Layby Linda


It was nearly 3 o'clock on a very warm Tuesday afternoon last Spring and I was choking for a cup of coffee when I spotted a mobile café; in a secluded lay-by in rural Northumberland.

There were a few lorries and vans parked up but most of the drivers were in their cabs. Three were sitting at a plastic table and chairs. I bought a coffee; a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate. As I turned to walk back to my car a bald lorry driver offered me a seat at his table.

"Hello pet," he smiled and held his hand out for me to shake, "I'm Owen."

"I'm Linda." I replied as I sat down and politely shook his large calloused hand.

"What's a pretty lass like you doing around these parts?" He continued in his broad Geordie accent; still smiling.

"I work for a catering company." I told him as I unwrapped the chocolate; "So I've been up the Valley all morning and not one of the sods would make me a cup of coffee."

"Don't mind him." His fat colleague chuckled, "he's a nosey bugger and likes to know the ins and outs of a fart!"

The two men then playfully argued for a minute or so.

Over the next 15 minutes or so we chatted like long lost friends. Owen delivered furniture throughout the North and Scotland; his helper was Greg, and he was asleep in the van. The other man was Martin and he delivered car parts. Both men were in their late 50's or early 60's and were very pleasant company.

As I bent over to pick up my bag I heard Martin suck in his breath. I froze for an instant as I realised that he'd seen my white lace thong because my hipster trousers must have slipped down slightly. I just carried on as normal smiling to myself at the effect a glimpse of my panties would have on two oldish men. When I stood up to leave Owen told me that I was welcome back any time and he was always there on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I smiled and told them I just might call back the following week. I did return and every Tuesday for the next few weeks, always wearing hipsters and deliberately choosing sexy thongs or g-strings to wear underneath as I knew that I would be bending over two or three times every lunchtime for my new admirers. The chaps were always there as promised and they soon introduced me to a few more of their lorry driver friends from all over the country as the weeks went by. I was quickly accepted into their exclusive little club. The conversation was always fun and could get very ribald sometimes especially when they realised that I too have a dirty sense of humour and don't embarrass very easily.

One week Owen got embarrassed when someone gave him an envelope with some cd's inside.

"What music is that?" I innocently asked him as I tried to pick up the package. He instantly blushed and stuffed it into his overalls.

"That's not a music cd!" A young van driver called Jeremy laughed. "That's his fucking porn stash!"

"Oh dear!" I grinned and shrugged my shoulders, "sorry." The conversation soon deteriorated as his friends ribbed him about the porn he watched in his cab and shared with the other drivers; young women, lesbians, threesomes and stockings especially stockings!

The conversation and a second cup of coffee had a strange effect on me. I'd really enjoyed the attention I'd previously been getting from all of the guys but this was different; the talk of sex and porn was turning me on. Even making me squirm on my plastic chair.

"Shit!" I groaned as I looked around.

"What's the matter?" Andy asked.

"I need a pee and there's no toilets." I grimaced as my bladder instantly began to swell and threatened to leak; "I don't think I can last until I get home."

"You'll just have to go behind the wagons like we do then." Martin laughed and dug his elbow into Owen's ribs.

"With you dirty lot around?" I squinted my eyes, "I don't think so."

"Don't worry," Martin 'assured me', "I'll make sure nobody watches."

I didn't believe him for a second but I was very rapidly becoming desperate.

"I'll be listening!" I warned them as I hurried behind a big green lorry. Just as I unzipped my trousers I heard faint giggling and the shuffle of some feet. I couldn't wait any longer so pulled my trousers and pants down knowing some of the lorry drivers were watching; then I squatted with my arse pointing up and out towards them. In an instant my piss gushed out onto the grass and I was overwhelmed with a sense of relief; but the knowledge that I was being watched pissing behind a lorry made my pulse race faster than ever before. No matter how much I tried it seemed like I couldn't stop pissing! It was probably over in seconds but it felt like minutes. Eventually I wiggled my hips to shake off the last few drops and dried myself with a tissue. By now the giggling wasn't even being stifled but thankfully when I stood up and rearranged my trousers no one was there.

I walked back to where they were sitting and playfully scowled at them.

"Same time next week?" Martin nonchalantly asked; much to the amusement of the others who were nearly choking as they tried to keep their laughter in.

"Maybe," I hissed, "but then again........maybe not!"

Owen and Martin were grinning like mad men as I drove out of the lay-by so I tooted my horn and blew them an exaggerated kiss; much to their delight. I only had one more customer to see on my journey home and could hardly concentrate for thinking about my time at the truck stop. The final 40 minute drive home went by in a blur as I re-lived every second of my time behind the lorry.

My flatmate (Gina) probed all night to find out why I was 'so happy during the working week'. While I'd been making the pasta for our dinner I'd actually been dancing and singing to Madonna which had sparked her curiosity. I decided not to tell her what had happened as it was just 'weird'....even I couldn't understand why showing my knickers and pissing in front of men older than my dad had not only made me joyful but was really turning me on!

I was soon desperate to go to bed to play with myself as I'd spent all afternoon and evening in a state of sexual delight thinking about flashing my knickers and pissing in front of a group of strangers!

I knew it would be a struggle to get to sleep as I couldn't get the afternoon's scenario out of my I quickly let my hand slip between my legs as I relived pissing behind the lorry without any knickers on. My pussy felt very warm and sticky as my fingers ran up and down my slit. At 24 I'd been a regular masturbator for 10 or more years but tonight was different....I wasn't dreaming about Robbie Williams or the footballer Les Ferdinand ravishing me or even one or more of the handsome studs from my gym or even Craig an ex-boyfriend with an infeasibly large dirty mind couldn't stop thinking about the scruffy lorry drivers and the things I wanted to do for them and what I wanted them to do to me!

I was soon panting and my clit was tingling as my thumb flicked it while two fingers probed my hot hole. "Oh my God -- Oh my God!" I eventually gasped as I had a very satisfying orgasm but naughty thoughts about letting them watch me pull my panties down and stick my arse out at them meant that I kept rubbing and fingering my pussy until I had a second deeper orgasm then drifted off into sleep.

I woke up just after 2AM with my fingers rubbing my clitty in my sleep! I'd already cum twice but still wasn't 'old faithful' had to make an entrance. I silently opened my bedside table and fumbled at the was there. My pulse was racing as I slid it out of its packaging....I just hoped that the batteries were still working and Gina had washed it when she'd borrowed it recently. I didn't mind and was secretly turned on by the thought of my best friend using my sex toy but she didn't always wash it afterwards.

'Buzzzzzzzz'......"Thank God for that." I thought as it burst into life at the flick of a switch. In a nano-second it was buzzing between my legs.

My brain was now in overdrive with dark and dirty thoughts as an inch or two of pink plastic vibrator prodded my pulsing love hole. After all of these years of solo sex; the anticipation of sliding a dildo inside my cunny still made my muscles tense and tighten....but the sensation as it forces its way past my clenched pussy lips always feels like losing my virginity again...and again....and again!

My eyes bulged and I had to pant for breath as I fucked myself with all eight inches of a fat buzzing plastic cock. I soon lifted my knees up to my chest to make it go in as deep as possible then the fingers from my other hand started diddling with my engorged clitty. As usual the sensations the vibe were creating sent me into a self-induced sexual frenzy....sadly no man has ever had the same effect on me but fucking a guy is so very different anyway....masturbation is MY time and I love it.

Soon the fingers on my left hand were a blur rubbing my clit as hard and fast as possible while I slid down the bed with my legs waving in the air and my right hand pumping the life like vibe in and out of my soaking cunny. I was desperately trying to stop myself cumming.... but also desperately trying to make myself cum louder and stronger than ever before!

Then it hit me.....right up from my toes.......mmmmmmMMMMMMMFUCKINGMMMMMM!

It was one of my absolutely best orgasms EVER. I was shaking like a leaf for minutes afterwards with the vibe still stuck inside my pussy buzzing away. It eventually slid out on its own accord leaving my pussy feeling very very empty but I felt absolutely amazing as I drifted off into a deep satisfying sleep.

Of course I returned the following Tuesday as requested. On my way there I drank half a litre of cold water and a can of cola then two large cups of coffee in the lay-by before going through the charade of 'forgetting that there wasn't a toilet' so had to pee behind a lorry again; hoping and knowing that they would be watching me again. I chose a large black and white wagon from Morton-Ashley Recovery Experts. I was shaking with excitement as I slowly wriggled my tight trousers down to my ankles I leant forward and moved my legs wide apart then raised my arse as high in the air as possible....then... 'let go'....the hot piss stream must have shot out over a yard and lasted over a minute (I timed it!). I was so excited I thought that I might accidentally cum as my fingers gently spread my pussy lips to guide the piss away from my feet. When I'd finished I slowly and deliberately pushed the tissue between my pussy lips as I thoroughly dried myself knowing that they could see every intimate part of my anatomy.

Feeling very mischievous and desperate to see if anyone had the nerve to mention that they'd watched me pee; I re-joined them at the table. They didn't say a word but there was a lot of giggling and nudging like naughty schoolboys. We sat in embarrassed silence for a few minutes then the guys eventually made 'polite conversation'.

My pussy was on fire for the rest of the day.

Thankfully my flatmate wasn't round when I arrived home because I rushed straight into my bedroom and pulled my vibe out of the drawer in the same movement that I pulled my trousers and pants down. They were hardly around my ankles as I drove the vibe as deep and hard into my cunny as possible. I really wanted a real life cock but the sex-toy had to make do and it was simply thrilling as I fucked myself rigid for over 5 minutes making myself cum 3 wonderful times. ...reliving my latest naughty escapade and fantasising about the men grabbing me and taking advantage of me with my knickers around my ankles.

I played the same game for the next few weeks -- always wearing low cut blouses; that showed plenty of my 36DD cleavage and hipster trousers with a sexy pair of panties on Tuesdays. The guys would talk about work and football quickly getting around to discussing the different porn films that they'd watched in intimate detail; then I'd go behind a lorry for a long sexy piss. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I'm not shy -- far from it. But to deliberately pull my trousers down and let a bunch of dirty old men (6 I guessed one week!) watch me piss out in the open defied belief. Strangely enough I didn't have a regular boyfriend at this time which might account for my behaviour and I was soon furiously masturbating 2 or 3 times a night 4 or 5 times a week to satisfy my lust filled urges.

I did 'pull a young guy' at a night club one Saturday night. We had a serious snog outside of the club and I guess I made it pretty obvious that sex was on the agenda when we got back to my place. Everything was going swimmingly -- he had my bra off and had given my tits a serious tongue lashing when I said, "I need to go to the you want to watch?"

He nearly freaked out and couldn't get away fast enough!

In early June I slowly drove back along the pot holed lane eventually finding a space between two big lorries about 10 yards opposite the van. I quickly applied some lipstick then went to the boot of my Vauxhall Vectra to get my handbag. The bag had slid to the back and just as I stretched to retrieve it a gust of wind blew my skirt right up; revealing my knickers and tights.

"Wahay!" Owen shouted in my direction accompanied by laughter from a group of drivers sitting near him. I grabbed my bag and slammed the boot closed.

"I knew that would happen if I wore a bloody skirt!" I told myself as I turned to face three new burly lorry drivers grinning at me as they sat smoking and drinking coffee at a picnic table beside the mobile café.

As assertively as possible I walked up to the van and ordered a coffee and a bacon roll.

"Did you enjoy that then?" I sarcastically asked the fattest lorry driver whom I didn't recognise, who was still grinning like a Cheshire cat at the table next to Owen.

"Too bloody right, I did." He chuckled and tried to embarrass me. "That view will get me going tonight when I'm parked up in Glasgow."

If only he'd known what I got up to every other week!

He then turned to Owen and the others and crudely rubbed his crotch; "It's just a pity she wasn't wearing stockings!"

"You dirty old man. That's disgusting!" I sneered as the fat man continued rubbing his crotch.

"It's not as disgusting as what I'd be doing if you had been wearing stockings!" He bellowed and rubbed even harder, "I'd have to get it out and do it for real!"

I just rolled my eyes as the men all laughed then talked over each other.

"I love nylons." "I wish that my missus would wear them!" "She's certainly got the legs for stockings."

"Are you quite finished?" I playfully scolded them. "If I'd known I was going to put on a show for you I actually would have put some stockings on this morning." It was only at this moment that I realised that I'd always worn trousers on my previous visits. How remiss of me!

"Would you really?" A man with a face that looked liked it had been marinated in lifetime of misery asked incredulously.

"She's taking the piss!" The loud fat one told him as he pushed his friend making the cheap plastic chair wobble. Even I giggled as he tried to steady himself.

"Pull up a chair sweetheart." Owen suggested as I looked around for somewhere to sit, "Come and sit with your friends."

I smiled my appreciation and took my place at the tea stained plastic table. The three lorry drivers that I didn't recognise introduced themselves and chatted and joked as I ate my bacon roll. The fat man was known as Big Vid, the miserable one Smithy and the smallest fattest one was known as Carrsy. Big Vid was about 60 and over 17 stone with silver hair pulled back into a pony-tail and had a matching silver goatee beard; his overalls were particularly smart and immaculately clean.

"Do you really wear nylons?" The miserable looking man -- Bobby, repeated.

"Yes I do." I smiled trying to take control of the situation, "not usually for work, but I quite like to wear them on weekends and special occasions."

As usual the conversation remained quite sexually charged for the next twenty minutes or so as I drank my coffee and ate my sandwich. The regulars became a bit agitated because the fat man was commandeering my time asking about my job and my love life and awkwardly flirting with me; but I was revelling in the attention.

My pulse and heart were racing as I finished my second large cup of coffee and it was 'time for my show'.

"Have you seen the time?" I gasped as theatrically as possible when I looked at my watch, "I'd better get going."

Owen and Martin looked crestfallen as I stood up and began walking towards my car.

"Shit!" I said in a stage whisper, "I'd better have a pee before I set off. Is it OK if I go behind one of the lorries?"

My 'regular' friends all grinned and breathed a collective sigh of relief as I walked halfway along a huge green container lorry and stopped; lifted my skirt right up to my waist. then slowly pulled my tights and thong down to my ankles. There was the usual shuffling of feet in the grass and stifled giggling as well as hushed sighs as my audience took their place about 7 or 8 feet away.

"Fuck me!" I heard Big Vid gasp, "the dirty cow is going to let us watch her take a piss!"

"She always does!" Owen confessed.

This was nearly as exciting as the very first time and my heart was pounding as I leant forward legs apart and forced out a long stream of golden piss.

"She doesn't fucking care? Does she?" He laughed again, "If she can then I can."

As my pee splashed onto the grass I heard him unzipping his overall trousers then the unmistakable sound of his piss too landing on the grass. I slowly pulled my tights and pants back up; taking my time to make sure that everything was tucked in properly. When I turned around Big Vid and a second younger guy both had their cocks out and were shaking the drips off.

I raised my eyebrows and sexily purred, "mmmmmmmm." Big Vid's cock was some size and was growing longer and thicker as he pulled and tugged at it; the younger guys cock was long and thin with a floppy foreskin but still soft.

"Sorry to disappoint you boys but I really do have to get back to work!" I chuckled as I sauntered past them wiggling my hips as sexily as possible.

"Well, I'll be back here at the same time on Thursday." The fat man sniggered, "If you want to come back with some stockings on."

"Maybe I will!" I winked at Owen and Martin as I drained my coffee and walked back to my car still wiggling my hips for the lorry drivers' amusement.

As I opened the car door I could feel their eyes burning into my back. Without a second thought I quickly lifted my skirt and gave them another flash of my baby blue thong.

I could hardly sleep on the Wednesday evening for thinking about Owen, Martin and Big Vid being at the truck-stop waiting to see if I would turn up wearing stockings for them.

I'd already bought two new pairs especially for the occasion and some new sexy see through matching underwear. I masturbated twice to get to sleep then woke up as Gina was noisily leaving the flat. I'd woke up feeling especially mischievous and just as horny as when I'd gone to bed.

I picked up my robe and instantly discarded it; deciding to go commando around the flat. As usual Gina had opened all of the curtains so if anyone looked in...Well... They would get a real eyeful...wouldn't they? Thankfully it's a third floor flat...but you never know who's watching do you?

It felt amazingly decadent and erotic as I wandered around completely naked....deliberately walking in front of the windows in both the kitchen and the living-room to make sure that the weather was as windy as I'd hoped. It was nice and sunny but windy enough to make the trees sway. Terrific.

After coffee, cereal and toast I showered....a long lingering hot soapy shower...paying great attention to my boobs and between my legs. I had no idea what would or indeed could happen if I went back to the lay-by....maybe Owen, Martin and Big Vid would be there...but then again maybe not. Perhaps I would 'chicken out' and not actually go; but for now -- it was something worth preparing for inasmuch as I neatly trimmed and shaped my pubes. A girl has to look her best....even if it is for fat dirty old men.

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