Le Club Ch. 02


It was early Saturday afternoon. The week at work had been rather hectic with a number of mini crisis. By Friday afternoon, I was ready for the weekend. I had slept late. I read the morning paper as I ate a light breakfast and sipped a cup of tea.

I enjoy my lifestyle. Lise and I share the estate house that I leased after taking a job in London over a year ago. I also keep a small flat in London for use when working late or over weekends and Lise and I use it as base when we go night clubbing.

Lise is in Amsterdam this weekend and I have a late date this evening. After clearing the dishes, I call a cab to take me to the train station. When the train arrives in London, I take another cab to the flat.

After letting myself in, I clear up the flyers, mail and newspapers that have been pushed through the postal slot in the front door and I check the answering machine for messages.

There are just two - the first is from Lise saying she arrived o.k. in Amsterdam and the second is from Philip asking if our date is still on for tonight.

I call Philip's telephone number and leave a message. I'll be at the club when he finishes working.

I have several lovers - both male and female. Philip is a dancer who is working in a revue at the club where we'll meet tonight. He is tall and slim with a dancer's lithe, limber body.

Of the men I fuck, Philip is rather special. He has a long, comfortably thick cock that I love to suck. When his cock is hard, I can wrap both of my hands around his cockshaft and still fill my mouth with his cockhead and two inches of cockshaft.

I can hardly wait! I lay out my clothes for the evening. I choose a nice long sleeved blouse with a bow at the neck and an ankle length skirt with a side slit. I pick a lacy camisole, a suspender belt, satin panties, and nylons for my under things. After picking out a pair of shoes and some jewelry, I decide to take a nap.

Upon awakening, I shower and wash and set my hair. I also shave to assure my legs, underarms and body are smooth. And I make certain my sex is shaved smooth and bare and, finally, I carefully trim my tiny triangle of pubic hair.

I slip on a house coat and prepare a light dinner. After clearing the dishes, I brush out my hair and apply my makeup. Dressing is a sensual experience. I enjoy the feel of silks and satins against my skin.

I check myself in the mirror then I call for a cab. I take my long coat from the hall closet and I put my small clutch purse in the pocket. Before I step to the curb to meet the cab, I make sure the table in the flat's entrance hall is cleared off. I might just fuck Philip there as soon as we are in the door.

When I arrive at the club, I take a small table in a corner by the steps to the stage. It is between performances. I order a glass of wine and ask the waiter to take a message to Philip back stage. He comes out to the table and greets me with a kiss. We make plans for a late dinner and then he has to go get ready for the last performance of the evening. During the performance, I sip my wine and visualize the dancers dressed only in g-strings and thongs. A bit of cloth is more erotic and sexier than compete nudity on many occasions.

When the performance and curtain calls are over, Philip stops by the table to tell me that he will be out as soon as he removes his stage makeup, showers and changes clothes.

When Philip is ready, we walk to a small cafe that stays open late because of the night clubs in the area. We are just in time for last call so we are able to order a bottle of wine to have with our meal.

Philip orders for us - salad, pasta with clams in a red sauce and a decadent dessert. While we are eating, Philip greets other entertainers whom he knows. I smile to myself as I think about the delicious piece of man meat that I'm going to devour later.

It is 3 a.m. when we leave the cafe and take a cab back to my flat. When we are inside, I latch the door then Philip helps me take off my coat. I can't wait. As soon as Philip turns from the closet, I drop to my knees in front of him.

I'm almost frantic as I hurriedly unbuckle his belt, unfasten the waistband on his trousers and unzip the fly. I want to taste his succulent cock now. I hook my fingers in the waistband of his Y-fronts and pull them and his trousers down to expose his cock.

I look at the object of my desire and lust. His soft cock dangles temptingly in front of my face. I open my mouth and slowly swallow his cock. I bury my nose in his pubic hair and press my chin against his balls.

I tighten my lips and slowly pull them the length of his cock. I hold his cock with my fingers as I lick, then gently suck first one nut, then the other. I hear Philip chuckle as I lick the underside of his cock from balls to crown.

I press his cockhead against my lips as I look up his face. Philip is smiling at me as he unbuttons and removes his shirt. I place his cock back in my mouth and resume sucking as I reach down and untie his shoelaces. He steps out of his shoes and I push his trousers down.

I stop sucking so he can remove his trousers and socks. Philip stands nude in front of me. He holds his semi erect cock. I tilt my head back and open my mouth so he can feed his man meat to me.

We hold hands as I make love to him with my lips and tongue. I love the feel of his cock getting harder and longer and filling my mouth. Philip steps back and pulls his cock out.

He helps me to my feet and holds my head in his hand. He tells me he wants to suck my tongue like I suck his cock. We kiss and I push my tongue into his mouth. As we kiss, he unties the bow at the neck of my blouse.

We break the kiss as he unfastens my skirt and I unbutton and take off my blouse. The skirt falls to my feet and I kick it aside. I grasp his cock and stroke it with both hands as we kiss again.

Philip pushes down on my shoulders. I go down to my knees again. I'll ruin a pair of nylons, but this isn't the time to worry about that. His cock is standing erect. I grasp the crown in my finger tips then lick the length of his shaft. I nibble his cockshaft as I work my way back to the crown. I run the tip of my tongue around the rim of the crown. Then I tighten my lips around his cockhead and slide my mouth as far as I can down his cockshaft.

Philip holds my head and begins to fuck my face. I keep my lips clamped tight and press my tongue against the bottom of his cockshaft as he pumps his manhood in and out of my mouth. I close my eyes and cup and fondle his balls.

Philip stops. I hear him say that he's going to cum if he keeps fucking my face. I look up at him and tell him that I want him to cum wherever and whenever he wants. He helps me to my feet. He asks me if I'm cock hungry. I tell him yes and that I want him to fuck me with his long cock.

Philip pick me up and sets me on the edge of the hall table. He slides a hand up under my camisole and pinches a nipple, which hardens instantly. He pushes me onto my back as he tells me he will long cock me soon.

He pushes me farther onto the table. He rubs his hand across my belly and over my panty clad sex. He bends over and tickles my navel with his tongue. Then he moves down and kisses and licks my sex through the panties.

Philip takes the elastic waistband of the panties in his teeth. He pulls them down a bit, then uses his hands to pull them down off my hips. He runs his fingers over my sex and he tells me how much he likes it when I keep it bare and smooth.

I run my fingers through his hair as he kisses and licks my sex. He slides me down the table so my hips are at the edge. Philip holds my legs in one hand and pulls my panties down off my legs. He only pulls the panties over one shoe.

He holds my legs by the ankles and lifts them straight up and then spreads them wide. I still have on all of my jewelry, nylons, suspender belt, and shoes. The panties are dangling from my ankle. I feel deliciously slutty.

Philip looks at me. I'm wide open to his tongue, fingers and cock. He steps closer and runs his hard cock over my sex. I reach down and press his cock against my sex.

Philip moves back and slips his cockhead between my thighs. He presses against my opening and begins to gently push his cock into me. I exhale "Ooooohhhhh" as his cock slowly slips deeper into me and begins to fill me.

Philip stops and waits for a minute after he gets his cock fully ensheathed in me. I inhale "Aaaaahhhhh" as he pulls his cock back out of my love tunnel. "Ooooohhhhh" "Aaaaahhhhh" "Oooohhhh" "Aaaahhhh" I can hear Philip grunt as he settles into a rhythm, "Ooohhh" "Aaahhh" "Ooohhh" "Aaahhh" "Ooohhh" "Aaahhh."

I reach down and help hold my legs up as my lover fucks me with his log cock. "Aaaaahhhhh", Philip is so limber and flexible that he is able to keep his cock ensheathed in me and bend down and kiss and lick around my sex. I think to myself that I bet he could suck his own cock.

He places his mouth over my sex and then he humps his hips. "OOOHHHhhh!" I'm in heaven, bisexual transvestite heaven with my lover's long cock ensheathed in my ass and my achingly hard eight inch cock ensheathed in his mouth.

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