tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLauren's Lesson Ch. 03

Lauren's Lesson Ch. 03


Lauren reluctantly signed her name to the contract, then handed me the pen and looked completely dejected.

"You've won." she said. "I have a lot of bills to cover, and you've beaten me."

"Miss Newell," I replied, "it isn't my job to beat you; only to keep you in your place."

"I don't know if I can do this!" Lauren burst out.

"You must," I answered, "or else you'll lose your job; then your loft and your car."

"You did this, didn't you?" Lauren demanded. "You set this all up."

"Mind your manners!" I demanded.

I yanked firmly on the chain leash, and Lauren shrieked in response.

"Did you do this to me, Sir?" she screamed. "Did you set me up to be your pet?"

I waited for several seconds, before replying.

"Someone did." I acknowledged. "The thing is, can you figure out who?"

"Was it you Sir?" Lauren pleaded. "Please answer me, if it was you. I deserve to know."

"Yes you do." I replied. "Yes, Miss Newell, it was me.

"You fucked me over about seven years ago. You took that promotion that belonged to me. I deserved it; I was here three years before you, but somehow, you got the position.

"Tell me, what did you do to Mrs. Caine?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Lauren said desperately.

"Oh yes you do." I sneered. "You ate her out, didn't you? You sucked that pussy and got promoted for it."


"Oh yes." I pushed. "You see, Mrs. Caine had a few underlings herself. How do you think I got my position now?"

Lauren paled.

"For me, it's cool." I continued. "I fucked the rich widow and got on the Board. You, on the other hand, ate her cunt and got nothing; except a bunch of embarrassing stuff, should this come out..."

"You son of a bitch!" Lauren screamed at me.

"Tone it down!" I commanded, as I pulled on her clit leash.

Lauren screamed in agony, as I tugged on the chain that hooked into her clitoris.

"Please Sir; please stop!" Lauren screamed.

I continued pulling on the leash; yanking the clit ring that kept her in line.

"Please Sir; I give up!" Lauren cried.

"Do you?" I asked doubtfully.

"Yes, I promise." Lauren conceded. "I will do whatever you want. Please, just pay me and let me keep my loft and car."

"Okay." I acknowledged. "I think you understand how things will play out, from here on out."

"Yes Sir."

"Good. Then you understand that you are under me."

"Yes Sir."

"I mean that literally, Miss Newell."

"Yes Sir. I will submit to you. I promise."

Lauren looked around.

"What is my first assignment, Sir?" she inquired.

"It depends on who summons you first." I replied. "Remember, your talents went out all over this building."

As if on cue, a message came over the public address.

"Miss Lauren Newell, please report to the third floor media center."

"There you go." I responded. "It looks like you're already in demand. Let me give those floppies a squeeze for good luck."

I reached out and fondled her droopy titties one more time.

"You know, Miss Newell," I called out, "I can be in charge of these dangly little teabags you call tits, if you want."

Lauren looked puzzled, but she would figure it out soon enough.


An hour later, Lauren returned. Her face reeked of dejection, and she approached me with her eyes fixed on the floor.

"Hey Little Miss Dangles!" I called out. "Go ahead and put me in my place. You have another assignment, by the way, The groundskeeper needs an assistant for an hour or so."

"I can't do that, Sir!" she exclaimed.

"You can't?" I inquired.

"No. No Sir; I can't! I can't be seen outside like this. Please give me a different assignment."

"Well then, it looks like you're out of a job. Pack your shit and get the f-"

"No!" Lauren screamed. "I can't; I can't."

She burst out sobbing, and I dropped my guard temporarily. For some reason, I actually felt sorry for the bitch. If this continued, however, I would need some counseling myself.

"On your knees, Bitch!" I demanded.

Lauren dropped to her knees, and cradled her tiny, floppy titties in her hands; holding them up to me.

"Are you joking?" I demanded.

"No Sir!" Lauren responded. "This is all I have, I promise!"

I shook my head in mock disgust.

"You are a disgrace to the modeling industry." I berated her. "Your tiny little, floppy, dangling, titties have embarrassed me to no end."

"I'm sorry!" Lauren apologized. "Please let me make it up to you."

"Too late." I replied.

"No! Please!" Lauren burst out. "Please Sir; I will suck your penis anytime you want it and swallow your seed. Please let me keep my job! Please let me be your whore, just don't make me go outside."

There it was!

Lauren could have asked for anything. What mattered in the end though, was her offer to be my whore.

"Miss Newell," I responded, "your actions have been anything but professional. Never in my career, have I seen someone so eager to fuck her boss to get out of a little yard work, which, by the way, you are excused from."

"But it wasn't my fault!" Lauren protested. "You know that."

"Miss Newell." I said strongly. "You are trying my patience. Now go home before I change my mind."

At that moment, it all dawned on her.

"Yes Sir." Lauren replied. "I will report for work tomorrow, wearing nothing but these shoes and gloves."

"Before you go," I said, "there is something else I want you to do for me."

"Would you like another blowjob?" she inquired.

"Not this time." I replied. "Although I loved that one you gave me earlier, so any time you are in my office, your teeth are to be removed, understand?"

Lauren nodded.

"What is it, you wish me to do for you, Sir?" she asked.

"Those gloves look absolutely enthralling." I explained. "I want you to wrap your fist around my cock and give me a handjob."

"Yes Sir." Lauren said with a smile. "I'd love to jerk you off."

Her fingers wrapped around my cock and tugged rhythmically, and it felt wonderful. Before long, I knew I was going to shoot my load all over her face. I played with her tits as my orgasm built.

"I want to cum on your face." I instructed.

Lauren leaned in, and my sperm exploded onto her face. She stopped jerking on my cock, and licked my cum from her lips as it ran down her face and into her mouth.

"Did that feel good, Sir?" she inquired.

I continued tugging on her soft, floppy tits for a minute and smiled.

"Yes, Lauren." I replied. "It felt wonderful. Now go home."

"Do you have a towel?"

"Get out!" I roared.

Lauren backed out of the office, wiping her hands across her face and onto her legs as she headed for the elevator.


The next morning, everyone arrived early to witness Lauren's first official day as a nude helper. She exited her car wearing a long coat, and walked across the parking lot. As she neared the building, Lauren glanced up and was stunned to see every window crammed full of faces. She dropped her gaze dejectedly and entered the front door. In a few seconds, everyone abandoned the windows and crammed onto the balconies overlooking the atrium.

Lauren stopped at the security desk, and the guard held his hand out. She bit her lower lip, choking back tears, and opened her coat. Lauren then slid the coat off her shoulders and handed it to the guard, who nodded for her to proceed.

A thundering round of applause exploded, filling the atrium, and Lauren looked absolutely humiliated, as she walked completely nude to the elevator. I greeted her as the doors opened, and clipped the leash to her clit ring.

"Good morning, Miss Newell!" I said enthusiastically. "It certainly looks as though you're the most popular employee here today for some reason. Have you done something different with your hair?"

Lauren burst into tears, and I led her past dozens of employees who lined the hallway. They all cheered and clapped as she passed, making her cry even harder.

"Love those teabag titties!" someone hollered. "Give 'em a squeeze for me, Boss!"

I spun Lauren around, and cupped her tiny pancake tits in my hands, kneading them viciously, and pulling on them.

"Please stop!" Lauren begged. "Please Sir; please stop!"

I turned and pulled on the leash, causing Lauren to follow me, and we entered my office. I shut the door and addressed the little bitch.

"Well, Little Miss Dangles," I said, "welcome to your first day at your new job."

Lauren stared at me, unsure what to say or do.

"What is your first rule whenever you enter my office?" I demanded.

She removed her teeth and set them on my desk.

"You have an excellent memory!" I congratulated her.

"Fank you, Fir." she responded, her speech impeded by her lack of teeth.

"Put them back in for now." I instructed her. "I have a present for you."

"A present?" Lauren inquired.

"Yes, as in a gift." I replied in an irritated tone.

"I didn't mean it like that, Sir!" Lauren blurted. "I only meant that I was surprised."

"Well, you won't be surprised for long." I responded, handing her a wrapped package. "Go ahead and open it."

Lauren actually seemed eager, as she tore the paper from the colorfully-wrapped package. She opened the cardboard box and peered inside. Her look of hope suddenly turned to dismay, as she gazed at the contents inside.

"Go ahead." I encouraged. "Put it on."

Lauren removed the object, staring at it for several seconds, and then looked at me imploringly.

"You want me to wear this, don't you?" she asked softly.

"While you are here at work, yes." I replied. "Consider it part of your uniform. I had that made up especially for you."

Lauren held the present – a tiara – in her hands, and looked at it. It was an exact replica of the Miss Universe tiara; in fact it, it really wasn't even a replica at all. The company that made the tiaras for the contest was local, and I had commissioned them to make another with a custom title.

Lauren slowly put the tiara on her head and looked at me.

I nodded in approval and beamed.

"It looks beautiful." I said with a smile. "It's totally you."

Lauren slowly turned her gaze toward the wall mirror positioned above a potted plant, and looked at her reflection. She closed her eyes in shame at the sight, and I put my arm around her reassuringly.

"Come now, Miss Newell." I admonished her. "I spent a lot of money on that crown. The least you can do is to be appreciative of your job here, and thank me for this beautiful gift. After all - until now - only the prettiest woman in the world was allowed to wear that headpiece."

"But the title!-" Lauren protested.

"Is totally you." I interrupted. "Now, you need to acknowledge your position with this company. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but it is you. You will wear it, along with your heels and gloves, as part of your new dress code. Do you understand?"

Lauren looked at me for several seconds, and swallowed hard.

"Yes Sir." she replied. "I understand."

"Good!" I replied. "This is exactly why I pushed so hard, to keep you on board."

Lauren looked at her reflection again, and I walked up behind her, cupping her ridiculously tiny and floppy tits in my hands.

"Say it!" I snarled, as she looked at herself in the mirror. "Say it!"

"Miss Dangles!" Lauren burst out.

"Say it again!" I demanded.

"Miss Dangles!" she cried. "Oh God; Miss Dangles, Miss Dangles, I'm Little Miss fucking Dangles!"

She burst into tears once again, and I felt a tinge of something upon my psyche, that I had never felt before.

Some might call it remorse; others might call it guilt, but at the same time, I called it satisfaction.

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