tagErotic HorrorLawrence Lawrence

Lawrence Lawrence


Lawrence Lawrence was retired mid-forties widower black man but that didn't stop him from getting it on.

After his wife had died he was able to collect the life insurance and a month later he went to Vegas and had threesome twice, once going and coming back. With his wife gone he was free explore what many considered taboo and that sexual relations with white women. He always wondered what it what feel like but was loyal to his wife and put those fantasies behind him. Now he was free to act on those fantasies, he would go to websites and watch either interracial featuring black male and white female or white woman on white woman. He also would go to adult stores and buy videos and magazines.

It soon occurred to Lawrence that retirement was boring. The places he wanted to go to cost money and he still had bills. He was soon up and about looking for work but if wasn't going to be easy with his age, he would be lucky if he could get a job at a grocery store.

As luck would have it he lands a custodian job at a girl's college an all white girl's college. The president was a bit skeptical about hiring Lawrence but he had a clean record. No trouble with the law, he was a veteran of the Vietnam War. She could say no but the school needed some help, help that required a man and he was that man or at least the man that applied for the job. Lawrence passed both interviews. He seemed perfect, still she could say no but they really needed the help and there was the possibility that if she said no he could sue for discrimination in three ways, one for being the only black in an all white college, second for being an only man at an all female college even the security was all women and third is due to age so she could not have that, just imaging if that did occur, he was also a vet and many of the girls attending the college either had relatives in the military, had been in the military or were planning to go, not good so with the no other options Lawrence Lawrence was hired.

A wary eye was on Lawrence for a while but everything was good, he was polite with the women. He made no passes at them, many of the women warmed up to him and he did his job well. He was like teddy bear or so everyone thought.

During the time he did maintenance in the locker rooms he had setup cameras that way he could watch the women shower and change.

"Man, look at that rack!" He stared in awe as he jerked himself off. "And that ass!"

He couldn't wait to be inside these white women, he knew it would happen sooner or later, he just had to be patience.

As the days went on he would tell of his experience in the military to the eager white women who wanted to join and he would help with assignments if they needed it but was careful not to be too eager.


The blond Kristal had gotten an F on her assignment. Lawrence was disappointed. "To think all the time I spend helping you and yet you didn't study hard enough.

"I'm sorry I..."

"Silence I don't want to hear any more of your excuses. You must punished. Lift up your dress and remove your panties!"

Kristal did as demanded of her.

"A thong? How naughty Kristal! There shouldn't be any reason for you to wear such a thing unless your mind was on someone, a man perhaps, could it be possible you did this to lure me?"

"No it wasn't like that per say!"

"Ah you just gave yourself away. I can't help but be flattered but you must be punished!" He pulls out a cane. He grabs her meaty buns and brings the cane to her. "I know you're probably uncomfortable with this but I assure you that the most respected instructors use this to disciplinant their students."


"Yes, keep in mind that I am older than you so I've around the block more than once."

Kristal nods. Lawrence wasn't sure if this was true but he sounded convincing to her and that's all that mattered.

"Now let's begin, this will hurt me more than you."

He strikes her lovely ass cheeks. She lets out screams and painful grunts. After twenty strikes he was done. He looks her cheeks, red as a tomato.

"No doubt the pain will not cease quickly so I will help you." He lowers himself and licks her left cheek.

Kristal turn her head in surprise. "Mister Lawrence?!"

"Trust me,Kristal."

"Um ok."

He resumes licking her ass cheek and proceeds to lick the right one. His tongue soon made its way to her vagina.


"Trust me!" He said sternly.

His hands were now firmly held her cheeks as he went deeper into her vagina causing her moan.

"Yeah that feels good doesn't?"

"Yes," she moaned.

His tongue moves out and starts on her other hole while his fingers were working her clit and love hole.

"Oh Mister Lawrence!"

"Have you ever did it with a black man?"

"No," she moans as he inserts a finger inside her anus.

"I want you apologize for messing up."

"I'm sorry."

"You call that an apology?"

"Please I'm sorry."

Lawrence wasn't convince and withdrew.

"Please I'm sorry."

"I think it's time for you to go."

"No! No! Please I am very sorry, I will do better! Now please, please put your big black cock in me, please!"

"Now that's more like it." He rubs his black tool against her crotch before insert it her. He thrust slowly and picks up the pace.

"Oh Mister Lawrence!"

"Oh Kristal! He moan as his balls hit her with every stroke. "He take her right hand to his balls and she begins playing. "I'm gonna make you cum!"

"Yes, yes!" She moans.

"It's been too long,Kristal but you came right on time. You ready to be my slut slave?"

"Yes Mister Lawrence I wanna be your slut slave!"

"Can't forget about those," he said and gropes her shirt covered breasts. They've been begging for me to touch them!" He thrust fast and harder. "Oh about to nut up into you girl!"

"Ah, ugh, uh, uh, oh, I'm cumming, Mister Lawrence, I'm cumming!"

"Oh yes, this is it!" He shoots his load up in her vagina. He could feel about four loads go up in her. He closes his eyes for a minute and then opens them.

"Kristal? Oh fuck! Another dream!" He looks at himself and saw how wet he was. He was angry, it was October 31 and still no white pussy, he dreamed of building a harem but he knew that was far off but since he been at the college no white woman has given him the time of day not even the least bit interested. He could always bang a prostitute he knew where to find them but he didn't want that he wanted college women!


"Hey, Mister Lawrence!"

"Oh hey Sheba," he replied flatly.

"What's with you?"

"Oh it's, it's nothing that you need to concern yourself with."

"Well um, anyway here." She hands him an invitation."

"A Halloween party?"

"Yes, an Alumni, Misty is having a party at her house."

"House? She has a house?"

"Yes, she has tons of money. A lot of us are going to be there."

"I'll be there!"

This is it, Lawrence thought. A Halloween party meant there would be white women in sexy outfits. He was going to get some white pussy! But what would he wear? He had to find an outfit but nothing too difficult to come off. He was going to get laid that's for sure.


He arrives at Misty's house at 8:30p.m. There were a lot of people there and they were not all women but he was not going to let the competition get in the way, there were plenty white girls there for him, who knows maybe more than one white girl would be interested.

"Ah Mister Lawrence you made it," Sheba said happily.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Come let me introduce you to Misty."

Misty was something to behold. She wore the Elsa blue dress and heels from Frozen, she had icy blue eyes, hair, lip stick, finger nail polish and eye shadow. "Hello Mister Lawrence, I've heard so much about you. You've done great at the college"

"Well you know I try."

"Well let me show you around." She puts her arm around his which felt her boob. I'm so getting laid tonight, he thought.

She talk and listen even though he wasn't all that interested but he nodded and asked questions so she would know he was paying attention. His eye wonders and he see a witch flashing her magic spells on a male werewolf if you know what I mean which made him howl in approval.

Next he see a woman dressed as Wonder Woman. The woman knelt down for a moment and her ass was up. He couldn't control himself, he reaches to touch her but a hand grabs his arm. It was Misty and she was not happy.

"I'm sorry I must have had too much to drink," he laughed nervously.

"You haven't drank since you came."

"Before I came."

Misty wasn't buying it.

"Ok I'm sorry, please don't kick me out. It's just been so long since my wife died."

"Well if you behave yourself I'll treat you to something good."

"Ok I'll behave."

"Good now let's finish the tour."

Lawrence was happy, he going to fuck Misty tonight.

The two dance, ate and talked and later on people began to leave.

"See you tomorrow," She said. "I have to get Anna home, she's drunk as her skunk costume."

Soon it was down to a few and then two which was Lawrence and Misty. "There's still a lot left to clean."

"We can finish that in the morning."

Lawrence follows her upstairs. That ass! He thought.

"So your first and last name is Lawrence, right?"


"Wow, never met a man the same name. Middle name?"

"I don't have one."

"It should be Lawrence as well," Misty smirk.

"Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence? No, it's bad enough I have the first and last name as the same name."

Misty giggles which makes Lawrence blush. "Let's get started."

"Wait I don't have a condom."

"Don't worry I'm on the pill." With that she removes the heels and then the dress revealing her matching icy blue bra and panties.

Lawrence's mouth watered. She approaches him and removes his red mask and red horns and then his shirt and then unbutton his pants. "My what a big bulge you have."

"All the better the fuck you with my dear," he laughed.

She pull his underwear off and tossed it somewhere. He would worry about that tomorrow unless she wanted it for herself. "Big and beautiful." Misty lowered herself down until it reach her cleavage. She begins titty fucking him. She open her mouth and he notice her tongue was blue! She giggles and licks the coco head. She mouths it once continues thrusting upward and downward.

"Oh this is just wonderful." He moaned.

"I can finish you off later. Come take me!"

He didn't need to be told twice. He spins her around and pulls face down. He remove her panties and starts to rim her blue pussy?! Something wasn't right.

"Don't worry about that, it's just the way I was born."

"Ok!" With that he licks her pussy.

"Oh that tongue!" She moaned.

He licks her blue butthole! While his fingers work her clit and then go inside. He could feel her getting wet. He takes a finger out and licks the juice only so find out was icy cold. Before Lawrence could question it Misty turn on her back and orders him to stick his massive black tool in her.

He spreads her legs apart and begins thrusting into her. Her nipples were erect through her bra, his hands slide inside her bra and began pinching them. She kiss him, their tongues were dancing in each other's mouth. "You taste good," she moans.

He moves his hands to unclasp her bra and with that off he got a good look and naked tits. The areoles were blue as well! Misty takes his left to her breast. "Come ravage my tits!"

He squeezes them and starts using his mouth and tongue on them. "Oh Lawrence make me yours!" Her arms were around his back.

He pounds faster and harder. "Yes you're mine!" He kisses her again and then goes for the neck. He notices that her moans started to sound more animal like, not normal animal like, he knew that well be this was different. More like roaring.

"Lawrence let me ride you."

"Sure baby!"

With that she was on top and began bouncing up and down. Even though her nipples were blue he enjoyed the sight of seeing her breasts bounce up and down. His hands gripped her cheeks. "Won't last much longer," he said. At that moment he wasn't sure if it was the euphoria his brain making him see her eyes suddenly change to reptile blue or not but he really didn't care, he was having a great time.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she cried. Her animal noises were louder and became roars.

He notices that Misty's teeth become serrated, he didn't know what was going on, but it was starting to freak him out. Part of him wanted to stop but the other wanted to keep going. Misty senses his resistance, lowers her body on him, and kisses him. She resumes thrusting up and down. "So close!"

He could feel her juice flowing out and it icy cold. She lets out monstrous roar and collapses on him.

Lawrence was terrified; he wanted to leave and began to adjust himself to pull out but Misty forces another kiss. "Mmmm." She looks at him and him her; her eyes were blue reptilian. He wanted get out of there but the lust he had in him was too much.

"Let me clean you off." She begins licking his goodness off and then puts her whole mouth on it. He was now horrified, she was bringing it back to life! With his senses intact he lifts up to stop her but her mouth felt so good that he hand didn't pull her away but held her in place.

She was now swallowing his returning seed. "Oh! Oh! Ah" No must stop her! He thought Her left hand was now pumping it and right was playing with his testicles. It was too much for him now, he was starting to feel icy cold, but euphoria was just too great.


Lawrence never showed up for work. Misty tells Sheba that he left her house. They track his car, which were miles away from her house but no sign of him. A Missing persons report was on file for him.

The police check his house but they could not find anything suspicious. Lawrence had removed all the cameras just as a precaution, the magazines, and porn videos were gone as well. He didn't want any woman he brought over finding that stuff. There was no card records of him buying the stuff because he always withdrew cash for that, it was more difficult to track that way.

It was a tragedy for the girls at the college; to them he was a nice innocent old man who cared about them. They never knew his lustful side. Many had made different theories on what happened to him including being demoned away.


Misty was at an unknown place.

"Welcome back, your highness."

"Good to be back," she said to her minion and sits on her throne. She grabs the remote and presses a blue button and the wall opens inside was ice sculptures, and one of them was Lawrence Lawrence. "It's all in a day's work."

"Hail Ice Queen!" A second minion says.

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