tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLauren's Lesson Ch. 12

Lauren's Lesson Ch. 12


Lauren's Lesson Ch. 12; the Honeymoon, part 5
Let the Games Begin!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our emcees of the 'Little Miss Dangles' contest this afternoon!" A clothed Kitty Cutler's voice boomed across the resort. "Please welcome Jack... and... Laur-ennn!"

A chorus of whistles, shouts and applause erupted, as Lauren and I entered the outdoor stage from both sides with separate mics and met in the middle.

"Hello Hedonism!" Lauren called out enthusiastically, as she paused and turned sideways so that the crowd could see her swollen belly.

A fanatic roar burst from the crowd in response. There had to be at least two thousand people present, and I could only wonder where they had all come from. These contests were getting pretty popular in the Caribbean resorts, but this was the first time that the real Jack and Lauren were present, let alone hosting the damned thing, so the turnout was respectable to say the least.

"How is everyone today?" Lauren continued, as she turned in the other direction.

Another roar overwhelmed her voice, and I cut in.

"What?!" I hollered. "You call that a response? I want them to hear us in Barbados, for Christ's sake!"

The din was incredible, and I looked at my wife and smiled.

"That's more like it!" Lauren screamed. "Now I can fucking hear you!"

It was evident that she was enjoying this way too much; or at least what would have been way too much a month ago. Today was different, however, and I was very proud of my wife. She loved the attention, and what had once embarrassed and terrified her, now turned her on. She was a star, and she was getting off on it. Even more importantly, I would be getting off on her later on.

"We are both humbled and honored to be part of this event today." I said, as the din died down. "Until three days ago, we had no idea that these contests were even going on, and today, we are proud to be a part of this one.

"Ladies, you know the rules. You will each come onstage, pardon the pun, and either perform some sort of skit or act that results in a genuine orgasm. You will be judged in three categories: Breasts, originality of orgasmic stimulation and intensity of orgasm."

Five contestants lined up just offstage, and the first appeared onstage completely nude. She was blonde and had her tits airbrushed like Lauren's. She produced a stun gun and pressed it between her legs. There was a loud crackling pop, and she dropped to her knees in response, groaning in agony and ecstasy. A second discharge resulted in a visible discharge from her cunt, and the audience applauded. The sadomasochistic woman smiled weakly and staggered to her feet, waving to the crowd.

The second contestant walked onto the stage wearing a wedding dress, white gloves and heels just as Lauren had the very first time she was stripped of her clothes in public. With a violent tug, she ripped the dress from her body and flung it out into the crowd. She then proceeded to crawl around on her hands and knees, letting her tits dangle as she shoved a vibrator inside her cunt. She howled in pleasure, although no visible orgasm could be seen.

Contestant #3 was a small Asian woman with no tits, no airbrushing, no dress and no imagination whatsoever. She simply spread her legs and rubbed herself until she came. Her orgasm, however, was incredible. She sprayed no less than five feet in a cloud of cum that not only rivaled Lauren's sunset orgasm, but quite possibly surpassed it. What would have otherwise been polite applause for a simple exhibitionist masturbation session, now turned serious as she left the stage.

Contestant #4 had the longest, thinnest tits I had ever seen. Her labia also seemed to be incredibly long, and it soon became obvious as to why. She pulled her lips and let the skin stretch out, then tied not one, but two knots in her cunt lips! She inserted a vibrator through the labial knot before sliding it inside her cunt, which held it in place, and wandered the stage until she attained orgasm.

The fifth contestant was almost a dead ringer for Lauren, with teabag-decorated tits and a clit ring. The crowd went wild, as she clipped a leash through the ring and began pulling on it rhythmically. Within three minutes her mouth opened and she screamed "I'm your fucking whore!" at the top of her lungs, before collapsing to the stage amidst a series of squirting orgasms.

Even Lauren and I began clapping our hands enthusiastically at the final entry's performance. There was no disputing the judges' call of her as the overall winner, and she smiled broadly as she returned to the stage to receive her crown, cash prize and the opportunity to meet Lauren and myself in person.

"You were parodying me, but you were awesome!" Lauren said with a smile. "Congratulations, Honey."

"Thank you." the woman replied. "And my name is Jenna."

Up close she didn't really resemble my wife at all, but the impersonation was still obvious.

"You were great!" I congratulated her. "Nice job."

"Would you do a skit with me?" the woman inquired timidly.

"Sure," I replied, shrugging my shoulders. "Like what?"

"Would you call me your whore and put the leash on me and drag me around?"

I glanced at Lauren, who giggled and nodded.

"Go ahead, Sweetie." she encouraged.

I reached out and squeezed Jenna's tits in my hands, fondling them vigorously for several seconds.

"Did you like that, Whore?" I inquired.

The woman nodded in reply.

"Oh yes, Sir. A whore loves anything her master does to her."

"You want to be my whore?"

"Oh yes, Master! I want to be your dirty little fucking whore!" she moaned, reaching between her legs and sliding three fingers into her relaxed cunt.

I clipped the leash to her clit ring and tugged gently, encouraging my little fan to come with me, but she didn't budge.

"Pull harder." she instructed. "Oh Master, pull until I cum."

I pulled with greater force on the leash until I felt as though I were really hurting her. I wanted to stop, but Jenna sensed my concerns and cut in.

"Don't... stop... Master." she begged breathlessly. "I'm... going... to... oh shit, cuuum."

She sighed blissfully as a steady stream poured from her cunt and she dropped to her knees.

"Oh Master," she moaned. "It's a dream come true. Thank you."

Jenna didn't even bother to pick the leash up. She just walked offstage, letting it drag along behind her. Once she reached the crowd, someone else picked it up and led her away, presumably to engage in some shared orgasms, but that was none of my concern.

I regained my composure and addressed the crowd again.

"Wow, that was some performance!" I said with great gusto. "Let's hear it for Jenna!"

I waited for the applause to die down and continued.

"And now for the event most of you were probably waiting for-" I began.

I was immediately drowned out by the zealous roar of the attendees. Slowly, a distinctive chant arose from the chaos, until everyone was chiming in unison.

"Dang-gles! Dang-gles! Dang-gles!"

I looked at my wife; so beautiful in her pregnancy and public nudity, and smiled warmly. Lauren smiled back and nodded. It was time to complete the mission that we had signed on for.

"Here she is..." I continued, "the Damsel of Dangles, the Nympho of Nudity, the Queen of Cum; my lovely and pregnant pet, Laur-en!"

Everyone jumped to their feet, cheering her on as she smiled and waited for the din to die down.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "Thank you all so much for that warm welcome. How many of you guys out there would like to fuck me right now?"

There wasn't much of a reduction in the response, and I figured quite a lot of women were yelling too. I must admit that I was rather surprised to hear my wife carrying on this way, and I really hoped that she was merely playing to the audience and not being genuine. At that point, I actually felt a tinge of jealousy, as I realized that there were literally thousands of people out there who wanted to fuck my pregnant wife!

"Ooh, that's what I thought." she responded. "Thank you. I'd love to fuck each and every one of you, but unfortunately, that honor is reserved for one man-"

A small chorus of boos went up, but Lauren continued.

"And every woman out there!"

The boos stopped immediately, and cheers and whistles were heard once again.

"I love you all, but my heart is reserved for Jack. Through him, however, each and every one of you can experience the same sensation that he and I will feel on this stage."

"You lucky bastard!" someone hollered, and a quick wave of laughter swept over the audience.

"As you watch us," Lauren resumed, "I invite all of you to masturbate openly and without any inhibition and to share in our mutual pleasure."

She settled onto the Sybian and cupped her swollen, milk-filled tits in her hands.

"Welcome to Cumfest!"

I switched the giant vibrator on and decided to let Lauren experience her first orgasm solo. One of the cameramen darted onstage and zoomed in on my wife as she started to rock back and forth in pleasure.

"Oh shit." she moaned. "Holy shit, this feels so fucking good! Oh my god! Oh my fucking god, I'm going to cum! Oh Jack, this one feels different! Why are my titties tingling? Oh Fuck! Fuuuuuuck!"

I stared in silent fascination, as milk began to trickle from Lauren's tits. They were tiny streams at first, but increased to a steady gush as her orgasm crested.

Three streams erupted from my wife's body simultaneously, and the entire crowd went wild. No longer was Lauren just squirting from her cunt when she came, but she was spraying milk like a Jersey cow at the same time. I didn't even want a gumjob at that point; I just wanted to fuck the bitch right then and there, but we had certain obligations to adhere to, and I had to follow them.

"Teeth!" I hollered.

Lauren took her dentures out and tossed them to one side as I stood in front of her. Her warm, wet, toothless mouth engulfed my penis and her gums massaged it exquisitely, as she sucked and gummed me at the same time. I could hear her gearing up for another squirt session and it was all I could take. My balls released and I pulled my cock out of her mouth, ejaculating all over her face as she sprayed my thighs with her warm mother's milk, and my shins with cum.

I dropped to the stage and reached over to the Sybian, barely managing to turn it off. Lauren slipped off the saddle and plopped down next to me, panting heavily. Neither one of us could find a mic, but Kitty suddenly appeared from nowhere and took over. This time, she was nude as well, and addressed the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been my pleasure to bring you Jack and Lauren in person, to the first official Cumfest. Give them thirty minutes to clean up, and they will be ready to sign autographs for all of you."


"I'm exhausted!" Lauren groaned, as we tumbled into bed. "I sure hope it was worth it."

"We'll know shortly." I replied. "Kitty's going to give us the numbers as soon as she gets everything tallied and deposited."

"Do you really think we should do this, Sir?" Lauren inquired. "I mean, is it really worth it, cumming onstage and all?"

Since we'd gotten married, anytime Lauren called me "Sir," it was a genuine application of respect. Her question meant that she truly sought my guidance and would do whatever I decided was right.

"Let's see what Kitty says." I answered. "We made fifteen grand apiece the other day. That's like seven weeks at Nordic for me, and yours is just plain gravy. Where the hell are we going to make that much money anywhere else, unless we sell drugs?

"At that rate, in eight workdays, I'll have tied a year's salary at Nordic. I'm all for that."

There was a knock on the door, and I peeked through the peephole to see Kitty. I opened the door and she rushed in.

"Oh my god!" she gushed. "Oh my fucking god! You two are going to make me rich!"

"I'm thinking this is a good sign?" I inquired.

"Just the ticket sales alone totaled 125 grand." Kitty stated. "Five thousand people showed up today, Jack. Then, we added the meet-and-greet autograph session shit on top of that."

"So what are the numbers, Kitty?" I asked. "I'm tired. I can't think straight, and I sure as hell can't add."

"I just authorized the deposit of fifty thousand dollars into each of your bank accounts."

There was a moment of silence as Lauren and I let this sink in.

"Sir...?" Lauren prodded.

"Fuck if I know." I replied. "Let her talk!"

"We can do one of these a week." Kitty continued. "As we hit bigger venues, we'll get bigger audiences and the ticket prices will go up. That's not even taking into consideration, the TV show."

"I'd forgotten about that." I admitted.

"Sir...?" Lauren interjected for a second time.

"You two are gold right now." Kitty exclaimed. "We should be able to get a quarter mil an episode."

"A quarter mil?" I echoed, "Holy shit!"

"Sir!" Lauren shrieked.

"Oh for Christ's sake, what is it, Lauren?" I demanded.

"I-I think, I mean, I know..."

"Know what?" I prodded.

"Chicken butt." Kitty chimed in.

"What is that smell?" I inquired, wrinkling my nose and ignoring Kitty's childish response.

"That's what I'm trying to tell you, Sir!" Lauren wailed. "My water just broke."

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