Lawn Guy


We sat down and talked for a bit. Then I suggested that we go for a swim. The water was really cold making my nipples hard as heck. I made sure I got out first so I could position myself to see him get out. I went into the hot tub. He said good Idea and got out to follow suit.

Before he could get into the water I said, 'Wait!', startled he stopped, affording me a great view of the Speedo clinging to his cock and balls. 'I thought that cold water was supposed to cause shrinkage?', I chided now ogling his balls.

He said, 'It does. But this is as small as it gets. Is it okay if I get in the hut tub now?' His eyes sparkled, and he shyly smiled.

I think to myself that the little game that we had been playing is about up. Up till now everything had not been overly overt and could have been explained by we are just two friendly people. But it was now becoming apparent that we both had been enjoying this game but we still liked the facade of this being a normal occurrence.. I was thinking to myself. Was this guy an exhibitionist? What is he getting out of this? I am not a bombshell at all. Just a plane jane middle aged house wife. How could I be so lucky.

'No wait', I said, my eyes locked on his Speedo clinging to his manhood.' You can't be serious, it's so'. Stepping into the hot tub just feet from me he interrupted, 'Geez stop, your embarrassing me'. I was sadden to see it slide under the water..

He continued. 'Actually that is what I was self-conscience about. I feel like a freak at the swim meets. It feels like all the women are looking at it. Were you looking at it at the swim meet?'

Our eyes locked. He had me. What could I say?

'Well, ahhh, okay I won't lie. Yes. I was. But. You look at nice women in bikinis right?'

'Well ya', he said sheepishly.

'You look at their bodies and admire them right? Imagining what is under that thin fabric right? Especially the skinny girls with the big boobs, right? Are their nipples pink or brown. You really enjoy looking at them. Even ogling them, right?

'ahh ya I guess I do'

'Well, why shouldn't women look at men? Especially ones who are so gifted, it's natural. It's not a big deal.', I said. Was this me saying this? what happened to my old repressive self. This guy had awoken something within me.

He was beaten, he replied 'Yes I guess your right. But I still feel funny standing in front of all those women in my Speedo. Especially when I get out of the water.'

Moving closer and putting my hand on his thigh I said, 'Mike, you had said before that I had helped you with your confidence and that it made you a better swimmer right?'


'Well I'm going to help you again', I said. 'Stand up'. He reluctantly agreed. God I was loving this. I told him to turn around. I ran my hands up his legs commenting on how strong they were and he should feel proud to stand exposed before women. I couldn't believe I was doing this. Screw it this is a chance of a lifetime. I can't pass this up I thought. I felt his ass. What a ass. I told him so as I massage it. Again I told him how proud he should be. I told him to turn around.

WOW. His cock was practically in my face. It had grown. This Speedo was definitely obscene. Wet it clung to his penis leaving nothing to the imagination.

'Yaa you look good. At the next swim meet I want to see you like this. I want all of the women to see you like this. You look great. Such powerful legs and stomach'. I say as my hands follow my words. As I'm rubbing his legs and stomach his cock is straining to break out of it's confinement.. I continue and say,' And look at that Speedo. You know the women will wonder what is under that. What color is it? How big does it get? Does he squirt? How many times? Are they big jets or little dribbles?'

'Geeze,' he said, 'Do women really think like that?'

'Yes, but most of us repress it. I did until I saw you. You have really helped me. You have really enriched my life.'

'Gosh thanks', he said.

Moving back to the other side of the hot tub I smiled at him and said, 'are you feeling confident?'

'Ya I think so'

'How confidant? Do you feel like you can win any race in that Speedo?

'Heck ya, I feel like a million bucks!'.

'Prove it to me'


'Prove it to me. Prove it to me by taking off your Speedo.'

His throbbing manhood was now starting to recede a little. 'What? Are you serious?', he said.

'Totally serious,' I said. 'Look if you can stand naked in front of the intense gaze of a lady then when you put your Speedo back on it will be like putting on a suit of armor. The swim meets will be a breeze. Trust me. You look great. Let me see what your made of. Take OFF the Speedo!'. Jeeze was this me saying this. I was usually submissive. I was really enjoying being fully clothed in my one piece and making this hunk expose himself.

He reluctantly agreed. He really teased me. He pulled it down real slow. Inch by inch the shaft of his mammoth penis came into view. Down the Speedo went. 5, 6, 7 inches still no head. then out it pops. A massive cock and balls and he still wasn't all the way hard. He took the Speedo all the way off and tried to sit back into the water. I told him to stand up. I moved closer to examine him.

'Wow! Now that is a cock and a half! And those balls are huge.' The warm water had really made them hang low. 'Do you feel confident?'

'Ahh in a weird sort of way' he said. ' I think I'm kind of enjoying this'.

'Well I know that I am,' I said. 'Lets get back to our sunbathing,'

'Like this', he said.

'Yes like this. You want confidence right? What could build more confidence then laying out in the nude.'

'Ok', he said 'But what about you why don't you take your suit off'

I retorted, 'I don't need confidence. Now don't be a baby get out of the hot tub'.

We walked over to the chairs. I drank in the site of his naked body.



'You don't want to get a sunburn do you?'. I said looking at his cock.

'You can't be serious,' he said.

'Totally serious, what could be a better confidence builder then rubbing oil onto your cock before a fully clothed woman.'.

He reluctantly (or at least appeared reluctant, it was all a part of our little game I guess. Deep down we both knew he was enjoying this) grabbed the suntan lotion. Ooh what a site he really put on a show rubbing oil on everything. The head, shaft and balls. I sat really close to make sure I didn't miss any of the action.

'It looks like the more oil you use the more oil you need to use', what a corny line but it was true. His cock was growing for me. 'How big does it get?'

'Geeze I don't know, I nev..'

'Bullshit, all guys measure their cocks. Tell me how big does it get?'

'10 inches,' he said/

'Wow, get it totally hard for me'

Now he was really working himself. Stroking that big cock..

'Now you know what I want to see. Don't let me down. I want to see what all of those women ogling you at the swim meet want to see. I want to watch you stroke that big cock until you cum. Understand!'

'Yes', he said, eager to please as always and stroking that cock with one hand and the other rolling his large balls around.

What a site this guy naked with his oily big cock jacking off for me.

'I want to see you squirt. Go on do it ya.

I kept giving him vocal encouragement. He was really stroking now. Up and down that impressive length. faster and faster. He was starting to get close now. His cock looked huge as he layed on the lounge chair, me watching every stroke. He really put on a show. Two hands pumping then he would take a break and use just one hand and his other hand would work his balls. His cock although incredibly long had tremendous width to it. It was also very straight which surprised me. The skin was nice to too. Except for a few veins it was very nice. The head once a nice shade of pink was turning darker to more of a purple shade as he relentlessly stroked his cock for me. Then he would stop and squeeze the base and would watch me watching it before he would continue.

After about 15-20 minutes of watching him masterfully masturbate for me, he finally came. The first jet went into the air a foot. It shocked me into silence and with my jaw dropped in amazement, I watched the next one rocket at least 3 feet in the air. I had never, ever seen or anything like this or even thought it possible. That would have been enough to blow my mind. But the jets kept coming 3, 4 5 , 6 thick creamy jets bursting from that huge cock head. a few more small squirts came out and then breathing heavily he finally stopped shooting semen.

'That was incredible! I've NEVER seen so much cum in my life!' I said. 'How do you feel' I said rubbing his shoulder.

'Very confident, thank you'

It was weird after that. He got his things and left. He continued to mow the lawn that summer, and I continued to meet with my friends at the swim meets. Once I felt comfortable enough with them that I could trust them, I let them in on my little secret about having him cut my lawn. Needless to say, they didn't believe me. So finally to prove it to them, I had them accidentally all come over when Mike would be out working on his suntan in my back yard. We had to really cajole Mike, but eventually he put on quite a show for all of us. But that is another story.

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by electric107/12/17

This is a really good story overall. It's hot in how it describes female lust. Great characters. I hope you'll write a sequel some day.
One problem, though, is the paragraph about the women touring themore...

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