tagBDSMLaurie Ch. 02-03

Laurie Ch. 02-03



Laurie submitted to the kiss, knowing his ability to overpower her physically was absolute. But she defiantly continued to search her mind for any method of escape. The possibilities vanished as he pushed her against the wall to fit cuffs around her wrists that were screwed in the wall. He spread her legs and secured her ankles next.

He shocked her by dropping to his knees and spreading her pussy lips wide and putting a long thin metal bar just within the lips, keeping her open while freeing his hands. First, he devoured her with his eyes. Then, with his big, thick fingers he probed every inch of her cunt, finally massaging her clit and again bringing her achingly close to release.

“Tell me what you want,” he commanded.

Her body screamed at her to ask for one more flick of her clit, but her only communication was the passion burning in her eyes.

“Tell me what you want, NOW. We both know. I see your swollen, slick cunt just begging me to satisfy it. Say it!” he commanded again, “or suffer through the night.”

“Fuck off,” she hissed, still unable to admit acceptance of her situation and denying her body’s visceral response to her secret desires.

“Just remember, this was your choice,” he said, with a smile that made her shiver.

He walked over to a table at the other end of the room and, after careful consideration, selected a leather garment. Unbuckling the garment allowed him to put it around her waist and through her legs so that the ass plug and dildo attached to it were positioned correctly. After liberally lubricating each, he worked the small ass plug past her sphincter muscle, despite her pleas, then inserted the short, think dildo and secured the buckles so that the garment fit snuggly. The garment had a hole so that her clit was left untouched and still exposed by the small metal bar. The smallest movement, Laurie soon realized, made her incredibly aware of her predicament.

Her Master watched her struggle to stay still and fail, then said, “Enjoy yourself,” and left the room.

With growing frustration Laurie held her position until her muscles demanded movement, which moved the dildos inside her, but only enough to increase her frustration.

Finally, her Master returned and again demanded, “Tell me what you want!”

Despite the strain, Laurie again refused, although she could not bring herself to say anything this time, afraid she might blurt out the truth. That she wanted nothing more than to give her body to him, to be fucked and sucked until every drop of her cum was drained.

Again, her Master turned to the table and returned, this time with an electric cord. He attached one end to the belt then plugged it in, watching Laurie’s eyes widen as the dildos came to life. Sometimes there was only a short, intense burst; other times there was a long, low vibe pulsing from one or both plugs. Just when she would feel an orgasm approaching however, they always turned off. He watched for an hour, and then left again. The next few hours were unlike any Laurie had ever known, over and over again coming to the brink of release, only to be denied. Her juices ran down her legs, but she was beyond caring, her only thought being of the need that consumed her.

Her Master finally entered again, commanding, “Tell me what you want!”

Laurie’s need was so great now she could no longer fight it, “Please,” she begged, “let me have an orgasm, I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“Call me your Master,” he said.

“Please, my Master, please let me cum.”

“You agree to serve me in any way without rebellion?” he asked, “You will give me access to your pussy, ass, tits and mouth whenever and wherever I demand, and fill all my needs and desires without question?” he asked again as he turned up the vibrations.

Crying out her need, she agreed to willingly serve as his slave.

He released her from her bonds and laid her on the bed spreading her legs. He removed the bar then ran his tongue all around her cunt, drinking in her juices. Finally, he sucked hard on her clit until she had an orgasm that emptied her mind of all thought and sent pleasure streaming through her entire body.

Her Master then entered her with his 9 in, diamond hard cock, thrusting quickly in and pulling slowly out until a second orgasm took her breath away. Flipping her, her Master then entered her doggy style and fucked her hard for an hour bringing another orgasm, until he finally shot his cum deep into her, leaving both of them exhausted but extremely satisfied.


After eight hours of dreamless sleep Laurie awoke to find herself on her stomach with her arms and legs being securely tied to the bedposts, spreading her eagle and a pillow underneath her so that her ass was lifted prominently. She was amazed to feel her body’s growing excitement as juices moistened her pussy once again.

“We’re just getting started,” her Master said. “We are going to see how well you suck cock. Be sure and do your best.”

“Yes, Master,” she meekly said, finally understanding that giving over control fulfilled all her cravings and would bring her the greatest pleasure.

She couldn’t see what he was doing, but felt a cool cream being rubbed on her ass cheeks, thighs and outer pussy lips. Soon her skin in those areas became warm and tingled.

“What I have just administered is a cream to that will strongly increase your desires. If you please me well I will satisfy you,” he said. “Will you try your best to please me?”

“I will, Master,” Laurie said as the tingling increased, causing her to pull against her bonds in an effort to rub her throbbing clit.

He commanded her to stay still. She stopped squirming but turned her head slightly and saw a leather whip in his hands. He glided the tip up and down her legs, and then between them, softly striking her pussy lips, making the reality of her vulnerability extremely clear.

Lightly the whip then struck her bare bottom, not enough to hurt, just to make her very aware. “If you don’t follow my directions I will have to administer your punishment. This is your warning.”

He took a thick pink vibrator, turned it on medium, and slid it deep inside her, nearly driving her mad with desire.

He then positioned himself so he was sitting at the head of the bed and spread his legs so that his long, hard, thick cock was directly in front of her mouth.

“Lick my balls,” he said and Laurie eagerly angled her mouth so that she could lick them. Feeling her own orgasm building deep within her, she forgot her orders and sucked one in completely. She felt a sting as the whip landed on each cheek of her bottom and she began licking again.

“Lick the shaft,” her Master commanded, his breathing increasing. Laurie’s tongue bathed his cock, being careful to avoid the head and balls, until it shone with her saliva.

“Suck it deep, as deep as you can,” he said next. Laurie filled her mouth with his cock but her gag reflex hit, forcing her to back off and bringing a series of hard slaps, this time of the whips handle, against her bottom, turning the flesh pink, but also inflaming her desire. She immediately sucked him in again and he urged her to take him deeper. She felt his cock head again at the back of her throat and gagged, bringing several harsher slaps this time. She took him again and this time opened her throat, sucking him down and heard him suck in his breath in short gasps. “Move your tongue,” he commanded and she did bringing moans from him.

“I’m going to cum soon, suck hard up and down the shaft until I do. Don’t let any leak out.”

Laurie instinctively knew the punishment would be more severe if she failed this command, so she sucked deeply and swallowed every drop as it shot into her mouth.

“You did pretty well, but I think we’ll have to have more of these sessions,” he said after his orgasm subsided and she had licked him clean.

He moved behind her and set up a mirror then ordered her to watch as he fingered her swollen clit while fucking her with a toy, slick with her cream.

“Tell me this is my cunt,” he said, as she got closer and closer to the edge. “Tell me what a slut you are and how much you love being fucked with my finger, my toys and my cock.”

Laurie could not get the words out at first, then she felt the sharp sting of his hand hitting her sensitive ass, as he thrust the toy in deeper and turned it on high.

Watching it slide in and out of her pussy, she cried out, “I’m your slut. I love being fucked by you, any way you wish,” she said as wave after wave of a powerful orgasm rolled through her body.

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