tagIncest/TabooLazy Night Ch. 03

Lazy Night Ch. 03


After our second and rather heated encounter in the middle of the night, we quietly walked up to the house. He followed me a few steps behind. We did not say a word to each other on the way. It was 4 am when we returned. As if on queue, we both resumed to our normal chit chat as if nothing is different. We whispered our way around the house for a few more minutes, got a drink of water, shut the lights off and went to our respective bedrooms. I fell asleep right away but a part of me was still awake. I was somehow aware of my cousin in the next room but I could feel his heat as if he was right next to me.

We woke up late the next morning. My cousin's wife had gotten a call from work so she was working away on her computer. My husband had gone to play his usual Sunday golf with his buddies. After a light breakfast I asked my cousin if he wanted to go grocery shopping and keep me company while I ran my Sunday errands. He agreed right away but to give no reason to suspect anything he asked if we could go to the mall so he could pick up a pair of jeans. He then asked his wife he she wanted anything. He made his own little list and, after talking a shower, we both left the house.

We did not say anything to each other the first few minutes of our drive. A few minutes later we both started small talk as if we were strangers. After a few minutes of "did you sleep well" and "how are you doing" and "that was some night uh" we arrived at the mall. While he picked up a pair of jeans our conversation had turned towards how crazy it was for us to do what we did and how sad it was that he was leaving that evening and don't know when we would be seeing each other again. We looked at each other for a few seconds and saw a very naughty spark in each other's eyes. He said;

"Did one of your errands to run was at the Holiday Inn?" I smiled at him knowing very well what was going through his mind. He further said;

"We should sit and have a chat in peace and quiet, do you agree?" I looked in his eyes and smiled and said yes.

We quickly paid for the purchase and dashed out of the mall in a hurry. I know of a hotel two towns over which is an industrial city, nothing but businesses. Those hotels are not only empty during the weekends no one remotely would know us there and a chance of running into anyone would be very slim. We pulled into a motel 6 parking lot and I dropped my cousin off by the side of the building. I took off to drive around a block for a few minutes. I went to a convenient store to pick up something to drink, some smokes and a box of condoms. I don't know why I thought about condoms. Even though he just fucked me bare and good a few hours ago, perhaps I did not want to give him any reason to have second thoughts about this now. I went to my car and waited. I rolled down my window and pulled out a smoke. I had mixed emotions going through my head. This was taboo and wrong on so many levels. We both were married and we were cousins. Sneaking around and cheating like this was so bad but my moist pussy said something totally opposite. My nipples were hard and my pussy lips were sticking to my thighs every time I opened and closed my legs which was every few seconds. If he did not call soon I would not be able to stop at just opening and closing my thighs and getting wet. I am going to have to rub my hard clit and make myself cum right there.

Right when I was about to go cross eyed with my intense desire to finger fuck myself he called. I quickly drove to the hotel and parked in the back of the building and walked up to the room he told me he was in. He had left the door ajar for me. Smart man. The moment the door closed behind me he kissed me hard on the mouth. My hands quickly went to his crotch and I started rubbing his cock through his pants. As soon as his hands landed on my breasts and rubbed against my nipples my pussy started gushing cream. I have never been on fire this way. I needed to fuck and I needed to fuck right now. Forget foreplay. Heck I have had the longest foreplay in the history of foreplays already. He quickly removed my shirt and my bra and freed my 38DD's out of their confines. My pink nipples were hard and erect and they were aching for his sucking. He locked his lips around my nipple and started sucking them hard. He started grinding his teeth against my nipples and sucking them so hard I felt my nipples hit the back of his throat. This man was going to eat my nipples up and I was going to enjoy that.

Meanwhile, I started to unzip his pants and quickly push them down. I did not even both pushing his boxers down at first just started to stroke and caress his fat cock through his silk boxers. I was enjoying feeling his thick cock and his heavy balls. This man was ready but I wanted to tease his cock more. His talented hands started to undo my sweat pants and push them down without loosing contact with my nipples. My panties were soaking wet and they were sticking to my cunt lips. My thong string were shoved up the crack of my ass and it was an incredible feeling. When I felt his large hand start to caress my pussy through my wet panties and his other hand start to slide up and down the crack of my ass my legs started to feel weak. We had to start this tease-fest and get down to the real business.

I finally pushed my thongs off. He took off his boxers. We stood there looking at each other in the eyes and smiling. My eyes wandered down below between his legs. Its the first time I saw his cock in the clear light after nearly 20 years. I was the luckiest girl alive. The cock of my lover, my cousin and my sweetheart was amazing, fully shaved, thick, veiny and gorgeous. His balls were huge and heavy and fully shaved. I quickly got down on my knees and licked his shaved balls. I put one ball in my mouth and massaged it with my lips and tongue. He let out a loud groan. I started stroking his cock shaft as I sucked and massaged his balls with my mouth. After a few minutes I felt his hand in my hair. After caressing my hair for a few seconds he grabbed a bunch of my hair and pulled hard. He pulled my mouth away from his balls by pulling on my hair. I have never had anyone do that to me and I was surprised how much I loved it. My pussy started to juice up as he pulled me away from his balls. He looked down into my eyes as I looked up into his. I knew what he wanted and I wanted to give it to him. I used to do it to him when we were young. My past life of being my daddy's slut was coming back to me. I quickly put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on it and moving his foreskin up and down with my lips as my finger wandered to his back side. As his cock tip hit the back of my throat I heard him yell out a big moan and grunt as he felt my middle finger slide past his tight little anal ring. He loved getting his ass hole finger fucked by his baby gurl while she sucked on his big daddy cock. Oh god this was the best feeling for the both of us. His knees were becoming weak and I was getting tired sitting on my knees. So I pushed him on the bed and quickly spread his legs. As he lay on his back and I got down on my tummy I resume my sucking on my lover's thick cock and finger fucking his ass hole while I felt his hands caress my hair and gently pull at them.

A few minutes later I tasted pre-cum on my tongue. I did not want him to cum in my mouth. I wanted him to fuck me rotten and fuck me now. I left his mouth and removed my finger out of his ass hole. Without wasting any time I jumped up and sat down into his lap. In one quick motion I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my burning pussy all the way up to the hilt. Oh god it felt so good to finally fuck my cousin the proper way. His cock swelled up and filled me up good. His thick cock packed up my pussy so much that as I moved up and down or gyrated my pussy onto his cock my pussy lips would grind against his thick hard shaft making me cum over and over again. As I bounced up and down I felt his one hand caress my nipples and other hand grabbed my butt cheek. I leaned a bit forward and presented him with my hard nipples. I love getting my nipples sucked while I am getting fucked riding on top like this. He started sucking my hard giant nipples and moved his other hand behind me. As I started riding him hard he spread my butt cheeks and started sliding his finger up and down the crack of my ass. Ever so gently he would start and press his finger against my puckered ass hole.

"Honey, fuck me hard. Fuck your babygurl's pussy daddy. Yeah finger my ass daddy. Do you know, no one has touched my ass hole since you when we were young? I have not let anyone but myself touch my ass hole. Fuck me daddy oh God fuck me."

His eyes lit up when he heard that I have saved my ass for no one but him. I have not even given it up to my husband. My be I will let my husband fuck my ass once I have given my anal virginity to my cousin for the 2nd time in my life but not before that. This ass belonged to my daddy and no one else. Many thoughts were going through my mind and I was brought back to the present time when I felt a thick finger enter my puckered little ass hole. I was in heaven. Here I was bouncing up and down my cousin's big fat cock and feeling his finger up my anus and my nipples in his mouth. What more could a girl ask for. I knew he would not be able to hold his cum anymore so I quickly got up and started sucking on his cock coated full with my pussy juices and his pre-cum. This was the best cock and pussy combination I have ever tasted in my life. I was the luckiest dirty baby girl alive. But it was time for my daddy to take me doggie style. Our favorite position. I quickly jumped up and got on my hands and knees and lifted my butt up in front of him. I was presenting my pussy to my gorgeous daddy doggie style and it was all his for the taking. I saw a big grin on his face as he positioned himself behind me. He spread my legs, grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them wide. I am sure he could see my pink puckered crinkly ass hole too. God that was so hot. He pushed my shoulders down onto the pillow and slowly entered my pussy from behind. In one big push he was completely buried inside my pussy up to the hilt. I could feel his giant heavy balls pressed against my pussy lips as he explored my horny pussy with his thick cock. My pussy lips were wrapped around his cock. He started sliding his cock in and out of my pussy in slow motion by grabbing onto my hips. His slow motion started to pick up as he put one hand into my hair and started pulling them. His other hand rested on my butt cheek spread wide.

"Oh God babygurl I have missed you so much all these years. I have missed fucking you like this. Did you miss daddy fucking his baby gurl sweetie?" All I could say was "Uhuh Daddy!"

As he pulled my hair I came over and over again. He knew it. He slapped my butt cheek and told me how much of a naughty baby girl I was for enjoying having my hair pulled and fucked from behind. He told me I was his baby girl and that he was my daddy. He fucked me harder. He started pounding my pussy hard as I uttered the words over and over again, "daddy, daddy, yeah, yeah, fuck me, daddy" He went wild. He let go of my hair and spread my ass cheeks and shoved a finger up my ass hole all the way in as he started pounding my pussy like a mad man. It was hard and rough it was big and strong and I was afraid I was going to pass out. No one has every fucked me so hard and so rough. I could feel his thighs pounding against my thighs, his cock was moving in every direction inside my pussy. If he got tired going in and out he would gyrate his hips and slap my ass with one hand. His finger up my ass was moving in and out making my pussy even tighter for daddy. After a few minutes of wild animal pounding hard cock he tensed up. He let go his finger from my ass hole and grabbed my hair with one hand and rested his other hand on my shoulder. I knew he was about to shoot the biggest load ever. At that very moment I felt thick gushes of creamy cum spray the insides of my pussy. Not two or three but seven or eight big spurts sprayed out of his cock and into my pussy. I did not care I was on the pill and this felt great. After a few minutes of emptying his balls in my pussy we both collapsed and passed out for a few minutes.

A few minutes later my eyes opened and I saw my cousin's face near my cock and she had a big grin on her face.

"Hi Daddy! How are you?"

"Ummmm .... you are fucking amazing baby girl. Did you like fucking daddy?"

"uhuh - yeah daddy" as I bit my lower lip and looked him in the eye. I opened my mouth and took his semi hard cock in my mouth and started to caress his balls. His hands immediately went into my hair and he started to caress them gently. In a matter of few seconds I started to feel daddy's cock getting hard and big and thick. It is an incredible feeling to feel your daddy's cock go from semi hard to full hard inside your mouth. While I sucked on his cock I massaged his balls and moved a finger up and down the crack of his ass. I wanted him to be ready for our new chapter of fucking. I could not finish this weekend without repeating everything we did in the past. While I sucked his cock I reached out and pointed my finger to the little brown bad on the night stand. He looked without moving and could not guess. He quickly reached out and picked up the bag and looked inside. Smokes, chewing gum and condoms. He had a big smile on his face and I know it was not because of the smokes. He took one condom out of the box and gave it to me. Without moving my mouth from his cock I opened up the wrapper and took the condom out. Very quickly I removed my mouth and put the condom on to his cock. The condom did not fit all the way. The base was exposed. He looked at that and had a look of pride in his eyes. I felt that my daddy was big and strong and had a gynormous cock for his baby girl. After massaging his balls and making sure he is as hard as can be, I got up and got down on all fours and rested my head side ways on top of two pillows. With my both hands I opened up my butt cheeks as wide as they would open and stuck my butt up in the air for daddy to fuck.

"Please daddy take my anal virginity again please daddy. Since the last time you fucked me in my ass hole daddy I have not let anyone touch my ass. It is only for you. Please daddy it has been 20 years since anyone has fucked me in my anus. Please daddy fuck your baby girl in her ass hole daddy please."

"You're such a dirty girl you know that. Such a horny minx for saving your anus for daddy all these years. I can't wait to fuck that tight little ass hole of yours."

He did not waste time. He rubbed his condom covered cock against my wet pussy and scooped up my pussy cream onto his cock. He rested his thick mushroom-like cock knob against the puckered anal ring of my ass hole and started to push oh so gently just like the first time he fucked my ass hole so many years ago. I relaxed my ass hole. He was big and thick. I have not had anything up my ass hole other than my own finger in the shower. My anus was virgin again and daddy was being very gentle. He gently pushed his cock head past my anal ring and I heard a pop. He rested his cock in my ass for a few seconds so I can get used to it. He wanted to wait longer but I needed his fat daddy cock in my ass deep. So I pushed my ass back into him. He felt a bit rushed but as soon as realized that his baby girl is ready to take his cock all the way up her ass hole, he started shoving his cock deep. Oh my goodness, last time I took his cock up my ass hole was so long ago that this felt like heaven. I was an anal virgin for the 2nd time and daddy popped my anal cherry real good. His thick cock stretched my little ass hole good. I felt full, I felt like there was a huge thick tree trunk got shoved up my ass hole. My stomach felt full and so did my ass hole. I was the luckiest girl alive.

My cousin grabbed my ass cheeks, spread them apart. He grabbed onto my waist and started banging the hell out of my tiny little ass hole. I was sure that I was going to be sore and unable to walk but what a small price for pay for getting the best fuck of my life. His thighs banged against mine. His huge heavy balls dangled below and banged against my pussy lips over and over again. My pussy was leaking so much cum I could feel his balls getting wetter and wetter with every slap against my pussy. His thick hard daddy cock was ripping me apart. I could feel every inch of his fat cock slide in and then slide out of my ass hole. I was feeling dizzy. My eyes were closed and my head was spinning. And finally it happened. He grunted and grabbed my waist so tight I was afraid he was going to scratch my back with his nails. He then grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled them real hard. Before I could scream I felt his thick cock cream spray in thick spurts over and over inside my ass hole. It felt like a garden hose had gotten shoved up my ass hole and thick cream was oozing out of it. This girl was in heaven.

After a couple minutes of not moving at all I felt his cock get soft inside my ass hole. He pulled it out and was just standing there on his knees with his eyes closed. God he looked so sexy. I turned around removed the condom and took his cock in my mouth. There was cum all over his cock and it tasted good. I ate his cock up good. I sucked on it and licked it. I looked up into his eyes, called him daddy and told him how much his baby girl loved him. He smiled and just let me suck on his daddy cock.

We took a quick half an hour nap, cleaned up and left the hotel. We went back to our chores and went home after that. After dinner we dropped my cousin and his wife at the airport. My husband had no clue what happened. I was a happiest girl in the world with a well fucked pussy and a sore ass hole.

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