Lauren's Bath


Sherry then poured cool liquid into Lauren's wet crack and rub it in with her gloved hand. Then she began holding the fat part her cheeks, spreading the anal area. Nurse Christine sat back down behind Lauren's exposed anal area. She grabbed a small stiff brush from the tray similar to a tooth brush and applied it to Lauren's anal wall. She began to scrub the anus area with small vigorous circles.

"Ow! Ow! What are you doing to me now! That hurts!" Lauren cried.

"Getting you good and clean honey" Nurse Christine said. "Now hold still. I've got to be sure I reach way down deep and get to every fold and crevice in your genitalia."

"Ow! Ow!, Lauren wailed loudly.

Finally, Nurse Christine stopped and said, "OK Lauren, ready to rinse you now."

She pleaded, "Oh no, not the hot water again. No, no, please."

Nurse Christine steadily began squirting streams of hot water into the labia, urethra, and clitoris, and the ass hole as it was slightly spread open by Sherry.

"No more, don't do this to me anymore," Lauren began to cry. When Nurse Christine stopped the irrigation treatment, Sherry dabbed the anus area, her buttocks and the back of her legs and feet with a small towel. Lauren stood up a little weak and rested for a moment. Her cheeks and anus were sore, tingly and warm. She never had them scrubbed before.

The treatment continued. "Now please stand right about here," said Nurse Christine as she pointed to another area in the room.

"It's so close to the window!" Lauren said. She was naked and very afraid someone would see her.

Sherry reassured her, "The natural sunlight makes it easier for us to view your entire body and give you a complete visual inspection. We are on the second floor and I doubt anyone can see inside here. " Sherry reached out her hand and gently held Lauren's arm. She stepped out of the shallow tub and Sherry walked her to the exact spot Nurse Christine pointed to. Lauren tried to look out the window without getting too close. She tried to see if was anyone was watching or could see her.

Nurse Christine said, "There now, stand up straight, lift up your arms to the ceiling as high as you can, and spread your legs apart.

Lauren lifted her arms as high as she could. Her breasts lifted up higher, and her tummy and buttocks tightened. Nurse Christine looked at her body up and down standing in the sunlight through the window.

Now turn around until I tell you to stop" she said. Lauren began to turn around and around. Nurse Christine walked toward her and examined her breasts and squeezed the nipples, then wrote on the clipboard. Sherry stood staring at Lauren's naked body, pointing out the areas needing special attention and treatment.

"Her body skin overall is very good. But a good cleansing and body scrub will still need to be done. And I recommend a cycle in the Hydro Chamber."

"What is that?" Lauren asked as she continued to rotate slowly.

"Don't worry sweetie, it's just something that makes things a lot easier. You will see," said Sherry.

"OK Lauren, you can stop turning around now," said Nurse Christine. Lauren was puzzled. What are they talking about she wondered? I thought I was here for just a bath and hair washing. What does all this mean?

"Please sit in this chair."

Again it was a tiny chair, so when she sat in it, her legs spread wide open at the knees, her hands dropped at her side, and she sat up straight. She knew her vagina was hanging over the edge because her bottom could not fit entirely on the tiny seat of the chair. She could feel the cool air in the room rushing into it. Her firm breasts bounced a little as she plopped into the tiny chair. "Now I can inspect your scalp. Bend forward from the waist and put your head down so I can inspect your scalp." Nurse Christine moved Lauren's thick brown hair from side to side with her hands, using them like a brush, repeatedly, over and over, searching and probing, rubbing her dry scalp. "She will need Treatment Solution No. 4," she told Sherry, who promptly wrote on the clipboard. OK, Lauren, you can sit up. She sat up slowly as her hair flew back from her face.

"Ok Lauren, step over to the sink area" said Nurse Christine.

Lauren looked over at the sink area. There was as a clean white towel draped over the edge of the porcelain sink. Lauren could see a faucet and shower sprayer and thought it looks like they are going to wash my hair. She didn't like getting her hair washed at home when her mother washed it. But maybe these two ladies would do it better.

Lauren stood naked at the sink. "Now bend over, put your head way down" said Sherry.

Sherry pushed all of Lauren's hair from the back forward. It was sweaty and soft at the same time. A good scalp treatment will be good for Lauren's young tender head Sherry thought. As Lauren bent over, she felt her breasts hang down and push onto the edge of the sink when she leaned over it. She was glad there was a towel there to comfort her breasts in place. She remembered that she was naked and her entire backside was exposed for all to see.

Nurse Christine turned on the water. Lauren could hear it running but wasn't feeling anything. She waited and waited. Nurse Christine placed a large bowl near the sink where Lauren was bent over. Then she put one gloved hand on the back Lauren's neck, and one on her forehead. She applied light pressure to hold it place. Sherry could tell the specially formulated solution was very hot, even with the rubber gloves she had put on. Nurse Christine made it just right for Lauren.

Finally Sherry said "Ok Lauren, are you ready?

Naked and bent at the waist with her head deep in the sink, Lauren trustingly replied, "Yes, I'm ready."

Sherry reminded Lauren that the temperature would be a little more that what she was used to, but it would be ok. Then she began. She picked up a cup and dipped it into the very large bowl with the specially formulated solution that Nurse Christine had prepared. She turned the cup over and let the solution flow onto Lauren's head.

Lauren screamed, "Aahh! Aahh! She stomped her feet and her ass wiggled from side to side. "Hey what are you doing to me?" Lauren cried. Sherry continued to fill the cup from the bowl and pour it again over Lauren's head. Lauren began to cry. "Ow, it's hot! It's hot!" Nurse Christine separated sections of the hair so the solution would penetrate to the scalp. Sherry kept dipping the cup into the solution and pouring onto Lauren's scalp. Each time she did, Lauren cried out "Ow, ow! Please don't do this to me anymore!" But Sherry continued to pour.

Nurse Christine now turned Lauren's head to one side. The solution began to flow over Lauren's face. Aahh! Aahh! Lauren cried. The solution made Lauren's head and face tingle. As the solution ran down over her face, it went into her eyes, nose and mouth. "Ow, ow, she continued to cry. Ow, it's burning me.

"Keep your head down dear" said Nurse Christine. As Sherry poured, she massaged the hot solution into her scalp. She loved doing her job and felt happy she had chosen a career that gave her so much pleasure. Sherry continued to dip and pour and Nurse Christine continued to hold Lauren's head down while she screamed and begged them to stop.

Then the receptionist entered the room. She stood and watched the two women working on Lauren. She could see Lauren's ass bouncing as Lauren stomped her feet and ran in place while she pleaded and begged for the two women to stop doing this to her. "Is everything alright she asked?"

"Sure, everything is fine" said Sherry as she poured. "We are just giving Lauren her scalp treatment."

"Well, there is a phone call for Nurse Christine."

"Can you manage while I take the call, she asked?

"Sure" said Sherry.

Sherry continued to pour the solution over Lauren's head and face gently reminding her to keep her head down. She continued until the bowl was empty. She set a timer for 8 minutes and massaged Lauren's scalp. Lauren was quietly sobbing and thought the treatment was over. The timer bell rang and Sherry reached for the shower sprayer. She turned on the water and adjusted it to the right temperature. She said to Lauren, "Now I'm going to rinse all of the solution out of your scalp now. It lifted dirt and oil that was embedded deep in your scalp."

Sherry moved the sprayer onto Lauren's head and began rinsing the solution from her scalp. Ow, owee, it's hot Sherry, it's hot. Turn it off! Turn it off please Sherry!" Lauren begged.

But Sherry just continued to rinse Lauren's scalp and hair with the hot water. Lauren screamed, "Aahh! Aahh!

She stomped her feet and her ass wiggled from side to side. Sherry told Lauren to turn her head from side to side so she could rinse her head and face. Lauren didn't want to and resisted. "No, no, no more. Don't do this to me anymore," she begged. Sherry couldn't stop the rinsing until the timer bell rang which would take at least 7 more minutes.

When she stopped rinsing, Sherry grabbed a small towel and wrapped Lauren's head. She told Lauren to stand up. She was crying and sobbing. Sherry put her hands softly on Lauren's shoulders and asked, "Do you feel better now Sweetie?"

"No. I don't like hot water on me!" Lauren sobbed.

Sherry said, "I know it was different than what you are normally are used to. But you needed to have this for your treatment. You'll feel better soon because now we're going to give you a nice hot bath and wash your hair."

"Oh no!" Lauren said. "Not again. Please, no more treatment!

"Come along" said Sherry as she led Lauren; thin, cold, head dripping, and naked to the Hydro Chamber area.

Nurse Christine returned and said to Sherry "Let's begin."

Lauren had no idea what was happening. Her head was wet and she was starting to feel a chill again and wanted to put her clothes back on. She could see a large tall box that resembled a huge refrigerator with a small stall inside. The door in the front of it was transparent and you could see inside of it. "Just step into the tub for now dear," said Nurse Christine.

The tub was only two feet high. She stood naked in the tub waiting for what was next. Sherry and Nurse Christine began to go to work. Sherry held a large pitcher and poured hot lather on Lauren's head. It rolled down over her face and onto her body. "Oh no, what are you doing to me now. Don't wash my hair again please."

Nurse Christine grabbed a brush and began scrubbing Lauren's scalp, head, and face. She continued to scrub down to her under arms. She lifted her large breasts and scrubbed underneath them. She scrubbed Lauren's back, buttocks, and thighs. She told Lauren to spread her feet apart and began to scrub between her legs and the outside pubic area. Lauren began to shake her legs and hands. Nurse Christine continued scrubbing, moving down the legs and feet. Sherry poured the hot lather and Nurse Christine scrubbed vigorously.

"You are going to get so clean Lauren! Your mother won't be able to recognize you," said Nurse Christine.

Lauren tried to let them know that there was soap in her eyes. "Oo there is soap...soap... in my eyes. Soap... my eyes." Her words sounded mumbled with so much lather on her face. Some even went inside her nose, mouth and ears. She stomped her feet and her large lathered breasts bounced. She rocked back and forth as the two women didn't pay much attention to what she was trying to say. They just continued to give Lauren her bath. Lauren's entire body tingled from the hot lather and vigorous scrubbing.

Sherry began to pour one last batch of the hot lather onto her head, face and body. Lauren could hardly breathe. Nurse Christine continued the scrubbing. "I'll open the door" Sherry said.

Sherry returned and began to assist Nurse Christine with the scrubbing of Lauren's scalp and hair. Both women kept scrubbing until they heard the timer bell ring. Lauren stood still with what felt like 3 inches of lather on her entire head, face and body. As she stood, she wondered what to do or what was to come next.

"OK, let's get her in now" said Nurse Christine.

Lauren could not see because there was so much lather on her head and in her eyes. Sherry took her hand and led her to Hydro Box. She said to her "Now step inside and turn around."

Lauren walked slowly with all that lather on her and stepped into the box and turned around. Her nipples peered through the lather on her breasts. Her brown pubic hair looked puffy and fluffy. "All you need to do is stand still and relax. The machine will do the rest." Lauren thought this must be the Hydro Chamber. I will be glad to get all this lather off of me. Sherry closed the door and secured the latch.

This was a great piece of equipment. It was a new and high tech way to thoroughly cleanse patients like Lauren. There was a control box on the side of the machine. It had three levers and two knobs on it. "OK Lauren, we're going to begin" said Nurse Christine as she lifted the first lever.

Inside the stall Lauren felt a shower spray of hot water from up above her head and spray over her head and flow over her body. The layers of lather began to run down Lauren's head and face. Lauren began to breathe and blow water from her mouth and wipe her face. Nurse Christine lifted the next lever as she watched. A shower spray of hot water shot out from the right and left sides and sprayed hot water over Lauren's body. Lauren's mouth was open and she was making loud sounds, but no words. Just sounds... aahh! aahh! aahh!

Nurse Christine decided it was time to lift the third lever. Water actually began to spray upward from the floor of the stall. It hit directly between Lauren's legs and right onto her pubic area, vagina, urethra, and even up into her anus. Lauren lifted her legs up high one at a time, waving her arms, turning around while trying to use her hands to get away from the force of the water being sprayed. There seemed to be water spraying everywhere inside the box. Lauren could hardly breathe. The lather was almost completely gone now. Perhaps they would turn the water off, open the door, and let her out.

But that didn't happen. Lauren did not like being inside the Hydro Chamber. She hit the door with her hands and began yelling, "Lemme out! I want to get out!"

She felt trapped inside. Then Nurse Christine began to slowly turn the knob that controlled the force of the water. As the water pressure increased, it began to feel like needles on Lauren's young, thin and naked body. "Ooo! No, no, wha yoo doin to me!" as she began to cry. She tried to push her hair from her face. She tried to turn around to get away from the four shower heads spraying hot pressurized water on her head, face and body and genitals.

She continued to try to escape the spraying of the water by lifting her legs high up one at a time and waving her hands. When she did that, it allowed the water to enter more directly onto her genitals. Lauren again hit the door making sounds "Lemme out! Pleeeez!" she said.

Sherry told her, "You can't come out yet honey. You have to stay in so the Hydro Chamber can get all the dirt and debris completely removed from your hair and body."

Lauren could barely hear what Sherry was saying to her. It was noisy inside with all that water spraying everywhere. "Wha? Wha? No, no. Lemme out!" Lauren screamed.

Nurse Christine then began to slowly turn the 2nd knob to the right. This one controlled the temperature of the water. It now felt like hot needles on Lauren's head, naked body and genital areas. Blurry eyed, she tried to look through the transparent door which was steamed up now. But it looked like Sherry was still standing there watching. "Sherry! Sherry! Help! Ooo! Ooo! Lauren screamed hoping she would help. But Sherry just continued to watch as Lauren's naked body was being pulverized inside the Hydro Chamber by gallons of hot pressurized water.

Nurse Christine continued. She turned the first knob again and heard Lauren screaming and crying. Then she turned the second knob again to elevate the temperature of the water. "Ooo! Ooo! No, no, it's burning me. Please somebody help me!" Lauren screamed and cried.

Water splashed on the door and steam began to escape the vent at the top. Not affected by Lauren's pleas to let her out, Sherry commented to Nurse Christine, "I really like how this machine works!"

"So do I," said Nurse Christine, "Lauren is really getting good and clean."

"Indeed she is", said Sherry.

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