Le Club Ch. 01


The billowing of the sheer drapes, in the pre-dawn breeze, awakened me. As I sat up in the bed, I looked at the sleeping form of Jeanne. She was lovely. I got out of bed and padded across the room to close the French doors and draw the heavy velvet drapes. I looked over the small balcony towards the moon dappled sea in the distance below my suite in this luxury hotel on the Cote d'Azur.

As I returned to my bed, I thought about my life and the events which had brought me to this time, this place and to this exquisite creature, Jeanne.

I leaned against my pillows and began to think back. Jeanne was lying on her side with her back to me. We had enjoyed a too short night of delicious love making. Jeanne stirred in her sleep as I touched her warm, smooth hip and lost myself in memories.

I grew up on a small farm in the American Midwest. I had three brothers and two sisters. I was a middle child. As soon each of us was old enough, we helped with the chores. It began with helping feed the chickens and helping set the dining room table for dinner. As we grew older, we helped Dad with the field work and Mom with the myriad of jobs involving the home and family.

All of us, including the girls, drove the tractors, milked the cows, shoveled manure, and did all of the jobs a farm hand had to do. We helped Mom with the cooking, cleaning, washing, and canning and all the jobs a farm wife and Mother must do.

One day, Mom and I were doing some cleaning in the attic. There was a large suitcase under the eaves. I asked Mom what it contained. She said it was nothing. Just some old clothes of hers.

I pulled the suitcase over under a window and opened it. It was packed full of women's skirts, blouses, stockings, suits, under things and a pair or two of shoes. Mom said those were some of the things she had when she met Dad. She had gone to two years of business school and was working as a secretary. Dad was in college. They dated, fell in love, married, and returned to Dad's family farm. Mom said the suit she wore when they got married was in the suitcase.

When I had some quiet time, I would return to the attic and look at the clothes in the suitcase. They were mostly quality, tailored suits of linen or wool. Mom liked silk. There were silk blouses, panties, stockings, a negligee, scarves, etc. The silk felt so good against my skin. I think my love of fine clothing began with these things in Mom's suitcase.

It wasn't all work as we grew up. We kids, and the kids from the neighboring farms, would go off together to skinny dip in the local swimming hole and fish in the creek. We sneaked cigarettes behind a barn and, as we got older, we learned more about both sexes. In high school it was classes, ball games, dances, and movies and petting in the back seat of a car. Occasionally, there was sexual exploration with boyfriends - and girlfriends.

I went away to college - a State University, actually. Again, in addition to the classes there were all the social activities. I dated. I had many friends, both male and female. I found that thoughts about a handsome classmate or a comely coed would give my sex a tingle. I graduated with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Business Administration.

I have always had a love for nice clothing. Even in high school, I bought small things, which I could afford, to wear under my school clothes - a lacy camisole or a pair of silk panties, for example. In college, I was able to buy things like blouses, slacks, skirts and shoes. When I was in my dorm room, I liked to wear nothing but a silk slip or a pair of satin panties and a dressing gown.

For my job interviews, I followed Mom's advice and bought a nice business suit. I was hired by a telecommunications company and I moved away from home to a large western city. I got my first apartment and car.

The work was interesting and fast paced. I soon learned the pecking order in the office where I worked. All of the younger employees, especially we new ones, hung out together after work - bar hopping, dinners, movies, etc. I didn't date much. I spent much of my free time, and money, shopping for clothes.

Our office had a female executive who sort of scared us "newbies" when we first started. Her name was Francis Wilson. She was Ms. Wilson, but we nicknamed her, "Sarge." She seemed to take an interest in me. I was regularly tapped to work late and to come in on weekends. I was warned to be careful. Some of the girls in the office said she was a "lez" and had made passes at them.

In the evenings, Sarge and I might grab a quick hamburger together before we went our separate ways. On the weekends, we might have a late lunch and a drink together. And that was all.

I accompanied her and several male executives to a meeting in San Francisco. During the course of the meeting, and over after work drinks, a couple of the men made passes at me. One of them went so far, while we were alone in an elevator, as to put his arms around me and tell me that he wanted to eat my sex while I sucked his cock! I avoided him after that!

Sarge asked me to go shopping with her after the meetings ended for the day. She didn't want to be alone on the city streets after dark. We had a lot of fun. We tried on clothes and shoes. We ate dinner and had drinks. We got tipsy and giggled. She asked me to call her Fran.

One night we returned to Fran's hotel room. I had purchased a silk teddy, a chemise, a couple of camisoles and a pair of tap pants. Fran had purchased a silk dressing gown. She suggest we model our purchases. She started to undress. I turned to go into the bathroom, when she said that I should undress with her.

Fran undressed completely before putting on her new gown and a pair of high heeled slippers. She was beautiful. She was probably in her mid-forties, but she didn't show it. Here was a woman who loved herself and took care of herself. She was trim. Her butt was firm. Her high, proud breasts were almost bullet shaped and firm. And luscious. Her sex was hidden behind a triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

First, I tried on a camisole and the tap pants. Fran whirled around me as she looked me up and down. She opened and closed her gown and flashed her body unashamedly. I changed into the teddy. It was silk and lacy and I loved it. Fran looked at me. She said I looked exquisite and so little girl like.

She pulled me close to her. She opened her gown, hugged me to her nude body and wrapped both of us in her gown. She reached down and unsnapped the crotch of my teddy. She placed her hand on my sex.

That night, literally at Fran's knee, I learned the joy and pleasure and satisfaction of pleasuring a woman orally and in helping to bring her to orgasm after orgasm. In turn, I was pleasured sexually and enjoyed multiple orgasms.

After the business meeting, there was the usual office gossip. I worked hard and Fran never gave me any favors when it came to work. As a matter of fact, there was a "newbie" who got tapped for the after work and weekend jobs. I didn't mind. I went back to school to start on an MBA. I eventually applied for another position with the company and moved to an east coast city.

I stopped at home on my way across the country. My parents were semi-retired and enjoying some traveling and a less strenuous life style. One of my brother's and a sister were running the farm. Everyone else had moved away to other jobs and to start families.

I helped with chores. It was good to get into jeans and work clothes and to get away from the business world. One evening, after a long day of loading, hauling and stacking hay bales, my sister suggested we go skinny dipping. We were sweaty and filthy with dirt, dust and hay particles. We looked at each other and ran, laughing, to the swimming hole.

It wasn't as nearly as far as I remembered as a kid. We hurriedly stripped off, before we chickened out, I think, and leaped into the cool water. After splashing about and cooling off, we got out of the water and sat, in the sun, on some logs on the bank.

It had been years since I had seen any of my siblings without their clothes. Both of them had brown arms and faces from working out of doors. Their hair was sun bleached. And both of their bodies showed the effects, and benefits, of their physical labor around the farm. They didn't need to go to a gym to workout.

I had never thought of them in a sexual context before, but Bud had a nice thick cock and good sized balls dangling between his legs. My sex tingled as I visualized a woman writhing in pleasure beneath him as he fucked her and as he fed his meat into the mouth of a homosexual man kneeling in front of him.

I looked as Sis. Her breasts were bigger than mine. My sex tingled more as I visualized her sitting astride a man and riding up and down on his hard cock after he had eaten her sex and as she and another woman pleasured each other.

I almost gasped out loud as I visualized myself eating Sis' sex and sucking Bud's cock. When I snapped out of my fantasy, they were both looking at me quizzically. Sis asked what I had been thinking as I looked like I was in another world. I told them that I had been thinking back to when all of us were kids and had skinny dipped here together. We got dressed and walked back to the farm house for supper and evening chores.

The next morning, I continued on my trip to my new job. I settled in quickly after finding a place to live. At work, I did my job and avoided the entanglements and rivalries often found in this high tech, high pressure work environment.

I took advantage of the educational opportunities at my new location and returned to school to finish the MBA. I eventually earned a dual MBA in Information Security and International Business. I also was making enough money that I could indulge my taste for fine clothing. I almost had an orgasm the first time I bought a pair of hand made Italian shoes.

After I completed my studies, I was recruited, discreetly, by a multi-national firm for a position in London. I took a chance and accepted the offer. I learned later that in addition to my work experience and MBA, my poise and taste in clothes had impressed the recruiter's wife, and she influenced his decision to offer me the job.

I worked hard in London, but I took advantage of the easy access to the fashion world in London and Paris. I couldn't afford haute couture, but I could afford almost everything else. One thing that I really enjoyed was dressing like Hepburn in blouses with big sleeves and bows and in slacks with wide full legs that swirled when you walked.

The first year in London, when I wasn't working or buying clothes in Paris, I was taking short weekend and holiday trips throughout Great Britain. One of the perks of the job was four weeks vacation. I decided to visit the south of France. I researched hotels, venues, etc. and settled upon Le Club as a base for my vacation on the Cote d'Azur.

I booked my stay for a month in the fall, after the high season. The days and the sea would still be warm for swimming and the crowds of tourists would be gone. I decided to travel by rail from London. I spent many happy hours sorting and packing the very best and most feminine of all my clothes.

I left London on the Eurostar for Paris. The trip through the Channel Tunnel and on to Paris was fast and enjoyable. I transferred to the famous French bullet train for the remainder of the trip. I had a cabin in a sleeper car so it was a very enjoyable and relaxing trip. At the station, I engaged a taxi to drive me to Le Club.

The driver was helpful and respectful. I was dressed in a tailored linen skirt and jacket with a silk blouse, silk stockings and hand made low heeled pumps. The way one dresses certainly influences the way one is treated.

At the hotel, the bellman were efficient and deferential. The Concierge was most efficient and I was soon checked in to my suite. As I was leaving the desk, I saw this exquisite creature across the lobby. Our eyes met. I decided that I must meet her soon. The Bellman escorted me to my suite. I tipped him liberally after he placed my many bags in the room and gave me a tour of the suite and its amenities.

I undressed and put on a camisole and tap pants while I unpacked and put my clothes away in the closet and chests. I took a nap before showering and dressing for cocktails and dinner.

After showering, I stood in front of a full length mirror and looked at myself. I followed Fran's example and took care of myself. I had a good looking body. My breasts are small, too small I think, but my legs are slim, my belly is flat and my butt is firm. I don't have a peaches-and-cream complexion, but my skin is as white as milk. I keep my auburn hair in an easy to care for style. My pubic hair is trimmed in a small neat triangle with the lower apex pointing down to my sex, which is otherwise shaved smooth and bare. My deep blue eyes are my best feature, I think, with long, natural eyelashes.

I dressed, for cocktails and dinner, in one of my Hepburn outfits. The cocktail hour was quiet and gentile. I didn't see the exquisite creature from the lobby, but I introduced myself to and chatted with several nice people. There were a few couples but almost everyone seemed to be traveling alone.

Dinner was delicious. Afterwards, I got a small glass of wine and walked out onto the terrace. The exquisite creature was across the terrace, standing by the railing. I slowly worked my way around the terrace to a point near her. She was looking out towards the sea. I commented that it was a lovely view. She replied that is was indeed lovely. She had a deep smoky voice. I looked at her. Our eyes met and we both smiled. She was shorter than me. Her hair was in a short pixie style and she was dressed in a style similar to mine. We chatted for a bit and I asked her if she would like to join me in a drink.

We went into the night club of the terrace. A small orchestra was playing and a few couples were dancing. We ordered our drinks and sipped them as we made small talk. She asked me if I would like to dance. It isn't unusual to see women dance together in Europe. I said I would like that.

As we danced, I commented that I liked her perfume. Her back was soft against my hand and her hand felt good on my back. As the music ended, she stood up on her toes and kissed me lightly on the lips. We finished our drinks and I said I had a busy day planned for tomorrow. She said she did too. We walked back into the hotel together. As we were waiting for the elevator, I introduced myself. Her name was Jeanne and she said she was from Liege. When we were riding up in the elevator, I asked if she would like to have dinner with me the next night. She said yes. We kissed goodnight as the elevator stopped at her floor.

The next morning, I ordered a room service breakfast. I had a full day planned for the spa and for beauty treatments. In the spa, I began with a shower then a body wash by an attendant. This was followed by a rinse in the shower and then a soak in a hot pool and a restful pause while cocooned in a wrap of warm towels.

This was followed by getting my legs waxed. Then it was a mud body wrap and a facial. Another shower and wash , followed by a massage. I relaxed further as my hair was washed and styled. A manicurist gave me an excellent manicure and pedicure. I had a wonderful time. When I wasn't being washed or massaged, or being fussed over otherwise, I wore only a towel as did all of the other clients. The staff was very discrete and deferential. I'm sure I over tipped them outrageously.

I returned to my suite. I stripped and looked at myself in the mirror. My smooth skin just glowed. My hair and nails were perfect. I put on a pair of satin panties, pored myself a glass of wine, opened the French doors and stepped onto the balcony. I was topless. There were several yachts anchored offshore. Some small boats were plying between the shore and the yachts. The afternoon air was warm and fragrant.

On the adjoining balcony, a young thing was lying on her stomach. She was wearing a string bikini. She heard me step onto the balcony. She rolled over and sat up. She might as well been nude. Her string bikini emphasized her lovely breasts and sex. We chatted a minute. My sex was tingling, but I quickly thought of Jeanne.

A nude couple were on the balcony on the other side of my suite. They were apparently waiting for the sun to move around so they could sunbathe. They waved at me. I waved back. They were a trim, fit looking couple. I stepped back into my suite.

As I dressed for dinner with Jeanne, I put a drop of perfume between my breasts and on my little triangular patch of pubic hair. After applying my makeup, I dressed in a garter belt, silk hose, and silk panties. I don't like to wear a bra so I put on a lacy camisole. Over that, I wore a nice feminine blouse and a long skirt that would swirl when I danced. My shoes were a pair of low heeled pumps that were custom made in London.

I met Jeanne in the hotel lobby. She was dressed in a similar style. It was frightening how we evidently thought alike, had the same tastes and were drawn to each other. She was beautiful and I knew I was going to have a lovely evening.

We sat at a small table in the cocktail lounge, sipped our drinks and chatted. Jeanne also grew up on a very small farm in Belgium. She was able to go to University and now she was working in Paris. She had visited New York and San Francisco so we compared memories as we chatted about our favorite things to do and see. Like me, she loved shopping and buying and wearing fine clothing.

A quartette was playing, so we danced. During dinner, which was exquisite and most delicious, we chatted some more. I placed my hand on Jeanne's at one point. She touched my leg with hers under the table. We shared a dessert and more wine.

The quartette had moved onto the terrace. Cocktail tables had been set up and a small dance floor had been laid over the stone surface of the terrace. We had some more wine and danced. As we danced, we held each other closer. I asked Jeanne if she would like to come to my suite with me. She breathed a yes in her smoky voice and my sex tingled.

Neither of us could wait. We kissed in the elevator ride up and when we closed the suite doors behind us, we immediately embraced and kissed passionately. Our tongues were touching as Jeanne stroked my face. I broke the kiss and breathed that I wanted to make love with her. I held her face between my hands and kissed her eyelids and lips.

Jeanne unbuttoned my blouse and slipped a hand under my camisole. My nipple hardened as she touched it with her finger tips. I shrugged off my blouse and stepped out of my shoes. I unbuttoned her blouse and reached under it, unfastened her strapless bra and dropped it on the floor.

Her breasts were framed by her open blouse. I leaned down and sucked a pretty little nipple between my lips. I loved feeling it harden as I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. I unfastened Jeanne's skirt. I dropped to my knees in front of her as I pushed her skirt down to her ankles. She stepped out of it as I nuzzled my cheek against her panty clad sex. I licked the front of her panties and kissed her belly. My sex was getting moist.

Jeanne helped me to my feet. We kissed as she unfastened my skirt. She knelt as she pushed my skirt down. She kissed my sex through my panties, then she pulled my panties down and rubbed her face against my sex. She planted a kiss on my little pubic triangle and said how she liked my smooth bare sex. She continued to kiss and lick my sex as she unfastened my stockings and garter belt.

I stepped out of the remainder of my under things. I was clad only in my earrings as I pushed Jeanne back onto the carpet. I finished undressing her and after I removed her last piece of clothing, I ran my tongue up the length of her leg from ankle to sex. I kissed and nuzzled her sex as we moved around so Jeanne could reach my sex.

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