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Lawn Boy


As usual on a Saturday, I'm out mowing the lawn and it is hot as hell. Luckily, I'm on the home stretch with just the back yard to go. Our yard is pretty big and takes about half an hour to mow, but it goes quickly when I let my mind wander.

I was zoned out, thinking about baseball or something equally banal, when something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. My wife was standing at the back sliding glass door watching me mow. I wave and she just smiles. As I'm mowing towards and away from the house, I had to turn my back to make the next lap. I get to the back edge of the yard and turn around. When I look back at the house, I stumble a bit because I see my wife still standing at the back door, this time with her shirt undone and her pants unbuttoned. She had that shit eating grin that only means trouble, the good type. I find the mowing getting more difficult as my cock starts to strain against my shorts. As I get closer to the house, she starts squeezing her tit with one hand and the other slides down her belly towards her snatch. She sees me hesitate when I have to turn around and motions me to continue. Reluctantly, I turn around to make the trip to the back, my mind racing. When I turn around again, I see her standing there completely naked. She's rubbing her beautifully shaved pussy with one hand, her fingers spreading her lips. Her other hand has pushed her gorgeous breast up to her mouth where she was sucking her nipple. As I get closer again, she raises the fingers that were in her cunt to her lips and licks them clean, clearer enjoying her own taste and my obvious predicament. I again make to stop my mowing when she shook her head 'no'. This was going to be tough...

I spin around and race the back of the yard hoping to turn around for more erotic mowing. When I turn around, I see that she is gone, but I not for long! I don't know how good a job I did with the lawn, nor did I care, I knew what was waiting inside. As the last of the yard was done, I pushed the mower back to the shed near the back of the property. I'm just about to close the door when I here the click of ice in a glass behind me. Smiling I turn around.

"Hi there, you look hot..." My wife stood there before me with more than a gleam in her eye. She was wearing a cute little school girl shirt, tied just under her amazing tits. They were dying to get out and I was dying to get at them. Down below, she had a matching school girl mini-skirt that just covered her snatch. She also had her hair tied back in the pony-tail that I love, especially because of the way I can grab it for better leverage.

"...would you like some ice water?" She starts forward and pretends to stumble on an imaginary root. The water goes all down here front, revealing those delicious tits more and making her nipples go instantly rock hard, and that's not the only thing rock hard. I didn't think it possible, but my cock must have grown at least another half inch at the sight.

"I'm so clumsy sometimes, sorry about the water. I'll get you some more." My wife cooed. She bent over to pick up the dropped glass and gave me a good look at what was under that skirt. She had on a bright red thong that divided her ass cheeks beautifully. The crotch was obviously drenched with her cum, she was as excited as I was.

"Here, let me help you with that." I said, sidling up behind her. She always loved the way I would tease her pussy and ass through whatever she was wearing. I pushed my erection against her and she leaned back against me with a moan. "Let's go somewhere a little more private."

I took her hand and lead her behind the shed, where the woods behind the house shielded us from prying eyes. I took her into my arms and kissed her savagely, my tongue intertwining with hers. My hands took in her whole body, cupping her breast, stroking her crotch, pinching her nipples...I wished I had more hands! I pushed her away so that I could pay more attention to her needs. She leaned against the wall of the shed as I got down on my knees in front of her.

Raising her skirt, I could smell her musk and see the juices starting to run down the inside of her thighs. Not wanting to waste a single drop, I take a long, slow lick up each side, tasting her sweet cum. Pulling the thong aside, I revel in the sight of her swollen pussy lips, glistening with wetness. I drive my tongue deep in between those lips, bathing my mouth with her. Grabbing the back of my head, she drives me deeper into her folds. One of her favorite things for me to do to her is to lick her pussy and asshole with one, long soft, lick. I gladly do this and am rewarded with a shudder throughout her entire body. Slowly, I start to pick up the pace, concentrating more on sucking her clit and then teasing her anus. I know that hitting the right spots when she starts bucking against my mouth, moaning louder and louder. I couldn't stop if I wanted to, she had a death grip on the back of my head and was not letting go, not that I wanted to. But just as she was about to explode, I wrench myself away.

With a mixed look of shock, ecstasy, desire, and begging on her face, I turn her around to start in on her backside. Still reeling from her near orgasm, she is hesitant to comply, but when I stuck a well lubed finger against her ass hole, she bent to my will, literally. Bending slightly so that I could get better access, she pushed against my hand. Her pussy juices had done a very nice job of lubricating her chocolate starfish, so I had no problem entering her. Her rectum squeezed hard against my middle finger as I slowly finger fucked her ass. With my other hand, I started finger fucking her pussy, starting with two fingers. She rocked back and forth, in rhythm with my motions.

"More" she moaned as she slid one of her hands down to join mine hand at her twat. I felt her drive two of her own fingers in next to mine, spreading more juices all over the place. I knew how much she loved being finger fucked, so I pushed two more of my fingers inside of her. She gasped at the sensation, but didn't pull away. I inserted another finger into her ass, enjoying the warm sensation surrounding them. I could feel my fingers moving in the adjacent hole and the pulsing of her muscles as she strove to cope with the intense sensations.

I could tell that she was on the edge again, she was moaning loudly and beginning to pump herself against me, nearly knocking me over. Her pussy and rectal muscles contracted almost painfully as she grunted with pleasure, my fingers driving in and out of her. With a grunt of my own, I suddenly pull out, right at the peak of her pleasure. This time the look on her face was unmistakable, fury at being deprived her climax and her eyes shone with her desire to extract her revenge, but I was ready.

With a quick motion, I spun her around, ripped off her thong and whipped out my cock. I slammed it home deep into her glory hole with an animal snarl. The feeling was so intense that I nearly came in spite of myself. Biting my lip, I fought off the urge and started humping her like an animal. She was so high on her own orgasmic energy, she was like a cornered cat, hissing and spitting, but thrusting herself against my prick as hard as she could.

Knowing that I couldn't keep up this pace and wanting to make this last, I struggled to slow down. Bit by bit, I eased up, fucking her with long, strong stokes. She clearly was enjoying this as her cat calls turned to a satisfied purr. When I was fully inside her, she would lean back and grind against me, tossing her hair. Taking her cue, I grabbed a hold of her pony tail. With a firm grip on that love handle, I pulled her head back and forced her deeper onto my pole. She responded with a satisfied groan and stood up somewhat.

This gave me great access to play with her tits with my other hand. I reached around and pressed her breasts hard against her body. Her left hand covered mine on her tit, guiding me to roll her nipple in my fingers. Her right hand found its way down to my shaft and balls in her pussy. Gently, she scraped the underside of my cock with her fingernails as I fucked her. The sensation was incredible, I nearly lost my load. I drove into her harder, picking the pace back up again. She responded by rubbing her clit with her hand at the same time playing with my balls as they slapped against her.

Wanting to take control of the situation again, I pull harder on her hair, just to get her attention. With a whimper, she thrust hard against me, picking up the pace on her own. Having a hard time controlling the urge to cum, I'm glad to get into full gallop. I start fucking her harder and faster, cock and pussy almost becoming a blur. I can feel my balls starting to contract, getting ready to blow my load inside her, when the unexpected happens.

Quick as a cat, she pulls off of my pick and grabs it by the base under my balls with a vise grip. Kneeling before me, she presses her thumb right between my ass hole and my balls. It is incredible, I have the exquisite urge to cum in waves, but can't. She is holding back the orgasmic wave by a thread.

"It's not nice to deprive me of my pleasure." She growled in front of me. "I need to make sure you understand the consequences for you actions." As she is saying this, her tongue is flicking over the head of my cock, a deep shade of purple and extremely sensitive. "Are you ready to pay?"

I nod my head as she swallows my throbbing member whole. I want to scream, the feeling is that intense. She is a master at giving head and right now, she is giving the performance of a lifetime. I watch helplessly as she masterfully services my tool. It disappears into her mouth, her ruby red lips gliding over the thickly ribbed shaft. Her eyes tell me she is enjoying torturing me as she looks up at me. Finally, what I thought was impossible happened. I didn't think that I could get any more aroused than I was when she first started in on me when she released all the pressure.

She relaxed her grip on my cock as she sucked me fully into her mouth. With incredible suction and her tongue lashing my in her mouth, I came with such force that I surprised us both. Wave after wave of spunk shot down her throat, it was almost too much. She was swallowing as fast as she could, but some still leaked out of the side of her mouth and down her chin onto her tits. She opened up to catch her breath, but the sight of her cum soaked mouth and sperm on her tits instantly made me cum again. Grabbing my wild member in her hand, she stroked it to get every last drop out. I came on her face and down her incredible cleavage, her fingers were covered with jism. When at last I was spent, she stood up, licking her fingers clean and gave me an incredibly hot kiss, making me just a sticky as she was.

After we had cooled off and gotten somewhat cleaned up, we made our way back to the house. Halfway there, she paused, looked at the grass and said...

"You missed a spot."

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by Anonymous11/26/17


Another lovely loving wife story.

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