tagRomanceLazy Sunday Afternoon

Lazy Sunday Afternoon


I was inside her, I couldn't have gotten any further inside her without stuffing my balls in as well. Her clit was jammed between our pelvic bones and my balls were resting against the puckered lips of her ass. I could feel her down the full length of my shaft and it felt so good that I was having to think about my ex to stop myself from cumming.

"Oh my God, not again! No, no, no! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Her body shuddered its way through a series of intense spasms as she came again and again. "Will you hurry up and cum in me so we can get some sleep."

This was one hell of a way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I had every intention of prolonging the treatment for a lot longer but decided that it was time to put her out of her misery. I pulled out so that just the head was still inside her and then rammed it back in as hard as I could, "Oh yes, yes, do that to me, more, more." So I did several more times until I felt my sperm assembling at the base of my cock for its final charge down the shaft. Lunging into her for the last time I unloaded it deep inside her. "Oh my God! Here I go again!" I felt her gush, her juices drowning my balls and running between her legs onto the bed.

She lay beneath me panting as if she had just run a marathon, her face flushed and small tremors still coursing through her beautiful body. I moved my hips back and he slipped limply from her pussy followed by more juices, oozing from between her swollen pussy lips. I lay on my side beside her, my fingers caressing her pussy and clit. "Will you stop that! I've had enough of you for one day."

"That's nice that is, here I am giving you the benefit of thirty million years of practice and self denial and you want to chuck in the towel, where's your famous stamina?" We had been at it since nine this morning and it was now three in the afternoon. I didn't want to admit it to her but I was feeling just a little weary myself and was looking forward to some respite from our carnal endeavours.

I had rolled onto my back and she rolled towards me and draped a leg over my thigh, I could feel our juices still oozing from her, now over me, her head resting on my shoulder, and almost straight away she was asleep, her breathing had slowed now and was a gentle sigh. Oh well nothing to do but to join her. I closed my eyes in an attempt to get to sleep, but the sleep that I desperately needed evaded me. My mind kept wandering to the start of this...

Thursday: I had seen her across the room at the management conference that I had been obliged to attend but my father, who also happened to be my boss insisted on it, I think it was to give me a break from my relentless schedule, one that I had undertaken following my divorce, to keep my mind from dragging me down. I hadn't wanted to go as I thought these affairs were largely a waste of time, a time that could be better spent ensuring that my production targets were being met and that my staff were working as a close knit team, something that I had taken great pride in.

The whole work environment had changed over the last few years as the bottom line and not reciprocal loyalty became the driving force behind corporate existence. Mine was a family company in more than one sense, it was established by my grandfather who had the original bright idea that he turned into a success. My father continued that success with a stream of new products that seemed to anticipate market changes. My input into the company had been to continue product development while at the same time improving production methods without losing the family ethos. It seemed to work for us.

I found myself seated next to her at lunch and we began talking. Introductions were not necessary because I could see from her name tag that she was Suzanne Morgan from Morgan & Co and she was aware that my name was Steve Jenkins of Jenkins & Sons. That she knew of our company and its methods, was flattering, that she supported them flattered me even further as well as intriguing me. Before lunch was finished I arranged to have dinner with her away from other delegates.

I was waiting in the foyer for her, having refused several invitations from other delegates, when she walked from the elevator. She had a simple black dress and would have attracted attention with just that, but her accessories took my breath away. I kissed her platonically and we left under the jealous stares of the other male delegates.

I chose a restaurant that was well away from the conference venue and one that would be least likely to attract other delegates. We sat at a table for two at the rear of the restaurant, out of the gaze of the other diners. "Would you like a drink before we order?" I asked.

"Could I have a glass of the house Riesling?" I signalled the waiter and ordered two glasses of wine. The waiter brought the wine and left menus for us. Suzanne chose half a dozen oysters, natural, followed by an entrée sized calamari with salad and fresh strawberries and cream for dessert. I settled for the oysters, also natural, steamed fish with salad and a lime sorbet for dessert.

"Tell me about Morgan & Co? I know that you are in a similar business to ours. How is the business doing?"

"We're doing fine at the moment but it is getting more difficult competing against imports and companies such as yours for market share. We are going to have to make a decision soon as to whether we stay in business or sell up to one of our competitors."

"We are facing a similar dilemma although the threat, as we see it, is from a hostile takeover by a private equity consortium. I'd hate to see us fall prey to that, especially not at this time."

"Why not now?"

"We have a new product under development and we need a little breathing space before it is fully developed and ready for production, a takeover would see the end of that."

"Maybe we could be of assistance."

"What do you have in mind?"

"What I'm about to suggest is a merger of our two companies, one that will serve two purposes and they are; we can give you some breathing space for your development and maybe help with that, and a merger will make the combined company less attractive to a hostile takeover. A takeover is attractive when a smaller company that can force competitors out of the market can be acquired at an attractive price, thus cornering the market at a fraction of the cost of the combined company."

"Sounds good to me. Enough about business, we are here to enjoy our meal not get business related ulcers."

We enjoyed our meal and did discuss business for some time afterwards before going to our individual, and in my case, lonely bed so as to be rested for the last day of the conference.

As I walked into the conference venue my cell phone rang. "Yes Roger?"

"Steve, I'm sorry to disturb you but it is important. Your father is on his way in to study the proposal and he wants you to contact him later after he's had a chance to look at. He asked me for your initial reactions to it."

"To what? If it's so important I should come back to work."

"We have received an offer for the company from International Fund Management who are interested in buying us out. What should I tell them?"

"Do they want an immediate answer?"

"They are pushing for one."

"Can you stall them until late next week?"

"I think so. What do you have in mind?"

"I'm working on something at the moment that will affect this offer, I just need a little time to get my head around the implications of all of this. In the mean time, could you talk to them and see if they will tell us what their plans are for the future, I want to protect our workers rights and entitlements."

I wasn't paying all that much attention to what was happening in the conference that day, I had more important things to think about, I even contemplated leaving at lunch time but wanted the opportunity to talk to Suzanne.

"Where were you this morning?" She paused mid chew.

"I've been here all along."

"Your body has been here but your mind has been elsewhere. Where was it?"

"You'll never believe this but our company has been approached by a company wanting to take us over."

"What are you going to do?"

"Think about it for starters. I have to discuss this with my father and we have to work out our options before making a decision. I have asked for more time and for details about their plans for the company into the future as well as what protection the workers have."

"So where does that leave the suggestion of a merger between our companies?"

"Very much in the mix. Do you think we can get together to discuss our options over the weekend before I have to face up to making a decision?"

The conference ended on Friday afternoon and Suzanne and I went our separate ways, but not for long. We arranged to meet on Saturday morning to go over the details of the prospective merger before presenting our proposals to our respective parents on Monday.

Saturday was spent in going over how a merger between our two companies would benefit both of us. We looked at details of our combined market share, our product lines, our product development and how combining could benefit that aspect of our positions. My dining room table was covered in pages of figures, production schedules, financial projections, you know, the usual guff that goes with this type of negotiation.

We worked hard, the coffee machine worked hard, we sent our for pizza, a mistake as it turned out, one look and our appetite disappeared so it sat there, soggy and uninviting in its box. At around 2.00 in the morning we came to the decision that the merger was the best course of action. A celebratory bottle of champagne was attacked with a vengeance, it was as if we both knew what was about to happen.

"I hate to sound cautious, but it's better to be sure than sorry, so here goes. " Suzanne was structuring her words almost like a business proposal. "I know that it's too late for me to go home and I'm only going to be here first thing in the morning, so my suggestion is that I stay here."


"I know what I want to happen but I'm wary of the consequences of want I want.."

"If what you want is what I want very much right now, I'm clean. When I discovered my ex was having an affair I got checked out just to be sure that there were no unexpected or unwanted consequences to having made love to her. That's not a problem. Now what about you, are you on any birth control?"

"Yes, but, you know, even if I wasn't right now I would say 'fuck it, let's do it'."

At around 2.30 another merger was being enacted, although neither of us had our minds totally on it. That would come later, after both of us had recovered from a very long day of negotiations, too much coffee, not enough food and too many celebratory drinks.

We breakfasted at 8.00 on Sunday morning, that is if Berocca and coffee could constitute breakfast. By 9.00 we had showered and freshened up. I walked from the bathroom clean shaven and with my pits smelling like a pine forest. Suzanne was seated, naked, at the dressing table brushing her long dark hair. She looked up as I walked in and stood behind her, from where she sat she couldn't see my cock standing up but she soon felt it as I reached around her and cupped her breasts, it was sticking in her back. "My, aren't you the upstanding man this morning."

"You'd better believe it." My fingers were massaging her hard nipples.

"No fair! I can't get at you from here."

I stood back and she came out of the chair, turned and rushed into my arms in one fluid, feline movement. Her lips found mine, her tongue found mine and we found each other. I don't know whether it was the merging of our companies, the discovery that we had so much in common or just plain animal lust that drove us but we hit the bed running. There was virtually no foreplay, I was inside her in the one movement, my cock driving powerfully in and out of her hungry pussy, our first orgasm a moment of mutual madness, my pumping her full of sperm coincided with her shuddering, thrashing, wet climax.

"My God did we just do that?" We were both puffing and blowing like some out of condition marathon runner, lying in a puddle of the product of our lovemaking, damp, sticky, feral, sexual smelling juices soaking into the bedding, and that was just the beginning.

We kissed, we played tonsil hockey, we swapped spit, we did all of that, we stroked each other, exploring the nooks and crannies of each other's body, fingers entering whatever orifice presented itself, caressing the valleys, plains and peaks of each other, before giving in to our carnal desires. My cock found new ways of pleasuring her, her pussy found new ways of pleasuring me, I took great joy in licking her clit until she had another screaming, shuddering orgasm, her juices flooding out of her in a torrent of lust.

Her mouth enclosed my cock in a sensuous display of cock sucking that left me exhausted and her with a mouthful of sperm which she shared with me in a passionate kiss. We tasted each other often, we fucked continuously and came often, we gave in to our lust so much that after six hours we had fucked each other to a standstill. Everything fitted, my cock was a perfect fit for her pussy, she enclosed me, she caressed me as I moved inside her and I touched her in all the important places, her cunt lips were swollen from her passion, her clit poked its head out of its hood and enjoyed the attention it got from my pubic bone. More importantly we fitted, we were a perfect match in all ways.

At around 7.30 we surfaced. "Do you think we should get something to eat to restore our stamina?" I was willing to get back in the saddle if that was what she wanted.

"What do you have on hand?"

We walked out into the kitchen and I took a selection of food from the refrigerator and pantry. I handed her a bottle of wine and a corkscrew "Could you do the honours?"

She opened the wine and poured us a glass each while I started on the meal. It was nothing fancy, just a pasta dish to go with the red wine and coffee and cheese to finish. We tidied up and were back in bed by 9.00. I kissed her and caressed her body, she tried to remain still but she flinched as I touched a sensitive spot on her body. My hands wandered down her legs and returned to her pussy, teasing her cunt lips and just brushing her clit without entering her. Her hips responded by jerking forward every time I brushed her pussy, but I kept away from her. She grabbed my cock in a vice like grip. "If you don't shove this thing inside me right now I'm getting out of this bed and going home."

I shoved. I shoved hard, I shoved often, I shoved softly, it lingered on the in and out stroke, it rammed in and out, she came, I came, we both arrived at our climaxes together, individually and separately in a display of unbridled lust, of passion but most of all love. No two people complimented each other the way Suzanne and I did, we had no need for direction or instruction, we instinctively knew what we should do to please each other.

Monday morning Suzanne and I walked into my office. The staff were intrigued by this turn of events for they had seen me go through a variety of expressions and moods following the breakdown of my marriage, but they had never seen me with another woman, yet here I was bringing one to the office. The one thing that they had noticed was that Suzanne wasn't just some bit of fluff that I picked up, she was here for a reason and that reason affected them all. "Okay Roger, tell me more about this takeover."

"It is an equity buy out, they are not really interested in the long term survival of this company, they just want our assets and business contacts to enhance their portfolio."

"Would they be interested in us if we were to merge with another company?"

"Probably not. What do you have in mind?"

"If there are no guarantees about the long term viability of this company as a stand alone entity then I'm not interested in selling."

"They have approached other shareholders and are buying up stock as fast as they can get their hands on it."

"But the family still have a controlling interest, and I for one am not interested in selling. Conference time, is dad in?"

"Yes, he was here when I got here."

I knocked on my father's door and entered. My father greeted me with a concerned look on his face, this changed to one of curiosity when he saw Suzanne. "Dad, this is Suzanne Morgan from Morgan and Company, we met at that conference you forced me to attend, and for that I thank you, but what has come out of that is that we have a proposal that may help us defeat this take-over." I outlined our weekend discussions.

"What does your father think of this?" He asked Suzanne.

"In principle he's all for it. I've shown him the figures that we worked up and he agrees that it will place both our companies in a better position to fight this and any future take-over, but he's asked to meet with you guys before a final decision is made."

Dad picked up the phone and asked his secretary to get David Morgan on the line. "David, George Jenkins, yeah I've just heard all about it, there's more? I'll ask them. Now about this merger proposal, I've had a look at their projections and there is some merit in our further investigations. Lunch, fine, I'll see you there."

The company merger wasn't the only bit of news to be shared around the office. I announced as a part of the merger arrangements, if they went ahead, Suzanne would be joining us as a director of marketing, and that on Friday afternoon we would shut up early so that we could all celebrate the change of direction that the company was taking.

My staff welcomed Suzanne enthusiastically and she soon became friends with them all. At various times during the morning all of my office staff commented on how great she was and how happy I looked. I couldn't be any happier if I tried.

Lunch out of the way, our fathers sipping on a sizable scotch and Suzanne and I each sipping a red wine, it was time for the pitch. Suzanne's father listened while we explained the benefits to be gained by the merger proposal and how the long term survival of both companies would be much stronger. We had facts and figures to support our proposal and felt that he would be in favour.

I noticed that Suzanne's father was watching me with interest. "You don't feel that you are rushing in to this do you?" He asked her.

"No Father, it is a matter of survival for both of us."

"I wasn't talking about the company merger, you two have another merger in mind don't you?"

"It's that obvious is it?" I said.

"You might just as well take out a full page ad. in the paper."

"Do you mind?"

"As long as you know what you are doing, I don't want either of you to get hurt. As for the company merger, I say let's do it!"

Back at the office is was time to counter punch, I called Roger in, "What I want you to do is to prepare a press release to the effect that Jenkins & Sons has agreed to a merger between this company and Morgan & Co with the view of combining our assets and gaining a greater market share. This merger will be facilitated without job losses and the consolidation of our product lines and development will stand us in good stead to enable us to maintain our market edge. Let's see if they like that!"

I met Suzanne after work and we had dinner at her favourite restaurant. The food was all that she said it would be. Over coffee at the end of the meal I took Suzanne's hand in mine and looked her in the eyes. "Darling, I've been thinking, I might be jumping the gun here but I think that you should move in with me."

"You do, do you?" She left it at that, what was I to think? I paid the bill and we left. It was as we were standing next to her car in the car park that I noticed the overnight bag on her back seat. She saw me looking at it. "Does that answer you?"

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