tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLauren's Lesson Ch. 13

Lauren's Lesson Ch. 13


"I guess this puts a crimp in our plans, now?" I inquired of Kitty, as Lauren was admitted to the ship's infirmary.

"Not at all!" she exclaimed.

As if on cue, two camera crews arrived, and Kitty pointed.

"Get in there and film it." she instructed. "I want multiple angles, and I want one right up her cunt when that kid pops out, got it?"

"Are you serious?" I demanded.

"Jack," Kitty said soothingly, "try and relax. This scene could be worth millions in royalties."

"Millions?" I echoed doubtfully.

"Have you ever heard of orgasmic childbirth?" Kitty asked.

"No." I admitted. "What is it?"

"It's when a woman cums during the birthing process." Kitty explained. "It was discovered accidentally as an occasional natural occurrence, and then someone got the bright idea to induce it on purpose. It replaces pain with pleasure, and makes the whole ordeal gratifying.

"Imagine the joy of bringing a child into this world while experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm at the same time. We want that look on her face, Jack. We want that look, we want that sound, and we want that money shot. Yes or no?"

"Go for it." I responded.

"Then get in there with a vibrator." Kitty instructed. "She's liable to drop that thing at any minute."

One of the nurses returned with a monster vibrator with a huge head on it. Kitty nodded her approval.

"Put that on her clit and make her cum!"

The nurse moved in and pressed the vibrator against Lauren's clit. My wife sighed blissfully, as the nurse continued the pressure.

"Does that feel good?" the nurse inquired.

Lauren nodded and smiled.

"Yes." she replied. "Pleasure with the pain. I love it."

Kitty motioned for the cameraman to move in.

"Get that look on her face." Kitty instructed. "I want screams of joy along with the pain."

The nurse continued her vibrating masturbation on my wife's clit, and Lauren moaned in pleasure. Droplets of white liquid appeared on her nipples, and slowly dripped off.

"Oh, it feels so good!" Lauren gushed. "I never knew that having a baby could feel so good."

The droplets of milk on her nipples began dripping faster and faster, until they turned into solid streams that arced high into the air. The nurse pressed the vibrator even tighter on Lauren's clit, and she began squirming in sheer ecstasy.

"I'm going to cum!" Lauren shrieked.

"The baby's coming too!" the nurse called out.

Milk streamed from Lauren's nipples, shooting jets of creamy white liquid all over the bed, as her body convulsed in multiple orgasms.

"Oh God, it hurts so good!" she screamed, as the baby's head emerged from her enlarged cunt.

"Are you getting this?! Kitty hollered, as the nurse backed away.

A steady stream of white liquid shot out of Lauren's cunt as the baby popped out.

"Oh God!" Lauren screamed again. "Oh God, this hurts so fucking good!"

The doctor took the baby, and the nurse moved back in, placing the vibrator against my whore of a wife's cunt. Lauren continued to climax time and again, spraying her cum all over the bed, as jets of milk continued to erupt from her nipples like twin geysers.

After several minutes, Lauren's orgasms subsided; as did the milk showers from her nipples, which left her breathless and panting.

"Oh Sir," she gasped, "it felt so good. My cunt is so sore, but it still felt so good! I never though childbirth could feel so good!"

I looked at Kitty.

"You got all of this?" I asked.

"Hell fucking yeah!" Kitty shouted enthusiastically. "We got it all on cam! Once this goes out, every woman in the civilized world is going to want to give birth like this. Son of a bitch Lauren, you soaked the fucking sheets with milk and cum!"

I smiled, as I looked directly into the camera.

"That's my whore!"

"Congratulations, Jack!" the doctor said with a grin, as he approached me with a bundled up newborn. "You've got a junior on your hands."

"Jack Jr.!" I repeated enthusiastically.

"Don't even think about it!" Lauren moaned. "We are not calling our son, JJ!"

"How about, 'Lucky' then?" I inquired.


"Have you forgotten about what we were discussing when this whole thing started? He's two minutes old and he's already on his way to becoming a millionaire."

Lauren sighed.

"Junior's fine. Where's Kitty?"

"Right here. We got the whole thing on video. It was incredible, Lauren. The look on your face, and that squirting orgasm that fogged the camera just as the baby came out. It was priceless."

"Not priceless." Lauren responded.

Kitty paled.

"What do you mean?"

Lauren took a deep breath and replied.

"I mean, Kitty, that there is nothing in this world that can come close to equaling the value of bringing a child into this world."

Kitty gulped, and my heart raced as my wife continued.

"How can you put a price on a new life?"

There was an uncomfortable silence and Kitty finally answered.

"You can't."

"Exactly." Lauren replied. "Which is why I have decided to..."

My heart sank and Kitty looked dejected, as we waited for the rest of Lauren's answer.

"...let you know that you'd better have an audience ready in two weeks. Psych! This was fucking incredible. To induce an orgasm while birthing my son was brilliant."

Lauren looked at me intently.

"You'd better be glad my cunt is sore right now." she informed me. "Because when it feels better, you are going to fuck me until I bleed or you do; whichever 'comes' first."

She looked directly into one of the cameras.

"And I want it all on film!" she burst out. "Oh yeah, you've got yourselves a fuck star now!"

There was a knock at the door, and Captain Yärrells stuck his head in as Kitty excused herself and left.

"Congratulations!" he exclaimed. "I just want you to know that your stateroom has been reserved for you again for the next voyage. There is no way I'm going to let you off of this ship, and this one is on the house."

"Why thank you." I replied. "That is very kind of you."

"Oh, think nothing of it." Captain Yärrells said with a wave of his hand. "All I ask is a small favor in return."

With that, Lauren removed her teeth, as if on cue.

"Um, that um, that's not what I meant." the captain stammered. "I'm sure that would be wonderful, but I just wanted a picture of me standing next to you and holding the Little One."

"Aw crap!" Lauren burst out, looking at me in exasperation, as I erupted into a fit of hilarious laughter. "I did it again, Sir!"

"You seem to have a knack for that lately." I replied. "Get some rest. I'm going to go unwind. When you wake up, you can introduce me to our son."

I left the captain with my wife and headed for Kitty's cabin to seek some relief myself. As I raised my hand to knock on her door, I was aware of multiple grunts and groans from within. I lowered my hand and headed for the Crow's Nest instead; the bar on the top level all the way forward.

It was after midnight, and I was the only patron in the entire establishment. I ordered vodka and Coke, and settled into a comfortable seat facing forward. It was dark, so there was nothing to see, but it somehow reminded me of an Alaskan cruise I had taken years earlier, where the midnight sun kept the waters illuminated with a ghostly purple hue from midnight to 3:00 AM.

"Hey there." a female voice said quietly from behind.

I turned to see the actress who was portraying Julie, smiling at me.

"I heard." she said with a smile. "Congratulations."

I giggle-snorted in reply and took several swallows of my drink.

"You're upset, aren't you?" Julie inquired. "This isn't like you."

I took another gulp before answering her.

"Two days ago, I made fifteen thousand dollars in one afternoon." I finally offered. "Yesterday, I made another fifty. My wife did the same. Together, we cleared 130 grand in two days. Not bad, huh?"

"Not at all." 'Julie' replied. "So, what's the problem?"

"I don't know." I said with a shrug. "I really don't know. I just had a son and I'm ecstatic about that, yet at the same time, I'm bummed. I don't get it."

"It's called postpartum depression." 'Julie' explained. "And it's a malady of the mother, not the father."

She started to laugh, and at first I was annoyed, but as I looked at all the facts, I realized just how stupid I'd been.

"May I sit?" she inquired.

I waved my hand in reply and she sat next to me at the table.

"Sorry Julie." I apologized. "Hell, that's not even your name. I don't even know your real name."

"Bonnie." she replied. "And don't worry about it. People call me that so much now that I respond to it. From what I hear, it's pretty common for TV actors and actresses to get called by their character names, so I'd better get used to it.

"You're lucky. Everyone knows your real name; at least your first name, anyway. You're 'Jack;' like 'Cher' or 'Madonna.' There's only one of you."

"I suppose." I acknowledged. "I never thought of it that way, I guess."

"What's really bothering you?" she inquired. "Are your balls turning blue already?"

"A little," I replied honestly, "but it's more than that. I guess I'm kind of scared of being a father.

"That's not uncommon." Bonnie responded. "It's a huge step forward. Now as to that other thing, wanna go for a walk with me?"

I finished my drink and nodded.

"Sure, why not. The air might do me some good."

I followed Bonnie onto the deck and placed my arm around her slim waist. She smiled, and we proceeded along in the moonlight. The air was pleasantly cool for the Caribbean summer, and the breeze created by the moving ship increased it.

"Would you like to go for a swim?" Bonnie asked.

I was a little surprised as she was wearing a dress, but I suspected she planned on taking it off, and I was still aroused from Lauren's screaming orgasms.

"Sure." I replied.

Bonnie pulled her dress off and laid it on one of the deck chairs. This was quickly followed by her bra and panties. He breasts were larger than I had imagined, and I began to stiffen as I undressed as well.

We both slipped into the cool, clear water of the pool and began treading water. Bonnie's tits were actually floating, and I became very aroused at the sight of her nude body. I moved in and embraced her, slipping my tongue into her mouth.

"Fuck me." Bonnie moaned. "Please?"

I needed no further encouragement. I moved in between her legs and slid my cock into her cunt.

"That's it." Bonnie sighed. "Give me some of what you've been giving her. I want to know what it's like."

We were weightless in the water, so I decided to try something new. I clamped my hands around Bonnie's lovely tits, and used them for handles as I pulled myself back and forth, slamming my cock into her cunt. Bonnie grunted in pleasure, as I continued to fuck her.

"Oh Jack, that feels so good!" she moaned. "Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me! I love the way you're pulling on my tits like that. It's so hot!"

I continued humping her, and I could feel her nails digging into my shoulders.

"Oh yes!" she panted. "It's so long! I can feel it pushing past my cervix. Oh Jack, cum in my cunt and knock me up like a little whore!"

"You want to be my little whore?" I gasped.

"Yes! I want to be your little whore and your personal fuck toy! Fuck me! Fuck me and squirt your cum inside my hot cunt!" she screamed. "Cum in my cunt and knock me up!"

I was past the point of no return, and I groaned in ecstasy as I shot spurt after spurt of thick cum deep inside Bonnie's belly. I released her tits and slid backward through the water, finally gaining a foothold on the bottom of the pool.

"Oh my god." Bonnie gasped. "That felt so fucking good. I know why she married you now. Holy shit, I felt it hit the back of my uterus."

"Thank you." I replied.

"No!" Bonnie retorted. "Thank YOU! If you ever get divorced, you call me, you understand? You call me!"


The following morning, I checked in on Lauren. She was busy feeding the baby and she smiled as I entered the room.

"Did you get some rest?" she inquired.

I nodded.

"Yes," I replied, "and you?"

"Not much." she replied. "I was so excited. I just kept looking at him; at our son."

I looked at the baby, who busily suckling on one of my wife's nipples, then at her other tit. They had already begun swelling with milk, and had only gotten longer. They were no longer flat and tiny, but now round and elongated, like soft, fleshy tubes. Her tits now resembled puffy bratwursts, rather than the teabags she was so famous for.

"Damn, your titties are hot!" I exclaimed softly.

"Wishing you could nurse on me too?" Lauren inquired with a smile.

I nodded in reply, as I felt my cock stiffening.

"You're making colostrum now," I responded, "but as soon as they start producing real milk, I want to suck them dry."

Lauren smiled.

"Ooh, I'd love that!" she exclaimed. "Speaking of sucking things dry, why don't you let me do that to you?"

"You bet!" I said with a smile. "Take your teeth out."

Lauren nodded, and removed her dentures as I unzipped my pants. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself in front of her as she set the baby down.

"Mmm, I lub vat big dick of yourv." she mumbled, as her warm wet mouth engulfed my penis. "Pfoot that big load down my froat."

I smiled as Lauren's smooth gums slid up and down the shaft of my dick, sucking it exquisitely.

"Mmm, that's it." I said softly. "I love the way you suck my penis, Baby."

Lauren continued sucking my penis, and gently played with my balls.

"That's it, Lauren." I moaned. "Don't stop. That's it! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming in your mouth! Oh god, Baby; swallow it! Oh fuck, swallow my cum!"

I groaned in ecstasy as I ejaculated in my wife's toothless mouth.

"Oh shit!" I panted. "God damn it, I'll never get tired of that."

"Did vat feel good, Fir?" Lauren inquired, as she reached for her teeth.

"You know it did!" I exclaimed breathlessly. "You are the best!"

Lauren popped her teeth back in and smiled.


She yawned and stretched, and then looked around the room.

"Doctor Bricker says I should be able to have sex in three days or so." she informed me. "You'd better be ready."

"I will." I replied. "Is it all stretched out?"

"Why don't you look for yourself?" Lauren retorted, as she pulled the covers back.

She spread her legs, and I got a good look at her gaping cunt. I reached out and gingerly touched her clit.

"Does that hurt?"

"No, it feels good. Rub it for me, please." Lauren begged.

I began rubbing my index finger over her love button, and Lauren sighed blissfully.

"That feels so good, Sir." she said dreamily. "Put your fingers in me, please."

"Are you sure?" I inquired dubiously. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't." Lauren promised. "If it hurts, I'll let you know."

"Okay." I replied, as I slid my middle and ring fingers into her loose cunt.

I finger fucked her for a minute or so, before I requested feedback.

"How is that?" I asked.

"More." she responded. "Put as much in me as you can."

I withdrew my fingers and bunched them together, and then slowly inserted them into my wife's cunt.

"That's it!" Lauren exclaimed. "More! I want more!"

I slid my fingers all the way to my knuckles, and then slowly pushed my hand into her cunt.

"That feels good!" my wife burst out. "Push it in. I can take it!"

I slid my entire hand into Lauren's cunt, and felt it gripping me as I pushed further in. I could feel her pelvis on either side of my hand as I thrust it deep inside of her cunt. I continued sliding my hand in, and before I knew it, my forearm was engulfed by her cunt. I wiggled my fingers, and I was surprised to feel what seemed to be the walls of her uterus.

"Make a fist!" Lauren demanded. "You know what to do!"

I clenched my fingers into a fist and slid my hand all the way in, until my elbow touched my wife's thighs. I then retracted my fist until it was almost about to pop out, and repeated the process, sliding my fist in and out of her cunt.

"Is that what you want, Bitch?" I snarled. "You want me to fist fuck you?"

"Yes Sir!" Lauren cried. "Your fist is filling my cunt so full. Don't stop Sir! Fist fuck me and make me cum! Oh shit! I'm going to cum!"

Milk was streaming from my whore of a wife's nipples, and she began writhing in sheer ecstasy as her orgasm crested, showering me with mother's milk and warm cunt ejaculate.

"Oh Sir..." Lauren squeaked, "oh Sir... I love you so much."

I pulled my fist from my wife's gaping cunt and smiled.

"How was it?"

"Oh my god, how do you think it was?" Lauren cried. "It was wonderful! I've never had a fist up inside of me before; it was too tight. I want to keep it loose, Sir. May I? Do I have to do those exercises to tighten back up?"

"Not if you don't want to." I said with a smile. "If having a loose cunt to fist you is what you want, I'm all up for it."

"Oh thank you Sir!"

Lauren threw her arms around me and gave me a huge hug.

"I love you so much!" she exclaimed.

"I love you too, Dangles." I replied.

Lauren smiled.

"You haven't called me that in a while." she said wistfully. "I've missed it."

"I'll be sure to call you that more often." I promised. "By the way, since you just took my fist and half of my arm, I think you're ready for sex again."

"You're right!" Lauren beamed. "It didn't hurt that bad and the pain was definitely worth the pleasure."

We were interrupted by a knock on the door, and the same nurse who had applied the vibrator to Lauren's clit during the birth entered.

"Is everything okay?" she inquired. "I heard screaming and- oh my god! What the hell happened in here?"

"Umm, my wife made a bit of a mess." I explained.

"I can see that!" the nurse burst out. "My god, how many gallons do you squirt when you cum? Get out of that bed so I can get it cleaned up. It's a darn good thing we use plastic sheets on these beds for patients who can't control their bladders."

"Or their udders." I giggled.

The nurse glared at me, as Lauren got out of the bed and stood in front of us completely nude; milk and cum running down her body and dripping onto the floor.

"Out!" she ordered. "This is all your fault."

"Only partially." I replied. "My wife is the one who made the mess, not me."

"I'm fairly certain you're the one who caused her to make the mess." the nurse retorted. "What the hell did you do to her?"

"Stop by Suite 270 when you're finished in here and I'll be glad to show you." I said with a smile.

The nurse's gaze softened and she looked at Lauren.

"Is he being serious?"

My wife nodded and grinned broadly, as she squeezed her tits and pulled on her engorged nipples, causing them to squirt again.

"Why don't you drop in and find out?" she responded. "Damn this feels good!"

"And you're okay with that?" the nurse asked incredulously.

"I love my husband very much." Lauren explained, as she continued squirting streams of milk from her long, skinny tits. "He makes me feel wonderful and he loves me very much. I don't mind sharing his talents as long as he is good to me, which he is. You made my cunt feel wonderful when I was having the baby and I think you liked it too. Let Jack make you feel the same way. Maybe later on, we can share him together. I think you'll really like that."

The nurse nodded.

"I think you're right." she agreed, turning to face me. "My name is Grace. I'll be there in an hour, if that's okay."

"That's fine. I'll be looking forward to it." I replied. "Bring that vibrator you used on my wife during childbirth too. I'll put it to good use on you. By the way, make sure you're on the Pill."

Grace looked puzzled.


"Because he has a habit of knocking women up on the first fuck." Lauren giggled. "So unless you want a nice round pregnant belly, I'd suggest you get the morning after pill if you aren't already on birth control."

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