tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLay-Offs Ch. 04

Lay-Offs Ch. 04

byLinda Jean©

I sat there on the edge of my chair with Becky making love to my pussy as I watched Jennifer and Jacky. It was very clear to me that Jacky was enjoying herself much more that Jennifer was. Well maybe she didn't, Jacky was more vocal and physical in her fingering of Jennifer's pussy and humping hard against Jennifer's hand and fingers. I loved the way Becky worked on me but I guess my body was just not going to climax again for a bit.

The girls finished and they both seemed a little ashamed at the way they lost control. If they were acting they sure as hell fooled me. I bought it hook line and sinker. The phone rang so Becky had to stand and get it, wiping her face as she walked past the girls in a hurry to get to her desk.

As Becky got up I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost lunchtime. "Jacky, I'm gonna work through lunch, would you be so kind to go next door and grab a salad for all of us? Here's a Twenty, I would like a diet soda what would you like Jennifer?"

Jennifer turned and said, "Ice tea please. I want the Chicken Caesar, no crotons." I spoke up again, "That sounds good, make that the same for me. See if Becky wants one, here's another ten."

Jacky came over and I handed her the money I smiled, "Take your time dear, Jennifer and I are going to talk a bit. Leave the salads with Becky and keep what I told you to yourself until I speak with everyone ok Jacky?"

"No problem." She turned and walked out just as Becky came back in.

Becky said, "Ms Jackson, Tom said he needed your OK on Postage replenish because it is over 800 and he has a limit of 600. I told him you were busy and you needed to meet with him anyway. Should I schedule him for after lunch after Jacky or before? You also have several messages waiting. "

I asked, "Anything urgent?"

Becky said with a great big grin and smile, "Nothing more important than what you are doing now that's for sure."

I looked at her and realized that my duties as facility manager was going to interfere with my new two week objective and I just could not drop everything to pursue this debauched activity that I began today. Before this morning I never would have even entertained the idea of acting on my many fantasies. Yet here I was living them out one by one.

Responding back to Becky, "Keep screening my calls and interrupt me only if the head office calls, when Jacky gets back tell her we'll talk after I speak with Tommy, and have him here at one, give us about forty to forty-five minutes, and lock the door when you close it."

Becky left and I gave all of my attention to Jennifer sitting in front of me. I had no idea how nervous she was or even if she was at all. I knew I was nervous as hell. My heart was pumping and my mouth was dry. I also knew that if I was to keep this facade of mine going I hade to make sure she knew that I was the one holding the cards, (or what ever you say.)

"That was some kiss you gave Jacky" I started off, "is that the first time you ever kissed another woman dear?"

I sort of expected to see Jennifer look down or something, but she didn't, she looked at me and said, "The first time in front of anyone, are you into women Ms. Jackson?"

I didn't care for her question, I wasn't the one sitting here justifying why I should be staying; she was.

"What I am into or not into is not your concern. What your concern is that you make me happy, that you be the type of woman I want around me and this office from now on Jennifer. Now I know you are married with a lovely daughter are you into other woman as well or was it an act just for me?"

She smiled and responded, "Oh no act, I had a girlfriend in High school. We played around a lot then grew apart. I haven't done anything like that in, oh maybe eight, maybe nine years now. I never had any kind of sex in front of another woman, or man for that matter. I found it a turn on. I can understand why you like to watch. I like being watched. I felt as if Jacky was not into it, but then if I understand you correctly that part doesn't matter does it? It only matters that you think we enjoy it right Ms Jackson?"

"I want you to call me Linda." I said. "So do you think you can do this little competition of mine Jen? Is it alright to call you Jen isn't it dear?"

Jennifer smiled, "If you keep me working you can call me anything you want. I want this job and I am willing to do any God Damn thing you want to keep it and that double pay thing makes it even better."

I looked at her and I knew that she understood very well what was at stake and what I wanted from them all. "Anything at all huh? Well I know you like girls what about boys? You do know that I will be wanting you to be screwing the men around here now don't you Jen? I mean I don't expect to have you and someone in here on the floor but I just might, I want to watch my girls. You girls here, screwing everywhere but on or at your desk. Hell I just may give points to who I catch the most around here having sex.

The key to it all is not only the sex, but also the work must not suffer. So more fun, more pay and more work. Can you do that? Are you willing to try and see if you can or not?"

I don't know why I wanted to shock her; maybe I wanted to scare some of the girls off because if they all or a good part of them did stay and try, I know it is going to be hard for me to choose. Now if they get mad and run out like Susan and I am sure Phyllis and maybe even Carol may do. I know just with them leaving it will make my selection easier. Looking at her I knew I was not scaring Jennifer.

I asked, "Have you ever cheated on Richard?"

Jennifer came back with, "My husband's name is Bill and I have never cheated on him. I caught him last year stepping out on me, but I have not. To be honest with you I have wanted to ever since I caught him. I just have been fighting it and now I can and with the job and all, I can tell myself that I have no choice. In any case I'll be a good whore and take on all comers, do you have any in mind for me?"

My mind was screaming "FUCK!! This bitch is going to give Becky a run for the money, maybe even Samantha. Men should learn you never cheat on their wives because when she finds out (and she will) she is going to cheat just to get even. Just like Jennifer when they decide to do it, they do it big time."

I sat there looking at her and I saw a very lovely woman; I knew I could not look as nice as she does, she is a living doll. I am attractive, however nothing like she is. My biggest problem is (like I said at first) my job, I have worked all my life to be successful and I have succeeded. I love the fact that my office has attractive people working here. I think the heaviest person working here is Ann (who I also thought has a tiny reputation ;) I have always felt that she flirted too much at work with the boys. Tommy and her are always talking, and I have heard that black men like heavy women for some reason. I would guess she is only 10 maybe 15 lbs over weight (if I had to guess.)

Looking at Jennifer I asked, "It sounds as if you are willing to really get into my little contest, tell me were you a virgin when you married your husband?"

Jennifer answered, "I think I am. I have to admit that part of me would never consider doing anything like this normally but there are two things that are pushing me into this. First and foremost I want to keep working, and around this town it is working here or some fast food place for minimum wage and I don't do fast food. The other thing is I have a lot of fantasies and maybe I will be able to try them out."

"When Bill was screwing his dispatcher I was pissed and now I feel free to play around, he did her for about a year. So I now have the chance to show him I can do it too."

That surprised me; I did not think anyone here would be telling their spouse about my little contest. I wondered how that would affect the outcome. I asked her, "Are you planning on telling Bill or just let him figure it out?"

Jennifer chuckled, "Oh I plan on acting out the part and let him figure it out on his own. If he's too dumb to realize it in a few months I may let him know I am screwing around. You see Linda; he has been after me to go to swing parties. He wants to watch me with another man or I should say men. He told me that is why he got hooked up with his dispatcher because she would do that and I wouldn't. I told him he was sick, so he did what he wanted; now it is my turn."

"You asked if I was a virgin when we married. I wasn't, I lost my virginity in school. I only had three boy friends before Bill. I didn't sleep around I dated awhile then we did it, I averaged one boyfriend a year. I think I was pretty normal. I have to admit Bill was not the best lover, I fell in love with him and that is what counts. As far as sex goes he's OK but, well you know men."

My problem is I don't know how men are. I only know men from the movies I watch and stories I read; however I wasn't about to admit it to her. I wanted to hear about how she lost her virginity for some damn reason, so I asked, "How did you loose your virginity Jennifer?"

I watched her face for some reaction. There wasn't any, she just sat back in the chair relaxing and began.

"My boyfriend and I were coming back from a day at Six Flags with two other couples. We had an old car that belonged to one of the boy's grandparents. Four of us sat in the back seat, I sat on his lap and Sally sat on her boyfriend. Being dark, and in each other's arms, we kissed and necked for a long time, then we both began messing around. Along the kissing my boyfriend began to touch my breast and of course that led to going under my skirt to feel me up."

"I in turn grabbed hold his stiff member through his pants. This wasn't new, because for weeks we would play with each other. What was so special about that night was he would finger me and really get me going but never go all the way. You know letting me climax. Maybe it was because the others in the car or maybe he was being a shit, in any case he had me going crazy. I was squirming on his lap with my back to the others, with my legs open allowing him the freedom to get me off."

"I was going nuts because I wanted to get off in the worse way. Since he was teasing me the way he was, I was gripped him hard, working him through his pants. He had his hand and fingers up under my skirt and inside my panties. He even ripped the crotch out to give him more room and he kept working his fingers inside of me going deeper all the time. Since we had a four-hour ride back home, we were not in any rush, and it was pure sexual bliss. Well it would have been better if he hadn't have kept me hanging."

"We had plenty of souvenirs from our day at the Park; one of them was a tiny baseball bat, which was larger than his fingers but not all that big. I was humping his fingers hard wanting to get off and I knew that if we had been alone that I wanted to go all the way and have him fuck me. We were not, so the best I could hope for was his fingers bringing me off. I held him close and whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me tonight when we got home. My folks were out of town and I wanted more than his fingers."

"The radio was loud and my girlfriend and her boyfriend were going at it with her back to me as well. Steve pushed past my hymen with his long fingers and for a split moment I had a tiny bit pain, but it lasted only a moment. He worked me like crazy; I was just about ready to climax when he pulled his fingers out. I was so fucking hot; I moaned and begged him in his ear to keep going. I felt him stir and then I felt the cool plastic end of the bat against me at my opening. Ever since I can remember, when I got turned on, I become very wet, that night the floodgates were open. I was nice and slippery. When he touched my opening, it did not surprise me when the plastic end of the bat slid in as quickly as it did."

"What did surprise me was how far he slid the little bat up inside of me; along with the feeling it gave me. I expected it to hurt, but it didn't. Just the opposite it felt wonderful and the more he slid it in and out of me the more I wanted him to do it and go deeper."

"I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and rode out the pleasure he was giving me, I felt his dick in my hand pulse as he came in his pants. When he finished he was through and wanted me to get off of him. He pulled the thing out of me and it was over, I thought that I had climaxed because it was the best feeling I had veer had up until that time. I realized much later that while it was good, and in a way a climax. If he would have just went on a little further I would have had my first real climax."

"They were more of the building ones, you know what I mean? He was happy and for the most part so was I. I had lost track of the others but when I got off his lap, everyone was just sitting listening to the radio. I became embarrassed and really conscious of the fact they had to have known what we were doing."

I sat on the other side of the desk listening to her as I had my hand under my dress between my legs touching myself. I could picture her and her boyfriend in the car; I could see her on his lap with her arms around his neck with her legs open. I could see the little brown bat her boyfriend was holding as he slid it in and out of her wet hole. This was better than reading a story, and better than watching a dirty movie. This was real and I loved it.

"Nothing happened the rest of the trip home, but when they dropped us off at my place we both had to use the bathroom but once we were finished we went to my room and got on the bed where we began kissing again and tearing off each others cloths. I don't know who wanted it worse. The week earlier I sucked him off and he ate me at the same time, you know we sixty-nine. Well he wanted to do that again, but I wanted to feel him inside me."

"We laid there playing and kissing, with him trying to get me to go down on him again and I wanted him to go down on me. I wanted him to fuck me but it was more like a fight to see who would do what to whom."

"I finely agreed to Sixty-nine but I made him promise not to shoot his stuff in my mouth. I wanted to do it and I had a rubber for him to wear. He didn't want to wear it but I made it clear I was not going to get pregnant. One thing about those sex education class's is, I knew what safe sex was and I was not about to let him or any one fuck me with out a condom."

"It was only my second time doing that, you know sucking his dick. So I did not know when he was getting ready to shoot his stuff out. He caught me by surprise and came in my mouth. He was making me feel good but it wasn't the same. You know how men are they come and they are finished. I was mad at him for doing that to me. I yelled at him to get out and he left. So now you know all about my being deflowered. It was with a fucking plastic toy bat and fingers. It was two weeks later before I let him come back over and we actually did it. To be honest I got more pleasure with the bat and his fingers in the car than with him actually fucking me."

"We stayed together for a little over a year; I think we did it almost every day I wasn't on my period. Even those days I would have welcomed him, but he had this thing about blood. So we didn't do it. I found most men can't do it when we are on our periods, at least the boyfriends I had, Bill isn't any better."

I had to ask," wouldn't it be too messy when you are on your period?"

Jennifer said, "Messy yes, but you don't have to worry about getting pregnant so no condoms and talk about being slippery. The few times I could get a boy to do it, it was the best. I mean I really loved it. Haven't you ever tried it on your period?"

I was caught off guard again by her question. I did not wish to discuss my sex life with her (or anyone for that matter). I said, "That is a topic for another day, so tell me Jen, when was the last time you ate any pussy?"

Jennifer smiled as she said, "It has been much too long. So long in fact that I think about it a lot, more so since I have been in this office these past few minutes. If you would like I would love to see if I am any good and let you judge me."

I looked at her and thought for a moment; I wanted to watch her do it more than have her do it to me. I loved the fact that she was so willing, I could not help but wonder if it was a real willingness or if she was playing my little game. I picked up the phone and called Samantha.

She picked the phone up on the second ring, I said, "Are you busy right now dear? Good, why don't you come in here, I have a hungry little fox in here that needs to eat some bottom and I think your bottom would be perfect. Good girl I thought you might be interested."

I hung up the phone and told Jennifer to unlock the door. She no more than unlocked it when Sam opened it and walked in looking at Jennifer. I said, "Lock the door and sit down. Jennifer wants to show me how it is done and I have a feeling this is going to be something to see. Between you two girls this should be great!"

I watched Sam sit down and Jennifer knelt down between her legs. Sam opened her legs nice and wide, giving Jennifer the all the room she could possibly want. Sam closed her eyes and rested it back on the high backrest. Moaning as Jennifer began kissing her on the inside of her left thigh.

I watched as Jennifer knelt there very slowly kissing and using her tongue to lick Samantha on her white thigh just above her knee. Moving ever so slowly upward to her opening; I sat there fascinated as I watched and toyed with my self. Feeling my own wetness, touching my very sensitive clit that was beginning to become tender with all the attention I have given to it this morning.

I don't know what it was; maybe it was the fact that I told them to do it, or maybe it was something else, I don't know. Samantha was moaning and getting into it, Jennifer was eating her, moaning as she knelt there with her own hand working herself between her legs. I just got bored. It wasn't like I was catching them doing it, and I was tired of playing with myself. You know, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would say those words!

I stopped touching myself and I waited until Samantha gave the appearance of climaxing. It wasn't long after she finished that Jennifer gave the appearance of climaxing herself. There was nothing but silence and I broke it by saying, "That was nice girls, but I need to get some work sort of work done today. Why don't you two go get better acquainted somewhere else, and tell Becky to come in here as you leave."

When Becky came in, she had a bounce in her step that I had not seen in a long time. No that is wrong, come to think of it; I have never seen her like this. As she came in I said, "I have neglected my job to much today already, what's going on, any messages?"

Becky handed me a hand full of messages and informed me of what I needed to know. Before leaving she asked," Should I get the others set up for you to speak with or how did you want me to handle the rest?"

I thought a moment and realized that while this morning was interesting, exciting and a personnel eye opener for myself it was not going to rule my life. Work is work and my sex life is, well separate, well it was until today anyway.

I was sitting there amazed that I had allowed myself to get caught up in my latent sexual desires. So why today have I decided to let it all hang out (so to speak) I looked down on my desk as I thought that and I was the letter. The letter that was it, I knew that for the very first time ever I could do what ever I wanted and I would not have to worry about be caught.

It hit me; that was it, I knew I could get away with it and I knew it for the first time ever I was in total control of every man and woman under me just like all those stories where the boss took the control of their employees sex lives. Why could they do it and why could I do it and get away with it? If anyone said anything it would be crying, "wolf" and the rewards for doing what I wanted where great, it was that simple.

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