tagRomanceLazy Summer Afternoon

Lazy Summer Afternoon


What a long week it had been! Ferrying around a sullen, moody teenager to his driver training classes...and back and forth to his job, which ended far too early in the morning...unpacking boxes after a move that she hadn't really wanted, but needed anyway...trying to hold it all together. It was wearing on her. Badly. But today, the break in the horrid mid-summer heat, along with the brand new hammock her best friend had gotten her as a house-warming gift, would break this funk she was in. She was determined.

So, with that thought, a tall glass of sweet tea, and a novel she'd been meaning to read, she headed out to her shady back yard for an afternoon of peace.

The day was exquisite and the reading had done for her what it always did -- allowed her to get out of her own head and absorb herself in the life of a brilliantly crafted main character. The gentle swinging of the hammock and the slight warm breeze, along with the privacy the tall fence afforded her shaded back yard eventually worked its magic, lulling her into a much needed state of rest. Although she generally wasn't much of a napper, the luxury of summer break and a very light personal schedule today convinced her that she would allow herself to drift off and just enjoy the moment. So, sitting down the novel and taking one last sip of her tea, she laid back and let her eyes drift closed.

She didn't know how long she'd been asleep before the dream came. Well, before HE came to her dreams. Oh, she'd dreamed of him before. Plenty of times. They'd shared many an adventure in her dreams -- from quick clandestine trysts to long nights of loving in hotel rooms overlooking the lights of the city. Every waking thought of him made her smile, but the dreams of him...well, she did far more than smile. She became a wanton woman she barely recognized as herself. He created that response in her. He made her feel beautiful...brave...sexy. This dream was no exception.


He approached her through the gate, quietly closing it behind him, and walking purposefully toward her laying on the hammock. She was sleeping, fairly deeply it appeared. He thought again how pretty she really was, though she'd probably never understand that he truly believed that. Should he wake her or let her sleep, he wondered. He'd come here to see her. It'd been too long since he had, he decided earlier after he got off work, so he made his way to her new house. Remembering what he'd come here for made the decision rather easy.

Standing near the hammock, he reached out and gently touched her cheek, stroking it lightly. He saw the smile form on her lips, but her eyes remained closed. This could be fun, he thought, deciding that he would use this situation to his (and her) advantage. Nothing wrong with taking a few minutes to awaken Sleeping Beauty, he figured. He leaned down and replaced his fingers with his lips, kissing her cheek gently, repeatedly. He continued working his way toward her lips, finally capturing them in a kiss that would have made Prince Charming proud. And then her eyes fluttered open, with a huge smile on her lips. He smiled back at her.

"Hello, Sleeping Beauty," he whispered, before capturing those lips in a much more serious and sensuous kiss. She responded to his kiss, opening her mouth to invite him in even further. It was an invitation he had no thought of refusing, and their tongues began to dance with each other, creating all kinds of wonderful sensations in much deeper places. Her arms reached up around his neck, pulling him closer to her on the hammock. His back would pay for this bent position later, but the sweetness of her kiss, and the promise of more that her embrace was offering was well worth the price.

"Hello, Prince Charming," she replied a few minutes later when their lips broke apart. She stroked his cheek, with one hand, as he had hers earlier, while pulling him closer for yet another deep kiss.

Because his back was screaming at him to pay attention to its bent state, he made the decision to join her in the hammock. It looked plenty big enough for two, he thought, offering his silent thanks to her friend for thinking to get a large one. Without breaking contact with her lips, he very carefully joined her in the hammock, laying on top of her, while she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him as close as he could possibly be, continuing to kiss the daylights out of him.

Joining her had caused the hammock to sway, and he held onto the sides of it to steady it for both of them, before it spilled them out to the ground and broke the mood this kiss had created.

Once the swaying eased up some, he lay on his side, and drew her onto hers, facing him. They held each other close and snuggled, touched, and kissed for the next several minutes. Until it became clear that kissing wasn't going to satisfy either of them for long. No, this was going to go further, and they both knew it, both wanted it.

Without a word, she reached for the buttons on his shirt and began undoing them one at a time, kissing her way down his chest as it was revealed. Once his shirt had been discarded, it was time for her to lose hers, he decided. He very carefully pulled it over her head, and she let go of him long enough to allow him to pull it off her arms. The bra that was left in the way was easily discarded. With one hand, he managed to unhook it in the back, while at the same time, easing the straps down her shoulder. He kissed his way down her neck to her breasts as he was removing it, and by the time he had it completely gone, his lips claimed her nipple, causing her to moan in approval, and the hammock to sway more intently with the increased movement and action between them.

"Do you want to go inside?" she asked, when his lips left her breast and he looked her in the eye.

"Not particularly," he replied, as the hammock settled back into a gentle sway. "Do you?" he asked.

"No, but I think we both want to do a little more than this hammock is going to let us do without tipping us out onto the ground," she replied.

"Oh ye of little faith!" he teased her. "I'm taking this as a personal challenge...to pleasure you completely without dumping our backsides to the grass. Think I can do it?" he asked.

"Oh, I really hope so," she replied. With that, she reached down between them and stroked him through his jeans, immediately receiving the physical evidence that her touch was very welcome and wanted.

"See what you do to me," he whispered in her ear, stroking her breast while she stroked his rapidly rising member.

"I can do more to you," she returned, reaching to unbutton his pants and get them out of the way. In the end, he helped her after she got the button undone and the zipper down. He very carefully, very slowly eased them down and kicked them off, along with his shoes. He was now completely undressed and smiled at her.

"Ta-da!" he said. "Told ya I wouldn't dump us out."

"Oh, honey. We've only just begun. It remains to be seen whether we end up on the ground or not. But I'll say this, so far...so good," she replied, drinking in the sight of the wonderfully sexy man laying naked beside her in the hammock.

"Only good? I can do better," he said. And then set about proving it.

He carefully eased her shorts down over her hips, and stroked her gently through her silky underpants. He loved the feel of her, even through the slippery fabric that was the only barrier between them at the moment. It amazed him how turned on he could get by her, how hard he stayed in her presence, even if they weren't really doing anything intense.

After a few minutes of foreplay, where he could feel her getting more and more ready to receive him and could see the visible signs of her arousal, he eased the underpants over her hips slowly and carefully. They slid down her legs easily enough and she carefully kicked them away. They both now lay bare naked, facing each other, touching nearly head to toe. For a long moment, they just enjoyed looking deeply into each other's eyes, communicating with a look what words were not needed to say.

Then, slowly, they each began gently stoking the other. She stroked his chest, kissing it lightly as she did so. He stroked her back, and pulled her close to him so that she could feel the full impact of the erection she had caused. As he reached lower to her backside, he adjusted her a bit, moving her up his chest slightly so that his lips could claim her breasts at the same time he entered her in one, deep, swift motion.

She sighed in complete contentment as her body stretched to accept him. She let her leg lift to accommodate him more closely and then settled it around behind him, intentionally pulling him closer to her and settling him deeper within her. It wasn't exactly a traditional position for sex, but it worked. Quite well, in fact.

When his lips were done with her nipple, she took them with her own in a deep kiss that masked the moans and sighs she made at the pleasure his touch and his lovemaking caused. He allowed her to set a slow, steady rhythm to their lovemaking. He was careful not to let her rock the hammock so far that they tipped out, but made sure that he made each stroke as deep as he could so that they both got as much pleasure as possible from this lovemaking. He loved the feel of her literally wrapped around him.

After a few minutes of the building passion between them, he whispered in her ear, "I'm going to move under you. Lay on top of me and put your knees on either side of me when I get situated." She did exactly as he told her to, enjoying the freedom to caress his chest and have him seated even more deeply inside her in this position.

"Alright, ride 'em, cowgirl!" he teased.

She willingly complied, making sure to not overly rock the hammock, while still raising and lowering herself rapidly, bringing them both immense pleasure. For his part, while she set the pace, he filled his hands with her breasts and caressed them, occasionally bringing them to him mouth to suck on them, even as he moaned with the pleasure that her body was giving his.

"Getting...closer...soon..." she told him between the amazing sounds her body was making in response to such intense stimulation.

"Me, too, hon. Go for it," he encouraged, and she picked up the pace.

Within minutes, she was crying out in ecstasy, fully taken over by the orgasm wracking her body. He could feel her muscles gripping him even more tightly as her body climaxed, which pushed him over the edge, too. With a quick word of warning to her, he pulled her tightly to his chest and filled her with everything he had to give.

Panting heavily, and kissing each other frequently, they allowed the afterglow of the incredible lovemaking to settle around them as she climbed off of him and they snuggled side by side in the hammock, trying to return to something remotely like normal. Her eyes drifted shut, as did his, as the wonderful feelings of satisfaction and contentment fully washed over them. And they rested in each other's arms, as the hammock swung gently, rocking them to sleep with happy smiles on their faces.


She had no idea where she was when her eyes opened, but she knew she was happy. And then the dream came back to her. She always has such lovely dreams about him. As she stretched, trying to shake the fuzzy-headed feeling and come fully awake, she realized she was not alone. And she was not dressed.

And she smiled as the truth dawned on her. This time, it really wasn't a dream. And her Prince Charming was still right here, sleeping soundly, just as naked as she was. The fun was not over!

Now to wake him with a kiss...

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