Laurie's Lesson


Laurie had a secret! Underneath her shiny pantyhose and soft panties was a cock. She was not a girl, but this was not Laurie's secret either. It was something entirely different!

She liked to dress like a slut in shiny fetish clothes and boots. She wore way too much makeup and always went for the shiniest, brightest and sluttiest shade of lip gloss. Yes she looked like a slut, but this was hardly a secret.

Her secret was thus, she was a tease! She never actually wanted to touch (unless it was an "accidental" brush of the hand) or suck the cocks of the men she teased, but boy did it turn her on to do so! Getting a man all worked up to the point of explosion so his boner was fully visible through his trousers, now that turned her on. She would then excuse herself to "powder her nose" and quietly slip out of whatever nasty dive of a bar she was in, drive herself home and wank herself until she came all over her shiny boots thinking of the frustrated man she had just led on. Yes, she was definitely a tease!

Take tonight, she had found a new bar that accepted special girls like her, put on her long platinum blonde girly wig, made up her face as slutty as possible and dressed to tease. Shiny thigh length boots with stiletto heels and full length zips hugged her legs. Glistening skin tone pantyhose provided the contrast, but that wasn't slutty enough so she wore seamed fishnet net stockings over the top of them connected to a latex six strap suspender belt. This was hidden below a thong backed shiny PVC body with some padding to give the idea of a reasonable sized set of boobs. A tight latex skirt and fingerless latex opera gloves to show off her red false nails finished of the look. What an easy whore she looked, the cocks would be throbbing tonight.

It was an average type of dive for these occasions, low soft lighting, tables for intimate chatting, space for the exhibitionists and dancers to show off and a seedy motel next door that charged by the hour for those hooking up. As she walked in swaying her hips and working the room like a pro, she could feel the hungry stares of many men watching her closely, some checking out her stocking tops (that skirt really was far too short to be decent!), some watching her heels as they clicked on the wooden floor, some checking out her sexy boots and all of them finding something they liked. It always went down like this.

At the bar she leaned over to the bartender emphasizing the line of the boots and stockings and stretching her calves to firm up her butt, to raise her skirt and show the thong parting her butt cheeks to any of the lustful eyes that might be watching and ordered a martini.

No one had been brave enough to offer to buy her drink, so she strutted over to a secluded table that was nice and high, sat on the bar stool that accompanied it and slowly hooked one boot over her knee knowing this would cause the skirt to rise and expose those naughty stockings. After a while an older man, looked like a laborer of some sort wearing jeans, boots and a check flannel shirt stopped at her table and asked if it was ok to join her.

She readily accepted and got to working on him as they chatted. She used every trick at her disposal to get him worked up. Looking directly into his eyes, enunciating words to emphasize the lipstick, removing the olive on the cocktail stick from her martini and "absent mindedly" running it over her lips, occasionally licking it. She would caress his legs with the tip of her boot, adjust her stocking tops and run a fingernail along one of her stocking as she talked. She skillfully changed the patter to a more sexual nature, asking what turned him on and started to talk about why she liked the clothes she wore, making sure to use words like tight, shiny, figure hugging, sexy, naughty, boots, heels, rubber and latex as often as she could.

When she had finished her drink being sure to leave a very big red lipstick stain on the glass, he asked her if she wanted to dance. The music was soft and slow so this was the perfect opportunity to get him all hot and bothered. She wasn't a great dancer but that didn't matter. She was going to rub parts of her body against his and let him grind against and grope hers so that she could feel his hard prick pushing against her. It worked like a treat, soon his hard dick was causing quite a bulge in his jeans so she made sure that at every opportunity it was rubbed or ground against. It was time to go in for the kill; she started to ask his sexual preferences with her hot breath in his ear her tongue occasionally flicking inside. Did he like to take charge? What was his favourite position to have his cock sucked in? Did he prefer doggy style or cowgirl? The dirty bastard was getting very hot under the collar and if she wasn't careful he'd probably cum in his pants. She chuckled inwardly to herself as she thought about that possibility.

As they left the dance floor she decided to put one final move on him, which happened to be one of her favourites. She had removed one of her hoop earrings and pretended to look for it on the floor. After "finding it", she stood up making sure that the side of her face glided over the outline of his hardness as she stood up. All this teasing had the desired effect on him. He was desperate to fuck her and she needed to get home and shoot her juice whilst reliving the poor sods frustration, so she told him that she wanted to "freshen up" and would he be a love and get her another martini?

Instead of going into the toilets she walked straight past them and headed out to her car to make her escape and get the relief she needed. A quick glance over her shoulder showed she wasn't being followed and seconds later she was opening her car door. At this point the evening started to go very badly wrong.

Everything went dark as she felt some sort of sack/hood put over her head and before she could react, a sharp sting in the side of her neck. The dark world started to spin and all of her senses started to fade away as she felt herself drift off to sleep....

Slowly the fog began to clear from the unfortunate girls mind. Her thoughts were still slow and laboured, but she could tell the the surroundings were unfamiliar. Questions need to be answered. What was her location and how did she get here? Slowly the memories of what had occurred came back to her. The bar, the teasing, the hood, the sting in the neck and everything going dark. As she reached to check her neck where she had felt the sting she became aware that something was very wrong and panic brought her senses flooding back instantly.

The attempt to move her arm was futile as they were currently bound together in some sort of leather encasement which was stretched out behind her and her arms were being pulled vertically upwards. She was kneeling on a raised table/platform in what could be best described as doggy position, ass in the air, legs parted and held open by what she guessed was a leg spreader which must have been fastened down as she couldn't lift her legs either. Her tummy was supported underneath by some sort of gym-horse which her waist had been strapped to. She realised there wasn't much point in shouting for help as her mouth had been fitted with a gag of some sort which she could feel holding it open and causing copious amounts of drool to run down over her chin. More worryingly her ass felt full and there was some sort of rubber bar pushing against her ass cheeks. It had to be a butt plug didn't it? Finally she noticed that she had a rock hard throbbing erection which was also encased in something.

The air smelled musty, stale and oily and judging by the occasional drips she could hear, the cool air and the natural echo of the place she guessed she was in some sort of disused industrial warehouse. A monitor flickered on in front of her and the image it held could hardly be called comforting. A head encased in a gimp mask was staring looking at her and started to talk.

"Hello Laurie, I am a masked avenger of sorts but you can call me Mangle. You've been a very naughty girl so I've decided to teach you a lesson. It appears that you are quite the cock tease. No point in trying to deny it as I have been following you around watching you get men worked up and horny then leaving them high and dry whilst you go home to beat off. Well today is going to be different as you've invited all the men you have teased over the past year to come here and have use of your body. Would you like me to read the invite?" She gave her head a small shake to signify no, but it didn't matter as he continued anyway. He read, "My name is Laurie and I've been a bit of a cock-tease. Please forgive me and come to congratulate me on becoming a submissive cock whore by turning up to this place today at the time below and using my slutty body for your own enjoyment."

A red timer appeared on the bottom of the screen set to 35 mins and started couting down. "Your challenge is to offer up your slutty body to the men that are going to turn up tonight. You will have noticed the buttplug in your ass and the gag in your mouth, but may not be aware of some of the special attachments I have added. The first is a sign that says "please remove in order to fuck my ass or mouth and replace after use". The second are the tubes that are spraying small quantities of various liquids into your rectum or throat. Now, this is where it gets interesting my dear. You can probably see the counter on the screen and you are the only one who can see it as I have inserted some special contact lenses for you. This counter is reset to 30 minutes when anyone removes the butt plug from your ass. When it is replaced it sprays just the right amount of muscle relaxant, localised painkiller and Viagra. In combination these three will keep your ass and throat loose and comfortable and keep you in a state of constant arousal. Now, if the clock reaches zero and the plug has not been removed, it will spray a special chemical that instructs your internal nerves to register pain. The amount of chemical released is proportionate to the pain produced. Allow me to give you a small demonstration."

She felt a cold squirt deep inside her and suddenly her insides felt like they were on fire. Trying to writhe against the bonds didn't help as she was unable to go anywhere. Tears started to form in her eyes and run down her cheeks staining them with mascara. Because of the extreme pain the second squirt from the device lodged inside her had gone unnoticed but the localised painkiller started to do its work and she began to feel ok again.

"I see you understand the situation" the masked figure mocked. "Now in order to reset the timer you need your lovers to take out the butt plug. You may only do this by asking or begging them to fuck your ass for you. I'll be watching, so if you make any attempt to ask for help or appear unwilling in anyway, I'll dump a large amount of the serum inside you and fire an electric charge into the cock ring you're wearing. Believe me when I tell you that you do not want to experience that much pain. If you can put on a convincing show and please the men that you have previously teased, I'll see to it that you are released and you can go back to life having learned an important lesson. If not, you'll be kept here repeating the lesson with men of increasing hostility and roughness until you do".

"A couple of points to add before I go, each of the men will be allowed in to see you at 30 minute intervals so you may end up with multiple partners to satisfy. At least one of the men likes to spank his girls, one of them is a fistfucking fanatic and one of them has a seriously big cock. I hope you enjoy my challenge".

As the face on the screen faded to black leaving only the timer, it started to count down and she heard a door open behind her. If only she wasn't such a cock tease! This was going to be the longest night of her life....


Epilogue -- several months later

Laurie had a secret! Underneath her latex leggins and soft panties was a cock. She was not a girl, but this was not Laurie's secret either. It was something entirely different! She liked to dress like a slut in shiny fetish clothes and boots. She wore way too much makeup and always went for the shiniest, brightest and sluttiest shade of lip gloss. Yes she looked like a slut, but this was hardly a secret. Her secret was that she used to be a tease. But now she like nothing better than being a cock-hungry cum dump. A nice man called Mangle had seen to that.

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