said softly.

"I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed this sweet lady, you have made me very happy. I'm so glad you enjoyed it babe, your enjoyment only increased my pleasure ten fold dear. Lay here and rest a few minutes honey, I'm going to draw you a warm bath so you can soak your sore body." He moved away from her slowly, her eyes were already closing as he headed for the bathroom to draw her bath.

He turned the water on hot, pouring in some healing herbal salts to the water. She was going to be very sore from their lovemaking and this would help her body relax and soothe her. He was still excited from their lovemaking and he could feel his cock begin to harden again remembering how much she had enjoyed this. He smiled to himself as he stood up.

He went to the doorway looking at her sleeping contentedly, her hair was tangled and damp from her sweating, her face still flushed slightly, the bruises on her hips were beginning to show where he had held her so tightly. He loved her with all his heart

"Sweetheart wake up. Come on honey open your eyes and let me get you into the tub, you will feel much better after a long hot soak." He helped her to her feet, her legs were a bit unsteady from their intense lovemaking. He held her tightly letting her get her balance. "Hmmm...seems I sort of made you a bit week in the knees huh?"

" I can barely move," she smiled up at him.

He put her into the tub then climbed in behind her, letting the water cover them both. He lay there rubbing her breasts gently as the water started to work it's magic on her aching body. He closed his eyes, she would welcome his wanting to tie her up again and this was important to him. He was going to show her another phase of making love to her in a few weeks and it too involved her being tied up and blindfolded. His cock surged hard against the back of her as he thought about it.

Laura felt his cock pushing into her back as she smiled to herself. The man was just insatiable and so was she. She didn't think her pussy could handle his cock right yet but she could give him some pleasure that both of them enjoyed. She moved around so she was facing him. " I'm a bit hungry after that session, think you could take some time out to feed me?" She had wrapped her hand around his cock and was stroking him as she told him of her desire.

"Yes sweetheart I am more than happy to feed you." He watched her head lower to his cock, lifting his hips above the water level. He was thinking of what he had planned for her in a few weeks as he enjoyed the warmth of her mouth at his cock...

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