tagLoving WivesLaura's Story Ch. 03

Laura's Story Ch. 03


It's about 4:30pm. You managed to get off work a little early and just want to get inside and lay down. As you search for the key to the front door, you realize there's someone behind you.

"How was work?" I say as you spin around.

"What in the hell?" you shout. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

I smile, "I came to see you."

You're puzzled, "But how did you find out where..."

"I have my ways." I say coming up to you. "Don't I get a hug?" You wrap your arms around me. Squeezing me tight. You always smell so good.

"The last couple of times we talked you've just sounded so stressed out. I was tired of giving you suggestions on possible ways to fix your situation, that I just figured I'd come down here and see what I could do in person." I say in your ear.

You say nothing, but press against me more. I rub your back softly as I enjoy the feeling of you body close to mine. "So aren't you going to let me come in?"

"Shit no, Ken could be home at any minute. He'd freak if you were here." you reply.

"Hmmm well I drove all the way down here from Burbank with one goal and that was to relieve some of your tension, so you'd better let me inside right now, so I can get started and get out of here."

"You're not taking no for an answer." you say.

"No. I'm not." I shrug. You unlock the door and I follow you in. You close the door, drop your stuff and I come up behind you and slowly start massaging your neck and shoulders. I get close to your ear, "No here's what you are going to do. I want you to get out of these clothes immediately and get in the shower. Just a quick rinse to refresh yourself and then I'll give you further instructions from there."

You giggle and look up at me, "Yes daddy."

I grab you ass as you turn to the bathroom. I stand outside as I hear the water start and you step in. After about 5 minutes I knock on the door, "Okay, come on that's it."

You turn of the shower and ass you step out I take in you incredibly sexy body. Whenever I think about it I'm rock hard, instantly, just as I am right now. I grab a towel and start to dry you off. Slowly. You are getting dry pretty quick, but you still get goosebumps and you nipples become rock hard.

As I dry you off, front to back, I just take in your body. Your head is titled back slightly, enjoying my work. I move around to the front and as I dry off your stomach I slowly take your left nipple into my mouth.

I roll it around between my teeth, biting just hard enough to make you gasp. Then I slowly let my tongue trail up your chest, to your neck to your mouth where I find your tongue eagerly awaiting mine. You moan into my mouth as I suck in your tongue. I LOVE kissing you.

We kiss for a minute and I break it off. I can tell you want more. "Look," I say, "Ken's gonna be home anytime right?"

You nod.

"So we don't have time to waste. Go lie down on the bed right now." I order. You comply and walk past me, going immediately to your bed. I instruct you to lay on the edge with you feet over the side.

As soon as you're in that position I'm on my knees. I slip a leg up either of my shoulders and lower my face to you pussy. You're looking down at me and I smile up at you. I extend my tongue, and slowly make contact with you.

My tongue slowly starts at the bottom of your pussy. I leave it there for a second as I feel you squirm and legs tighten around me. The I slowly press harder, parting you lips with my tongue and start moving my head up, so my tongue is sliding up to your clit.

When I get there, I slowly take it into my mouth and roll it around with my tongue. My hands, which are under your legs, slide up and grab your hips pulling you closer to my mouth.

I then start back at the bottom again. Loving how you taste in my mouth. You are so wet right now. I begin moving my tongue in small circles around you pussy all the while pulling you closer to my face.

I can hear you gasp now as you buck against my tongue. You are very turned on. It doesn't take long before you're cumming all over my face, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I allow you a moment to catch your breath as I lightly tease your sweet pussy with my tongue. Now and then I nibble on your inner thighs as well.

When I've felt you've sufficiently resumed some composure, I again place my tongue at the base of your pussy, again parting your lips and begin my lick upwards. This time though, after briefly stopping at your clit, I continue to lick up your stomach, right between your chest to you neck, to you ear. It is then you realize, at some point I've slipped off my shorts because you can feel the head of my cock pressing lightly against your dripping pussy.

"Who just made you cum?" I whisper in your ear as I tug lightly on your hair. You moan, trying to move your hips so my cock can enter you. I ask again, "Who just made you cum?"

You gasp, "You did Daddy. You did."

"That's right." I say as I slip the head of my cock between your lips below, "And who do you want to fuck you right now?"

"YOU DADDY! I want you to fuck me so hard. PLEASE! I need it!" you gasp.

Without another word, I drive into all the way. Not stopping until my cock is bottomed out and you can feel my balls again your ass. I hold you tight as we get lost in this feeling.

After a minute I start to move. Slowly withdrawing my cock to the point you think I'm going to take it out, and then I drive it back in to the hilt. My mouth is now working on your neck, biting, kissing, licking, as I speed up.

Soon I'm pounding into you as hard as I can. I love the feeling of your tight pussy milking my cock. You're moaning loudly in my ear.

"That's right, fuck me Daddy." You hiss, "Who's the only fuck you've had that you can't live without?"

"It's you. You're my little girl. The only one who knows how to make me cum." I pant.

"Don't come yet daddy, you l need to fuck me from behind."

I slowly withdraw, but only for as much time as it takes for you to flip over onto all fours, and I'm back in you again. I have a hand on either hip, driving you harder onto my cock. God you feel so good. I reach under you and start playing with a nipple in one hand as the other goes to your hair, pulling you back. Now and then my hand moves from your tit to lightly play with you ass. Teasing that tight passage slowly.

I suddenly feel you cum all over my cock again and that makes me fuck you harder. We are both a sweaty mess now. I feel the wetness from your pussy running down my balls and down my leg as I thunder into you. Finally I can't take it anymore and I have to cum. I grab your hips and with one final thrust I bury myself deep inside of you.

You press back as hard as you can and you realize that I'm cumming deep in you. No condom. You can feel my cum splashing up into you as I fall on your back, driving you down to the bed.

We lay there for a moment. Two panting, sweaty lust filled creatures knowing that we are each other's one true wonderful sexual experience.

I slowly slip out of you and you roll onto you back. You smile up at me.

"Hi." you say.

"Hi there."

You glance over at the clock, "Shit you'd better be going."

"I know, but there's one thing I have to do before I go."

Just as you're about to ask, I slowly start sliding down between your legs again. Resuming the position that started this all. My tongue is soon buried in you pussy, tasting you and me mixed as you grab my hair and try to pull my tongue deeper into you.

Soon you tense up in another climax as I slow down, savoring your taste. As you catch your breath, I slide up beside you and lick gently at your lips. You kiss me and can taste my cum mixed with yours. We enjoy a nice long french kiss and then I'm up and putting on my clothes.

You remain on the bad and watch me dress. When I'm down I bend down and kiss you on the lips. Softly, but passionately. You smile into my kiss.

"I'm gonna go. I'll be thinking about you." I say as I get up. Leaving your beautiful naked body there on the bed.

I show myself out and I'm in the car driving down the street when in my rear view mirror I see Ken drive up into the driveway. I smile and hope you're up and dressed by now.

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