tagLetters & TranscriptsLauren Pulls Off "The Switch"

Lauren Pulls Off "The Switch"


A series of text messages reveal Lauren's plan:

John: Hey, I heard you & Mike broke up?

Lauren: yeah

John: wow. Sorry to hear that. Last I heard you were going to his company picnic & everything was great. He wanted to show you off to his boss.

Lauren: it's ok. We went to the 4th of July picnic.

John: well if you don't mind me asking, what happened?

Lauren: I don't want to say.

John: oh come on. We've known each other for years.

Lauren: well, Mike's instructions were to impress his boss

John: and...

Lauren: let's just say I did my part


Lauren: I'm sort of dating his boss now

John: WHAT?

Lauren: hey, don't judge!

John: how the hell did that happen?

Lauren: quite easily actually

John: you know I want the details

Lauren: I wore my black sundress

John: damn I love that dress

Lauren: yeah, well, mike insisted. He wanted me to "be impressive"

John: well I'm sure you were

Lauren: well, he works for an investment brokerage. Lots of guys with money, so lots of impressive girls there

John: not like you tho, L, you're beautiful

Lauren: aww, thanks sweetie, but yeah there were beautiful women there. Most were older than me tho. I'm only 25 & most of the others were in the 30s or 40s. Most had kids running around too

John: so what happened?

Lauren: well, Mike couldn't wait to introduce me to his boss, Ben, or Mr Mckenzie, as I was introduced to him

John: and?

Lauren: he was a nice guy. Probably early 40's. decent shape & good looking

John: that's not what I meant.

Lauren: lol. Lets talk about something else

John: hell no. What happened?

Lauren: I was being a tad flirty, just trying to be impressive, as Mike had asked me to be & Ben started talking about his very recent divorce.

John: go on

Lauren: I could tell that Ben was impressed with me & I made a quick decision that I would, like, trade up. Please don't tell Mike I said that. He's really sweet!

John: of course not, but how did you pull off the switch?

Lauren: simple, just something us girls can do ;-)

John: but Mike was there, right?

Lauren: yeah. & that was the main obstacle

John: so?

Lauren: first, I told Ben that his ex was crazy & that I couldn't believe anyone would leave a guy like him. Lots of eye contact & a few touches, patting his arm & such, confirmed that he was interested. (Telling guys what they want to hear & touching hem always works, you know) Then, I began making beer runs, making sure that Mike's cup was never empty. This both kept Mike busy & allowed me to spend time between his refills with Ben. Mike saw me a couple of times & should have noticed that I was spending WAY too much time with Ben, but I guess he just thought I was following his instructions to be impressive.

John: so you gave Ben your number, I guess

Lauren: oh no, that would have left too much to chance, and kind of would've looked cheap too.

John: so what did you do?

Lauren: just made sure that Mike got a little tipsy. Very easy to do actually. Brought him many beers & teased him a little about not being able to handle it when he tried to slow down

Lauren: then, when I knew he was drunk, let Ben know & asked if he would please drive us home.

John: I guess he did

Lauren: of course, we got to his car & I helped Mike into the back seat. Then, I hopped up front. I let Ben have a few peeks of my legs while driving, nothing that would appear as anything but accidental. & then I directed him to Mike's house. We let Mike in & I got back in the car with Ben.

John: and made your move?

Lauren: no, it couldn't appear to be cheap or planned. It had to just happen

John: so what happened?

Lauren: I started telling him that I probably should find a guy who doesn't get drunk all the time & confided in him that it's just really hard to find a good, responsible guy

John: L, you find guys all the time; you have no trouble

Lauren: you know that & I know that but

John: I know, he doesn't

Lauren: bingo

Lauren: then, he asked if we could go somewhere to talk. I "reluctantly" agreed. I offered my apartment, but pointed out that my roommate might be around & he said his house was empty

John: you don't have a roommate?

Lauren: again, Johnny, I know that & you know that

John: right

Lauren: so, at his place we had some wine & he talked about all the criticisms his ex wife had given him. I played up how crazy she must be & how grateful & appreciative I'd certainly be if I could ever find a guy like him

John: charming

Lauren: and effective. ;-) & omg, you should see this house! probably 5000 square feet, three car garage, pool, tennis court.... forget it, I'm rambling. Anyway, then, I pulled off a delicate move, if I do say so myself

John: what?

Lauren: I let my body language encourage him to make a move while verbally telling him "No"

John: please explain

Lauren: oh, I moved closer to him from time to time, gave him sympathetic hugs when he was talking about things his ex had upset him with, moistened my lips with my tongue (he really liked that, btw)

Lauren: then, after I had given every subtle & some not quite subtle hints, he leaned in to kiss me

John: and that was it

Lauren: no way, that would have been it if I wanted a one night stand or a short fling, but, remember, I wanted more

Lauren: so I pulled my head away & explained that I really wanted to but that I wasn't like that. I wasn't a one night stand kind of girl. I didn't pull my body back though, just my head; I could feel that he was getting more turned on.

Lauren: I asked him if wanted more, too, and (surprise!) he said he did. Truthfully, I doubt the "more" he was agreeing to was a relationship, but he was agreeing.

John: wow

Lauren: yeah, I pulled within inches of his face & whispered "are you sure?" And when he agreed, I allowed his lips to touch mine. I knew he was mine at that point, so I was in no hurry. The kisses stayed soft & gentle for a while, then they became stronger & more passionate. After a few minutes, his hands found my breasts (btw, it's so cute when you guys think you're "sneaking a feel" we know exactly where your hands are all the time) and then I allowed him between my legs. Before too long, our clothes were off; I had flipped on top & I was rockin' his world- lol. (It had been some time since he had been with a 25 year old body, I'm sure) & I let him savor it. I glided his hands slowly all over it, I let my boobs dangle into his mouth & instructed him to gently lick & suck them.

John: damn, L, you're turning me on!

Lauren: down boy :-) I'm in a relationship & you wanted details. Lol, I'm giving details

John: yeah so what next

Lauren: well, I spent the night & next day with him, then convinced him to skip work on Monday & take me to a baseball game

John: you like baseball?

Lauren: no, silly, he does. I'm just the perfect girlfriend. I hinted at the game that his ex would be floored to find out he had a 25 year old hottie girlfriend. He loves that!

John: who wouldn't?

Lauren: true

John: so, you two are still dating

John: you still there?

Lauren: yeah

John: why aren't you answering

Lauren: ok, I've moved in with him

John: what? When was the picnic where this started?

Lauren: about 2 weeks ago

John: omg

Lauren: when opportunities present themselves...... He said once that he missed having someone there to handle things. Groceries, waiting for repairmen, etc. I of course volunteered. And I began bringing more & more stuff over to be there more. I was half moved in before he noticed.

John: then what?

Lauren: I agreed that we might be going too fast. I pointed out that if his ex found out, she'd be livid as they'd only been divorced a month, and that any reconciliation wouldn't have a chance. When he thought of it that way, he insisted I move in immediately. Lol.

John: amazing & you're happy?

Lauren: oh yeah, but I'll be happier. You see, he's going to marry me.

John: what??? It's been 2 weeks! He asked you to marry him?

Lauren: oh no, not yet, he doesn't even know it yet.

John: how do you know?

Lauren: I'm integrating into every aspect of his life. Managing the house, shopping, I've even started redecorating. Oh, & don't forget sex! Anything he wants, anytime. I've completely filled his ex's role, only better.

John: he doesn't have a chance, does he?

Lauren: nope

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