The following story is based, in part, on actual events, conversations and text messages. I'm leaving it up to you to figure out the difference between fantasy and reality. Enjoy.



My name is Mark Jones and two weeks before I graduated from high school my dad Brandon walked in from work and announced that he had been transferred to Tennessee. He was excited because the transfer was part of a promotion and with it came a substantial pay-raise. I knew it was a large one because when he handed the offer letter to my mom she read it and then sat down looking as though she had seen a ghost.

I was fine with the move, although leaving the house I had grown up in was going to be a little sad. I was l leaving for college in September and not coming home to the only home I had known was going to seem strange. Ironically, I had enrolled at a small college only sixty miles from dad's new job location. I had played football as an outside linebacker, but my overall GPA wasn't high enough to play at the college level. My plan was to go to college for a year and then try out as a walk on my sophomore year. I tried to keep an upbeat attitude about the move; my baby sister on the other hand? Let's just say that didn't go too smoothly for my parents.

Jennifer had just finished up her junior year in high school. She is a real beauty and a cheerleader who also played on the girls' soccer team. She is a social butterfly who has more friends than she knows what to do with. She also has more male admirers than she knows what to do with and the only thing that kept them at bay was her snarling six-foot four inch, two hundred and forty pound big brother. I didn't want to think about what she was going to have to put up with once I was gone but she had to grow up sometime.

First, she argued that she could stay with our mom's sister and finish school in Atlanta. When that didn't work, she pouted. When that failed, she pitched a fit. When that bombed, she screamed "You hate me!" and stomped out of the living room; slamming the door so hard that my mother immediately leapt to her feet and followed her to her bedroom.

Dad and I just sat there in the living room watching the Brave's game and listening to the screeching and shrieking that was coming from upstairs. It lasted all of two minutes before it suddenly went silent and Mom reappeared with a very subdued Jennifer in tow. Jennifer tossed her head, sending her blonde hair flying and then looked at my dad and said, "Daddy, I'm sorry for acting like a spoiled brat."

"Anything else?" my dad responded dryly.

"Yes sir. I don't have to like it, but I have no choice. You and Mom are the adults and you make the decisions." Jennifer said softly.

That mantra had been repeated to us since we were babies and when we really screwed the pooch, mom would make us say it back to them. It was humiliating but just the threat of it often worked wonders on our attitudes, especially when we were out in public. I found out later, from Dad, that Mom had threatened to take away her phone, tablet and then she told Jennifer that any chances she had of getting a car when she turned eighteen in August, were toast.

The day after I graduated we loaded up in mom's Tahoe and headed north up I-75 to meet with the realtor they had chosen and to look at a few houses. (A few being the first ten that mom had seen on the internet.) The town we were moving to was small by any standard, but when the realtor mentioned that the girls' soccer team had made it to the state semi-finals last year Jennifer's eyes got wide and she seemed to settle down a bit.

We were on house number eight on the second day of the trip when mom absolutely found the house of her dreams. It was a one hundred and ten year old Victorian home that had three stories, five bedrooms, three baths, a living room, formal dining room, a parlor and five fireplaces. It also had central heat and air conditioning and my dad groaned when he thought about what the electricity bill was going to look like in June, July, and August.

I had picked the bedroom on the top floor as mine because Jennifer thought that it was too creepy up there and had settled for a room on the second floor. As I looked around I noticed the view from my bedroom window looked down on the back yard of the house next door, it was huge and there was a pool. "Who knows?" I said aloud, not realizing that my dad had entered the room, "Maybe they have a hot daughter."

Dad walked up beside me and glancing out the window he added "Or two, or three."

"Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?" I said smiling at him.

"Absolutely son, absolutely." He said with a knowing grin. "Just be careful, I don't want you back here next summer raising a grandchild in the house next door."

"Won't happen." I said, meaning every word of it.

"Cool, now let's go back downstairs and figure out how close to bankruptcy your mother is going to drive me fixing this place up." he said, seeming to resign himself to the fact that he was about to open a huge line of credit at the nearest hardware store.

Dad's company paid the closing costs on the house so that sped the process up and moving day arrived a month later. On July 2nd my family found ourselves standing in the font yard waiting on the movers to show up and Jennifer was in another huff because she had made plans with her friends to go to Stone Mountain and watch the fireworks display.

Once the truck showed up we all went to work with mom pointing and yelling like a tiny German Field Marshall at anyone moving anything into her new nest. Dad and I had wrestled the washer and dryer off the truck and they were sitting by the front porch. Around eleven or so we were discussing how to best move them into the house when a black Camaro pulled into the driveway of the house next door.

The driver's door opened, and a tall, lithesome brunette slid out. She was wearing a tight cream-colored pencil skirt, a black short sleeved blouse that was stretched to its limit across her chest, dark sunglasses and black stiletto heels. Two boys looking to be between nine and eleven hopped out of the passenger side door and raced into the house laughing. She stared at us for a minute and then smiled, waved and walked toward her front door.

"Damn!" I muttered softly as dad and I stood there gawking at her.

"Umm, yup. I do believe that is what they call a MILF." Dad said almost whispering.

"No hot daughter though." I said, feigning sadness and praying to God above that MILF I was gawking at loved her pool. Who needed a hot daughter with a woman like that living next door?

"Good thing too, at least I don't have to worry about the grandkids living next door now."

I didn't plan it, but it couldn't have worked out better if I had. Dad had gone inside to ask mom if she was ready to bring the washer and dryer in, when the lady next door came out and walked toward her mailbox. Dad yelled out for me to bring the dryer in, so I squatted and getting a good grip on it, I picked it up carried it up the steps.

Walking back to the washer I did the same thing and when I stopped to grab the dolly to finish the move from the porch to the laundry room, I looked over to see her standing in her driveway staring at me. She had pulled her sunglasses down her nose and was standing completely still. I waved and as I started to turn my attention back to the task at hand, she pushed her glasses back up, spun on her heels and walked quickly into her house; leaving me with a great view of her ass moving under the tight confines of her skirt while she scurried away.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on the front door and when Dad opened it our new neighbor was standing there. She had changed and was wearing a white t-shirt, cutoff blue jean shorts that showed off her long legs and tennis shoes. She smiled and said brightly, "Hi! I'm your new neighbor and I just wanted to drop in for a minute to introduce myself."

Mom walked over and holding out her hand said "Michelle Jones; this is my husband Brandon. Please come in but the place is a chaotic wreck right now."

"That ok, I understand." She said laughing and stepping across the threshold, "my name is Lauren, Lauren North, it is nice to meet you Michelle."

Jennifer had popped into the room to see what was going on and mom introduced both of us. Lauren looked at me and smiling said, "That was quiet the display you put on in the yard a little while ago."

Smiling and probably blushing a little, I said, "Thank you, but it was just a washer and dryer."

Mom looked at us perplexed and then Lauren said "Your son carried a washer up the steps by himself. When I got my new one last month, it took all the delivery guys could manage to get it onto the porch without hurting themselves."

"Oh, that." Dad said laughing, "Yeah he is a tank alright. He benched twenty-five reps of two twenty-five at a combine this past spring."

"Very impressive!" she said glancing toward me.

I stood there silently and eventually sat down on the couch as her and mom started talking about things that women talk about. Where the nearest grocery store was, the salons in town, where to get a mani-pedi and then Lauren asked Jennifer, who was listening intently, "Do you babysit?"

"Sometimes. I'm good with kids."

"I go out occasionally and I might need a babysitter soon. Mine just got married and her new husband is in the Navy. They are moving to Guam in at the middle of the month. I'll pay you ten dollars an hour."

"Ten bucks an hour?" I piped up. "Who does your lawn?"

Laughing she said, "I have a service that comes over twice a month to do that."

"It never hurts to ask." I said.

"Do you know how to take care of a swimming pool?" she asked me.

"No, but I can Google it!" I said laughing.

"That's not exactly what I meant Mark." she said laughing, "I don't need mine done, my brother sends guys over to do it for me. He owns a pool service company and I don't know what he pays but I can call him to see if he needs any help. I know his guys make a ton of money during the season; and it is pool season. I'm out by mine every afternoon that it isn't raining."

"Please do ma'am. I would love to make some extra money before I go to school." I said, then praying silently I thought, "Please God, if you've never heard a single prayer I've uttered before, listen to this one. Let there be a drought this summer. Please? Can You do that for me?"

"Give me your number and I'll have him call you."

"Yes ma'am." I said as I rattled it off to her. "Thank you, Missus North." I added.

"Lauren, please." She said smiling at me.

Turning to mom she said, "It has been nice meeting you, all of you, but I've got to get back and start making lunch for my boys, I have them this week and they get cranky if they don't eat."

Laughing and nodding toward me mom replied, "You should see this one when he goes at it. Sometimes I think his stomach starts in his feet."

"I bet! Bye for now. I'll be in touch Jennifer!" she said waving back at us as she walked out of the door.

"Well, she certainly seems nice." Mom said; then turning to me and Jennifer and noticing that we weren't actively engaged in putting the house in order, she began to snap off commands that sent us running all over the house.

About an hour later I had managed to escape the evil clutches of the little dictator and had retreated to my room. Setting the last box of my clothes down I glanced out the window and saw Lauren sitting in a chaise lounge by the pool while her boys splashed around in the shallow end. She was wearing a white bikini; dark sunglasses and her hair was held up in a loose bun. To say that she was stunning was an understatement and I felt my shorts start to tighten as I continued to watch.

I felt like a world class pervert standing in my room spying on a neighbor that I had just met. I knew it was wrong and I knew that I shouldn't be standing here watching her, so I did the only thing I could think of. I grabbed a chair and sat down to watch.

After about a half an hour she stood up and said something to the boys and they climbed out of the pool and headed into the house. The show was over, and I had just locked my door and laid down on the bed to relieve the swelling in my shorts when my phone chimed with a text message. I glanced down at UNKNOWN NAME and slid the screen only to have my heart stop and the hardon I had been sporting deflate like I had been kicked in the balls.

"Did you like what you saw Mark?" ~ Lauren

"Aww shit! I'm busted! So much for the job!", then I thought, "Why try to deny it or lie to her?"

"Yes, I did. You really do that suit justice."

A minute later I read, "Thank you. It is nice to be appreciated."

"Every afternoon huh?" I replied.

"When it isn't raining." ;o) Came an immediate reply.

"I'll pray for a drought." I responded.


Then I got a picture of the most marvelous set of boobs that had ever come across my phone covered in the white bikini top. The material was stretched tight over them and I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were pierced. The caption said "So you can see them up close. What do you think?"

"Those are awesome!" I typed as my hand began to tremble.

"Thank you! I'll call my brother John in a bit to see about getting you a job for the summer. Maybe you can be the one who comes by and takes care of things for me." ;o)

I lay back on my pillow thinking "I'm really going to need a box of tissues in here."

"Fifteen dollars an hour!" mom exclaimed the next afternoon as I told her what the job offer was.

"Forty hours a week guaranteed plus at least ten hours in overtime. I did the math, that is over eight hundred a week between now and when school starts. He also said I could work after Labor Day if I wanted to drive home on the weekends. If it weren't for football season, I could make some serious cash working part time and sleep in my bed on Friday and Saturday nights."

"Cool," Dad said laughing, "you can pay for your own classes now!"

"Brandon!" mom said in a tone that caused dad to throw both hands in the air.

"I was kidding! Besides, I'm kind of jealous of the lad. He is making good money to get to stare at bikini clad beauties all summer long. That's a dream job for a guy his age."

"Yes sir!" I said smiling at him.

"MEN!" mom said in a huff as she stormed out of the room.

I climbed the stairs to my room and looking out the window I saw the boys playing in the pool, but Lauren wasn't present. Then I glanced at her house and just about passed out. She was standing in the master bedroom, on the ground floor and she was completely nude! She was looking down at the bed as if she was trying to decide something; then I saw her lift a red and blue bikini top up and look at them both side by side.

Grinning, I fished my phone out of my pocket and quickly typed one word.


I hit Send and then stepped away from the window; a full minute passed before my phone chimed.

"LOL! Where the hell are you, Stalker!"

"Watching a goddess getting dressed in front of an open window."

"Goddess huh? You win. Red it is. I hope you enjoyed the show; did you ninja any pics to remember it by?"

"No." :o(

"Better luck next time Hun!" ;o)

"Yeah." I thought sadly and then I walked downstairs to grab lunch and mow the lawn.

After dinner Jennifer and I got dressed to go for a run. We both tried to do three to four miles a day to stay ready in the off season; occasionally we would do five if the weather was right. Tonight, the heat and humidity dictated a nice slow three. We were returning to the house about twenty-six minutes later when I saw a red Ford pick-up parked in Lauren's driveway.

The driver, who I assumed was Lauren's ex, was standing by the passenger door talking to her. Their boys were already in the truck and I could see them bouncing around excitedly. Lauren was looking down at the ground as her ex was talking and suddenly her head snapped up and we both clearly heard her say "Screw you!" Then she turned and stormed off toward the house.

The asshole was laughing as he shut the door and walked around the truck. He was still smiling as he climbed in it and drove away, but not before lowering his sunglasses and lewdly staring at Jennifer as he drove past our yard. She is only seventeen, but her body is very well developed. She was wearing a pair of running shorts and a sports bra and if you hadn't known how hold she was, you would have never guessed it.

"Perv!" Jennifer exclaimed as he drove away.

"Yeah, I'm kind of glad he isn't living there. I'd hate to go to prison before I went to college."

Smiling she looked up at me and said "I love you Mark. You've got to be the best big brother ever."

"I try Jen." I said honestly as I looked at Lauren's front door wondering what he had said that had caused the outburst.

After I showered I walked to my room and when I glanced down at my phone, I saw a missed text.

"I'm sorry you guys saw that. He was being a real jerk tonight."

"That's ok. I've seen worse." I replied, thinking back on some of the altercations I had seen between my friend's parents when they had divorced.

"You really are a sweet guy Mark. Some girl is going to be very lucky when she meets you."

"Thank you."

I glanced out the window and couldn't see her anywhere. Laying back on the bed I waited for her response. When I didn't get one I took a guess and sent another message.

"Hey." I typed.


"Stop crying."

"LOL! Where are you now Stalker?"

"In my room."

"How did you know I was crying?"

"You were just in an argument with your ex. I took a shot."

"I was in an argument with my husband. The divorce isn't final yet."

"I hate semantics."

"I'm a paralegal, semantics pay my bills."

"Still hate them!"

"Ok you're right. No more crying."

"Good. You're far too pretty to be crying."

"Aww, Thank you."

"You're welcome."



"Want to play a game?"

"Sure, what's it called?"

"Help the Neighbor."

Jumping to my feet I looked out my window and saw Lauren striding across her yard toward our house. It took all my self-control to walk downstairs instead of running. I timed it perfectly and had just gotten to the living room when the doorbell rang.

"I got it." I said, looking at mom, who was entranced in a new book.

"Thanks Mark." she said without even looking up.

Opening the door, I looked at Lauren and smiling said, "Hi!"

"Hi yourself Mark! Do you know anything about garage door openers?"

"Um, not really, why?"

"Mine stopped working and I'm clueless about anything with a motor on it. I was wondering if you or your dad could come take a look at it for me?"

I glanced over at mom, who had put her book down and was walking toward the door. She looked at me and said, "Mark! Where are your manners? Invite her inside!"

Looking at Lauren she added, "I'm so sorry Lauren, I raised him better than this."

Lauren laughed and said, "It's okay Michelle, I'm raising two of them, believe me, I know how boys are!"

"I am so glad those days are behind me." Mom said smiling at her, then added, "In a few years, they will both be gone, and I'll be looking forward to grandchildren."

"Gee Mom. Thanks." I said dryly.

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