tagIncest/TabooLauren's Daddy

Lauren's Daddy


This story is dedicated to a girl whose seduction was VERY hard to resist.

This was Lauren's first visit home from school since she began her freshman year of college. As much as she enjoyed school, it was great to catch up with her hometown friends and to spend time with her parents and older brother. Although she loved her whole family, she was really itching to spend some time alone with her father. So one day when her brother was already out with his friends and her mother announced she was going on what promised to be a long shopping trip, Lauren and her father shared a secret smile.

While her mother was getting ready to leave, Lauren was also getting ready. She fretted a little about what to wear, but eventually decided that an old standard would do just fine. So she put on a white button blouse, open just enough that the curve of her breasts was visible, and a short plaid skirt. She'd bought a really nice g-string and lacey bra while at school, but she decided to save them for a later occasion and just go without underwear today. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair beautifully framed her face, and her cute black glasses gave her the look of an inquisitive schoolgirl. Her breasts were full and womanly, but if you just looked at her sweet face she might pass for much younger. Yes, she was ready.

As soon as her mother's car left the driveway, Lauren came into her father's study. He was sitting behind his desk, busy with some paperwork. Oh, how she hoped he would like this outfit! But as soon as he looked up, his eyes brightened in a smile, and she knew she was dressed just right for him. Lauren blushed and looked down at her feet as she said, "Can I sit in your lap, Daddy?"

"Of course you can, Princess."

Lauren quickly settled in his broad lap, leaning her head against her daddy's shoulder while they wrapped their arms around each other. She breathed in his cologne and it was so sexy it made her dizzy. She smiled as her daddy gently nuzzled her neck, because it meant he was enjoying the perfume she was wearing for him. Lauren hugged her daddy close and squirmed in his lap. She could feel his hardness under her behind, and she was anxious for him to do something. She noticed that he was stealing glances at her breasts and at the outline of her hard nipples, pushing against her blouse. But he just kept holding her and gently rubbing her back. He could be such a tease sometimes!

Finally, Lauren cooed, "Daddy, my leg itches."

In a tone of mock surprise, he replied, "It does?"

When his hand touched her knee, Lauren gasped with anticipation. He started gently caressing her leg, just like they had done so many times before. And like the other times, she squirmed and bit her lip with excitement until she couldn't stand it anymore. Then she said, "It itches higher up, Daddy." Her face felt hot. She was so flushed with embarrassment at the way her daddy made her ask for this, but it was also very exciting. She was proud of what a skillful, experienced daddy she had, and how he knew just what to do to her.

His fingers were just barely slipping under the edge of her little skirt. They were so close now to where she really wanted them that Lauren was almost frantic. She spread her legs a little and groaned, "Higher, Daddy. Please. It really itches."

Her daddy chuckled as he slipped his hand under her skirt. He expertly found the hot wetness of her slit and the first stroke of his fingers made her jump with excitement. Lauren's breathing became deep and slow as her daddy skillfully caressed her pussy lips. She was about to beg him to touch her clit when he asked, "Why aren't you wearing any panties, young lady?"

Lauren tensed a little with excitement, because she knew what this meant. (Somehow this game never grew old, no matter how many times they had played it.) She unconvincingly replied, "Uhm, I lost them."

"You lost them?" he said incredulously. "Tell Daddy the truth."

Lauren turned her head up and licked his ear before whispering, "I'm sorry, Daddy, but I took them off before I came in here."

"Why did you do that?"

Once again, the tip of her long tongue flicked the side of her daddy's ear, and then she said, "Because I was hoping I could trick you into touching my pussy. I know I was bad to trick you, but don't you like my pussy?"

He moaned, "Yes. Nothing is as sexy as my daughter's sweet, juicy, bare pussy."

" So it's okay, isn't it Daddy?"

"No, Princess. You're making Daddy so excited that he wants to do bad things to you."

"You mean like the things you do to Mommy? I want those things too. It's not fair that only Mommy gets them. Aren't I your girl too?"

By this point, Lauren was grinding her ass frantically against her father's pants, pushing her skirt up around her waist, and her father was grinding back, while caressing her clit, obviously aching to take her completely. But he replied, "You know what kind of girls want to fuck their daddies? Sluts. You're a bad girl for being such a slut."

By this point, Lauren couldn't even pretend to be penitent. "Yes, Daddy! I'm your slut! Show me how you treat your little slut!"

He quickly flipped Lauren over on his lap so her ass was in the air. Giving it a quick swat, he ordered, "Tell me you're a whore!"

"I'm a whore!" Lauren sighed.

*swat* "Say it again!"

"I'm a whore!"

*swat* "Louder!" he demanded.

"I'm a whore! I'm Daddy's dirty little whore!"

With that, Lauren's daddy reached between her legs and shoved three fingers into her cunt. His fingers were big, hard and insistent, but it was just what Lauren craved. With his other hand, he reached around and fondled her ample tits, like they belonged to him.

"Thank you, Daddy!" Lauren moaned. "Thank you for showing me what a whore I am!"

Lauren's daddy briefly took his fingers out of her cunt and shoved them into her face, ordering, "Suck them clean!" She hungrily engulfed them, taking them all the way to the back of her throat, just like she had done to his cock many times before. Then he took them out and pounded them back into her cunt.

She could feel the orgasm building up inside her, and she knew that her father would gladly drive her right over the edge. But she wanted to show her daddy how much she loved him. So she said, "No, stop!"

At first, her daddy thought she was still playing, so he spanked her ass again and said, "Shut up and take it!"

But then she started to struggle more and said, "No, really, Daddy..."

Her daddy looked concerned as Lauren stood up from his lap. "Are you okay, Princess? Was I too rough?"

Lauren shook her head and smiled while she peeled off her blouse and skirt (which were barely hanging on to her by this point anyway). Then she said, "No, it was wonderful, Daddy. But this is the first time we've had sex in quite a while, and I want you to actually FUCK me, and not just make me cum."

Lauren's Daddy smiled mischievously at her. "You seem to be getting quite an attitude now that you've gone away to school, young lady. Do you think you have a right to tell your daddy how he can fuck you?"

She smirked back, "Well, I am a young woman now. And besides: you always said I could say No if I wanted to."

"And what if I don't want to fuck you?" he teased.

Lauren just smiled and showed off her body: caressing her full breasts, gently rubbing her wet, open slit, then turning around and jutting out her ass toward her father. "Oh, I think you want to," she whispered.

With that, Lauren's daddy jumped up and grabbed her by the hair, bending her roughly over his desk. "You're such a fucking whore!" he growled.

Lauren's face was pushed firmly but gently into the desk, and she heard the sound of her daddy unzipping his pants behind her. She was ready for the wonderful feeling of her daddy's cock in her wet, inviting pussy, but she started to breathe even faster as she felt her father pulling her ass cheeks open. He only took her there when she had earned a really hard and nasty fucking!

Lauren was one of the handful of girls who loved ass-fucking so much that they could take it without artificial lube. She knew it excited her daddy a lot that she craved his cock in her ass that much. But the initial thrust always hurt her a bit, even though it was a wonderful pain. So she tried to relax the sweet bud of her ass as she felt her daddy's cock push against it, and she let out a half-moan half-scream as he shoved it in and began pounding her ass.

Their voices alternated in rhythm with her daddy's powerful thrusts.

"Take it," her daddy moaned. "Take Daddy's hard cock in your tight little-girl ass!"

"Oh-god-yes, Daddy! Make it hurt! Show me that you own me!"

"Tell Daddy you love him!"

Lauren moaned out a word with every thrust of her daddy's wonderful cock: "I... love...you...Daddy... I...love...my...Daddy... in...my...tight...ass...."

Saying this pushed Lauren over the edge; she couldn't hold back the orgasm any more. It felt like she was cumming in every inch of her body. And as she came her ass gripped her father cock, making him orgasm too, and milking every sweet drop of daddy-cum out of his balls.

Lauren's father collapsed on top of her. She loved the heavy feeling of her Daddy on her back, and of his cum inside her. The two of them panted for a moment, both spent. But finally Lauren sighed, "I wish every daddy and daughter could be as lucky as we are."

Meanwhile, in a motel room a few miles away, an older woman's head was bobbing up and down as she sucked off a younger man. The young man had a good grip on the older woman's hair as he jerked it back and forth. But there was tenderness in his voice as he groaned, "I'm gonna cum, Mommy!" And Lauren's mother smiled as she hungrily swallowed her son's hot, sticky load.

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