Le Club Ch. 03


I had been working in London for over a year when Lise came to work in the department where I worked. She had been working in the Bonn office of our company. The company moved the office to Berlin when the seat of government in Germany moved there from Bonn. Rather than make the move to Berlin too, Lise accepted a position in our London office.

We met and became acquainted, when we were assigned to work together on a project. We both work in the sometimes exotic but almost always mundane world of cyber security. It's a challenge to try to stay ahead, or ever abreast, of the world's hackers. We got along well from the beginning and soon we were considered one of the best and most innovative security teams in the London office.

Because of our disparate appearances, we became nicknamed the Odd Pair. Lise was a tall slim woman in her early thirties. She had a willowy figure with almost no butt or chest to speak of. Her hair was thick and dark and she wore it style that was cut short and parted on one side. One exception to her slim figure was her shoulders. They were not narrow. She was at least six feet tall. She dressed simply in sweaters or blouses and skirts and flat shoes.

I'm Dennis, the short half of the Odd Pair. I'm in my mid-thirties and I'm five feet seven and slim. Lise towered over me. I have thick auburn hair which I wear in a nineteen thirties style. I've always been somewhat of an outsider in the office and I know a few people think of me as being a little funny or queer. As things turned out, no one realized how odd the Odd Pair would turn out to be.

I had leased an estate house outside of London, but I also kept a flat where I could stay when I had to work late or when I decided to spend the weekend in the city. I like to go night clubbing so I keep a wardrobe of nice clothes at the flat. I like to be well dressed when I go out night clubbing. Some people might be shocked or put off, but I like to dress and go out as a woman. I've been fascinated by fine women's clothing ever since, years ago, I opened a suitcase which belonged to my Mother. I suppose that makes me a cross dresser or a transvestite. Or even a drag queen in the right circumstances.

At the clubs I frequent, no one is shocked or surprised by how one dresses. I guess one could call them discreet alternate lifestyle clubs. I've picked up or been picked up by both men and women at these clubs. Everyone who frequents these alternate lifestyle clubs knows that what they see is not necessarily true.

When I've gone to a hotel room or flat with someone from the clubs, neither the men nor the women seem to be disappointed that I'm not what I appear to be – a rather nice looking, well groomed woman who seems to be looking for some action. Of course, I think the fact that I'm rather good at performing fellatio and cunnilingus might account, at least somewhat, for their lack of disappointment.

A couple of times I've been surprised too, but not disappointed, when the woman I'm with turns out to be another man such as me. Some very mutually satisfactory oral sex sessions, not to say friendships, have resulted from such chance.

I'd never met a woman posing as a man, a drag king if you were, until one Friday night when I went night clubbing. I went to the flat after work. I had picked up some take out Indonesian food on the way from the office. After eating dinner while I perused the mail and newspaper, I took a leisurely bubble bath. I made sure my legs, underarms, face, body, and especially cock and balls where smooth and bare.

Ever since I decided I liked pretending to be a woman, I've spent a small fortune on laser hair removal. The one exception is my pubic patch, which I clip, style or shave as the mood suits. The laser treatment of my cock and balls and butt crack was a long, slow and sensitive trial. I wasn't so sure I wanted to be THAT hair free! But it was worth it. I need some touch up occasionally and what hair does appear is generally soft and fine.

After the bubble bath, I brushed my hair, applied my make up and got dressed. I'd decided on a frilly blouse and a mid-calf length skirt. I always take special care with my underthings. I like camisoles, suspender belts with nice hose, and silk or satin panties. I planned on dancing a lot so I wore a pair of very nice hand made low heel pumps. I looked at myself in the mirror. After putting on my jewelry, I thought I looked very good and very feminine..

I called a cab to take me to the club of choice for the night. The hostess recognized me and seated me at a good table near the dance floor. I ordered a drink then looked around the room. I saw a couple of the regulars who either waved or lifted their glasses. One of them, a woman who had a thing for drag queens, came over and asked me to dance. After we danced, she offered to buy me a drink and invited me to her table, but I politely declined.

I danced several more numbers with various men, women, and other imposters when I noticed a rather striking man standing at the bar. He looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place him. He wasn't a regular. I signaled a server and asked them to give the gentleman a drink of his choice and put it on my tab. I watched as the server gave him his drink and nod in my direction. He lifted his glass in my direction then continued his conversation with the person seated next to him at the bar.

I danced a set with one of the regulars. After I returned to my table and seated myself, the "mystery" guest walked towards me. I smiled as he approached. He pulled a chair out from the table and sort of shrugged. I smiled and nodded. He seated himself. He still looked vaguely familiar. His longish dark hair was parted on one side and combed back. He was wearing a very fine tailored suit, definitely not an off-the-rack sort of person.

He looked at me and spoke in a soft, smoky voice, "Thank you for the drink."

I gasped, "Lise?"

He looked startled, then he looked at me, "Denny?"

Then we both broke into laughter. We stood and hugged and walked onto the dance floor. As we danced, we talked. At work, I'm Dennis, the odd little guy. I'm Denny to my family and to Lise and some close friends. My female persona is Denise. Lise told me her given name was Liselotte. She was Lise to her family and friends and Leo was her male persona. After the dance stopped, we stood there on the dance floor. We hugged and shared a kiss then returned to my table.

We danced and drank a lot. The lady who had a thing for drag queens looked rather pissed. When time was called Lise looked at me, "I guess it's time to go. I'm glad I don't drive. I'm too drunk. I think I'm even too drunk to take the tube."

I patted "his" hand, "So am I. Let's get a cab."

The doorman hailed us a cab. We laughed, "Hope he's sober."

The cab driver was good humored. I gave him my address. Lise looked at me, "Where we going?"

"My place. We're both too drunk to leave alone."

"O.K. Fine by me."

The cab driver looked a little uncomfortable as we necked unashamedly. When he pulled the cab to the curb in front of my flat, I handed him a bunch of notes as we got out. "Keep the change."

"Sure thing, Lady." We got out and he drove off. We laughed and hugged each other.

"What did you give him?"

"I don't know. A whole bunch of notes that went out when the Euro came in."

We hugged each other as we laughed hysterically. I guess we thought we were funny drunks. We finally collected ourselves and climbed the steps to the front door. I opened it and pushed Leo/Lise inside. "Welcome."

Leo/Lise hugged me again, "Thanks. Where's the loo? I gotta pee!" More hysterical laughter.

I stood in the "parlor" until Leo/Lise returned. "Gawd, I did have to pee!"

We looked at each other. "There's only one bed."

Leo/Lise gave me a cock eyed look, "Where'll you sleep?'

More laughter. "With you, I guess."

More laughter as we propped each other up and staggered into the bedroom. We pulled the spread and covers down. I don't remember undressing and I'm sure Lise didn't either.

The room was filled with a soft light when I awakened. Something was poking me in the side of the head. I realized I still had my earrings on along with the rest of my jewelry. I sat up and removed all of it. Then I realized I wasn't alone. I looked down at Lise. She was sleeping on her side. I sort of wondered how she ended up in my bed then I remembered the taxi ride. Gawd, we were drunk. I lay back down on my side behind her. She reached an arm back and patted my hip as I snuggled up against her.

The next time I woke up, I felt like someone was looking at me. I opened my eyes. I was right. Lise was lying on her side and looking at me."

"Gawd, I didn't think you'd ever wake up. Where are we?"

"In bed."

"I know that, you twit. Where's the bed?"

"Oh, that. I think we're in my flat."

"Oh. Yeah. I remember the taxi ride."

"Good. Do you remember if we paid the cab driver?"

Lise laughed, "I guess I wasn't as drunk as I think. You paid him with a handful of notes that went out when the Euro came in."

I groaned, "I hope they all convert o.k."

"I'm sure they will."

I rolled up on my side. "This is nicer that waking up with a stranger."

"I think we got pretty strange last night."

"This morning. Or late last night."

"Oh, yeah. Gawd, I haven't drunk so much for a long time."

I snuggled next to her. Lise pulled the covers up to her neck.. "Yeah, we were both pretty polluted." I reached for the covers to pull them down. Lise hung onto to them. I slipped my head under the covers and started at her shoulder and began to kiss my way to her chest.

She released the covers. "I guess you'll find out sooner or later."

I looked up, " Find out what?"

Lise threw the covers off both of us.


"What?" I looked at her. "I thought you might be another cross dresser like me, but with a fourteen inch hard-on that you wanted deep throated.'

"I wish. Look at me."

I looked. Lise was rather hairy.

"What am I supposed to be looking at?"

Lise sat up and kissed me, "You're either blind, naïve or incredibly tactful. I'm hairy."

I leaned over her and kissed her, "You're my friend."

"Denny, Look at me. I'm hirsute."

"So what?"

"Denny, I come from a long line of skinny and incredibly hairy, flat chested women."

"So what. I come from a very short line of eager pussy eaters." With that I moved down and got between Lise legs. I leaned down and rubbed my cheek against her very hairy pussy. Lise spread her legs as I kissed my way across her pubic thatch. After kissing and licking her inner thighs, I nuzzled my nose into her tangle of curls.

I probed with my nose and licked lightly as I used my thumbs to begin spreading her outer labia. My tongue found its way and I began to lick her. With my lips I tugged and sucked on her lips. Lise humped her hips when my searching tongue touched her soft inner lips. After spending more than a few minutes licking and sucking, I went in search for her clitoris.

My tongue touched a heavily hooded bump. Lise slipped her hands down to her pussy. She rubbed her clit. As the hood slipped back, she revealed a very suckable clit that looked like the end of my little finger in both length and thickness. I happily licked it and flicked it with my tongue. When I closed my lips around and began to gently suck, Lise inhaled. With her hands, she pushed my face against her pussy. I sucked, licked and kissed her until she asked me to stop.

I scooted up and lay beside her. Lise sat up beside me. She turned and grasped my semi-flaccid cock in one hand. "This what I always wanted as a girl. When I was a little girl my family would vacation at the Baltic Sea. My brothers and I would spend hours playing on the beachs and in the water. No one wore a bathing suit. We ran around naked and I always envied my brothers with their little bouncy penises. I felt cheated because I didn't have one."

She smiled as she squeezed and stroked my cock. "I remember I wasn't impressed by the hairy penises on the grown men, though." She smiled, "As I got older, a teenager, I liked boys, but I found I liked girls better. Does that surprise you?"

"No, should I be surprised?"

"Oh, maybe just a little."

"O.K. I'm surprised a little."

She laughed and leaned over to kiss me, "Oh, you!" She kissed me again. "Did you enjoy your taste of my hair pie?"

Before I could answer her, she moved and leaned the other way. Without any preliminaries, Lise pushed her warm mouth down over my cock. She rolled my nuts around in the palm of one of her hands. After sucking me hard for several minutes, she withdrew my now erect cock from her mouth. "Did you like that?" She squeezed my cock shaft and kissed the cockhead. "From looking at you, I'd say you liked it."

I grinned at her, "You couldn't prove it by me that you liked girls better."

She laughed and lay down beside me, "I like boys almost as well now. A good screw is nice, but it doesn't beat getting your pussy eaten while you are busily eating your lover's pussy at the same time."

We kissed and began some serious foreplay that led to a very enjoyable session of lovemaking. When we finished, we rested a bit before showering together. I got on my knees it the shower and ate Lise's pussy again. After toweling dry, we slipped into robes. I fixed a soufflé for lunch.

Then we went back back to bed. We spent the afternoon exploring each other's body. She had a strip of dark hair that extended from her pubes and up her belly to her navel. Her areola and nipples were encircled by rings of soft dark hair. Lise's thick pubic curls extended back between her legs, up between her ass cheeks to the small of her back.

And her under arms! Her arm pits were thickets of dark hair that invited one to bury their nose into to them and nuzzle and smell the woman within.

Lise caressed me and commented on my smooth hairless skin. "I'd go broke getting rid of my hair."

"I like you just the way you are."

She stroked me to an erection. "You've got a nice cock. Thick and strong and long but not too long to be uncomfortable."

I hugged her, "That's the nicest thing anyone one has ever said to my cock."

She laughed and hit me on the chest, "Seriously though, I think the length of a man's cock is over-rated. I think thickness is more important. I love the feeling when my pussy is stretched and stuffed full of a thick hard cock."

"I'd like to be able to trade places with you to experience that."

"And I'd like to trade places too so I could stuff and stretch your tight hot pussy with my thick cock."

The upshot of all this was that Lise gave up her flat and moved into the estate house. We gave up the old flat and rented a new flat for a place to stay after working late. We also rented a second, furnished flat as a base for night clubbing and for a place to bring the people we met and for other discrete assignations. To our neighbors in the first flat we were Dennis and Liselotte. To our neighbors in the second, we were Leo and Denise.

We were always careful and circumspect in the choice of the people whom we brought back to the flat. They were always couples whom we met at various night clubs. Some were tourists eager for a taste of kinky London nightlife and others were couples whom we recognized as members of the alternative lifestyles on display at the clubs.

When we got to the flat, or sometimes a hotel room or suite, everyone knew that main reason for getting together was sex in various combinations. Leo/Lise would concentrate on the woman and Denise/Dennis would concentrate on the man.

As we undressed each other, they were usually surprised and delighted to find Leo was a woman and Denise was a man. This was especially true of the tourists. The regulars expected nothing else. After I sucked the man's cock into an erection and after Lise had tongued the woman's pussy, she and I would briefly change partners. She would begin to give the man a blowjob and I would go down on the woman, then we would switch again and she would eat the woman's pussy to orgasm and I would continue to suck off the man until he blew his load.

You'd be amazed at the number of men who like to watch their wives or girl friends fuck another man. Sometimes, Lise would suck the man's cock as I screwed the woman. If she decided she was going to screw the man, she would lay down so her head was next to the woman's head. She'd French kiss the woman as she fucked with the man.

A lot of women seemed to want their husband or boy friend to prove their love by sucking the cock of the last man whom she had fucked. Or the women would suck Lise's pussy juices off their man's cock. Occasionally a woman would want a double penetration – anal/vaginal – or to suck a cock while being fucked.

And, of course, sometimes the woman would want to watch her man get it on with another man. Usually we would engage in a man-to-man 69, but occasionally, I would take it up the ass or I would butt fuck the man.

Lots of men like to watch their woman eat pussy, so Lise spent a lot of time enjoying herself in lesbian 69's or in having her pussy eaten out while the man watched. She would give the guy a double thrill by sucking his cock as he watched his woman give Lise head.

Then there was the group of people who got turned on by hirsute women. Lise had a fairly large circle of admirers, both men and women. Some of them seemed to get off just by caressing Lise's hairy body or by rubbing their body against hers. One man would rub his penis all over her then he would cum in his hand. Lise said this kind of activity was erotic, but it was somewhat creepy too.

Eating Lise's hairy pussy was the most popular activity of most of the others. Some want pictures of themselves with Lise, so I took photos. which showed them in action, but didn't show who Lise was. Most of the photos were of men and women with their faces buried in Lise's crotch. Sometimes they would straddle her chest and spread Lise's legs far apart. I would photograph them as they dived into her muff.

One woman liked Lise to sit on her face. She would screw herself with a dildo as she ate Lise out. One man liked to have Lise on her knees. He would bury his face in her hairy ass crack and masturbate while he rimmed her.

When we tired of the alternate lifestyle and its sometime strange social life, we would return to the estate house. or to the Dennis and Liselotte flat. We had been living together for over a year when we decided to visit her family in Germany. We went to the Baltic Sea beaches and swan and played games on the nude beaches with her family.

While there, I don't know why I did it, but I told Lise I loved her and I wanted to marry her. She agreed and her family was delighted. We got married in a small ceremony. We took our "honeymoon" on the way back to London. We rented a farmhouse and stayed for a fortnight in a small village as Leo and Denise. While there, we located a local official who performed a civil ceremony.

Back in London, we worked hard as usual. I called one of my sisters and told her that I had married a unique woman. We gave up the estate house and continued to live in the two flats. We also slowed down the night clubbing and began to develop an intimate circle of like minded friends. The company asked us if we would be interested in a trip to the U.S. to study what a subsidiary company was working on. We jumped at the chance and we scheduled a long vacation so Lise could see some of the country and we could visit some of my family on the mid-western farm.

We had the time and the money so we booked a cabin on a ship rather than fly. This way Leo and Denise, with all of their fine clothes, could make the trip also. Once we got settled in New York, we plunged right into the work at the subsidiary. Leo and Denise also checked out the alternate lifestyle scene and night life. Dennis and Liselotte worked hard and Leo and Denise played hard. After six weeks at the subsidiary, we took a month off to tour and visit. We rented a large motor home, a so-called land yacht, and started traveling.

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