A million thoughts ran through Laurie's mind as she walked toward her last class of the day. Her schedule was grueling, but to keep her grants and scholarships she had no choice but to take 17 credit hours and maintain her "B" average. Her studies, along with her part-time job at the library kept her so busy, dating was little more than an afterthought.

Laurie liked guys, even her rowdy fraternity boy neighbors who partied till all hours were OK, for the most part. She could tell by the catcalls and whistles that they liked her 5'6" slender body and strawberry blonde, shoulder-length hair. Realizing they were neighbors, most of he guys treated her more like a kid sister after their passes were gently deflected. She wasn't a virgin by any means, but so far she had found no one who could truly meet her needs.

Laurie knew how lucky she was to be going to college. Many of her friends either didn't have the money, grades or the drive to go beyond high school. She wasn't looking for her Mrs. Degree, as she heard many of the other girls refer to their husband hunting. She was going to be a journalist for a highly respected newspaper or magazine, and no guy was going to get in her way. She was finishing her junior year and that goal was now tantalizingly close.

One of the frat guys worried her though. The intensity of his stare, each time they crossed paths, unnerved her. Once he saw her, his eyes never left her body and it felt like he was trying to see through her clothes. He was bigger and rougher looking than the others, and he rarely smiled.

Her thoughts ran ahead to the next few hours. She would need ot hit the books hard if she was going to pass her Poly Sci test the next day. Laurie was so worried about this test, 50 percent of her grade for the semester, that she barely noticed the van slowing beside her until the door popped open and a man grabbed her, covering her mouth to mute her scream.

For brief seconds she saw two other girls, naked, gagged, tied up and blindfolded. Then a blindfold descended over her eyes, a ball gag was shoved in her mouth and hand stripped off her shoes, and socks followed by her jeans, sweater, bra and panties. Ropes were used to bound her hands and feet. Terror seized her when she realized what was happening. She was shoved down on a bench, next to the others, then a hand squeezed her tit while another worked its way between her tightly shut legs. As they traveled over the bumpy road the intruding hands brushed against her sensitive nipple and clit causing a jolt to go through her. Despite her fear, she felt her nipple harden and moistness between her legs.

She heard one of her captors say, " Not yet, J, they have to get to the base untouched."

She couldn't believe this was really happening. Late at night she dreamed sometimes about a stranger entering her room, tying her to the bed and bringing her to a mind-blowing orgasm. The dream always left her panting with desire, and unable to sleep until her fingers massaged her clit, which required little stimulation for her to reach orgasm. That was just a dream, however. Now she was so scared she trembled at the thought of what would happen next.

She tried to figure out where they might be, tracking turns and pauses, but soon she realized it was hopeless. She had no idea where she was going. After about an hour they finally stopped. She could hear the other two wimpering and vowed not to make a sound that would let her captors know how scared she was. Her ankles were freed and a long coat was thrown over her as a rope was tied around her waist.

She heard a quick warning, "Come easily, don't try anything, or you will regret it."

She considered running, then rejected the idea. Maybe acting meek and willing now would make it easier to catch her captors off guard later. With a man on each side, her hands bound behind her and the rope tugging her forward she was escorted into the building, blushing at the thought of someone seeing her like this, her breasts swinging freely as she walked.

The women were led down three flights of stairs into a musty smelling room where their blindfolds were removed. Blinking fast to adjust to the light, Laurie was amazed by what she saw.

A room packed with men holding beers or cigars or both greeted her gaze. To the right there was what looked like a large, well-lit boxing ring. A tug on the rope brought her to what could only be described as a holding pen filled with naked, bound young women. Apparently hers was the last group to arrive before the "festivities" could begin.

A man in the boxing ring grabbed a microphone and said, "Ladies, welcome to our humble establishment. All of you are grant and scholarship recipients at Lawton University. We are the people who fund those grants and scholarships and now it is time for you to repay your debt. Therefore, each of you will be brought up here, displayed and bid upon. The top bidder is your owner. You are to serve your master for six weeks, or until he frees you. If you refuse or rebel, you will be punished, however your master sees fit, and your financing will be pulled."

Stunned, Laurie could barely breathe. Were they all insane?!

Abruptly a pretty brunette was dragged up the steps of the ring and a spotlight immediately landed on her curvaceous body. She was made to step into a body halter that displayed her tits, ass and pussy. Her eyes wild, she struggled to get away, but she soon found she was attached to a pulley system so that her feet could be pulled off the ground, leaving her suspended and at the mercy of the ringmaster.

"Why don't I show you what happens to naughty girls who fight me?" he asked, looking at the other women huddling in the pen.

With that he bent her over his leg and spanked her ass with a large paddle he pulled from a black bag. Her cry was drowned out by the shouted encouragement of the men surrounding the ring, their beers forgotten. A few more swift strokes of the paddle and most of the fight left the beautiful young woman weakly struggling to move away from the sting.

"So what will I get for this feisty wench," the ringmaster shouted. "Look as that sweet ass waiting to be punished." He pulled a thick dildo from the black bag, removed her ball gag and pushed it into her mouth, making her gag slightly. "look at those pouty lips." Quickly flipping her over he pulled her off the ground and two other men held her legs apart, exposing her nether lips to the crowd. "Such pouty lips," he said, giving the trimmed pussy a quick squeeze, causing her to moan.

A voice in the crowd got the bidding started at $1,000.

"Please gentlemen," the ringmaster said, spreading her pussy open and exposing her long, now throbbing clit to the crowd, "you can do better than that."

Bids reached $5,000 before stopping. A large man waving cash in the air quickly came up and claimed his prize, shoving two fingers roughly into her cunt after the halter was removed and leading the now meek woman, her eyes downcast through the crowd that strained to grab her tits and ass.

Several more women were auctioned off, each doing exactly as they were told, spreading their legs and pussies, bending over and clamping their hands behind their necks to allow everyone to see their attributes and avoid a spanking. Often they complied, without even the restraint of the halter and their arousal was evident from the moisture making their cunts gleam. Laurie watched and felt more trapped by the second, desperately looking for any means of escape.

Then Laurie felt two strong hands begin guiding her out of the pen. She knew this might be her only chance to get away. Slipping out of their grasp, she crouched on the floor and quickly began making her way toward a door she had spied at the back of the room. Just as she reached it, a large hand grabbed a fist full of her hair and dragged her toward the ring. She continued struggling, which only brought a chuckle to her captor's lips until she kicked backwards hard, hitting his shin and causing him to momentarily release his grip. She had barely taken two steps before he grabbed her around her rib cage, making it difficult for her to breath. He dragged her up the steps.

Fighting the entire time, she was finally fitted into the halter which perfectly displayed her pert, butter soft 36 C tits, shapely round ass and trimmed cunt.

The ringmaster immediately used the pulley, taking Laurie off her feet and leaving her at his mercy. Several swift, hard smacks hit her ass without warning, but she just turned and stared furiously at the ringmaster, bringing another series of increasingly harder smacks until her ass was red and tears started to fall, despite her best efforts to prevent it.

"I think this one needs a strong hand," the ringmaster said. "And a big cock! What do you say we give it to her?"

A roar of approval went up from the crowd.

The ringmaster swung her over and stepped between her legs. Two men grabbed each ankle and spread her legs wide. The ringmaster began lightly slapping her pussy and tits. Despite her fear, or maybe because of it, Laurie felt her body respond forcefully to the ringmaster's ministrations. He described what he was doing to the crowd as he pinched her corral pink nipples until they swelled and started played her pussy like a master violinist, stroking nearer and nearer her clit, until finally circling it with his finger causing her juices to flow and lubricate her pussy well. A moan nearly escaped her lips, but she refused to release it and give him that satisfaction.

He dipped into his bag again and pulled out a 3-inch thick, 10 inch long black dildo from it, showing it to her before using her own juices to coat it from top to bottom. Glistening he held it up for the crowd's approval which gave it readily and Laurie began to struggle again, trying to close her legs and prevent that monstrous cock from violating her.

The ringmaster spread her pussy lips and found the entrance to her cunt tightly squeezed shut. He began to rub her clit again, relentlessly, until Laurie was right at the edge, making her forget who and where she was and wanting only the sweet release her body craved. Just short of climaxing he thrust the dildo all the way inside her, making her buck her hips and cry out.

Still spread by the ringmaster's helpers he then stepped away from her leaving the dildo buried deep inside her cunt and called out to the crowd to start the bidding.

A shout of $2,000 quickly escalated to $8,000 before a new voice said. "$10,000."

"Going once, going twice, sold for $10,000," the ringmaster shouted. It was a new record.

Still reeling, Laurie strained to see who purchased her and gasped when she realized the fraternity boy she always feared was laying money on the table. He was no boy, she was sure of that now.

He roughly jerked the dildo from her pussy and freed her from the hated halter. Just like the others, her owner shoved two fingers deep into her cunt, leading her away. He gave her a look that quelled any thought she had of rebellion or escape and led her down the steps and through the crowd where many of the men wished her owner luck in taming her. As she walked hands snaked out to grab her tits or pinch her ass, on one hand leaving her feeling dirty and defiled. However she was still shaking with the need for an orgasm, one she guessed would have been more intense than any previous in her life. All the touching intensified that longing more.

Her owner led he down a hallway to a small room that contained a bed, cuffs hanging from the wall dildos, vibrators, plugs and other toys as well as various means of punishment.

"I've been waiting a long time for this," he said as he grabbed her roughly by the hair and pulled her mouth to his, engulfing her mouth with his, demanding she open to him and give him what he wanted.

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