tagErotic CouplingsLayin’ Leylin Ch. 03

Layin’ Leylin Ch. 03

byIrish Moss©

Disclaimer: This is a story in which a fictional character cheats on his wife. If you find this sort of thing offensive, I recommend not reading any further. You have been warned, so please don't send me feedback or post comments telling me how wrong it is for men to cheat. This is fiction. Although Leylin is based on a real person, to the author's knowledge she has never actually engaged in illicit sexual activities with a married man.

Note: If you haven't already, read Layin' Leylin Ch. 01 & Ch. 02, which are prequels to this story.


I tried not to disturb Leylin the next morning when I slipped out of bed and got showered and dressed for my training, although she was awake enough to acknowledge when I kissed her before leaving. Phones were off-limits in the training except during breaks, so we communicated just a little during the day, which wasn't intolerable and seemed to build the anticipation for when we'd be together again. The suggestive texts and naughty selfies she sent throughout the day certainly didn't hurt, either.

I returned to the room after the dinner, feeling pretty wiped out but, when I saw her propped up against the headboard with the covers barely concealing her tits, I was reinvigorated. We fucked and licked and sucked until I was completely spent and I'm pretty sure I didn't leave her wanting for any orgasms. Saturday went pretty much the same for me as Friday had, though I did let Leylin know when I had a better idea of when I'd be finished for the day. I was looking forward to our night out in Seattle but I also knew I wanted to get naked with her for a bit first. As it turned out, we didn't both end up getting naked. When I got back to the room with my training all wrapped up, she was waiting and opened the door for me, standing inside wearing some outrageously sexy lingerie.

I stopped in my tracks, wide-eyed with my mouth hanging open as she made no move to hide. She had no reason to anyway, not because the hallway was empty but because she looked fucking incredible and anyone who saw her would have agreed. She was wearing black stockings with very high heels, a black garter belt with red trim, what turned out to be a g-string and a very low-cut bra. I was stiff immediately but stepped inside slowly as I took in what was there before me. She backed up, her tits jiggling and a big smile on her face from my reaction to her. When I was in far enough for her to let go of the door and let it swing shut, I took her in my arms and pulled her against me, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She reciprocated and we made out standing there for a moment before she turned to lead me toward the bed.

"Follow me," she said and, seeing her ass with only the g-string between her cheeks, I would have followed her anywhere. The very high heels I'm sure were also accentuating her already remarkable ass and I followed her like a beacon. I started peeling my clothes off as soon as she turned away from me and, as she crawled onto the bed, I was dropping my briefs, my rigid cock popping out. I got onto the bed behind her and she straightened up on her knees and turned to face me, chuckling as she found me naked.

"Ready are we?" she asked, reaching out to stroke my cock.

"You got it," I replied, "Toss me a couple of those pillows."

"Something different in mind for tonight," she said with raised eyebrows as she handed pillows over to me, "Maybe somebody wasn't focused in his training today."

While she may have been right about my lack of focus in the training with her being there with me for the weekend, I had just come up with this idea on the spur of the moment. I had her lie on her back then lift her ass so I could pile the pillows under it. I had been thinking that I'd be able to kneel between her spread legs and fuck her while remaining upright as I gazed over her body but first I had to pull her g-string aside. With her pussy exposed, I couldn't resist leaning down and running my tongue along her slit, which was barely containing the juices she was producing. She let out a moan, of course, and grabbed my head, which may have been an indication to me to please continue in case I was thinking of going right to fucking her. Once I'd tasted her pussy again, though, I was in for the duration. I couldn't imagine ever getting tired of eating her pussy and was again grateful for the opportunity to enjoy it.

I lapped at her slit for a bit, enjoying the flood of nectar, but soon focused more on her pleasure by slipping a finger into her while licking and sucking her clit. This had her writhing and moaning a bit more and, though I suspected she would have been able to cum either way, I'm pretty sure that this was going to be a bit more pleasurable for her. Since my cock was rock hard and it had been a long day, I was okay with her cumming quickly so I could slip my cock into her hot pussy and cum myself. I wasn't necessarily trying to make her cum more quickly, as I might at the office when we didn't have the luxury of time, but I'm sure just getting prepared for my arrival and slipping into that sexy outfit probably had her pretty worked up before I'd even returned to the room. If she had been well on her way already, there was no reason to try to draw it out just because we had the time available. As she got louder and was tensing up more, I just tried to make sure she experienced the highest level of pleasure up to and through her orgasm. Based on what I was hearing, I appeared to be succeeding.

Her moaning continued getting louder until she suddenly went silent for a moment before letting out a cry as her body started shaking. I continued eating her as her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication while thinking about how incredible it was going to feel to slip into her. I didn't shortchange her, though; I continued devouring her with the same enthusiasm until she went still and let out a sigh. At that point, I straightened up and immediately guided my throbbing cock into her hot, slick pussy. She moaned again as my cock filled her and I started sliding it in and out, not quite slowly but not fast and furious, either. I set a pace that maximized the pleasure that I was feeling and relished it while looking down over her sexy body. I was still holding aside her g-string, exposing her trim bush, but my gaze also traveled up along her light brown skin to her jiggling boobs. She was so fucking sexy that I still couldn't believe that she was there with me.

As I held aside her g-string, I was able to lightly caress her clit while continuing to fuck her and this had her moaning even more. Again, I just wanted her to feel as much pleasure as possible, even if I ended up cumming before she did. Of course, based on my experience with her, I knew it was well within the realm of possibility for her to cum again before I did. She was gripping the comforter with both hands but couldn't really do much else so I was in control of the pace. I was savoring the pleasure I was feeling, once again due to her snug and slippery pussy, as my orgasm was slowly building. I maintained a pace that allowed me to savor that pleasure for as long as possible and keep my orgasm building slowly. After sitting in a stuffy conference room all day, this was the best way to enjoy my freedom.

As my orgasm slowly built, so apparently did Leylin's. Her pussy just continued to feel even hotter and wetter which had me adjusting my pace and I hoped that it was drawing out the pleasure she was feeling in the same way that it was drawing out mine. It really was no surprise, however, when she suddenly gasped and her body started shaking again. I loved that she could cum so easily because it allowed me to be a lot more relaxed when we were together. I continued fucking her, maybe slightly harder and faster, as she was cumming but, once she'd finished, her pussy felt so much hotter and wetter that I could feel my orgasm building even faster. I didn't try to hold off to enjoy it for longer at that point and just relished the increased lubrication until I was right on the verge of cumming. Before I came, though, I slipped out of her pussy and moved up the bed, guiding my cock toward her mouth.

She raised her head and inhaled my cock, sucking it voraciously as I let out a moan. She was pumping the base with one hand as her lips slid up and down so I didn't even need to fuck her mouth. I just watched this beautiful woman as she enthusiastically sucked my cock, which was growing harder because the visual was so arousing. Neither of us was trying to draw out the pleasure so I was quickly right back on the verge of cumming. Finally, with a moan I started spewing into her mouth as she swallowed my load while continuing to pump my throbbing cock. I didn't slip my cock out of her mouth until I was fully spent then sat beside her, leaning against the headboard.

"Sex with you is so awesome," she said, sitting up beside me and resting her head on my shoulder.

"Sex here has been beyond awesome," I replied, "I hope sneaking around back in Colorado doesn't pale in comparison."

"I wouldn't care where we were or how we had to go about it," she said, "as long as it's with you, I'll be happy and satisfied."

I agreed with her and we kissed then decided to get ourselves together for a night in downtown Seattle. She allowed me to photograph her in her lingerie before she pulled a dress on over it. She also swapped the heels for something more comfortable for walking and you'd never have known that she had such an incredibly sexy outfit on under her dress. I was happy to be privy to that secret. We walked over to the light rail station and took the train into downtown where we spent the next several hours. We enjoyed some good food and great local beers, saw some of the sights and appreciated the opportunity to freely express our affection for each other in public. By the time we were back on the train, returning to the hotel, we were tired but still feeling pretty good about how much fun we'd had. The entire night I'd been reminding myself what she was wearing under her dress by running my hand along the garters on her upper thighs or the garter belt near the small of her back. Sitting there on the train, I was looking forward to seeing her ensemble again. As we walked from the station to the hotel, though, she had a request.

"When we get back to the hotel," she started, "I think we need to be mindful that we don't end up doing things the way we would back in the office. If we don't have to remain mostly dressed and do it on the toilet or bent over a table, we definitely should make an effort not to."

"I think we've been pretty good about that so far but I agree with you," I said, "We need to make the most of the freedom that we have while we have it but we've been doing things a certain way for so long that we have to be careful we don't just do it like that out of habit. I will tell you, though, that I love the way you look in your lingerie so I might be hesitant to remove it all."

"How about if I promise that I will wear it to work occasionally?" she asked, "You can also take as much time as you need in removing it and take as many photos as you want."

Even though I'd already taken some photos of her in her lingerie, I did want just a few more before and while I peeled it off. Back in the room, I first asked her to pose with her dress pulled up to her chin and her lingerie exposed, then photographed her from the front and the back. Next, I helped her out of her dress, got a few more shots of her wearing just the lingerie, then removed each piece one at a time and took more photos; first braless, then sans panties wearing just the stockings and garter belt then a few shots as she removed her stockings and finally fully naked. I was totally rigid by that point but still completely dressed.

"I'm too worked up to slowly undress you," she said, "so let's get you naked so we can fuck."

I smiled at her urgency and directness then started to raise my shirt up over my head while she unfastened my jeans. My attention was on her tits as hers was on getting my jeans open then starting to slide them down. Squatting before me, she took my jeans and underwear down, my throbbing tool popping out in her face. As she was helping me step out of my jeans and underwear, she jutted out her tongue and licked the head of my cock. Once I was fully naked, she stood and we headed for the bed, which we both crawled onto. She lay on her back and pulled me over her so I guided my cock to her pussy and eased it inside. We both moaned softly then I pressed my lips against hers and we started making out.

Since she'd just given me a good long time to ogle her naked and nearly-naked body, I was perfectly okay with being on top of her where I couldn't see her luscious boobs or her trim bush or her sweet ass. I liked the feeling of her body below me and, as we'd previously discussed, this was not a position we could indulge in back at the office. Plus, it had been a long day and I was pretty tired so I wasn't up for anything acrobatic. I was slowly sliding my cock in and out of her, relishing the warm, slippery feel of her pussy as she rocked her hips to accept each incoming thrust. Of course, with her pussy feeling as good as it did, the slow and sensual lovemaking didn't last long and gradually progressed to enthusiastic fucking. She was right with me so it wasn't like I just picked up the pace without any regard for what she might want. It was like we could savor the slow and sensual briefly but, ultimately, we regressed back to fucking and made no apologies for it.

Of course we had to quit making out as we started fucking harder but this left her mouth free to express the pleasure that she was feeling. Once again, since she couldn't typically do this when we were fucking at work, she was not holding back. She was raising her hips to accept each of my thrusts and, despite our enthusiasm, the bed still remained silent and steady. I managed to find some stamina I didn't expect to still have after such a long day and busy night but I definitely wasn't trying to draw things out. I was savoring the pleasure, which was increasing as her pussy continued to become hotter and wetter the closer she got to cumming. It was no surprise that she'd presumably be cumming before I did but I expected to be pretty close after her.

Even if I hadn't been able to feel that she was getting very close to cumming, I'd have known from the change in pitch of her moaning. Whereas she'd started out with long, low moans, the noises emanating from her mouth had become more like rhythmic cries or gasps. Right before she came, however, she went briefly silent, like she was holding her breath, then let out a long, passionate cry. Her pussy was flooded with additional lubrication so, as I continued fucking her, the pleasure intensified for me. There was no way I'd be able to fuck her long enough for her to cum again but I was certain that this was not going to be an issue. Her orgasm was a typically long and intense one so, as I felt my own continue to build, I knew she'd be more than content. By the time she started coming back down, my cock was swelling even more and I was fucking her harder.

I definitely would have enjoyed fucking her for longer but I didn't try to hold back as my orgasm continued to build. When I finally started spewing into her with a grunt, the level of pleasure was incredibly high and I was savoring every moment of it. I continued thrusting, spurting inside her, then remained over her for a moment once I was spent, my cock softening and slipping out of her. After a moment, I rolled off next to her and we just lay there, both of us recovering and relishing another hot session. She finally got up so that she didn't leave a stain on the bedspread so I also got up and wiped my cock off with tissues. We went ahead and did our ablutions so that we could get to bed and I was happy that I didn't have to set an alarm for the next morning. We crawled under the covers and turned out the light and were out almost immediately.

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