tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLaw 383: Overstepping Boundaries

Law 383: Overstepping Boundaries


It had been months since I had been with Bella. I was in a much healthier relationship now; one that didn't involve a student. We had a good sex life, a comfortable relationship, and yet, my mind somehow kept going back to her every so often. Maybe it was the forbidden nature, or the wild abandon she had in bed, or maybe those sinfully seductive curves that could practically make a man weep with desire. Whatever it was, she was stuck in my mind every now and then. I figured it was okay because it would only be harmless fantasy and nothing more. A hardening of my cock as I remembered my cum dripping across her taut and erect nipple. An explosive orgasm while pleasuring myself imagining her mouth around her roommate's breast as I pounded her from behind. I should have known there would be a problem.

I was never a big fan of Mondays. They always came too quickly and ruined a perfectly good weekend. This one was worse than most. Exams were coming up, my fiancee was out of town, and I had been up the entire weekend with hardly any sleep. I was feeling worn down and just plain tired. I hid in my office nursing a cup of coffee, hoping that none of my students would find me here, desperately trying to blend into the background in the law library and get some much needed rest. Then something happened that made my day much better or much worse, and I still haven't decided yet.

Bella stood in the doorway and let the fluorescent light silhouette her as I looked up. She looked like a sexually obsessed law professor's fantasy (and I assure you that is exactly what she was). Her blouse was pulled taut across her magnificent breasts with the top two buttons undone and the rest straining to stay together. They had been squeezed into an impossibly tight pushup bra that made her cleavage work almost all the way up to her neck. She had on a short plaid skirt that covered everything yet revealed it at the same time. A pair of stockings and a pair of high heels finished the ensemble. It was as if she had raided the closet in my fantasies and found the sexiest outfit I had thought of. I had forgotten that she owned every outfit I pictured her in plus a few that were too hot for me to even imagine.

"Hi Professor. How are you doing?" Her words seemed innocent, but they oozed blatant sexuality. It was like her voice was already brushing over my rapidly hardening cock.

"You can still call me Jared. It's been a while. What are you up to?

"Just studying for exams. I could stand some advice though. Do you mind if we talk?" Before I could answer, she shut the door. It was beginning to feel like the first time we were intimate as she set her bag down on the floor and sat down. She crossed her legs, her skirt rising up, revealing a garter belt that pressed ever so slightly into her firm and supple thigh.

"It's just that I've been feeling a lot of stress and I can't seem to relax. I haven't been able to relax since we stopped seeing each other."

"You know we can't keep doing that. I'm in a relationship and you're a student."

"I understand. It's just...." Her voice trailed off as she tapped her pen against her lips, her tongue brushing the tip. I could feel the blood rising in my cock, the cum boiling in my balls. It had been so long since I'd had sex, even longer since I had fucked this coquettish nymphette. I remembered plunging my cock between those perfect breasts, sucking on her erect nipples as I ravished her over and over again. It was all I could do not to take her on the desk now or start getting myself off behind my desk. "It's just that...I think I would feel better if I could just ask you one thing and get an honest answer it would help me relax."

I swallowed hard. I was worried about what would happen, but part of me longed for more than one question. "What is it?"

She ran her pen between her breasts, bouncing along her cleavage as she spoke. "Do you still think about me? Do you fantasize about me as you get off? I know I do about you. Please be honest."

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to lie, to keep her away, to make my life simpler. Unfortunately, my mind couldn't formulate a lie that good. "Yes, sometimes I do."

"Good. I'm glad. I was worried you stopped seeing me because you weren't attracted to me. At least now I know it's just the university rules. Now I have a gift for your honesty."

With that she reached down into her bag and pulled a long, slender, metallic dildo. She ran her tongue along the edge and sucked it ever so slightly. "I know you get off fantasizing about me. I get off fantasizing about that. It's time to make our fantasies a reality." She ran it between her breasts as she unbuttoned her blouse. My cock felt like it was about to explode as I watched her breasts heave with each rapturous breath. My fingers strayed to my cock for a moment and felt my taut length straining against the fabric of my slacks. As I undid my belt, I watched her unhook the front clasp of her bra, her breasts spilling free but not falling an inch, as firm as if they were fake, as supple and perfectly shaped because every inch of those glorious DDs were real.

She pinched her nipples as she sucked on the dildo and I couldn't resist myself. I moved my chair in front of my desk and pulled out my cock. A look of incomparable lust shot across her eyes as she saw my shaft in my hand, the head glistening with precum. As she eyed me she pulled up her skirt and revealed the tiny panties that covered her smoothly shaved mound. She pushed it aside and plunged the dildo all the way inside with one smooth motion, just as I had done so many times while fucking that tight little body.

Her fingers rhythmically grinded against her clit as she fucked herself with the dildo faster and faster. My cock grew harder and harder with each passing moment, my lust running rampant as I watched her breasts heave and bounce as she pounded herself closer to orgasm. Her eyes began to flutter as she focused on my cock, possibly imagining my shaft replacing the dildo as it already had in my mind. She licked her lips and began to moan softly. She had always been easy to get off and it didn't appear that had changed. Her body began to spasm, her moans and breath becoming ragged. As her orgasm started, she moaned and spoke softly to me. "You know where I want you to cum. Do it. Cum right where you did the first time."

I couldn't resist. I remembered it precisely. Just like the first time I stood in front of her, my hand stroking harder. Without warning she grabbed my cock and swallowed it whole as her body was wracked with orgasms. I knew it was wrong and that only made it better. I could feel my balls tighten as she wrapped her lips around me. Finally, I felt an incredible release as I shot a hot wave of cum into my mouth. She pulled my cock out and pointed it directly at one of her perfect breasts. I unloaded on it, drenching it in my sticky juices. It dripped across her nipple as it had so many times in my fantasies. She looked up at me, her eyes heavy-lidded with lust as she massaged my semen into her firm and heavy breast. She licked it off her fingers, one at a time, slowly, as if she were trying to will my cock to hardness again. But I was completely spent.

She slipped her bra and blouse back on quickly, my cum getting absorbed by the lacy fabric. She licked her lips to remove one last trace that had almost escaped. "I desperately needed that. I can tell you did too. Did it feel too wrong to do again?"

I could barely think straight. My mind whirled as I pictured every sinful thought I could picture went through my mind. I knew I should say no, but all I could manage was a faint nod.

"Good. I've needed it so badly. Maybe I'll stop by after exams. And if your woman isn't around, maybe you can make a trip over to my apartment. My roommate has been asking about you." She grabbed her bag and went to the door. She smoothed her skirt and straightened her garter, giving me one last glimpse of her round little ass. Then she walked out of my office, and right back into my sexual fantasies.

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