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Lawn Mowing Torture


I have an unusual relationship with my Mistress, Mistress Susan. I know this because another Mistress told me so. I was seeing a professional dominatrix, Mistress Linda. Mistress Linda tried to understand my urges, and I usually was satisfied after a visit with her, but something was missing. On what turned out to be my final visit, I told Mistress Linda exactly what I wanted.

Mistress Linda was surprised. “I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to do that before! I’m not interested, but I might be able to find someone that will torment you in the way you want.”

I thanked her, and left. A couple of days later, Mistress Linda called me while I was at work.

“I think I might have someone for you. A friend of mine, Mistress Susan, told me that she might be interested in accepting you as her slave. Her number is 555-7472. Give her a call this evening and tell her that Mistress Linda gave you her number. She’s expecting your call.”

“Thank you Mistress Linda.”

“You’re welcome. I may stop over sometime when you’re with Mistress Susan just to watch your torment. I’d thought I’d heard everything, but yours is one of the more unusual that I’d heard.”

Later that evening I called Mistress Susan. After telling her that Mistress Linda gave me her number, I explained what I wanted from her.

“I’ll consider your request,” Mistress Susan answered. “It’s so unusual that I’m tempted to accept you as my slave right now, but I want to think about it some more. I call you in a couple of days with my answer.

I gave Mistress Susan my home and work phone numbers. She repeated them back to me, and I told her they were correct. She hung up before I had a chance to say anything else. I tried to get on with my life, but all I wanted was Mistress Susan to call me back. A week went by, and no phone call. I was starting to lose hope when Mistress Susan called me at home.

“I’ve decided to accept you as my slave. Come over this Saturday at 10 am to prepare the back yard. I have a self-propelled lawn mower, but you’ll need to buy the rest of the equipment for your torment.”

“Thank you Mistress Susan.”

She gave me her address and hung up. I spent the rest of the week working and purchasing the equipment I’d need for my torment. I had to go to several stores to find all of the different items I needed. It seemed like the rest of my life was on hold. All I could focus on was meeting Mistress Susan on Saturday and setting up my torment.

I pulled up to Mistress Susan’s house at 9:50. Her home is a nice looking home in a rural neighborhood on a two-acre lot. I wait in the car until 10, then get out and go up to the door. I ring the doorbell, and Mistress Susan answers the door.

“Good, you’re a punctual slave. Get all of your stuff and bring it in the back yard. You can go through the gate on the right side of the house. Put the stuff in the shed, and get started on whatever construction you need to do. I may or may not come out to watch you. When you’re finished, put everything away in the shed, and leave. I’ll call you a couple of days before I want you to come over. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Susan.”

“Good. Now go.”

She closes the door and I walk back to the car. Mistress Susan is a little shorter than I am, maybe about 5’ 9”, with shoulder length straight red hair. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. The t-shirt was baggy, so I couldn’t really tell what she looked like. She had dark blue eyes.

I get the some of the equipment out of the car, and walk over to the right side of the house. There’s an eight-foot privacy fence enclosing the back yard, and I easily find the gate. The back yard is almost an acre of grass. The part by the house is open, and there are several shade trees close to the back fence. The shed is all the way in the back, almost against the back fence. I put the equipment away. I see that she has a nice Sears 24” self-propelled lawn mower. It takes me a few trips from the car to the shed before I’ve gotten and put away all of the equipment.

I get a shovel from the shed and walk up towards the house. I find a good spot away from the trees and about seventy feet from the back of the house. I dig for a couple of hours, until I have a hole a little over three feet deep. I pick up a six-foot length of six-inch cast iron pipe that I brought, and put it down into the hole. About thirty inches of the pipe is sticking up out of the hole. I fill in around the pipe until the pipe is fairly steady. I go back to the shed and get a wheelbarrow. I mix concrete and pour it into the pipe until the concrete comes up to the top of the pipe. I pour the rest of the concrete on the ground around the pipe, and hose the concrete from the wheelbarrow. I put the wheelbarrow and shovel away in the shed, and leave. Mistress Susan didn’t come out into the back yard while I was working. I have no idea whether or not she watched me from a window.

Mistress Susan called about three weeks later. “I want you to come over this Saturday at 9 am. When you get here, you are to get the lawn mower and some lawn and leaf bags from the shed. Cut the front yard and bag the clippings. The bags can be put on the curb. When you’re finished with the front yard, take the lawn mower and bags into the back yard. Get a lawn chair from the shed and bring it over near the gate. Take off your clothes, except for your shoes and socks, and put them on the lawn chair. Cut the back yard naked, and bag the clippings. Put the bags by the gate. When you’re finished cutting the grass, get a lounger from the shed, and put it in the back yard facing the sun near the pipe. Then you may set up your torment. Once you’re set up, I’ll come outside and if the yard looks nice and everything is satisfactory, I’ll start the torment. After the torment is completed, you are to put everything away, get dressed, put the back yard clippings out on the curb, and leave. Do you have any questions?”

“No Mistress Susan.”

“Good.” She hung up.

Saturday finally came, and I arrived at Mistress Susan’s house right on time. I get her lawn mower from the shed, and start cutting the front yard. I bag the clippings as I cut the grass, and it takes about 45 minutes to finish the front yard. I’m sweaty as I push the lawn mower into the back yard. I go to the shed, get a lawn chair, and bring it back to near the gate. I remove all my clothing, except for my socks and shoes, and put them on a lawn chair by the back gate. I don’t think any of the neighbors can see me. I have no idea whether or not Mistress watches me cut the back yard from a window. I’d never cut the grass naked before, and I didn’t realize how much the dust from the grass clippings would make my skin itch, and how much the sun would make me sweat. I didn’t think to bring any sunscreen, and besides, I would probably sweat off any I’d have put on. I bag the clippings, and put the bags by the back gate. It takes about two hours to finish the back yard. I’m perspiring heavily and my shoulders and back are turning red from the sun.

After I’ve moved the last bag of grass over to the gate, and set up the lounger, I start setting up my torment. I take off my shoes and socks, and put them under the lawn chair with my clothes. I push the lawn mower over by the pipe and fill the gas tank. I get a ten-foot chain from the shed. One end is locked in a loop that I drop over the end of the pipe. I lock the other end of the chain to the side of the lawn mower. I wrap a rubber strap around the lawn mower handle, so that the mower will run without someone needing to hold on. I start the lawn mower carefully. Since it’s been running it starts easily. I pause and take a deep breath, because I’m about to turn one of my fantasies into reality. Once I lock myself to the running lawn mower there is no turning back. The keys for all of these locks are over by the lounger.

I take a pair of handcuffs, and lock both ends around the base of my cock and balls. I lock a six-foot chain to the handcuff chain, and lock the other end to the back base of the lawn mower. I bend over and lock leg irons to my ankles. The leg irons are shackled together with a two-foot heavy chain. I straighten up and attach an alligator clip to each of my nipples. I wince as the teeth of the clip bites into my nipple, but after a couple of minutes I get used to the pain. There’s a wire attached to the clips, which is connected to the cock chain. Lastly, I lock my wrists behind my back with another pair of handcuffs. I stand behind the mower, watching the back door, and waiting for Mistress Susan to come outside.

After a few minutes Mistress Susan comes outside and walks towards me. She is very pretty, with her shoulder length red hair and freckly skin. She’s wearing a skimpy red bikini, which is barely holding back her round full breasts. I’m getting a hard-on just from seeing the tops of her breasts. She puts a towel and sunscreen on the lounger, then comes over to where I’m standing holding a cold drink and a cigarette. She walks around the mower and looks at all of the chains. She checks that the clips are secure on my nipples by tugging on the wire. After she is satisfied that everything is set up correctly, she turns her attention to me. She stands in front of me for a couple of minutes. She smells sweet, and I know that after three hours of yard work I must stink. I gaze at her face and at her chest.

Mistress Susan takes a puff of her cigarette and says, “You did an adequate job cutting the grass, you pig.”

“Yes Mistress Susan. Thank you Mistress Susan.”

“Tell me what all of these chains are for again.”

“Yes Mistress Susan. The chain attached to the pipe keeps the mower going in a large circle. The shackles on my ankles make it a challenge for me to keep up with the mower. I have to take small quick steps. If I get too far behind the mower, the clips pull on my nipples and encourage me to speed up. If I fall further behind, the cock chain yanks on my cock until I catch up.”

“Interesting.” Mistress Susan takes a sip of her drink. “I’ll bet you’re thirsty after all that mowing.”

“Yes Mistress Susan, I am.”

Mistress Susan presses her cold drink against my forehead and cheeks, then pulls the drink away. “A pig like you doesn’t deserve to have a drink.”

“Yes Mistress Susan.”

Mistress Susan bends over and puts the drink down on the ground. She stands up, reaches behind her back and starts to untie her bikini top. My cock twitches. She stops, and says, “You horny pig. You’d like to see my boobs, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mistress Susan, I’d love to see your beautiful breasts. I would be honored if you would allow me to gaze upon their perfection.”

“I’d love to sun topless, but not if you can’t control yourself. How dare you get aroused looking at me? Just for that, I’m going to keep my top on.” Mistress Susan smacks my cock a few times with her hand. She steps around me and smacks my bottom a few times. She bends over and picks up her drink.

Mistress Susan engages the drive lever on the mower, and walks away to the lounger. The mower starts moving forward, and I follow it. The chain attached to the stake keeps the mower going in a large circle. I move my feet as fast as the ankle shackles allow. I don’t want to get too far behind the mower. Round and round I go and each time around I see what she is doing. She sits and watches me trot for a while, smoking or sipping on her drink. She applies sunscreen and lays back, or rolls over and lies on her stomach. I prefer seeing her lounging and watching me, rather than seeing her sunning her back. I was already sweating from the yard work, and now I’m dripping sweat, both from the sun and from the exertion. My shoulders and back are already sunburned. I willingly endure all of this just to watch Mistress lounge. Sometimes I see her masturbating, and I get more aroused. I’d like to think she’s masturbating because she’s aroused watching me trot around behind the lawn mower.

I walk behind the mower for about three hours until the mower runs out of gas. I’m totally exhausted, and I can feel the sunburn on my shoulders and back. I’ve been naked out in the sun for over five hours, and the sweat just made the burning worse. I stand behind the lawn mower, for what seems like another hour, waiting for Mistress Susan to finish sunning. At least I can turn to the side and watch her sun.

Mistress Susan gets up and walks over to the lawn mower. She doesn’t say a word. She unlocks my wrists, hands me the keys, and goes back into the house. I unlock the shackles and cuffs, and put the equipment and lounger away in the shed. I get dressed, put away the lawn chair, carry the back yard clippings to the front curb, and go home, exhausted but happy.

Mistress Susan calls every couple of weeks and has me come over on a Saturday. I’ve been to her house several times through the spring and summer, cutting her lawn, and then having her tease and torment me. I haven’t seen the inside of her home, nor her breasts, and I probably never will. I’ve gotten more used to the sun, and I don’t burn as much now. The yard work and torment still exhausts me, though not as much as the first time. Mistress Linda did drop by one Saturday, and I got to watch both of them sun. I’m proud to be one of Mistress Susan’s slaves.

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