tagIncest/TabooLaying With Mom Ch. 1

Laying With Mom Ch. 1


My name is James this is the story of how I became my mothers lover. I'm just turned twenty last month I go to school at the local college.

When I'm not at school I'm usually working as a stockboy in the grocery store. My mother Taryn is 38 she stands 5'7' and weighs about 130 pounds she has long blonde hair and has a killer body.

I have two older sisters both have moved away, preferring to go to college out of state.

My father died when I was just seven of a massive heart attack. Being the youngest and the only boy mom's always been protective of me.

Always worrying about me dating and my friends always telling me to not to stay out to late.

I still lived at home not moving out because I worried about mom. She had gone out a few times in the last couple of years. But was never really serious about any of the men she went out with.

I remember being attracted to my mother at a very young age. Wanting to fuck her I masturbated to the thought of being in bed with her. As I grew older this attraction never wavered if anything I wanted her more.

I had eventually given up on having sex with her I lost my virginity. When I was sixteen to one of my sister's friends. She had been eighteen. She fucked me on the living room couch. We continued to fuck after that for a couple of months but eventually. Saw less and less of each other, Lisa my oldest sister once said she had gotten married and moved away.

One summer afternoon mom was working in the backyard in her garden. I was really horny that day. It didn't help that she was wearing a pair of low cut shorts that showed off her wonderful ass.

I had asked her to come inside for a moment once inside I shut the door behind us. Once inside she began to ask me what I wanted. I pulled my shirt up over my head and then began to unbutton and then unzip my jeans. "what are you doing she blurted out. I quickly removed my jeans and then my boxers. I was now naked in front of my mother.

Her eyes we're locked onto my naked body, I grip her ass and pull her toward me"

I leaned forward and began to suck on her neck she moaned I moved up to her lips. I move my hands up from her ass to her back then I pull her T-shirt up off of her and throw it to the ground.

Her tits we're know right in front of me her bra was the only obstacle between them and me.

"I want you mom I want to fuck you"

"No Jimmy we can't maybe I haven't had sex in a long time but I'm your mother."

You unbutton her shorts and slide your hand downward threw her panties. I had found her pussy and began to rub my fingers up and down it.

"You shouldn't be touching me like that," she said with a groan. She was enjoying it I reach behind her back and unclasp her bra. I pull it down of her shoulders and toss it aside. Then I take grip her left breast with my free hand. Then I suck on it she moans and begins to stroke my cock.

She gets you're cock nice and hard then she gets on her knees. She takes you're cock in her mouth.

At first she sucks on the head. Soon she began slide her tongue up and down your dick.

"That's it mom get it nice and hard because you know what comes next."

She bobs up and down upon your dick sucking tightly looking up at you with lust filled eyes.

After ten minutes of good cock sucking you pull her from your dick. Your dick know glistening with your mother's saliva.

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