tagIncest/TabooLazy Night Ch. 02

Lazy Night Ch. 02


The encounter on the first night left me wanting more. Suppressed feelings about my cousin for all these years came flooding back. It felt like as if it was yesterday when we both would find excuses to be together and alone and explore each other, touch each other, and fuck each other. That night after we came back home from our smoke break, we did not say anything to each other. He quietly went to bed, next to his wife and I went to bed, next to my husband. The only difference was that I was wide awake. I lay on my back, with one hand between my legs gently stroking my wet pussy. I don't know when I fell asleep but when I woke up everyone else was already up and about. My cousin had made everyone breakfast and was behaving as normal. I guess he did not want to let on that something totally crazy, strange and fantastic happened between us the night before. May be wanted another opportunity for a similar encounter. I know I was hoping for it.

In my mind there was no problem with what we were doing. If we are careful enough not to get caught in the actual act then no one could every guess because we were cousins. If cousins hung out together no one suspects anything crazy. Thinking all of that in my head, I went about my day. We had our normal conversations, teasing and arguing about where to eat and so on. Life was normal that day. Until that night we ended up in the same situation we were. After watching TV, my husband went to bed cause he had to work the next day. His manager had called in sick. My cousins wife went to bed because she likes to wake up early and do her homework when she is fresh. Lucky for me and my cousin both our spouses are deep sleepers. Before going to bed, my cousin's wife jokingly told her husband (in front of me) to keep an eye on his cousin, limit the number of cigarettes and make sure she does not smoke her life away. He laughed and promised to keep an eye on me. As expected from me, I frowned and told them that its my life and my pack of cigarettes. We all laughed.

After about half an hour of soft-voiced conversation and background noise of TV, I started to become restless. I did not know what was going on in my cousin's head and I sure wanted to have another long smoke break. I tried bringing my conversation towards smoke break but the topic would quickly change. I was sure that nothing was ever going to happen again. I was sure that my cousin was feeling guilty of something. I was about to announce that I was going to bed, he gave me a big smile and whispered:

"Are you ready for your smoke break? Would you like me to go with you so I can keep an eye on you?"

My heart jumped. I was happy inside. I had dressed appropriately in anticipation as well. I was wearing a pleated long cotton skirt over my top. It was comfortable but I had ulterior motives for wearing the skirt. Was I thinking "easy access?" I don't know, may I was hoping that he would consider this easy access my permission to explore further into me. I was wearing my thongs because I did not want to take a chance of the smell of my sex alerting others. I wanted to go bare butt but at the same time I enjoyed the feeling of the string up the crack of my ass. God I was such a naughty girl.

Since it was the last night that my cousin and his wife were going to spend with us (they were leaving late evening the next day) I wanted to make sure that if repeat encounter happened then I do my part to take it a few steps further. I wanted to make sure that there was no confusion in his head that I wanted our past relationship back. Only this time we not only will be hiding it from our families but also our spouses. Gosh this was going to be fun.

We walked down to the same dark and hidden spot we were in the night before. It was a bit later than last night. As we walked he whispered:

"I wanted to make sure that everyone was sound and deep asleep before we took our smoke break."

"I wanted to make sure that you were absolutely sure that you wanted to take a smoke break with me again tonight."

All I could do was respond in "Uhuh." I could not speak. No words would come out of my mouth. I was in an intense daze thinking about nothing but what happened the night before and what might happen tonight. I was very keenly aware of how my soft cotton skirt was feeling against my legs and my thighs. How my thongs were rubbing against my butt and how it was making me feel. There was a constant wetness seeping out of my horny pussy. As my engorged pussy lips rubbed against each other and my thighs as I walked they made squishy sound because I was dripping wet and horny.

We stood in the same corner and I lit my first cigarette in the same manner we did last night. I was standing sideways with my thigh against his crotch pressing deeply tonight and his hand on the small of my back. He did not waste time which was great because I wanted to go further than we did in the same amount of time that we were going to be out of the house tonight. He quickly asked me to "try and show me what you were pointing at last night." I smiled and turned around. I did not waste time. I moved back quick. I pushed him back enough to pin him against the wall. I gyrated my butt against his growing cock. I wiggled my ass, moved it up and down and side to side so that I can feel his entire cock against my butt. I was not done teasing him when I felt his both hands grabbing onto my waist and pulling me into him. Now I was impaled onto his cock. His huge hard cock was facing upwards and was wedged in the crack of my hot ass completely. There was no more pretending to be "trying to show him something" we were having sex with our clothes on. Were were telling each other that as soon as we have an opportunity we are going to fuck each other's brains out.

I could not take this anymore. It has been over 20 years since we last had sex and I was dying to feel his throbbing hard cock against my bare skin. I wanted to feel him inside of me. While I was moving and gyrating my ass against his cock I started lifting and dropping my skirt. He picked up on it pretty quickly and lifted my skirt up from behind and above my butt. As soon as he saw my thong string shoved up in the crack of my ass he let out a soft moan. He likes. I am so glad he likes my ass. I did not have enough time to think anything else when I felt his hand moving the string of my thong out of my butt crack. He quickly grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them wide. If it was not dark I am sure he would have been able to see my puckered ass hole and my pussy lips. As soon as he spread my ass cheeks open I felt his big throbbing hard cock get shoved up the crack of my ass, wedged against hard and tight. His cock was pointing upwards and he was rubbing his entire cock length up and down the crack of my ass. When he slid his cock up I felt the rubbery tip of his huge cock rub across my ass hole and when he slid his cock down I felt his balls glide against my pussy and my crack as. I was in heaven. My pussy was gushing creamy juices down my thighs and in a few seconds I started to feel pre cum oozing out of his cock slit smearing all over my heated ass crack.

We grind-fucked for 15 minutes. My eyes were closed and I was enjoying what was being done to my ass by this fat cock I loved so much and I was remembering our past love life and how we used to fuck, suck and finger each other and how we used to love each other back then. Could we have now what we had back then? Now that our bodies are so much more mature, we are so much more sexually experienced, so much more daring to explore each other's sexuality and so much more willing to fuck each other in every way possible. Could we have more than what we did back then? If we are lucky we could get to keep our spouses and our families and we could, at the same time, get to express that deep love we have for each other by fucking each other's brains out, by licking each other, my fingering each other and by doing things to each other that only the most intimate couples would do. The possibilities are endless.

His hands started to caress my nipples and my breasts which sent me over the edge. I wanted to feel his cock inside my pussy. I put my hand around behind me and created a space between our bodies. I quickly grabbed his cock and stroked its skin up and down a couple times. I spread my legs open a bit and nudged his cock against my wet warm pussy. He got the hint. Our positions were not very comfortable though. He would have to bend his knees so he can lower himself and can shove his cock up my cunt. That is what he did. He bent his knees a bit so his cock was positioned nicely to enter my pussy. As soon as I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy, I pushed back into him hard and felt his entire long fat cock get shoved inside my pussy. I was not ready for this. This man was thick. Average in length but abnormally thick. His cock shaft felt like a baseball bat handle. It was wonderful. His balls were large and heavy and dangling below his cock and slapping my cunt. It was very uncomfortable and his cock kept popping out of my pussy. Every time it would slide out my pussy would ooze juices down my leg and I would feel empty. He would then shove it back inside my pussy and make me happy again. After 15 minutes of pure animal fucking I felt his cock swell up and his balls tighten. I felt his finger slide in the crack of my ass as he grabbed my waist with his other hand and shoved his entire cock as deep as he could go. It was enough for me to let out a big moan. A few seconds later I heard him grunt quietly and I felt spray after spray of thick creamy cum shoot out of his cock and hit the inside walls of my horny pussy. My lover was cuming inside my pussy in gobs and I was loving it. As soon as I felt hi shudder and cum my pussy muscles tightened and I came in gushes. My pussy was flooded with so much cum that even with his cock shoved up deep inside my pussy some of the cum start to seep out of my pussy and down my legs and onto his big cock and balls.

A few seconds later I quickly turned around and got down on my knees. I could not see his fat cock clearly in the dark but I felt its veins. I felt how wet and slick it was with my pussy cream and his cock juices. It felt wonderful and thick. His balls felt heavy and warm. I wasted no time and shoved his entire cummy cock in my throat and started massaging his balls. I placed my other hand on his butt, squeezing his ass and pulling him into me. He grabbed my hair from either side of my head and started to fuck my mouth like a pussy. I fucked his cock with my mouth and my tongue and he fucked my face hard and long. It took another 5 minutes of my sucking when he shot another big load of creamy thick cum. It tasted even better when shot directly out of the source. I love it. I kept his cock in my mouth for one more minute after we were done.

I got up and straightened out my skirt and help him pull his pants back up. We stood there just looking at each other. There were no words to be spoken. We knew that we have re-connected with each other in the best way possible. This was going to be great. My best pal, the love of my life, my soul mate was once again going to be my lover and this time it was going to be for good. I gave him a hug. He gave me a tight hug and we stood like this for several more minutes. He finally stepped back, looked me in my eyes and gently whacked my ass and said:

"we better get back home babygurl and get some sleep. Its going to be a long day tomorrow sweetie."

I smiled, nodded and followed him back home.

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