tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLaura's Story Ch. 04

Laura's Story Ch. 04


Author's Note: This story is about the same character, Laura, as the other stories, but it' not really a continuation of the story. Just another of Laura's adventures. It is partly based on real events. Enjoy.


So, I show up to your apartment late one night. I knock on the door and you answer, after a minute, in your bathrobe. I assume you were lying on your new couch again. You are surprised to see me and happy, but mad as well after I stood you up in Vegas. You let me in though.

I look the same as ever, but with a goatee and I'm carrying a video. You invite in and tell me to sit down. You come over and sit next to me. I'm nervous with you near me. So nervous I'm shaking.

After some small talk you ask what's on the video. I reply, "Well, I couldn't come over without something for us to watch. You grab it and place it into the VCR and press play. As you sit back on the couch you look to see Madison on the screen astride some guys face.

"Ahh Madison." you say, "You're favorite." I smile that you remember. We watch for a few minutes and I shift around uncomfortably in the couch and your hips are also moving.

You then look at me and say, "Honey? What's wrong can't you sit still?"

"No." I nervously reply.

"That's too bad." you giggle, "why don't you take those jeans off? The underwear too."

I stand and do as you say. You can see me hard straining against my black boxer-briefs.

"Wow. That does look uncomfortable." you say and watch as I remove my shorts to let my cock spring free. You instruct me to sit back down.

"Let me see you touch that while you watch the movie." My hand slowly moves there and glides the full length up and down.

You are pressing right against me, and you whisper in my ear, "Now, I don't want you to think that you can just come back here and make up for the whole Vegas thing."

"Well I--" I stammer.

"Shut up. Listen. I'm going into my room for about 15 minutes. While I'm in there, I want you to keep stroking yourself and watching this. Don't you dare cum. Do you hear me?"

"Okay, but--"

"I said shut up." you whisper harshly into my ear. "If you cum while I'm in my room, you have to leave. That's it. If you stop stroking, you have to leave as well. Do you understand?" you hiss.


"Do you understand?"


"Good. Now remember, not a drop of cum and don't stop stroking until I come back. It's pay back time tonight." You get up and slowly walk to your bedroom door as I watch. You stop, turn around and look at me for a second and then turn to go again. You stop just before the door, and let your robe fall to the ground. In a flash you are gone.

I turn back to the TV and a nervous shiver runs through my body. "What are you up to?" I ponder.

I sit there for about 15 minutes. I'm going nuts. Between you telling me to touch myself, the movie and the thought of the sight of you dropping your robe before entering your room, it's all I can do to keep myself from cumming. Of course I kept touching myself. That's what you wanted.

Suddenly there is a knock at your front door. I'm snapped out of my "fantasy world" to realize that someone is at your door, and I'm sitting there with no pants on, erect in my own hands. I start to move for my pants as you open the door to you room.

"I thought I told you to keep touching yourself?" you bark from the doorway. I look up at you and you look unbelievable. You are wearing a long black silk robe that is just low enough in the front to show off you incredible breasts and slit just enough on the side for me to see a great deal of your legs. The sight alone makes my shrinking cock become fully erect again.

"Well, the door--" I shakily reply.

"Don't worry you ass about the door." you smile, "You just sit there and keep touching yourself. Remember, you do what I say or you're going home, and I don't think you want that now do you?" I shake my head no. "Good then, just sit there and do what I told you."

My hand goes back to my cock and I begin stroking it as I watch you move across the floor to the front door. "What the hell is going on?" I think to myself. I'm about to find out. Damn you are so sexy.

You open the door and there in the doorway is a young guy, say about 19. He's about six foot tall with short jet-black hair. He is obviously very athletic by the look of his body.

"Hi there." He says as he gazes at you in that silk robe.

"Hi." you purr as you lean forward and drive your tongue deep into his mouth and press against his body. He responds by kissing back and wrapping his arms around you. As you kiss his hands roam your back, down to your ass. I imagine what that must feel like to be able to touch you. "C'mon in sweetie." you say as you lead him in.

He enters and as you close the door he sees me. I'm very embarrassed, but very turned on. "Chad." you say indicating to him, "This is Grant. He's the guy who I told you about stood me up in Vegas." He nods. "Here sit." you tell him, and he does.

You then slowly make your way over to the couch right next to me. "You like watching pornos don't you?" you whisper in my ear.

"Yes." I gasp back.

"Good, well, let me tell you what's going to happen here. Chad is going to be you. And I'm going to do all the things to him that I WAS going to do to you in Vegas. And you…well...you are just going to sit there and watch." You pause for a brief moment then continue, "And I want you to touch yourself, as before, and if you cum you have to leave."

I shake. I can't believe this. Are you really serious about this?

"Also," you say, "Don't even think about joining us. This is just me and Chad. You touch me once while he's here and you have to leave. Understand?"

I nod yes.

"Good." You then turn back to Chad and smile. "Hi cutie. You ready?"

"I've been waiting for this for a long time." he replies.

"Excellent." you say as you stand up and walk towards the TV, where Madison is in the sixty nine position with a large chested blonde. You click it off, "Don't need this anymore huh Grant? You've got the real thing right here." You click on the stereo and music starts to fill the room.

You slowly start to dance to the beat. It is Sophie B. Hawkins' "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover". You hips move hypnotically as you slowly work your way over to where Chad is sitting. You turn around and he is eye level with your beautiful ass. You slowly lower yourself back onto his lap and start grinding into him.

"Mmmmm. What's that I feel?" you whisper. You suddenly spin around on him, drop to your knees and reach for his belt. "Let's see, shall we?"

I sit there amazed as you start to undo his pants. This whole situation is so weird, yet so incredibly hot. As you undo his pants and slowly reach a hand in his underwear, you look back at me and smile.

As you turn back to his lap your smile grows bigger as you release his cock from his underwear. You tug his pants off so nothing restricts you from getting at him. You lift his shirt off over his head and are immediately back on your knees.

His big cock is right in your face. You smile back up at him as you run your hand the length of his dick. He moans and leans his head back. You slowly lower your mouth over the head of his bulging cock and just breathe on him. His body quivers, as does mine.

While you still look up at him you lower your mouth to his balls and, as if in slow motion, your tongue slips from in-between your lips and makes contact with his skin. Slowly you run your tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. The sight is so unbelievable. You look so hot doing this that I am almost about to cum, but I don't, because of the warning you gave me.

I am lost in a haze watching you suck off this young stud. You run your hands up the side of his well-muscled body. He moans and so do you. You love the feeling of him on the back of your throat. He runs his fingers though your sexy long black hair. He grips it and starts pulling your head harder down onto his dick.

He then roughly grabs your shoulders and brings you face close to his and shoves his tongue deep into your mouth. His hands slip the thin straps of your top off of your shoulders exposing your incredible tits. He leans forward and as you grab the back of his head he takes a nipple into his mouth. You look over his head to me and smile. It's a wicked kind of smile that makes me stroke my cock harder.

He then stands you up and takes you long silky robe off. You step out of it and he turns you around so you are facing me then bends you over the coffee table. I get set thinking that this is it, he's going to enter you, but he doesn't, instead he drops to his knees and buries his faces deep into you.

You start to moan as his tongue probes you. "Mmmmmm yeah. Just like that. Deeper." Then you look directly into my eyes, "Yes daddy that's it. Eat out your little girl."

Cum starts to rise from my balls hearing you say that. You know it too. You just look at me.

"Daddy." you moan to him, "please fuck me now! I need it daddy!" He doesn't listen to you though, he just pulls on your hips harder and thrusts his tongue deeper. You look up at me as you grip the coffee table harder. He's really slamming you with his tongue. Then I see you expression change and I realize he must be tonguing your ass. "Oh god daddy! That's feels so good."

After a few more minutes of this he stands up and grabs your hair a bit roughly. "Do you want to be fucked now?" he asks.

"God yes daddy! Pleas fuck me." You beg.

"My little girl wants it hard huh?"

"YES!" you scream.

He then looks directly up to me, "This is what you passed up in Vegas. You are an idiot." As he says the final word of that sentence he slams all the way into you. Your eyes roll back into your head and he grabs a hold of your hips and starts pumping you.

Chad is grabbing your hair as he pounds into you. Your tits a swinging back and forth.

"Yes. Yes, that's it daddy! Harder. Fuck your little girl." you say as his cock thrusts in and out of you. I can hear his balls slapping against you as he fucks you. My cock is swelling in my hand. I'm slow close to cumming, so I stop stroking myself. I don't want to have to leave.

You look up at me in between gasps of pleasure. "Keep touching yourself you asshole, or you're not getting any of this." My hand immediately goes back to my cock.

You stand erect and his lips meet yours. He keeps fucking you as you two share a deep French kiss. Then you pull his head forward and whisper in his ear. He looks at you and says, "Sure." And he slowly pulls out of you. You moan, because you don't want him out of you, but you have something better planned.

You move the coffee table over and turn you back to me. He is still facing me and you drop to you knees in front of me. Your beautiful body is only inches away from me. You start sucking his cock and I watch, in awe, as your hips move in front of me. I can see how wet your pussy is and I want to just reach out and touch it.

Just as that thought crosses my mind, you look back at me and say, "Remember, no touching." You pause, "Daddy." Then your head turns back to engulf his cock in your mouth. I can see you pull his cock in and out of your mouth and then you lower your head to his balls. Gently taking each one in your mouth. He is moaning with pleasure.

Just then you pull free from his mouth and you come lay on the couch next to me while he stands there. You wrap your fingers around my cock and ask, "Are you enjoying the show daddy?"

"God yes." I moan.

"Good. Chad, come here and fuck the shit out of me."

He doesn't need another invitation as you spread your legs wide, on drapes itself over my leg. He steps forward, drops to his knees and I watch in amazement as his dick enters you. You throw your head back in pleasure, as he starts slamming into you.

Your hands roam up and down his back, as he is fucking you.

"God it feels so good. Harder." you yell, and he complies. He is pounding so hard into you.

You have no idea how much I want to just reach out and touch your tits or finger your clit while he fucks you, but I know there is no touching. You look up at him with those big beautiful eyes and say, "Are you ready to cum honey?"

He nods.

"Well, I want your cum all over my tits." you command.

He keeps pumping for a few minutes more and then, with a grunt, pulls out and stands up. His come flies all over your chest and a few drops hit your chin, luckily in reach of your tongue. We are sitting so close that a few drops land on me, but I'm to turned on to notice or care.

He, as you do, slowly catches his breath. He then leans forward and thrusts his tongue deep into your mouth.

"I'll see you later Laura." he says as he turns to gather up his closes.

"You're damn right you will." you bark as you watch this young stud get dressed. Slowly your finger finds your clit and you start rubbing it.

He is dressed soon finds the door and without so much as a look back he's gone. You turn to me.

"Did you enjoy that daddy? Did you like seeing your little girl fucked?"

"Yes." I reply.

"Daddy?" you ask, batting your eyes.


"Kiss me, now." I need no other words, I reach over and run my tongue across your lips and deep into your mouth. You press against me. Your body feels so good.

We break free from our kiss. "God Laura, that was so hot."

"You really liked it didn't you daddy?"

"Yes, sweetheart I did. There's only one problem."

"What's that daddy?" you ask innocently.

I slowly move to my knees so I'm in front of you between your legs. You can feel my hard cock at the entrance of your pussy. I can feel how wet and hot you are.

"Well," I say as I start lowering my face towards yours, "You're covered with cum. I'm going to have to take care of that."

Your heads rolls back and you eyes into your head as I slip my tongue out of my mouth and slowly start licking Chad's cum off of your chest.

You back arches as I start to tongue you. I'm licking at your chest so determined. That's because of how excited this whole thing has made me. I can taste him mixed with your sweat and it only makes me hotter.

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