tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLaurie's Adventures Ch. 02

Laurie's Adventures Ch. 02


This series is of the sexual awakening of Ms Laurie, presently a successful business woman in the banking industry who travels to other cities to indulge in her fantasies as a beautiful, busty slut..

It would be best to read the adventures in order.


You have asked that I tell other story of my adventures w/ my friend Nina. I'm sending the file...

I have mentioned to you that I like to exhibit myself if it can be done under controlled circumstances where I don't have to feel that my job or public reputation is in jeopardy. I was able to do that in my relationship with Nina as she lived in a town far enough away that we were able to keep all our activities out of Austin. - That later Nina got too serious kind of brought a quick end to things but while we were an "item" together we had one hell of a time.

During the six months or so after I met with Nina and her husband for the first time, we met maybe two more times for some wonderful sex and talked, maybe once a month on the phone - not for phone sex but just to say hello. Nina's husband traveled a lot on business and apparently one evening while on a business trip to Denver he got to talking at the bar about what a totally hot wife he had and also about her friend - (me). Well, one thing led to another and apparently they all said to him that it was put up or shut up and all six friends kicked in some money to let him prove his claims the following weekend. He had to go back the next week to Denver again on business anyway and the guys said they would cover a completely first class evening for us to put on a show for them to see. Unless his talk, of course, proved to be just talk.

I'll interrupt my own story here to give you a quick bit of information about myself: I came from a VERY conservative background and upbringing. At that time, other than doctors and father, the only men who had ever even SEEN me naked, let alone DONE anything with me were my ex-husband, my subsequent boyfriend, and Nina's husband when he was with her. Total of three men. During our intimate email exchanges it was Nina who enticed me into revealing some of my fantasies. It was she who brought my desires into the open to be a complete lady in public and a complete slut in private. But she also went one step further. As I had revealed my fantasies to her through my letters she used that to convince me that I really didn't want to keep my "wilder side" Private at all but instead just wanted to keep it Secret from my public/professional life. That I was in fact ready to try almost anything if I didn't have to worry about putting my job and public reputation in jeopardy.

Nina's call came like a bolt out of the blue. She asked if I wanted to make my wish to be a slut become reality. Did I want to let a bunch of strangers watch me play like I was a bull dyke and fuck her till she was so sore she couldn't even move. I was so turned on by her words my hand involuntarily went between my legs.

I'll cut out the details of Nina and her husband's phone call, how they convinced me and how we set up all the details, ground rules, schedules etc. but here is what happened:

The following Friday evening I flew up to Dallas. There I met Nina and we continued on to Denver, drinking champagne and really having a good time. Not to mention really getting excited knowing what we were going to do. In the movies the gangsters bring in "out of town muscle" to do a "hit" or something. Well, we were going to be "out of town whores" to put on a show to knock the guys' socks off. The ground rule of all the guys being able to be as close to us as they wanted but nothing else being available had been spelled out very clearly. They were all salesmen, acquaintances but not social friends or business partners of Nina's husband so it was highly unlikely that we would ever see them again.

We landed in Denver, were met by a driver who escorted us outside to the limo that had been rented for us. We were driven to the hotel and told our ride would be available whenever we came out. We went into the Hilton, went to the ladies room to put on our "costumes." We sent a suitcase with our travel clothing out to the limo with a bellboy. We then went to the bar to meet Nina's husband who gave us the number of the suite on the tenth floor that we would be performing in. Nina's husband knew we were agreeable to performing (and was really excited) but didn't know any specifics as to what we were planning to actually do. Nina asked him to go on up to where the guys were and to meet us at the elevator as we came up and for the guys to be holding the door open to their suite but for them NOT to come down the hallway to meet us and we would be up in about ten minutes.

We finished our drinks in the bar to keep the guys waiting and to get our nerve up. I had been having lots of second thoughts about what we were planning to do and was really getting a case of bad nerves/ stage fright. Nina ordered me to drink up and then away we went. We came out of the elevator and met Nina's husband, saw that six guys were waiting for us about halfway down the hallway where their suite was and that no one else was in the hallway. We looked at each other and nodded and handed him a shopping bag that contained our purses and "the goodies". By that time I was just a nervous wreck. I said "Nina, I just can't."

Nina's reply; "Bullshit! We're whores, we've been bought and paid for. You love it and we're going to do it. Now!"

We both took a deep breath (my heart was really pounding) and simultaneously whisked off our coats and handed them to her husband. His mouth involuntarily fell open as he gawked at both of us. Downstairs in the ladies room we had gotten into our "costumes." Heavy overdone makeup, like we thought cheap whores were expected to look, spike heels, garter belt, hose, a shelf bra that pushed up our already large tits to make them look even larger but that left all the nipples and most of the rest completely bare and NOTHING ELSE! We had each even shaved ourselves down to just a little triangle of pussy hair the night before so we really did have almost EVERYTHING on display for the guys.

Trying to act casual but already feeling my pussy begin to gush with excitement we walked slowly down the hallway with Nina's husband walking behind us to meet six total strangers. Understand the significance here that there were more men looking at me, fully revealed, than the sum total of men that had seen me naked in my entire life! Few of them were actually looking at our faces as they couldn't help themselves to stare at our bare pussies, long legs and jiggling tits. (By the way, we weren't going completely crazy with what we'd do in public. We had decided ahead of time that if anyone else had been in the hallway we would have just walked down the hall to enter their suite before removing our coats to make our "grand entrance").

We went on into the suite and spent five or ten minutes getting acquainted. Mostly the guys were standing around staring at us and trying to cover-up that they all had erections that were causing their pants to stand out like tents. We noticed that they had placed chairs right around the king-size bed and had adjusted the lights so that the bed area was in medium light while the area around it was almost dark.

As we chit-chatted with the guys I realized that in spite of my case of nerves that I really was enjoying myself. I was a slut on display and it was great. I said in my most brazen manner, "Why don't we give the fellows what they're paying for?" Nina, as mistress of ceremonies, said that we had planned a little skit for their enjoyment. She was the girlfriend who had misbehaved and I was the "boyfriend" who had to set her straight. Naturally to be the "guy" I had to look the part so we had brought the harness and that huge dick that Nina and I had used to play with the first time we met. I asked a couple of "volunteers from the audience" to help me put it on. I held on to the arms of a couple of the guys (my nipples just "happened" to rub against their biceps) while another knelt to hold the harness for me to step into. I cinched the harness up until that battering ram of a cock that was as long and certainly much thicker than any normal man was sticking straight out in front of me.

And then we began our skit. Actually it was little plot and all action as I yelled at my girlfriend for fucking around on me, called her a fuckin' cunt and names like that. I tied her wrists to the head of the bed with little ropes from the goody bag so that she was on her front on the bed. I spread her legs wide and paddled her while she carried on about how bad I was "hurting" her. I then had to "rough fuck" her from the rear using my huge, swollen cock to fuck my petite little Nina.

Actually she was supposed to act like it was a terrible ordeal to go through. She cried and whimpered as I got her up onto her knees with her butt sticking up in the air and her hands still tied holding her head down on the bed. I spread her knees farther and farther apart as she begged me not to hurt her with that huge cock. That her pussy was just too tight to take my cock. That she would never be able to take that monster up her cunt. But she had gotten so excited and so dripping wet with the foreplay and spanking that by the time I drove "my" cock into her and started fucking her all she could do was love it.

Her sounds of pleasure as I fucked her got louder and louder. I roughly groped her tits from behind and hung on to them to drive "my" cock into her cunt. I thrust harder and harder until finally I was driving my hips and the harness all the way against her butt as she took every bit of that huge cock inside her. Soon she was begging me to "Slam that cock into my cunt," "Jam it into me, baby," "I've been so bad to you baby, fuck your little slut harder".

I'll interrupt my own story again to say that while in the airplane coming in to Denver, Nina had told me of another of her fantasies and so we had worked out "show number one" which we would do with "number two" as an option if she became excited enough. As it turned out, she was and decided she wanted "number two."

To continue, that she could even take a cock that thick into her at all was quite an accomplishment. (I knew from experience). That someone so petite and short could take the entire length of it into her was phenomenal. That she loved it and was so totally loosing control was a real turn-on to see. She said: "I've been so bad fucking around on you. You've got to make it really hurt me so I'll never do it again. " I asked her under my breath if she was sure and all she said was "Do me". I reached in to the goody bag that was still beside us. I took the large nipple clamps and squeezed them to go on her erect nipples. She cried out in a little pain but also in intense pleasure and would not let me remove them. By that time each man sitting around us in our audience had his cock in hand and was beating himself off. I almost savagely began again thrusting my hips and cock into Nina as her increased pain took her further into her world of lust. I brought Nina off to her gasping, writhing orgasm. Several guys had gotten off by that time too. She finally let me remove the clamps.

We concluded the skit by my untying her, "forcing" her to give me head on the wet cock (it was so big all she could really do was lick and kiss it) and then to help me take it off and eat me to my own orgasm. By this time I was the total center of attention as I spread my legs for Nina to bury her face into my hot and gushing cunt. I took the nipple clamps I had used on Nina and hooked them onto my erect nipples. A first for me and I loved the slight pain and huge additional sensitivity to my sexual feelings all over my body. As her tongue worked on my throbbing clit she brought two, then three and then four fingers to bury them into my center. I reveled in the feel of her tongue, her fingers and watched the men as they looked at me with small smiles on their faces and complete lust in their hearts. I was so turned on from displaying myself to the total strangers and feeling so wicked that it took little time at all to reach my cum with a wonderful explosion of relief from the tension that had been building from a week before when we decided to put on the sex show.

We rested a bit and then told the guys that was all the show we had planned and were they satisfied. They nodded their agreement that it had been great but also said they had hoped to see more. We asked what they meant and all of them almost in unison said "sixty-nine." A couple of them also said that with the scare about disease they understood we wouldn't let them fuck us but could they touch us as they were still really horny. We knew it was against the ground rules we had established earlier but Nina and I both were still full of raging hormones. So we then did a 69 while six men played gently with our breasts and asses as Nina's husband looked on with a "eat your heart out guys" - expression on his face. We changed position a couple of times so the guys could see us better and could play with us to their hearts' content. Most were fondling us with one hand and their cocks with the other.

Nina could use her tongue like the complete sex machine that it was. She would take my clit, suck it bigger and work her tongue in circles with just enough but not too much pressure to just send me up a wall. That the guys were playing with my tits and one was rubbing my butt was a real turn-on too. Even as I tried to concentrate on my tonguing her pussy she could just send me into rapture as she drove me over the edge. I screamed in pure carnal joy. After a few deep breaths to get myself back together I then moved around to eat Nina until she reached her orgasm. She grew hotter and hotter and as she started to cum motioned for a man to drop his cum on her tits. He did just that while Nina, as she went into orgasm, took his cock in her hands to jack him off, spattering his wet cum in droplets all over her wonderful full breasts. As she relaxed she rubbed the cum over her tits and looked at her husband who by this time was really turned on. Her statement to him in front of myself and the six men was "Darlin' I hope you're ready, because you know what I've been saving just for you. I'm going to strip for you and then you come over here and take your big dick and fuck me up the ass."

With total concentration, looking only into her husband's eyes as if no one else was there she stripped her body of the remaining lingerie, throwing each piece in a different direction. Her only other words were "give it to me, lover." She then got down on her hands and knees on the bed and leaned forward to spread her ass cheeks wide open as her husband came behind her to ram his cock all the way up her ass. Her constant gasps and cries of delight drove him on. He was just going crazy as he fucked her ass to cum with a large moan. God but it was sexy to watch. As he filled her ass with his cum we all clapped our approval. Soon after we left the men, went back to the limo, changed on the way to the airport (the driver loved it, we didn't close the privacy window) and caught the late flight home.

Hope you liked the story. (Hello vibrator!) More to cum.

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