tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLauren in Mexico Ch. 02

Lauren in Mexico Ch. 02


Lauren was left trussed up, naked and cuffed to the table for a whole hour. The interrogation room was hot and stale. She whimpered desperately into her rolled-up T-shirt gag as she considered her situation.

The humiliation of being forced to masturbate in front of the perverted cops was something she would have to put out of her mind... for now. The immediate priority was dealing with the threat of being jailed for the coke she had stuffed into her suitcase. What had Juan said: 12 years? That was a lifetime as far as Lauren was concerned. She'd be ... 30 by the time she was let out! She'd miss out on university -- on the rest of her youth. Lauren sobbed and writhed in her bonds.

Was there any way out? It didn't look like there was. Could she claim that the cocaine had been planted in her case? No. She had put it there with her own stupid hands. Could she claim that the policemen had tricked her? She didn't see how: she had handed over the pesos herself. And... oh God... they had a bloody photograph of her snorting the stuff.

The fact that she had been stripped and humiliated by the cops didn't seem to offer any escape either. They would probably deny the incident. Of course, there were no other witnesses. Indeed, if she did report it she'd have to lie too, at least about the details: how on earth could she ever explain her orgasm? That part at least would have to be edited out. More importantly, she realised, reporting the abuse didn't get around the problem with the drugs. It didn't explain the photos. And Lauren couldn't think of any time she had heard about where anyone had successfully escaped going to prison in some fucked-up foreign country by saying they had been sexually abused. On the contrary, she had read plenty of new reports -- being a messed-up masochist, she had sometimes furtively googled this sort of thing for her own pleasure -- of women who had been raped by cops abroad. In every case they had been ignored, or thrown into jail and raped some more for reporting it. Recalling these stories filled Lauren with terror, and, shamefully, excitement.

By the time Juan marched back in, the tied-up and naked teenager was exhausted, overheated and hyper-ventilating. The whole of her face was wet and sticky with tears and snot; the T-shirt stuffed into her mouth was soggy.

In a surprisingly tender move, Juan took a moment to gently wipe away some of her tears and snot with the arm of his shirt. He then dropped himself down onto the table, at the side, his thigh up against the girl's torso, just out of her field of view. She was startled when he then gave her a firm slap on her buttocks.

"Mmph!" Lauren protested, weakly.

"Listen, young lady. You are fucked. You are spending 20 years in a jail, here in Mexico. I have spoken with the state prosecutor. He's saying the evidence is very good; more than enough."

Lauren held her sobs, and listened nervously to Juan's words. Juan was absent-mindedly tracing patterns over her butt-cheeks with his finger as his spoke.

"In fact, he says 'we don't usually get photographs of the criminal taking the drugs!'. You will have no defence. You are going to jail for a long, long time. Unless..." Juan paused deliberately. The gagged and trussed-up girl could only helplessly register that he had was now pressing his fingers with obscene firmness against her inner thigh.

"... you agree to fuck me and my men. For the next three days."

Lauren was shocked, but not really surprised at this crude statement of the blackmail the Mexican cops intended to practice on her.

Juan got up and then untied and ripped away the make-shift gag.

"What do you say?"

"Please...." Lauren spluttered. "Don't do this to me. I'll suck your cock if you let me go" she improvised. She was desperate to take any chance to escape the prospect of spending the rest of her youth languishing in a Mexican jail, but also desperate to avoid losing her virginity through being raped by these filthy cops.

Juan appeared to ignore her as he fiddled with a small piece of equipment he had brought out of his pocket. He held the device to her head. Lauren was initially confused to hear what sounded like an eerie echo of herself :

"P-l-e-a-s-e... don't do this to me.... i'll suck your cock if you let me go-oh!".

The fucker had just taped her! Lauren lamely shook her head in denial.

Juan laughed. "Oh dear, lee-tle Lauren. Attempting to bribe a police officer is a very serious crime. I think you understand that, don't you? If you want to see England again while you are still a young woman, you stay here for three days and get fucked by everyone in this building. Yes or no?"

Lauren realised her situation was desperate. There was no way she could spend decades in a Mexican prison. She felt a sudden wave of bravado. How hard could it be to lie back and have sex with these slimy assholes anyway?

"OK. I'll do it" she said. But she then added, for the sake of her pride: "You total bastard!"

Juan swiftly removed his belt, and for a second she thought he was going to fuck her there and then. But, instead, he brought the belt down with a sudden furious stroke on her bare back.

Lauren screamed. Juan moved to clasp his strong hand around the teen's mouth.

"You call any of us a 'bastard', you scream, you don't do exactly what we tell you to, and we will beat you. With a belt, with a stick, whatever. And we really don't want to hurt you, young lady, so if you keep on being bad, we will have to let you go ... to court, to jail. Do you understand?" He released his grip over her mouth.

"Yes." Lauren said in a quivering voice.

"Yes what?"

Lauren sighed. She was coming to realise that, for the next three days, she would not only have to have sex with these animals, but play along with their games, whatever these might be.

"Yes, Sir."

Juan seemed satisfied with this. He grinned obscenely. You seem to like it this way, no?" From what we saw earlier.... you like being controlled and made to fuck, don't you?"

Lauren said nothing, but felt a pang of arousal at this cruel reference to her humiliating orgasm during her earlier "strip search". The uncertainty surrounding her fate now lifted, she was becoming horribly aware again of how she was still obscenely draped, butt naked, over the table, and what a sight she must be presenting to the cruel man standing over her.

Juan continued: "You must have been fucked by lots of men before, yes?"

"No. I'm a virgin." Lauren wasn't quite sure why she said this. She couldn't possibly be hoping for mercy, could she?

"Oi!" exclaimed Juan. "So this will your first time being fucked by a real man's cock. How nice for you!" he added in a mocking tone. He paused and seemed to mull over, for a moment, this new information. It occurred to Lauren, with shame, that given how responsive she had been to her forced finger-fucking, perhaps the fact she was a virgin was a real surprise for him.

"I'll tell you what," he continued, "since this would be your first time, we won't rape you. No. That would be very hard on a young girl."

Juan paused, just long enough for a hope to rise in Lauren's tired and beffudled mind that she might make it through this ordeal largely intact, before delivering the punchline:

"Instead, I'll let you choose which one of the three of us you would like to fuck you first!" Juan laughed loudly. He then briefly disappeared from the room. A moment later, he returned with Ricardo and Pedro. Juan brought them both around to the head of the table, into Lauren's field of view. He put his arms around his grinning men's shoulders in a matey manner. "Well, whee-ch one of us is going to pop your cherry, Lauren? Whose cock do you want most of all in your pussy?"

The three men were leering happily at the naked teen on the table; all would, of course, get their turn. Lauren was completely bewildered by the absurdity of the situation. She now at least had some say in how she would lose her virginity. It was still rape, but the choice might, she dimly realised, allow her, in later times, rationalise what was about happen as being something else... God, was she really about to have some Mexican's cock in her vagina? They were all so ugly. Her mind was spinning. If only she could think straight about this crucial decision. Instead of, that is, desperately trying to prevent her horribly aroused loins from grinding against tabletop like the sick masochist that she was...

"Well?" demanded Juan.

Ricardo, Lauren quickly realised. She would choose Ricardo. His smaller frame wasn't too threatening, and she remembered that when he and Juan had met her on the beach, he had acted very sweetly, as if he genuinely had the hots for her. It had to be Ricardo. Short and blank faced as he was.

"Ricardo" she announced, staring blankly ahead, her voice low and steeped in the humiliation of effectively beckoning her rapist to come and take her virginity.

"Ey! Ricardo, dude! Felicidados!" exclaimed Juan. Juan and Pedro gave their colleague a thump on the back. Ricardo acknowledged the honour with an unexpressive nod, and immediately strode over to untie the dazed teenager from the table. He then sat her up, firmly grasped hold of her left wrist, and manoeuvred her off the table. As her bare feet touched the concrete floor, Lauren failed to suppress a tiny grunt of arousal. She was excited at the implacability and directness of Ricardo manner: she was, unmistakeably being, led off to her ravishment.

Ricardo seemed to want to drag her out of the room with him, but Juan called for him to pause.

"Pedro is going to bring your bed in here" he explained. Pedro, the lanky, grinning cop, loped off on his errand. Lauren stood in anticipation. She was still stark naked; Ricardo was still clutching her arm. She had a strong impression of being an object -- her vulnerable body a mere possession of these men. Juan reached down and picked up the belt.

"You can get started" he added, giving Lauren's thigh a light, if insulting, flick with the belt, "by sucking my dick. Sorry, Ricardo. If you get to go first in her pussy, I get a little time with her face first. Is fair, no?"

Ricardo chuckled. "No problem, boss."

"But feel free to squeeze her titties while I get sucked!"

Lauren listened to the men with abstracted horror as they casually divided up between them the sexual favours they were going to extract from her.

She could only comply meekly, as if in a trance, as Juan ordered her to clamber back onto the heavy table. She knelt there on all fours. It seemed as if her tits were pointing in the direction her dignity was heading...

"Get down, you stupid bitch!" Juan commanded, as he positioned himself in front of her face. Lauren very slowly lowered torso down until she was lying flat on her front, with her head jutting off the end of the table.

"She's being a lee-tle slow, Ricardo" Juan commented, and he chucked over the belt over to him. "Teach her a lesson."

As Juan unbuttoned his trousers, Ricardo duly wielded the belt, and started to bring it down, with force, on the unfortunate girl's butt.


Juan pulled down his underwear and his large, erect dick sprung into view, a couple of inches in front of Lauren's eyes. It was a terrifying, if tantalising sight. It was a small mercy that, for the time being, at least, she would only have to take it in her mouth.


"Please don't hurt me" Lauren begged.

"No waiting around when we tell you to do something." Juan stated.

"WHOPP!" Lauren's backside was now stinging like mad.

"I'm sorry" offered Lauren.

Ricardo paused, but Juan motioned for him to continue.

"I'm sorry, Sir" sighed Lauren, exasperated. This seemed to do the trick, as Juan grinned in evil satisfaction at his assistant.

"Suck me", he told her. Lauren now scrambled forward, eager to avoid being accused of hesitating, and opened her mouth wide around the throbbing head of her abuser's penis. But she did pause, ever so momentarily, before making contact. The smell that filled her nostrils was sharp, and as disgusting as she had imagined. She had a sense that this was, for her, an important threshold. As her tongue touched the edge of the glans, and her lips gently brushed against the shaft of the cock, this educated English teenager sensed she had attained a new level of personal degradation.

Lauren began to tentatively lick at Juan's manhood, her mouth limply clasped around the end of the engorged member. She was now a whore to these filthy perverts, paying for her freedom with her body. Every so often she felt the dick pop out of her mouth and she was forced to clownishly writhe around on the table to meet it again as it slipped away. What a pathetic sight she must be presenting! Indeed, after a while, Juan made it clear that he wasn't impressed.

"More, more" he commanded impatiently, and motioned for Ricardo to give some encouragement.

Two unforgiving belt-smacks to her ass were enough to signal to Lauren that she was going to have to give more than gentle caresses to the stinking penis at her lips. She forced the cock further into mouth so that it made her cheek bulge outwards. She started to gag a little; she felt Juan give her a patronising pat on the hair. Not wanting to be defeated (and fearing another belting) she gamely pushed herself back over Juan's cock, taking as much of him as she could manage. She started to slide her mouth obscenely back and forth, trying to stimulate as much of his cockmeat as she could.

Juan grunted in appreciation. She must now be doing something right. She continued to bob up and down, stuffing the cock into her mouth. She shed a tear at the effort, and at the humiliation.

Just then, she became aware of a weight on her back, and a pair of hands inserting themselves between her breasts and the table. Ricardo had clambered astride her, and was confidently fondling her tits. She felt a shameful pang of arousal at the contact of his hands with her erect nipples and her compressed breasts and the crude possessiveness of this forced imposition... by the man who was, she remembered, shortly to give her the first fuck of her life. A wave of heat was now overtaking her.

Ricardo manipulated the teen's tits with expertise and determination. Lauren, pressed to the table and her mouth full with Juan's cock, was in no position to complain, in any sense. It felt like the desire to be fucked was being teased out of her. She now found she had to not only focus on pleasuring the perverted police commander at her bobbing head, but also to concentrate on not giving way to her animal urges - to stop herself from humping the table.

But Ricardo then made this impossible. As if he could read her thoughts, he placed one hand under her cunt and simply left it there. His thumb merely touched against her clit. This was too much. Lauren, desperate for some relief, started to rub against Ricardo's hand with her pussy. Ricardo chuckled. And at that moment, Pedro was returning into the room, carrying a mattress above his head. He let out a cheer when he caught sight of the young woman on the table thrusting her groin about whilst furiously sucking his boss's cock and having one of her tits mauled by his colleague. Lauren inwardly sighed, and continued humping Ricardo's hand: what was there to lose now? She had already degraded herself beyond any redemption. On an animal level, she was enjoying her ravishment and the men knew it.

She heard Pedro dump the mattress, and rush over to join in the assault. He decided to make his contribution by rhythmically and loudly slapping her thigh with his big hands, just behind where Ricardo was sitting on her. She carried on riding the latter's hand, writhing and bobbing around the cockmeat in her mouth...

Shortly, she felt Juan's cock twitch. Was he going to...? Yes. With the cock jammed in deep, she felt hot jets of liquid fill her mouth. Juan groaned as the two other men cheered bestially. She felt herself gagging, and spluttering out sticky cum over her cheek and chin.

Juan composed himself and ordered her to swallow. She could see no choice but to comply; to the side of the table, Pedro was waving the belt around in the air menacingly She had to struggle to get the sticky stuff down her throat; it took gulp after gulp. Then, humiliatingly, she was made to wipe the strands of cum and drool from her face with her hands, and eat that too.

"All of it, slut."

As she licked the semen from her fingers, she was looking forward to when her three days with these beasts would be up -- before she realised that she still had yet to endure her first rape. That was still to come. Her first time with a man. Her rape. To a woman with submissive fantasies, the concept -- the very word -- was loaded with all sorts of inappropriate, sensual overtones. Lauren pressed her eyes shut to shut out those thoughts.

Again, as if he could read her mind, Ricardo, who was still astride the small of her back, lent forward and coarsely whispered to her: "Are you looking forward to my cock in your pussy?"

"Of course she is!" answered Juan for her. "Take her Ricardo. Make her a woman."

Ricardo virtually dragged Lauren off the table. He pulled the naked, fearful girl up to his still clothed frame, and held her tight. He was evidently savouring the moment. Lauren felt his erection press against her, and his breath against her face. He rubbed himself against her crudely. She was standing inanimately -- fighting her fear of what was to come, resisting any more arousal. Did she have to be so inactive, she wondered, now that her rape was inevitable? And now that they had twice seen her degrade herself by cumming at their hands? There was no real harm in playing up a little...

"Come on then big boy", she whispered defiantly at Ricardo.

"E! You like it girl! You like it!" cheered Pedro from the sidelines. The boss, Juan, looked less impressed; he picked up the belt and strode over menacingly.

Ricardo said: "That's 'Senor' to you." He caressed her buttcheeks calmly. Juan was striding about next to them, waiving the belt around.

"Yes, Senor" Lauren conceded, but with a hint of sarcasm and challenge in her voice.

Juan bent over and muttered in her ear, manically: "Tell him: 'I want you to fuck me coz I'm a fucking cocksucking slutty cunt who needs a big hard cock in her slimey fuckhole!" For extra emphasis, he gave the girl three painful smacks with the belt on the back of her legs.

Lauren started to say the words, but Juan interrupted her: "Look at my friend when you say it."

Lauren duly eyeballed Ricardo and told him, in a quiet, frightened, but deliberate voice:

"I want you to fuck me because I'm ... a slutty cunt .... of a cocksucker and I need a big hard cock in my slimey... fuckhole."

Each degrading word, for Lauren, was like an evil tonic that reinvigorated her shameful sexual arousal. By the end of the sentence, she actually meant it. (Nobody complained that she had slightly garbled her lines.)

"Get on the bed."

Lauren lowered herself without much hesitation onto the tatty single mattress. Ricardo gently kicked apart her legs, so she was crudely on display as he got undressed before her. He pulled down his uniform trousers and underwear. As he unbuttoned his shirt, Lauren had a prime view of his manhood from below. She estimated it was nearly as long as Juan's, but appreciably wider. Lauren was both worried that she wouldn't be able to take it, and simultaneously hungry for it to fill her. His body was dark, hairy and muscular. This was a man who was disgusting, unworthy of her, yet about to have his way with her body. The thought itself made Lauren feel incredibly hot.

Ricardo got down and pressed himself against her for a moment. Then, without any more warning, he forced his cock in. Lauren was surprised at how painful his entry was for her: although years of masturbation had worn down her hyman, her pussy had never had to accommodate anything so thick in her her life. She groaned unhappily. Ricardo took this as a sign to start fucking her. He ground himself into her with his thrusts. There was a determination in his blank expression. No cruelty -- but no pity either. The sensation of her tits suddenly being jolted around, the urgent creaks in the mattress, and the fact she could hardly catch her breath, gave the idea that it was her whole body, and not just her twat, being fucked by the short cop.

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