byMr James©

Lauren took a deep breath and pressed the tip of one finger against the bell push. The trill of the doorbell echoed in the hallway of James' apartment and, for a heart-stopping moment, Lauren thought that he had gone out. Then, just as she was resting her finger against the bell push again, she heard the measured tread of his footsteps on the other side of the door. Her hands felt sweaty and her heart fluttered in her breast as she waited. She could feel the moisture leaching out of her mouth, leaving her tongue thickened and as dry as dust.

The lock rattled and the door swung open, James standing, silhouetted by the light in the hallway. He smiled at Lauren the soft grey of his eyes twinkling behind the spectacles he wore to read. Suddenly, Lauren was tongue tied, shy and nervous in front of him. He stood in the doorway for a moment, delighted to see his goddaughter again. He stepped aside, gesturing for her to enter his apartment. The rooms were light and airy, neutral colours on the walls lending a feeling of space, with splashes of colour from treasures he had discovered on his travels. Lauren watched him move, as he led her down the hallway to his lounge, past the kitchen and bathroom. She could see the closed doors to the bedrooms, the guest room where she had spent more than one night after rebelling against her parents for some real or imagined slight or inequity. She remembered him showing her into the guest room when her mother and father had been taken into hospital after the road accident and he had collected her from school. She had been twelve then, but he still spoke to her with the same grave courtesy with which he treated everybody he met. That night, though, he had left his bedroom door ajar and she had been comforted by the thought that he could hear her, if she woke in the night.

Her parents had recovered, slowly, and James had taken care of her, comforting her, supporting her until they were well enough to leave hospital and go home again. The night that they had all gone home, Lauren had cried, partly from joy at having her parents back and partly in bitter sorrow at having to leave James again. Every weekend, James would take them all out into the countryside and, in summer, they would have a picnic or, in winter, they would stop at a country in and share a meal. Lauren looked forward to the weekends, to sharing some time with James.

Then came university. She had moved away and stayed on the campus. Every week she would receive a letter from James, keeping her up-to-date with everything happening at home. Even when he had been admitted to hospital, he managed to send her a letter. Those letters had been a high point of each week, even though she rarely wrote back and then usually to complain about the course or one of her professors. now she was back after her first year's examinations, waiting for her grades. Lauren had told her parents that she would be back next Friday, leaving her free to indulge herself for the next four days.

"Lauren," James laughed, "I didn't expect you back until next week. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," she replied, I just came back a little early. I have something I need to do," she assured him.

They both paused, something seeming to hang, charged in the air between them. Lauren looked around the lounge, her gaze resting on the photograph that hung above his mantelpiece. James had taken it himself, just before Lauren had left for university, joking about having something to remember her by. It was about the only photograph of herself that Lauren liked, a study of her between laughter and solemnity. she had not seen it enlarged before, James had taken it on the eve of her departure, when she had arrived on his doorstep and they had spent most of the night talking, well he listened and she talked.

"Your Ma and Pa will be glad to see you early," James said.

"I haven't told them I'm home yet," she told him, "I was wondering if I could stay with you."

"What's wrong? Are you ok? Of course you can stay here, just give me a minute to make up the guest room."

"Nothing's wrong and I'm fine but I don't mean stay in the guest room, I mean stay with you."

James looked puzzled, for a moment, and then his expression cleared, only to cloud over with concern. He steered her to the couch where she used to sit and look out of his picture window at the sky and sat in his usual chair opposite. She turned her clear green eyes to meet his and shook the tumbling cascade of chestnut hair away from her brow. For a moment, James said nothing, just watched Lauren composing her thoughts. He saw how the girl he had cherished and nurtured had blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her movements were lithe and quick as a cat, with a feline sensuousness. Her face was perfectly heart shaped, the jade green of her eyes seeming to glow with hidden fire. She was wearing a simple cotton dress that clung to her figure, blousing a little over her breasts, proud but neat mounds. Her calves were shapely, even in the flat pumps she had worn to drive over here and unusually were covered on stockings or panty hose. She even smelt fresh, some light floral scent that he had always associated with his thoughts of her. At last he spoke;

"Do you know what you're suggesting? What about your boyfriend at university?"

"I know what I'm, saying and why do you think I have a boyfriend?"

" I-I-I assumed that you had someone, I mean you're beautiful. I just thought..."

"Well you thought wrong. I have wanted you for so long, I thought you didn't like me."

"It's not that. Dammit! I'm old enough to be your father. You are beautiful but I never thought about you like that. What about your parents?"

"Parents can wait. I was frightened you didn't like me."

Lauren stood up and came over to James' chair, perching neatly on the arm. James shifted a little, trying to keep a little space between them, suddenly very aware of the smell of her, the way the light caught her hair and the heat that radiated from her bare skin. His throat tightened and his mouth was suddenly dry. She leaned forward, her hair brushing his cheek, until her mouth was almost touching his ear.

"Do you like me?" she breathed.

"Yes," he husked, "very much."

"So you aren't going to send me away, are you?"

James didn't answer, just blushed scarlet as she leaned closer and rested her head upon his shoulder, nuzzling at his neck. She slipped off the arm of his chair, into his lap and pressed herself against his body. James turned to look into her eyes and leaned forward, brushing her mouth with his lips. Lauren sighed and parted her lips, allowing his tongue to slip into her mouth and explore, probing slowly, gently. His tongue touched hers and she sucked gently, drawing him into her mouth. James bit gently on her lip, nibbling softly and pulling it between his teeth. Releasing her lip, he kissed her eyelids, then her cheeks and the lobes of her ears. his arm slipped around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him and she reached hers around his neck, surrendering to his caress.

Holding Lauren close, he slid his free hand over her hip, higher, onto her waist until he could cup her breast in his palm, her nipple trapped against his fingers, hard and swollen with desire. Lauren moaned softly into his mouth as his hand tightened gently, squeezing the smooth curve of her breast. James' fingers brushed Lauren's nipple through the thin cotton of her dress, making her tremble in his arms and she wriggled against hi, feeling her pussy moistening and an unfamiliar tingle starting in her belly. Their mouths parted, both of them a little breathless.

"Do you still want to be with me tonight?" James asked.

Lauren said nothing, just slid out of his lap and pulled on his hand until he stood up and then led him into the hallway, and to his bedroom. Pulling him inside, she pushed the door closed and reached behind her neck, taking hold of the fastening of her dress. the reaching behind her back, she took hold of the zipper and drew it down her spine, shrugging the material from her shoulders and letting it fall in a heap around her ankles.

Beneath the dress, she wore a tiny pair of lace panties and black fold up stockings. The dusky aureoles of her breasts were puffy, the nipples standing proudly swollen and erect and the swellings themselves rounded and firm. Lauren was smiling shyly as James pulled her to him, kissing her passionately, yet tenderly and cupping her buttocks in his palms. Lauren shivered at his touch, reaching up, so that her mouth was almost touching his ear again.

"James," she murmured, "I've never done this before."

"Never," he whispered, "You mean..."


James said nothing, just lifted her tenderly in his arms and laid her like a feather on his bed. Lauren watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, displaying the soft curls of hair on his chest, sprinkled with a little grey. Her eyes widened as he pushed his trousers down and then eased his taut briefs over the jutting pole of his erect penis. She smiled nervously as she measured the length and girth of it and wondered how she would manage to accommodate him. James spotted the frisson of fear as she realised the size of him, and smiled gently.

"I'll be very slow and gentle," he reassured her.

He sat on the edge of the bed and slid his hand over her breast, touching the swollen berry of her nipple and then moved it lower, spreading his fingers over the smooth skin of her belly, just touching the lace at the waist of her panties. Leaning over, he kissed her lightly on her lips, then the base of her throat. The touch of his lips made her gasp and a shiver rippled through her body. James could feel her belly flutter beneath his hand and, pressing gently, he eased the tip if his forefinger under the edge of her panties, just far enough to touch the silky bush of curls that thinly covered her mound.

Slowly, a kiss at a time, James moved his mouth lower, over the swell of her breasts and onto the ruched skin at the base of her nipples. She arched her neck and moaned softly as he flicked the tip of his tongue against the tender flesh, tasting the saltiness of her sweat. His hand slid lower, the tip of his forefinger snaking through the soft hair, damp from the sweat and other juices that seeped slowly out of Lauren's pussy. Lauren reached out to touch him, brushing her cool fingers over the shaft of his erection, gasping as she felt the heat of his excitement. Gently, James pushed the flimsy material of Lauren's panties down, past her his as she lifted her taut, rounded ass from the bed. Now her down covered pussy was bare and he could gently play his fingers over her sensitive mound, tracing the swollen puffy lips and teasing them apart.

Lauren gasped as James' fingertip brushed against her clit and he slid the length of his forefinger along the moist slit of her pussy. Lauren moaned into his mouth as he kissed her and pressed his finger gently into the opening of her pussy, feeling the hot moisture making his finger slick and slippery. Her hand tightened, reflexively around the base of his erection, feeling the firmness and moving the velvety skin against the hardness of his shaft beneath it. A clear gem of pre-cum formed in the slit at the head of his manhood and she caught the moisture on her fingertip and, instinctively, spread it over the velvety skin of his glans. James pushed the panties down the silky smoothness of Lauren's thighs, to her knees and, as she bent her legs to slip the wisp of silk off, he pressed his hand against the inside of her thigh, spreading her knees wider, so that he could slide his fingers along the inside of her thigh and use the tips to spread the lips of her pussy.

Lauren whimpered a little in delight as James slid his forefinger into her pussy, slowly piercing her and plumbing the bubbling depths of her untouched passage. Even though his finger was much slenderer than his cock, Lauren could feel it stretching her, filling her just enough to excite her. Her nipples stood upright, like miniature towers on the shallow hillocks of her breasts, and her chest heaved as she gasped and panted lustfully. James slid his knee between her thighs to keep them spread wide and with a dextrous roll of his hips, swivelled himself on top of her. For a moment, a spark of fear flashed at the back of her eyes as James pinned her to the bed and then the hot flame of her lust consumed her.

Reaching down between her thighs, Lauren pulled her pussy lips apart with the tips of her fingers, opening the pinkly wet passage to the tip of James' cock. Gently, slowly, he guided the swollen head between her lips and eased it into her. Lauren groaned deep within her throat as he pressed his cock into her stretching her hot lubricious pussy over the tip. His cock slid a little way into her and he stopped, panting as though he had just finished a sprint, waiting for her body to become used to this new intrusion. Rocking back and forth, he thrust gently, tenderly into Lauren's willing body, each movement dipping a little deeper into the well of pleasure that was her pussy.

It seemed to take forever and Lauren was sobbing, almost ready to beg James to take her but, at last, James could feel the resistance of her maidenhead against the tip of his cock. Trembling, he paused, his weight supported on his outstretched arms, her wrists caught in his hands and his mouth at her ear.

"Are you ready, darling?" he asked.

"Oh yes, James," she whispered back, "Take me, take me now, please!"

James pushed, feeling the tearing of the delicate membrane, knowing that he had taken her virginity. Lauren bucked once, violently beneath him and cried out in pain and triumph as she felt something inside her snapping, followed by a burning, deep inside her, as James pressed the length of his cock to the very depths of her pussy. Exquisitely slowly, James eased his cock back and then slid it back, deep into her pussy. It seemed to burn for a few heartbeats but, with every tiny movement of his cock inside her, it became easier and, within the space of three deep breaths, James was sliding the length of his cock easily in and out of her hot, bleeding pussy.

Lauren lifted her head from the pillow and looked between their bodies at James' cock pistoning easily in and out of her sore but dripping cunt. The swollen shaft was smeared with a mess of her pussy juice and fresh blood where he had torn through the delicate maidenhead as he relieved her of her innocence. He glanced down as well and saw his besmeared cock, just before, with a deep-throated groan, he rammed hard and deep, pinning to the bed. She bucked against him, her fingers clawing at his shoulders as she grunted, the air rammed from her lungs by his weight on top of her, and she felt his cock stiffen and jerk inside her. She felt a hot stinging as thick salty gobbets of James' cum spurted into her womb, stinging against her raw flesh and spattering inside her. His cock jerked and pumped into her, until her pussy overflowed and slimy, sticky cum splashed across the tops of her thighs and her stockings.

Slowly, his cock softened and James eased it out of her burning, sore pussy, dragging a thick gout of congealed cum and blood onto the sheets beneath Lauren's ass.

"Ooops!" she exclaimed, "I think I've made a mess on your sheets!"

"Not quite," he murmured, "We've made a mess in our bed. But we'll clear it up later."

Gently, he turned her towards him, kissed away the twin tears that glistened on her cheeks and held her close. Rocking her slowly in his arms, he held her against his heart, waiting for the thunder in his chest to calm and they both fell, together, into deep and dreamless sleep.

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