tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLauren's Lesson Ch. 14

Lauren's Lesson Ch. 14


I smiled, as I heard the expected knock on the cabin door. I opened it and to my delight found not only my gorgeous, unclothed wife, but Nurse Grace standing next to her as well.

"Surprise Sir!" Lauren exclaimed as they entered the cabin. "I brought you a present."

"I see that." I responded with a smile, as Lauren closed the door and locked it. "My very own Florence Nightingale. I'm glad you decided to drop by, Grace."

Grace smiled nervously and nodded.

"Me too." she replied. "Are we ready to play doctor?"

"You bet." I said with a smile, as I reached out and squeezed her tits firmly through her uniform. "And the doctor gets to undress the nurse."

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, revealing her snow white belly and the lacy white bra covering her firm, round boobs. Lauren approached Grace from behind and pulled her top back and slid it off her body. She then unfastened the nurse's bra and let it fall to the floor.

Lauren began feeling Grace's tits from behind, squeezing and kneading them in her hands as I pulled her skirt down. Grace stepped out of her skirt, and then her matching white lace panties as I slid them off her hips as well. I stood and took over the tit squeezing from my wife for a few minutes, before leading her to the bed.

"Sit on the bed with your back against the wall." I instructed.

Grace did as she was told, and Lauren and I sat on either side of her. We each took one of the nurse's nipples into our mouths and began sucking her gorgeous young tits. Grace smiled and sighed blissfully, as my bisexual wife and I suckled her for several minutes.

"Now lay down with your head on the pillow and get comfortable." I said gently. "Lauren has a surprise for you."

Grace nodded and slid down on the bed as my wife moved in between her legs and buried her face between the woman's thighs.

"I've never been with another woman before." she said nervously.

"This is her way of thanking you for making her cunt feel so good while she was giving birth." I explained as Lauren began licking first her clit, and then burying her tongue deeply into the nurse's vagina. "Does it feel good?"

"Oh yes!" the young woman cried. "Lick my cunt, Lauren! Make me cum!"

She placed the back of her index finger in her mouth and bit down gently on it as she began moaning in pleasure. My wife continued licking Grace's wet cunt; lapping up her vaginal juices with gusto.

"Oh my god, it feels so good! I, I think I'm g-going to c-c-cummmm."

Her voice trailed off, as her nude body shook in orgasm convulsions; her bare feet twisting and kicking about violently. I could no longer control the blood flow to my penis and my heart began to race as my cock swelled.

Grace was writhing about on the bed, moaning in sheer ecstasy as she came. I pressed my mouth against hers and we kissed passionately. Grace pulled her mouth away and gasped for breath. Her chest was heaving violently as she tried to speak.

"Oh my god, that felt so good!" she finally burst out. "Holy shit, I didn't know a woman's tongue could do that!"

"Wait until you feel my cock in there." I responded, as I motioned for Lauren to move out of the way.

My wife sat up and smiled, her face soaking wet with Grace's cum. She wiped the vaginal juices from face and rolled off the bed.

"Fuck her now, Sir!" Lauren demanded, as she stood and faced us. "I want to watch you fuck another woman."

I needed no further encouragement and moved in between Grace's legs. My cock slid easily into her soaking wet cunt and I began to fuck her in earnest. The nurse began grunting in pleasure at the sensation of my penis sliding in and out of her hot, young cunt.

"Oh yes, Jack!" she squealed. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!"

"You like that, don't you, Bitch?" I snarled, as I began pounding her as hard and fast as I could.

"Oh yes!" she cried. "I love it! It feels so good! I think I'm going to cum again, but it feels so weird in my belly! Oh my god; I've never felt anything like this before! My whole belly and my hips feel like my cunt when I cum!"

Grace began shrieking like a banshee, and pounded her palms against the mattress. I knew she was having the orgasm of a lifetime and I let myself go; cumming with her in unison. Her wet cunt was making sucking noises as my penis squirted inside of her like a cannon. The added liquid of my semen in her cunt lubed her up even more, and felt absolutely exquisite.

"Oh fuck!" I panted, as I continued squirting inside of her cunt. "Holy shit, that felt so good!"

"I've never felt anything like that before!" Grace burst out. "My whole insides felt like they were cumming!"

"You ovulated during sex." Lauren cut in with a grin. "I told you he'd knock you up."

"Is that what that was?" Grace responded in astonished tone. "I had no idea."

"Don't worry." Lauren said reassuringly. "I'll clean you up. Move over Sir."

I gladly rolled over and watched intently as my wife moved back in between Grace's legs and began to felch both of our cum from the young woman's dripping cunt. She greedily lapped up the sexual soup of my sperm and Grace's own cum, savoring and swallowing every drop she could lick or suck out of her cunt. When she was finished, Lauren sat up and wiped her face on the bed sheet.

"That tasted so good, Sir!" she exclaimed happily. "I could taste the creaminess of your cum and the sweetness of hers. It was delicious!"

"I'm glad you approve." I said with a smile.

I turned to Grace, who was still panting heavily.

"So how was it?" I inquired. "Did we meet your expectations?"

Grace nodded vigorously.

"Good." I replied. "You and I both came. Now it's Lauren's turn. Any objections?"

Grace shook her head as my wife lay down on the bed next to her.

"Let's start by sucking her tits like we did to you, okay?"

"Okay," Grace said with a nod, "but like I said, I've never done this with another woman before."

"It's instinctive." I responded. "Don't worry, we'll coach you through it."

Grace and I began to nurse my wife's swollen tits, and Lauren sighed blissfully.

"That's nice." she whispered. "Adults suck so much harder."

We continued sucking on Lauren's tits for several minutes, swallowing her warm, sweet, creamy milk. She had stopped producing colostrum already, and now, genuine mommy's milk was streaming from her nipples into our mouths.

"Let's suck her dry." I suggested, taking a moment to speak. "It'll be one less mess to contend with after she cums."

Grace nodded in reply, never taking her mouth from Lauren's engorged nipple.

"Mm-hmm." she replied through her nose.

After several more minutes of sucking, we succeeded in emptying my wife's tits of breast milk, leaving them completely deflated and saggy beyond description. I lifted one of Lauren's tits by the nipple and let it flop back down. It almost seemed liquid, flowing out across her chest into flatness. Lauren giggled at the sight and played with her empty breasts, pushing them together and jigging them like blobs of jello.

"Okay," I said to Grace, "it's time for you to repay my wife for what she did to you."

Grace nodded and moved in between Lauren's skinny legs. She gingerly began licking my wife's cunt as she explored lesbianism for the first time. She was apparently doing a pretty good job at it too, because my wife was soon moaning in pleasure, although it didn't take much to get her off.

Small white droplets appeared at the end of Lauren's pudgy nipples as the pleasure increased, but since we had sucked her titties dry, they didn't erupt into milk fountains as was typical of my little whore of a wife's orgasms.

Lauren began to squirm in pleasure as Grace continued licking her cunt, plunging her tongue deep into my wife's cunt and bringing her to climax.

"I'm going to cum!" Lauren exclaimed. "I'm going to cum all over your pretty little face!"

Grace grunted in response and instead of licking, she clamped her mouth over my wife's cunt and began sucking instead. Lauren erupted into her mouth and Grace managed to swallow several gushes before she was overloaded. She coughed, and cum dribbled out of her nose. Unable to continue, Grace backed out, and I slid my fist into my wife's gaping cunt as Grace continued coughing on the edge of the bed.

The majority of Lauren's orgasm had been taken by the young nurse's mouth, and only a few dribbles leaked out as I fisted her for the remainder of her pleasure. Lauren stopped writhing in ecstasy and smiled at Grace.

"You did a fantastic job, Sweetie." she cooed. "You licked me to orgasm and swallowed most of it. Thank you."

Grace had finally stopped coughing and nodded.

"You're welcome. I'm sorry I inhaled it."

"That's okay." I said soothingly, as I wrapped my arms around her and fondled her firm tits. "You were awesome!"

"Thanks." she replied. "So were the two of you. This was my first lesbian experience, but I really enjoyed it. I'm glad I learned with the pros.

"Jack, you really blasted a load inside of me. I can't begin to describe how that felt."

"I can!" Lauren said with a smile. "He does it to me all the time. Speaking of that, you'd better shower and douche, and then take a morning after pill, or else you're going to be a mommy at 27 years old."

"Can we shower together?" Grace inquired wistfully.

Lauren and I looked at each other and nodded.

"Of course, Sweetie." Lauren replied. "If that's what you want."

"I wish I could leave with you." Grace lamented.

"Don't worry." Lauren said soothingly. "Now that we've taught you what to do, you'll be able to read the signs and get all the pussy you want."


The weeks passed rather quickly for the remainder of the trip, and I was able to convince the camera crew to contact their producer about doing a reality show about Lauren and myself. She had agreed, and said she would meet us at the docks to discuss it. Kitty Cutler had also agreed to forego booking any more events for us, while the show was being filmed. All in all, things were really looking up for us and we were all very enthusiastic about the entire affair.

The filming of the Love Boat movie was over, and Lauren and I were already cast as guest stars, with opening credits. Since the filming was complete, the producer - Ms. Snelling - had requested the same crew do the reality show for us.

We stood in line to disembark, and Lauren was standing with her dress in her hand. She wasn't allowed to put it back on until we left the ship, and she was feeling a little dejected about having wear clothes again.

"I sure am going miss being nude all the time." she said sadly.

"Don't worry Honey." I said with a smile. "Remember, you can always do a 'nudie' at the airport if you want."

"That's right!" she exclaimed. "I can walk through the airport totally nude and fly nude too! Thanks for reminding me. You're so awesome Sir."

"Hey there!" a voice called out from behind us. "Jack and Lauren, hold up. Don't get off the boat yet."

We turned to see the entire cast of the movie, along with Captain Yärrells, approaching us.

"We all pitched in got you a present!" the captain exclaimed. "You'll be needing something to carry the Little One around in, so we got you a stroller in Barbados."

"Hey Guys, that's great!" I burst out. "Thank you all so much. He is getting a little heavy."

Everyone burst out laughing and then applauded, as I dropped my little son into the stroller.

"Hello everyone!" a female voice called out. "How did the movie go?"

"Hello, Ms. Snelling." everyone else but us, called out.

The woman approached us and gazed at Lauren.

"You two must be Jack and Lauren." she observed. "I'd recognize those titties anywhere. I'm Corrie Snelling."

I smiled and extended my hand.

"I'm Jack, and this is my beautiful wife, Lauren. Pleased to meet you, Ms. Snelling."

"The pleasure is all mine, and call me Corrie. Ms. Snelling sounds so prudish. So, you two are going to be my next big stars, I hear. A reality show that follows the most famous nudist in the world, and all of the escapades she manages to get herself into. This is going to have to be a cable show."

I nodded, and suddenly realized that the cameras were still rolling and that they were pointed at us. The show had already begun!

Corrie glanced around.

"Think of this as behind the scenes footage." she announced calmly. "Now, why don't we head to the airport and get some lunch? I have to fly back to L.A. this afternoon, so we can chat while we're waiting on our respective flights."

"Sounds good to me!" I said enthusiastically. "What about you, Dangles?"

"I'm hungry." Lauren replied. "Maybe I can eat my dress and then I won't have to put it back on."

Everyone laughed, and Lauren and I headed for the bulkhead. As we started up the gangplank, the deep horn on the ship blared three times, something never heard.

"That's your farewell!" Captain Yärrells called out. "We will all miss you on this ship. Any time you want to sail with us, you will always be welcome."

We reached the top of the gangplank, and Lauren reluctantly put her dress back on.

"This feels so weird." she remarked. "I feel like I'm naked."

"That's a switch!" I responded. "Putting your clothes on makes you feel naked!"

"I have a limo waiting to take us to the airport." Corrie explained. "The camera crew will take a shuttle and meet us there, okay?"

"Fine with me." I replied.

We arrived at the airport, and got out of the limousine. A skycap was waiting to take our bags and seemed perplexed that Lauren didn't have any.

"No bags, Ma'am?" he inquired.

"Hey, that reminds me!" Lauren burst out. "They still have my bag downstairs."

"Forget it." I said with a wave of my hand. "All it had was clothes in it anyway."

"Hmm, good point." Lauren responded. "They can auction it off for all I care."

The camera crew rejoined us as we checked our bags in and lined up for the screening. Lauren looked the TSA agent dead in the eye, as she removed her dress.

"I want to do a 'nudie'." she declared, dropping her dress and high heels into the tray.

"Very well." the agent replied. "Please walk through the metal detector."

"You know what?" I cut in. "I want to do one too."

"Very well." the agent responded in the same dull tone. "Please remove your clothes and place them in the tray."

I was shaking with excitement as I began undressing in front of everyone and dumped my clothes into the bin. I walked through the metal detector without any problems, and took the red stamp on my chest with pride.

Lauren, as usual, wasn't as lucky. The metal detector beeped and the agent waved her to the side.

"What are you hiding?" he inquired.

"Nothing." Lauren replied. "That's why I want to fly nude; to show I have nothing to hide."

"Something is setting it off." the agent said sternly. "We're going to have to do a full body cavity search on you."

"Fine!" Lauren replied. "Stick your hands wherever you want. I have nothing to hide."

A female agent approached my wife and motioned for her to sit on a chair off to one side. She donned a pair of latex gloves and proceeded to slide her hand into Lauren's loose cunt.

"Umm, that might not be a very good idea." I suggested.

"Mind your own business before we do the same thing to you!" the agent snapped.

I shrugged my shoulders and stuffed my clothes into my carry on bag, and proceeded to push the stroller to the side. I watched in amusement as the female screener slid her gloved hand into my wife's vagina in plain view of the entire airport, and began feeling around.

Almost immediately, milk began to drip from the end of my wife's engorged nipples, and I offered once again, a cautious word of advice.

"I'm telling you, that's not a good idea."

"And I'm telling YOU, one more word out of your mouth and you're going to get a hand up your ass!" the bitch snarled.

I shrugged again and kept my mouth shut as the bitch continued feeling around inside of Lauren's cunt. Milk was beginning to spray from her tits, but the agent was oblivious of this as she continued groping inside of my wife's uterus.

Lauren began to shudder, and I bit back a smile as a cloud of cum erupted from her cunt and sprayed all over the TSA agent's face.

"You bitch!" the woman shouted, as she tried to wipe the cum from her face. "You fucking cunt! You just assaulted me with bodily fluids. That's a felony."

"I tried to warn you," I cut in, "but you wouldn't listen to me. This entire incident is on film, by the way, so unless you want a fucking lawsuit over sticking your hand up my wife's cunt in plain view of everyone here, I'd suggest you wipe the cum off of your ugly fucking face and let us go."

The agent looked around and realized that not only was our own camera crew filming the entire episode, but at least forty people had their cell phones trained on the situation as well.

"I got it up on YouTube already!" someone shouted exuberantly. "Fuck the Feds!"

About this time, the cavalry showed up. Corrie passed through the scanner and joined us.

"My name is Corrie Snelling." she informed the agent. "Do you know who I am?"

The agent nodded.

"Yes. You were on 06472."

"Good!" Corrie retorted. "Then let me explain to you, that I am a witness to this entire atrocity, and I am going to have my attorneys sue the living shit out of you if you don't let my star actress out of here."

A round of cheers went up and people began chanting, "Fuck the Feds. Fuck the Feds."

The agent looked dejected and waved Lauren on. She proudly took the nudist stamp on her chest and joined me.

"TSA!" I snarled. "Total Shithead Assholes!"

Applause broke out as we left the screening area and entered the main terminal.

"Jack and Lauren, we love you!" someone hollered, as we left the entire scene behind.

"That worked out well." Corrie observed. "Fucking assholes. Is that what you put up with all the time?"

"Yep." Lauren replied. "So do a lot of other people. We got lucky."

"This is all going on the show." Corrie retorted. "Let's see who loses their job over this!"

We ambled into the main concourse and checked the schedules.

"Looks like we both have an hour or so before our flights depart." I observed. "Lunch?"

"I'm famished!" Lauren exclaimed. "Can I eat my dress now?"

Corrie laughed.

"How about some spicy chicken?" she suggested.

"Sounds good to me." I replied, as Lauren nodded in agreement.

"We don't have this on the west coast." Corrie explained. "I love it. Anytime I hit the east coast I just have to have this."

We entered the fast food chicken chain and ordered our food. To my astonishment, no one really seemed to notice that both my wife and I were nude. We got glances,, sure, but not the stares I would have expected. This must have been more commonplace that I realized.

We sat down and began eating our lunch.

"You know Lauren," Corrie offered, "you really need a stage name to go along with the show."

"Like what?" Lauren inquired.

"I don't really know." Corrie replied. "It needs to be uniquely you though."

I stared at the yellow and orange boxes of chicken in front of us and it suddenly dawned on me. I began to chuckle, and Lauren glared at me.

"What is it, Sir?" she demanded. "I'm sure this has something to do with me!"

"It does." I said, pointing to the box of chicken in front of me. "I have your perfect stage name, and this just gave me the idea."

Lauren sighed.

"And what would that be, Sir?"

"Bo Dangles!" I burst out.

Lauren waved her drumstick around and pointed it at me.

"You know what, Sir? Of all the crazy ideas you've had about me, this one has to be absolute best one yet! I love it!"

"Me too!" Corrie chimed in. "Bo Dangles! Hell yeah!"

"Maybe it'll sell some chicken too." I offered.

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